What Is The Bout About? God Bless – Respectfully

What Is The Bout About? God Bless – Respectfully


At times, some individuals might be engaged in a bout with their about – their whereabouts – their attitudes as well as their fulfillment – however, the more intense the agitation, the more elongated becomes the anticipated response+result.


At times, really, it is incredibly challenging to stay calm in the midst of tremendous complexities and yet apparently serenity and calmness encompass considerable tranquility of strategic importance that helps perceive various aspects more distinctly than they actually appear


In order for others to know us well enough, we should earnestly seek to first truly recognize ourselves – our true nature – our true essence respectively


Life is represented by living in the now – Living a purposeful life with conscious awareness

At Times

At certain times, it might be a certain doubt that may influence the intensity of several bouts, about’s as well as whereabouts. Being consciously aware of one’s thoughts, actions and expressions is of tremendous significance since otherwise one may be unknowingly waging a battle with one’s own self for no rhyme or logical reason whatsoever and thereby accelerating the level of the prolific engagement that actually was never meant to be at all – never intended to ensue at all. At so many a time, it might neither be any bout, about or whereabouts but rather relating to one’s conscious choices and decisions respectively


It is extremely the very most challenging aspect and factor to comment about anyone since each person may know – or perhaps at times may not know at all what they are actually facing – but for those facing what they face across the phases and realizing what it is, they need to carefully understand and realize the instrumental importance of being constantly consciously aware whilst attending to their respective agendas, assignments and duties responsibly. Immersing oneself across the landscape of extensive thoughts, concerns or worries and then getting intensely distracted would not actually help to alleviate or bring about a resolution to their concerns please


Those thinking or caught in the bout they may have bought about unknowingly – the ignorant duel – the dual opposites and perspective of self blaming – experiencing profound regrets or sadness need to exercise a higher – greater level of attention and conscious engagement with all that they come into contact with respectively as well as ensure to carefully understand the reality of acceptance and forgiveness please – not resenting or hating – not feeling envious or dejection or rejection of any sort or type whatsoever please -. Actually at many a time instead of suppressing one’s feelings and experiencing – waging a silent battle with one’s own self would not help ease or heal the internal conflicts please. Kindly seek to speak and discuss the respective issues responsibly with someone you trust and who is having the legitimate good interests for the concerned as well as the society and the universe always please. Never endeavor to reach across to others who may just tend to pretend to sympathize since they may probably tend to just listen and forget what revelation they came across – not realizing that they may have put someone on hold by actually just pretending to listen and appear sympathetic while tending to completely ignore the concerned individuals challenging situations. At times, it is not a bout, about or regarding whereabouts – it maybe a case of mistaken identity or delusion, where one may have been constantly engaging in certain actions that may have been embedded – ingrained within one’s thoughts – actions and expressions strangely due to the intense frequency of aligning with certain aspects incessantly. Whatever you do, always ensure that each initiative that is taken is in the best interests of the society and universe please. Sometimes, one word or a few kind words could completely bring about a much needed transformation in the lives of millions of people amazingly. God Bless

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always – God Bless

Love, Light & Wisdom,


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