When Life Comes To An End? It Is Never And End Please, It is An And Please – Never Commit Suicide, Seek To Add Calmness To Your Living Please, Never Give Up – God Bless – Respectfully

When Life Comes To An End? It Is Never And End Please, It is An And Please – Never Commit Suicide, Seek To Add Calmness To Your Living Please, Never Give Up – God Bless – Respectfully

Wherever – However

No matter what, never give up or feel hopelessness or defeated please since the life you have been given is an extremely precious gift, kindly treasure it, its treasure is you please

Cared & Loved

The world always cares and loves you although words may not be expressed but the silent thoughts are always wishing you a world of peace, love, happiness, joy and sustainability

Things Going Wrong

Whether academically, financially, personally, professionally or otherwise – no matter what the circumstances – whatever maybe the situation – it might be possible that certain things may not have worked or working out well enough – but kindly remember at times it is the thinks – the thinking patterns please, please kindly understand and do not keep blaming yourself repeatedly – also at other times, it might be things – other things but please do not feel disheartened or loose courage and take any rash decisions or actions please. Sometimes, it is a matter of a little more time please, kindly have faith in your trueselves and trust in God please, this life is truly magnificient and seeks to provide you with greater achievements, goodwill, harmony, sustainability and goodness please, please kindly take care and be responsible – be consciously aware of your thoughts and actions please and aim, aspireand make a commitment – a sincere promise to live a purposeful and responsible life always please, God Bless

Hope & Light

There is hope, light and a promising future for sure ahead when you are around and at times although you may not be able to see it right away – good things are ahead, this is not a mere consolation or a positive statement – it is true that many a time, it is a matter of little more time and clarity in perspective

Come Into This World

Each and everyone of us have come into this world to fulfill our primordial aspirations amongst which the very most important is to experience our true nature – our true essence – our true identity and our true self please. Kindly remember the world is reflecting back what you are seeking through your thoughts – your emotions and the vibrations you express please. Be what you wish to be and you will experience your wishes true being + becoming within a reasonable span – time frame please. It may take sometime more longer than expected but the goodness and the goodwill always delivers the very best and finest things in life. Be what you wish to be – If you want happiness, be truly happy – If you want peace of mind and joy – Be it, Be the joy – Be the peace you truly are – similarly there maybe many other aspects that you may be seeking to emulate – to incorporate into your lives, please believe in your true self – please believe in your true nature and please believe in your true essence – please believe in your true identity please, you are truly amongst the very greatest, the very graceful, the very best, creative, magnificent, wonderful and amongst the vert finest of human beings please, God Bless

Kindly Remember It is an And & Not The End

Always please kindly remember that there is an and + and + and and never the end since suicides have left everyone in pain and the greatest pain is to the person committing suicide for they never achieve or realize any of their objectives ever – they are left suspended helplessly after committing suicide – so kindly remember there is always a better way ahead please and the better way ahead is for sure to live, to live and to live responsibly and wisely please, remember you are truly the very best and cared and loved for more than you could ever imagine, God Bless


Where you may need to speak with someone, please speak and seek to consult but first speak positively and encouragingly with yourself please and remember time and again that your life is your responsibility and amongst the greatest treasures ever – kindly seek to realize its importance to potentialize your realization please – seek to cultivate a positively strong character and set of beliefs that will help you to take responsible initiatives always please, you are the best and the best is always ahead, God Bless

Let us seek to come together to sustainably empower the vision that belongs to the goodwill and harmony of the Universe infinitely – God Bless


The process and progress of life inspires us to live a purposeful life with conscious awareness infinitely, God Bless


Let us seek to awaken our inner wisdom – Intuition is our inner guidance, God Bless

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always – God Bless

Love, Light & Wisdom,


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