Life’s Cornerstones, Turning Points – Teenagers, Be Tenacious

Life’s Cornerstones, Turning Points – Teenagers, Be Tenacious


The greatest definition of life is that it keeps getting greater when we be+are greater as well.(its not about more and more of money, wealth, branded articles or luxurious comforts but about truly appreciating and living our values, being consciously aware of our purposeful living with due diligence, prudence, responsibility, sincerity, truthfulness and our creative wisdom please)

It is extremely tragic to note that at times teenagers are committing suicides for reasons that are purely baseless in the grand scheme of life. (at any given time do not get carried away or be under the belief of any get quick rich schemes since they may take away far much more from you than you could ever imagine and seek to keep yourselves well informed regarding your responsibilities at all times, maintain a note pad, a journal or a diary and ensure to always make a list of things to do as well as motivating yourselves as well by appreciating more and more and more and more and so very much more truly about everything in your life, remember you are blessed to live for a hundred years and more joyfully and are going to do so joyfully, responsibly and ambitiously with the drive – the passion to make each and every moment of your lives count, matter and excel brilliantly. Remember the milestones that await you are there ardently awaiting your graceful achievements and progressiveness meritoriously, God Bless)


Life is truly precious and cannot be thrown away or risked please, simply because of dejection or rejection in love or other areas of life please.


Whoever, wherever, whatever the situation, seek to discuss and confide in your Parents and near and dear ones that you can discuss with but do not take any irresponsible actions and decisions in anger or sadness, it is extremely wrong please.


There are always ways to work out solutions and things can be in fact far more better – greater further ahead when you are tenacious and determined, having the firm belief and trust in your true nature, your true self and your divine essence that is always ensconced within your higher self amazingly.


Whatever it maybe, whether at studies, whether with your ambition or goals, whether with the life and habits that you are leading+having, whether you really don’t know how to figure out how to solve certain problems, whether you have lost in love or trust, whether you have been scolded or bullied – ragged (bullying and ragging is a criminal offense, please report it to the respective authorities, they are bound to help you because the laws all over the world are strictly against ragging and bullying), whether it might be wherever, whatever, however challenging it maybe, do not despair, do not feel hopeless, do not feel lonely and do not keep repeating the self pitying or holding onto the comfort zone of any delusionary or negative thoughts please. Remember you are a pure being of light filled with divine energy and have a great role to play in this life that will in someway or the other definitely sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe infinitely, please be aware that you are appreciated, the world truly loves you whether it is said, expressed, mentioned or not, since in the Worlds and your Family’s minds and hearts, they want your betterness for you and if they reprimand – scold you or guide you in a certain way, there is a world of meaning in it, please realize that when you are glad and happy, the world is very glad and happy for you and along with you celebrating your beingfulness and joyfulness – and IF when you feel sad and desolate, dejected, you falsely see – perceive the world as being sad? desolate and dejected? The World does not have any element of negativity please since the the World is pure, beautiful, ever promising, great and so you have to be pure in your thoughts and to strengthen the reservoirs of your belief, energy and endurance, the amazing wisdom that is within your higher self, reach across to it and experience it, but at any time, please do not hesitate to seek the needful help since we all appreciate you, love you, admire you, respect you and wish you well always, be safe, be strong, be sincere, be happy and joyful, be well, be responsible, be tenacious and be the true you whose nature is always progressing ahead brilliantly, creatively, joyfully, responsibly and wisely, God Bless.


God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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