Happiness in the Things? Its Happiness in the Thinks – Harmony In Thoughts, Words & Actions – Teaching Thinking In Schools, Colleges & Universities

Happiness in the Things? Its Happiness in the Thinks – Harmony In Thoughts, Words & Actions – Teaching Thinking In Schools, Colleges & Universities


Happiness is the impetus as well as stimulus that is sustainably empowered by our thinking process.


A lot in life depends so much on our attitude, beliefs, ideals, perspective, principles, values and vision respectively.


Well, the happiness of life is truly experienced when what we think, what we say and what we do are in harmony with each other, a perfect alignment, consonance and synchronization of our intellectual faculties and capabilities which is-are incredibly influenced and pioneered + shaped more with our thinking rather than only our thing + things.


Whatever we have may be taken away and replaced by something else but our thoughts – our thinking is the instrumental factor that can be taken away, a way – lead away – inspired + motivated – Depends on which way, we are thinking constantly and the potentiality and weight of our thinking could considerably affect everything else in our lives as well.


Life provides us with the capabilities to think wisely and prefer to choose and plant constructive thoughts, ideas, convictions and embrace the completeness of our true nature and our true essence, to ensure that we are always sustaining the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe infinitely, God Bless.

Not For Sale

While thinking can probably help us achieve and buy a lot of things, we need to remember that the things cannot necessarily help us buy a lot of thinking or even allot our thinking process. There are somethings that are not for sale and thinking is one of them since if we buy somethings thinking that – that may satisfy our thinking for our while, then that would be a temporary delight and when faced with other commitments and obligations, one may be lead back to where they started all over again, the uphill quest for achieving balance, equilibrium and sustainable progress in one’s life – and in fact one of the most important aspects when faced with any critical issue in life if it may relate to healing + recuperating from any illness is considerably influenced through our thinking process particularly – from thought to emotion to manifestation – it is such an incredible energetic process that is flowing with absolute precision and meticulousness – so it is one’s thinking process that needs to be carefully nurtured and empowered. Hoping that educational institutions globally take the initiatives of incorporating “the art of thinking” completely as one of the important subjects in their respective curriculum’s.

Roots to Routes

Witnessing the global economic condition and outlook that we are currently facing is something that is costing the World millions of dollars each and every day. Where did all of this actually begin and kept building is by itself as an catalyst that could recur intermittently please? If we do not change our way of thinking, then we cannot weigh the changes that come along. It all starts in our thinking, we plant the seeds – the roots strengthen and then the routes are identified and firmly empowered – and well then further ahead, it is our thinking process that plays an instrumental role in affecting all of us all together. Let us invest our resourcefulness more wisely by seeking to acknowledge what is it that could help us all progress together, this is not about only one country or group by itself exclusively or another, it is about all of us together, this is Universal goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare infinitely. Education is a gift that could help all of us remarkably and by spreading the wealth of knowledge, conscious awareness, the way of living a purposeful life harmoniously encompasses the true richness of the Universe respectively, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless

Compassion, Love, Light & Wisdom,


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