Hunting; Un Thing; Un Think; Unthinkable

Hunting; Un Thing; Un Think; Unthinkable


Hunting animals is considered as an extremely cruel action


What are the hunters seeking to prove? Their prowess at rendering agonizing painful suffering to the defenseless animals please?


Yet most unbelievable are the hunters who lay snares; traps for the animals and then leave the animals trapped in the cruel traps for prolonged periods of time mercilessly; where is humanity please?


Nature seeks our harmonious alignment and integrated living with animals please; to ensure the practice of non violence please


The animals are peacefully dwelling in their respective habitats and have never sought to inflict any pain or harm, then why are they being stalked and hunted for adventure or sport please?

Un Thing; Un Think; Unthinkable

When it comes to the hunter’s safety, they are obviously very particular; but have the hunters ever thought about the animals who are constantly living in extreme fear to safeguard their precious lives, that how their terribly unthinkable actions are inflicting harm and suffering onto the innocent animals please?


The hunters must seek to carefully reflect and think that the animals are also living beings and have families; they experience pain and suffering too and unfortunately they cannot express themselves or else they would beseech and humbly implore for complete suspension of any hunting activities please; those hunting, kindly understand please, this is more, very much more important than these few words could ever express please


In Gods kingdom, there is compassion for all living beings please


Please be considerate and compassionate please

Compassion, Peace, Love, Light and Wisdom,

God Bless,


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