Commitment, The Sacred Discipline

Commitment, The Sacred Discipline


Upon pledging and seeking to honor certain commitments, we practice an amazing sense of self discipline and passion to diligently, prudently and responsibly achieve and excel.


The words that we think of, the thoughts are all filled with one centredness, the empowering focus of resolutely standing by what we affirmed our solidarity with.


It all starts growing more clearer and precise as well as remarkably strengthened when we seek to identify, discover, recognize, realize and experience our true nature, our true self and our divine essence for our higher self always seeks the goodwill, harmony and welfare of all of us collectively as one health, happy, joyful, peaceful and prosperous family, God Bless.

Please Note – Whether the commitment may be the sacred vows that are taken during marriage or when serving in the armed forces or as defense personnel or other respective statures, capacities, designations respectively; whether in personal or professional capacities; Whether as a nurse or as a doctor; as a engineer or a lawyer, as a judge or a states person; as a government official or a public service officer+representative; as a student or a parent or so many other designations respectively; there are so many designations, each representing a certain degree of commitment and expectation from the respective individual commitedly, faithfully, loyally, responsibly and diligently. Let us seek to honor the respective designations that have been conferred upon us to the fullest and completest, always striving to earnestly contribute with a meaningful perspective and constructive initiatives to the sustainable visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the universe infinitely, God Bless.

Important – Right from the moment we are born, we are committed to one of the greatest commitment ever which is our self realization, of ensuring that we practice meditation on a daily basis and make note of what we have to do, ascertain its righteousness and correctness, being precautious and watchful, paying careful attention to what, when and where we are going and not just paying more attention to the smartphones or engaged in an conversation elsewhere since where we are is where we are supposed to be regardless of the anxiety, stress or tension that maybe prevalent, remember that shifting our attention away is putting ourselves and others at greater dangers and risks even if for a moment or two, there are certain times when certain things can be done and not that just because no one is commenting, remarking or watching, one can do what they want, NO please, remember the accountability factor will sooner or later come forth with its impending demand for paying the price for any wrong doing even if the committed action may appear as justified from one’s own point of view, since nature and the universe do not differentiate or be partial in determining what was committed whether due to one’s leisure or recreation please.

Agreed one may need to listen to music or chill out and watch a video clip or engage in ongoing conversations on social platforms online or perhaps read a e book or even otherwise do somethings that mean a lot to them and truly they may be right in one way since it is their hard earned and well deserved time and righteous but there is a time, there is a place and there is a proper and right as well as responsible way of doing things please – not that just because one is crossing the pathways in the midst of heavy traffic and paying more attention to their engaged set of actions instead of their own safety? If they are seated in a public transportation vehicle, where they are not in the middle of certain situations such as a pedestrian, they may be availing the opportunity to quickly browse through what needs to be attended to, but seeking to take risks when on the footpaths and otherwise, multitasking? Its not wise at all please for remember there are rules, there are regulations and there is a price to pay for each and every actions whether now or later please. You may say no one informed you, you did not know but that is no excuse or there are no reasons to evade responsibilities please for a commitment is a commitment whether online, offline or anywhere whatsoever, whensoever, howsoever please, God Bless

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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