Speak in the Speech

having-come-to-realize-in-the-first-stageSpeak in the Speech

Realize and Speak, Speak with Realization Realize your Speech


Speak in the words, the speech you wish to be spoken to-true.


At times, without realizing, we speak to ourselves, others, nature, the universe and God?


It is the very same us who is speaking but ignorant of the impact that words we are speaking is bound to create?


Some people speak about the situation and keep wailing and voila they are faced with it sooner or later?


While some others keep gratuitously acknowledge all that they have, being resourceful and remarkably efficient in all that they think, do and express consciously.


So in many ways its many weighs that we may keep adding onto what’s there or not there after all and by the time we realize, we are caught in a dilemma, paradox or pandoras box since we solicited the particular intricacies through our mode of speech and of course subsequent set of negligent and deviant set of irresponsible actions and expressions and what stood between us and what we actually sought was a matter of acceptance but if the ego did not permit, then the let go has to permit at one stage and time or another.


Even when thinking, we are speaking, going on speaking within the speech where we cut through and make it a one way conversation thinking that our thinking is the greater speech than even the sound of wise reasoning and rationality? of prudence and our intuition? Overruling everything?


We have been endowed with the ability to speak responsibly and wisely and not just speaking for the sake of creating an uproar or sensation for when the drama is over, there will be a price to pay for any pretentious actions; the speech is not going to save or defend in any way for once any word is spoken, then its spoken and could be poking in and hurting in, as to why we spoke so harshly, so hurriedly and so frantically? Which is why we must thinking and speak diligently and prudently, whether the speech is with our own selves, our organs, our health, our well being, our finances, our vision, our association and dealings with others and most importantly to+true our thoughts consciously and responsibly, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light & Wisdom,


©2014 Vashi Chandi