The Questions & Answers, The Aspiration & Inspiration; Its The Space Between Our Thoughts, Meditation

muhammad-quote-one-hours-meditation-on-the-work-of-the-creator-isThe Questions & Answers, The Aspiration & Inspiration; Its The Space Between Our Thoughts, Meditation

Think Less?

Learn to think not? Learn not to think? Think less, lesser thinking? Live without the intensity of sporadic thoughts?

Feeling More?

IF we carefully understand what the actual intention and motive of the above is, we will better understand what its all about after all.


On any given day, it is believed that we have an average of well over sixty thousand thoughts a day. From that if we scrutinize, only a few vital thoughts may have actually been instrumental in actually helping and transforming or enhancing the scope and outlook of the day respectively. Some or many other thoughts may have been either anxieties, joyful thoughts or just idle thoughts?


So this suggestion to think less is not about instituting any radical changes or imposing any revolutionary shifts or impact our lifestyles and obligations please, rather it is humbly seeking to gradually slow down the pace of filtering out the wasteful thoughts that are not at all contributing to our well being, productivity or resourcefulness at all.


Filtering out the unwanted thoughts and making it a habit to instinctively reach across toward cultivating and sustaining the productive way and form of thinking will one day reward us handsomely for first of all, it will award us with the greatest treasure ever known, which is peace of mind and then followed by the conscious awareness that we have a choice and are not being dominated by thoughts, advertisements, panic, gossip, breaking or sensational news or even the retinue of events and happenings as they unfold, we in a way become more mature and think the way we never thought and are taught the way we never could have ever thought. Just imagine, it is the same we, the same mind, the same life but a better thinking, a more constructive and intelligent way of thinking true and through and as the captioned title refers to identifying and finding solutions, resolutions and strengthening our conviction as well as pure intents+intentions, we would also in the process find our ownselves anew, our true self, our true nature and experiencing our divine essence like never before where we would be profoundly amazed and truly thankful to God for the extremely precious endowments such as our parents, our creative intelligence, our breath, our lives, our world, our universe, our communities and societies, our parents, our families, our friend and relatives, our very being which sacredly enshrines the image of God very most sacredly and always gratuitously elucidate and chant the glory of God for our every breath is a precious gift bestowed upon us from God and our our every particle of energy that we have been endowed with is essential for its vision to be devotionally focused upon sustaining the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe infinitely, God Bless.eknath-easwaran-author-quote-through-meditation-and-by-giving-full


There is so much in this regard that could be written about, discussed and debated and further help one another to improve our lifestyles remarkably but since each one of us needs the evidence and solid proof – the concrete testimonials that emerge from our higher self, well, then seek to practice meditation on a daily basis – no distractions for ten minutes a day early in the morning, no smarpthones, no e mails, no phone calls, no music, no Tablet PC’s, no electronic devices, no books, no scriptures, no pictures, no distractions at all, and yes yet again, NO thinking at all – pin drop silence must be practiced even where it concerns your thoughts please – but be in a safe place and not that you have something on the gas stove or something or somewhere that is exposed to any kind of responsibilities since if you are in charge of attending and taking care of somethings, then by all means ONLY and ONLY take care of those respective tasks faithfully and with complete commitment and loyalty please – no multi tasking or trying to meditate and ignoring or neglecting what has been entrusted upon your goodselves please since meditation truly means meditation and not just something that appears fascinating and that could over take or be given extreme importance over all else please, NO, that cannot be allowed to happen for our duties and our obligations, what we are + have been given to do truly must be done truly and with complete attentiveness and due diligence and prudence and responsibility and wisely and sincerely please, there is no one watching but remember your higher self is always watching and so is God, God is always watching please, so please do not take the excuse or the pretext or the reason or think that because if you tell someone you were meditating and it slipped from your mind? or you forgot or that you were doing meditation, so others will understand? and forgive or excuse you for your negligence? NO, please do not take meditation as an excuse which is why if you are not able to do your meditation today, that is all right, do not feel guilty or bad, say a silent prayer and thank God, that ten seconds are also good enough for your pure intent is better than everything else that maybe having a long scheduling – an extended or any impression or any impactful or an attention provoking process or any heralding or announcing that you are meditating and that everything else must be put on a hold? No and NO, because you cannot sacrifice or put aside all your obligations, we have to be realistic, we have been given some duties, we need to be faithful to those duties and practice meditation at the particular time early in the morning when we have the possibilities of those ten spare – ten extra minutes without causing any obstructions or difficulties or challenges to any other tasks please – the space between our thoughts could very well become the pace between our thinking where we are able to better regulate our thinking process and expand our consciousness and experience our oneness with the supreme consciousness which some of us may refer to as bliss or nirvana or ascension or the quest for moksha(liberation-salvation-self realization) or self realization or detachment or relinquishment or absolvement or to seek forgiveness and to forgive as well or whatever constructive and sacredness maybe achieved; which means, the meditation schedule is being suggested either early in the morning when waking up from sleep or perhaps ten minutes in the night before or after expressing the daily thankful prayers for the day to God or actually before bedtime but not with music playing or being multi tasking such as being engaged with the electronic devices and expecting meditation to set in by itself? Rather, it is seeking pure devotion and true discipline and then being just you by yourself + all by yourself in complete silence, reaching across to your divine essence, experiencing your true self and your true nature, introspecting and engaging in the intuitive conversation to discover your greater noble purpose in this wonderful life which is always sustained by living our divine principles, our divine purpose, our divine values and our divine will consciously. What follows as we grow more keenly in our observation of various aspects of what is going in across the thoughts, across the various aspects in your lives – across the various events and incidents – the happenings and occurrences – it is a calm and serene reflection upon the various state of aspects more maturely, where you are not being rushed, pushed around or experiencing any pressure or challenging commitments; you are learning to regulate the flow of your thoughts and also at the same instance with the grace of your higher self introducing newer and better habits and inculcating discipline between the thinking patterns and pathways of the thought processes to learn to accept and think realistically for when we meditate, we will know and realize for much more than we could have ever realized with all the thoughts of a lifetime, take care, be well and may the grace of God always be with you, God Bless.marianne-williamson-marianne-williamson-i-deepen-my-experience-of-god

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless

Love, Light & Wisdom,


©2014 Vashi Chandi