#Shivaratri ≡Shiva Parvati Shubh Vivah ≡ Gloriously Celebrating the Auspicious Celestial Divine Gracious Matrimony of Lord Shiva with Goddess Shakti ≡

  ≡Har Jyot Mein Divyata Hain ≡ Har Divyata Mein Pavitra/Shuddh Bhavana ki Jyoti Bassi Hain ≡


The divine light shines right true and through; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi


The Festivals of Life Celebrate our Divine Essence of Life’s Sacred Light that Enshrines our Rays of its Cosmic Visionary Consciousness

Happy Bhugali Bihu, Happy Lal Loi, Happy Lohri, Happy Makara Sankranthi, Happy Pongal, Happy Uttarayanoutput_nfarel

Its exemplifying the sacred divine essence of the incarnate truth that remains enshrined within the sanctified realms of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s conscientious shuddh bhavana=pure divine intentionality of its divya prana shakti=pure divine life force energies;

When we are earnestly thankful, life is filling all its moor/more. When we’re integrally fulfilling our pure divine potential in all its most/utmost, life is ever graciously thankful;  Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

© 2017 Vashi Chandi


#Christmas In Birth With the Divine Grace, In Divine Grace With the Birth’s Sacredness


Celebrating the divine light within the lotus vision of the sacred sight/the divine insight within sacred nectar of the cosmic light; Praised be the Lord, Amen; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


Happy Diwali ≡ DiValiRam ≡ En Light, We Seek God’s Sight ≡ Insight, We Speak God’s Light

DiValiRam ≡ Ram Vaala Diya ≡ God’s Pure Divine Light Shines What’s Enshrined Within the Sacred Realms of Our Pure Divine Nature’s Consciousness

Celebrating the DiviNation of Our Creative Evolutionary Symposium of Universal Goodwill, Harmony, Peace, Progress, Core Principles/Divine Values and Sustainable Welfare Ever Sow Conscientiously, Devotionally, Ingeniously, Meritoriously, Progressively, Prosperously, Vigilantly and Wisely

Thank you very much we express with each and every precious breath/divya prana shakti≡pure divine life force energies; the creative evolution of our pure divine nature’s awareness responds; match the thankfulness with each and every cell’s consciousness of the pure divine essence of your being; it is devoting each and every moment of our lives life to noteworthy agendas, assignments, commitments, chores, duties/due ties, intents, goals, objectives/obligations, responsibilities, tasks, visions/envisioning and vocations that seek true ensure the disciplined living in a divinely ordained manner that is in conformance with the divine light of God’s commandments/divine ordinances ever sow conscientiously, ingeniously, meritoriously, vigilantly and wisely.

Diwali≡Deepawali≡Divali the festival of the sacred values of the divine essence of the pure divine light of our creative evolution is being celebrated on 30th October 2016 respectively. It humbly seeks to refer to the auspiciously infinite divine grace that flows through our  veins ever sow graciously which comprises of Riddhi (Good health, Goodwill, Good Wealth &  Good Fortune)≡Siddhi (Pure Divine Essence  & Spirituality that is Devoted towards experiencing our true nature’s consciousness and expanding our consciousness as well as raising it to the level of the pure divine light of life enshrined within the sacred realms of our trueselves pure divine essence)≡Shubh (Pure Divine Purity & Pure Divine Auspicious Sacredness) and Laabh (Meritorious Gains, Sustainable Progress & Prosperity that is Universal Goodwill/Welfare orientated) are meritoriously attained and ingeniously sustained  true/through the auspices of our devotion, goodwill, pure divine nature’s awareness, pure divine mindfulness, pure divine values, pure divine tattvas≡elements≡principles; pure divine vision, pure divine will and pure divine wisdom ever sow gloriously/wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


Happy 70th Independence Day India; Jai Hind, Vande Matram; Saare Jahaan Se Achha Hindustan Hamara

India, In Diya, Gyaan Ratan=Pure Awareness; In Light With the Divine Grace of the Precious Jewels of Our Life’s Creative Evolutionary Divine Gracious Wisdom



Diya refers to the sacred lamp of pure awareness; with it, we bring forth the divine essence true the presence of each and every moment of our lives; whereby its amazing clarity helps us true lead far greater/fulfilling lives.

During meditation, true/through the auspices of our pure awareness; we remarkably focus upon/ enhance the pure divine potential/exponentiality of our priceless virtues ever sow conscientiously, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


Learning God, Respecting the Divine Universal Values of the Ever Gracious Discipline of Life’s Disciplines


God is far much/match more closer (divine attunement/divine alignment) than we thought; Vein/When we learned true/through the taught of its breath; then we realized that the bridges of our consciousness were precisely ordained to experience their pure divine potential as we sought true live in divine conformance with the divine discipline of God’s divine ordinance that encapsulates its divine principles=tattvas/elements and divine values ever sow conscientiously, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


Shiva Shakti Mandala, ChidAkasha/ChittAkasha Dharana, The Sacred Geometry of Our Pure Divine Consciousness

Shiva Shakti Mandala, Kundalini Shakti, The Sacred Geometrical Dashas/Dishas/Directions/Angles/Matrix/Curvatures/Patterns/Paths, Dhwani and Shabd

Bhavishya, Bhaav Vishwa, Vishwa Bhava/Bhavam; Manzil, Mann Dil; The Mind of Our Sacred Heart, The Heart of Our Pure Mindfulness

The Divine Light Reaches Where Sound Cannot; The Sacred Sound Calm Knots Where the Divine Light Enriches the Pure Divine Potential of Our Soul/Solar Cosmic Consciousness
















We humbly draw upon the sanctified divine grace into our lives as much/match as we devotionally/reverentially align/conform with the core principles/values of its divine ordinance’s meritorious pure essence that’s orientated with the auspices of our true nature’s shuddh bhavana’s=pure intentionality’s=that’s  sacredly enshrined within the realms of our creative evolutionary consciousness ever sow gratuitously, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi




Celebrating the Divine Matrimony of Lord Narayana with Goddess Lakshmi

Jai Balaji, Om Namo Naarayanaya, Om Namo Venkatesaya, Om Namo Srinivaasaaya

In Soul with its Sacred Glimpse of the Divine Communion with its Calm Union’s Divinity


Envisioning with the soul’s gracious vision ever sow gratuitously; Om Namo Naarayanaya, Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


Om, Atom, Atma, Shivohum Shaktihum Hari Om Shanti Om


Every atom fills itself. Every atma(soul) fulfills itself. Om is the eternal spirit of life. It is the sacred symbol of the absolute embodying the endurable creation, essence, righteous sustenance of evolution, knowledge, nature, intelligent intuitive vision and wisdom of the Universe respectively.Hum refers to the gracious symposium of our collective divine consciousness.

Shiva refers to the pure divine nectar which is the essence of creation while Shakti refers to the creative evolution of Shiva’s divine consciousness. All of us are the pure divine essence of the cosmic oneness ever sow gratuitously, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


Shiva Shakti Archana, Honor the Divine Sanctity of Your Creative Evolutionary Consciousness

Shiva Shakti bhava3

Archana refers to chanting, honoring, praising and worshiping. The true divine essence and soul of all religions is the love of God which is not about names, but purely about our the promising aims of our purposeful living in divine alignment and in divine conformance with the  divine ordinance of our creative evolution ever sow conscientiously, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely.

In experiencing our true nature, we become/be calm more closer in our affinity/affectionate understanding of the divine graciousness of our cells consciousness; of our neurons; of our pulses/impulses; of our divya prana shakti=pure divine life force energies shuddh bhavana=pure intentionality and of our total divine constitutionality; whereby we eavesdrop upon the ever interesting conversations of our soul’s consciousness with devotional reverence and keep experiencing our ever transcendental evolutionary growth in divine grace and divine wisdom by the divine grace of God ever sow meritoriously; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


When/Vein is a Soul Born? Its Convolution, Where the “Faith” of the “Divine Grace” Ordains, Then

The Soul Further Elevates with its Sacred Light Onwards With its Primordial Agenda in Accordance with the Divine Principles/Divine Values of Creative Evolution


The best that i could envisage to humbly reflect upon the soul’s birth is that the soul is always berthed within the divinance of its creative evolution; So when the “f” factor which is the “pure faith” along with its ever auspicious/chaste/sacred/sanctified “g” factor which is the “pure divine grace” sow bestows=endows=ordains and provided the soul that seeks true be born on Earth has duly fulfilled its primordial obligations=objectives in accordance with its divine ordinance/manifest=soul agenda; it is thereby convolving and upon completion of its earthly sojourn ever graciously evolving; all along, it seeks true be one with its divine luminescence=its divine light=its shuddh bhavana=pure intentionality in thought and deed; its pure joyfulness of being=remaining immersed in the ever gracious glimpses of the divine that keep on on convocating through the auspices of the sacred light with its ever gracious wisdom; forever yearning true living harmoniously in divine union with its pure consciousness; it embarks and disembarks as we might tend to refer to it; on the platform of life’s journey’s, however what it does=thus during its precious span of its lifetime will subsequently determine where it shalt further evolve and yet convolve until it has realized its divine oneness with the supreme consciousness of the creative evolution of all life; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

© 2016 Vashi Chandi

Maa Ganga, Between Heaven and (Ea)(Wo)rth is Our Divine Birth/Breath of Life

Deva Ganga coming down from heavens on Bhagirat to become Bhagirati river


Ganga=Gaa Ang; the translational definitions are; Gaa refers to Sing and Ang in these contexts true the voice of our soul that remains enshrined within the pure divine sacred cells of our consciousness.

What it exemplifies is that whatever/when/vein=ever we reach across with our divine soul’s consciousness; we are enriching our core divine essence with its ever gracious divinance of our lives.

We are living from our bodies, from our hearts, from our minds, from our intellect, from ourselves as we have known ourselves all along. There is also another dimensionality, which is the primordial tattva=element that’s enshrining the living from the divine light of our soul’s consciousness’s wisdom.

We have within our soul’s consciousness, far much more divine gracious wisdom enshrined than we could ever imagine;, but first we have true live it from the embodiment of our divine light for it true be able to ever radiantly and fulfillingly experience its consonance. Har Har Shiva Gange; Gaa Ang, Shiva Bholenath ke Sangh.Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi



Hari Om Shanti Om, The Mold of Your Soul, You are God’s Masterp(i)e(a)ce, Mustering Peacefulness is Your Pure Divine Consciousness


With God its never piece, its always peace with it pure completeness; never part but always the divine virtuous path/pathways of the sacred totality of our creative evolution.

When/Vein we experience the sanctified peacefulness that’s enshrined within our divine soul’s consciousness; we avail the opportunity to attain a greater gracious understanding of our divine values ever gracious wisdom and thereby ardently, diligently, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely strive to/true experience the pure completeness of our purposeful living with each and every divya prana shakti=pure divine breath of our life force energies ever sow conscientiously; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


Amrita=Om with Lord Shiva, Savoring the Divine Nectar of the Cosmic Consciousness that Flows True/Through our Veins




The substratu=om of the heart’s sacred conscientiousness embodies the divine wisdom of its statements; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi



Some Human Beings are Dividing the Elements of Nature Whereas Sum Others are Ever Graciously Divining them

NatureRealize the divine essence of humanity is the sacred completeness of nature’s pure divine potential that remains enshrined within the sacred realms of our soul’s consciousness ever sow ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


Life’s Challenges; Coming Out=Emerging/ Whereas, Calm in Ought=Your Sacred Gracious Evolving Consciousness’s Pure Divine Potential


The challenges of life are determining  you’re either coming out or you’re either calm in ought; your true nature is the pivotal constitution, structure, pathway and passage of your life’s pure blossoming divine potential that  seeks for you true experience your trueself.

The divine graciousness of your life’s wisdom enshrines you within its soul’s consciousness that has been ordained to/true you to/true live your life in divine conformance and divine orderliness with your divine values, with your divine tattvas=elements/principles shuddh bhavana=pure intentionality of your divine vision’s ever graciously divine wisdom ever sow ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


Goodwill for All; May Everyone in the World Prosper and Live in Peace


Every moment, with each and every precious breath, the divine grace of God’s wisdom shines and enshrines the divine essence of our lives ever sow graciously; gratuitously; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


Lord Shiva’s Gurukul=Patshala (Academy/School); Did Your Soul Go “True” Your God’s School Today Please?


The captioned title is particularly written as “your” God, since you may wish to call God as you have always known, know and will always continue true know “your” God for God doesn’t perceive the name; but God is realized true/through the aims of our devotional worship to whatever it is that we are doing; even if it is our personal or professional work(s) associated with any meaningful/noble and note worthy agendas, assignments, commitments, duties, due=ties, endeavors, goals, initiatives, objectives, responsibilities, studies, tasks, vocations or worshiping God.

For all of the creative evolution of life is God’s ever gracious creation that’s truly worthy of meritorious worship and utmost disciplined respectfulness whereby our lives itself becomes the greatest worship for within each and every living’s being’s sanctity remains enshrined the divine image and pure divine soulfulness of “your” God’s  divine grace please. Its all being convocated with pure intentionality=shuddh bhavana to/true focus upon the greater/ever gracious purposefulness of our life’s instrumental role in our ever creatively gracious evolution with utmost pure awareness, pure conscientiousness and pure mindfulness please.

The soul of all religions is the pure divine love of Gods divine graciousness; May the light of God’s word as well as the world of God’s light fulfill your soul’s consciousness with its divine graciousness always; the religion of life is pure divine love. The love of our sacred lives is the divine graciousness of our highest self; our true nature and our trueselves realization.

The true divine essence and soul of all religions is the love of God; its not about what name we call God with; rather its about the pureness of our devotion; call God with utmost devotion and the sanctity of your divine heart’s soulfulness and God responds, for God is far above any religion and doctrines, tenets, commandments, convocations, decrees and valedictories; since its the word of God’s light and the light of God’s world that nourishes the divine essence of our ever gracious wisdom; so when we truly realize and understand ourselves from within the heart of our soul’s divine communionship with God’s divine essence; then the syllabus of our life’s lesson and the classroom of God’s school will qualify us for its attendance, for we are not passing through the classroom; its our divine virtuousness that is pausing true its ever gracious introspection and gratuitously acknowledging the divine gracious of God’s ever gracious wisdom in each and every moment of our lives.

Your sacred heart is God’s classroom; Your pure divine soul’s consciousness is the epitaph=scroll=scripture upon which God writ(e)s with the word of God’s light.

Your pure awareness full of sincere devotion is the humble student; Your pure conscientiousness is today’s lesson; Your pure intentionality=shuddh bhavana is the purpose of each and every class’s core divine values.

Your pure mindfulness where the divine mind of your heart along with its sacred heart of its mind align in divine union with utmost discipline and adorable reverence to read the word of God’s light and embrace, integrate, instill and permeate the layers of each and every pathway of every moment of our lives with the divine essence of God’s teachings which exemplify the significant importance of realization of our true nature.

The time of this lesson is for a lifetime whee the time is your t’aime(pure divine love) that ever graciously blossoms with its compassionate/calm passionately orientated potential true focus upon your self development in all areas, facets and spheres of your lives ever sow ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely.

The lesson and its liaison goes on, grows on and keeps glowing on with its lamp forever brilliantly shining/enshrining its pure divine sacredness; whereby when you meritoriously strive to live in divine conformance with its divine ordinance; ensuring divine observance of your divine tattvas=elements/principles; your divine values; your divine vision through the auspices of your divine wisdom; then every moment of your lives becomes a wonderful lifetime full of ever amazing knowledge/priceless wisdom for God is the teacher who teaches with=iN each and every priceless divine breath=divya prana shakti.

So are you ready to/true attend God’s classroom/school everyday please? Well its right there, right where you truly are; when you take a few precious moments early in the morning to prioritize/schedule to/true establish your divine communion with God, then the sub=sequent=ial chapter of your life’s ever graciously blossoming pure divine potential reveals itself to you; true yourself; wbereby you realize its not the doership then onwards; its the truership full of your shuddh bhavana=pure intentionality with each and every priceless lesson that endurably sustains the meaningful progressiveness of a lifetime.

Realize, its a few minutes and the school is always on time; pure stillness; pure silence, pure equanimity=ekagrata;divine soulful oneness; pure tranquility; pure serenity’ pure calmness and pureness of your being, mind, heart, conscience and soul are the dress codes of attending this lesson which in a few minutes everyday glimpses upon some of the most interesting chapters of all of God’s creative evolution and we thereby realize what part/what role we have true instrumentally play with utmost humility and our divine gracious wisdom in celebrating another chapter of God’s lessons; oh the joy of learning from God, its truly priceless; God is right now=light now; the pure divine light of God’s divine grace shines and enshrines the fabric of each and every breath=divya prana shakti=pure divine life force energies with its ever gracious wisdom of our pure divine potential ever sow meritoriously, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

The above elucidation is with utmost thanks to my Maa; Mrs Kala Ramchand Chandiramani and to the divine grace of God’s wisdom; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


Marriage, The Sacredness of the Soul’s Pure Divine Partnership


Forever in divine communion with our pure consciousness’s calm union of the wonderful graciousness of life’s pathways enshrining our pure divine potential ever sow affectionately, gratuitously, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


The Divine University of Life, From the Word of God’s Light True the Light of God’s World; Pure Divine Consciousness


The divine essence of life is realized, understood and practiced with pure awareness, with pure consciousness, with pure focus, with pure intentionality=shuddh bhavana and with pure mindfulness that consonantly ensure observance of its divine values, divine tattva=elements/principles; divine vision and divine wisdom.

The word of God’s light is written with its divine scriptology; the divine speech of God is spoken through the divine light; the writing, reading, understanding, responding, experiencing and evolving consciousness is all enshrined within the soul/solar consciousness whereby every dimensionality of the sacred light that emanates expresses itself ever sow brilliantly, fullfillingly embodying the ever graciously creative evolution of the Universe in each and ever one of its divya prana shakti=pure divine life force energies.

Life cannot merely be described/put into words; remember its not words, its worth; the pure divine potential of the divine values=divine principles’s divine vision that’s embodying its divine wisdom ever sow graciously, gratuitously, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


God is Holding the Picture? Introspectively Intuit it; Its Sum=think=else Please; Jannat, Heaven, Paradise, Swarga; Real Time/Sync/Synergizing With Our Pure Divine Consciousness

It is = the sacred pitcher that contains the amrita=pure divine nectar that flows from God’s divine consciousness and ever graciously blossoms as all of the creative evolution gratuitously blossoms.Everything is energy, so even in Jannat, Heaven, Paradise, Swarga; its very much the same; and if we may seek true discover anywhere else; its very much the precise energy channelizing its sequential flow.

There’s no picture and neither does God have to hold any picture or even anything else for it is the pure divine flow of the supreme consciousness that permeates and suffuses all of the creative evolution of the divine existence, evolution, realization, sustenance and transcendence for our Universe; as well as for all of the Galaxies, all of the Sun/Moon/Milky Way/Solar System/Planets/Known and Unknown Cosmic+Celestial+Spatial Bodies as well as all far much more than we may ever know; wherever we seek true attain whatever it is=the energy index shows? No it is shone up; yes, the pure divine energy enshrines and it ever radiantly shines; there is no showing; there is the “flowing” of the pure divine energies in, across and beyond as well ever sow graciously with precise methodicality.

The purpose of this is true particularly focus upon the pure divine energy that flows through our veins; that flows through our consciousness as well as all of God’s creations; which means, if we maintain our devotional discipline in aligning with this ever gracious flow of our creative evolution; then we are synchronizing with the pathways of the pure blossoming divine potential in our lives as well.


Its the integral shuddh bhavana=pure intentionality with its pure conscientiousness that embodies our divine values; our divine tattvas=elements/principles; our divine vision and our ever gracious divine wisdom.

It also means that by learning true flow with our divya prana shakti=pure divine life force energies, we are remarkably expanding/elevating and raising our pure consciousness to the pedestal of the divine light enshrined within the sacred realms of our souls consciousness and then we keep experiencing and unveiling another facet/dimension of our ever gracious divine wisdom’s pure potentiality of the goodwill, the harmoniousness as well as the SatChitAnanda; Sat=Pure divine truth of all existence; Chit=Pure infinite consciousness of all evolution; Ananda=Bliss/Pure Divine True Nature of the Universe ever sow conscientiously, gratuitously, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely;Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

© 2016 Vashi Chandi

The Genesis, Let there be Light, Be the Divine Light of Your Life

63c64115864c999b45bc0dda25de44a1Cherish your divine heritage; embrace your divine potential; experience your evolutionary growth in divine grace and divine wisdom ever sow conscientiously, gratuitously, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


Cherish the Divine Essence of Our Pure Sacred Energies


Introspectively observe energy, the divine grace shone enshrines itself.

Energize the observancy, its ever gracious preciousness flows/glows to/true conscientiously crown your devotional alignment with its pinnacle’s core divine values ever sow ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


Moksha? Nirvana? Bliss? Divine Union? The Secret of Enlightenment?

Realize the Glimpse of the Divya Prana Shakti’s Shuddh Bhavana Orientated Sacred  Divine Light Enshrined Within the Sacredness of Your Divine Soul’s Consciousness


Its the pure disciplined sacredness of realization of the “pure divine light” enshrined within the divine realms of your soul’s consciousness ever sow ardently, compassionately, conscientiously, gratuitously, humbly, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


Lord Vishnu; Divya Vishwa Amrit, Amrit(i)am Vishwas Devy(i)am;The Divine Grace of Nature, the Oceans and its Environments Enshrine the Heartbeat of the Cosmos


All of life remains divinely interconnected through the substratu(o)m of the pure divine consciousness of our creative evolution; embrace thy divine heritage, moral values, divine principles and live in conformance with its divine ordinance which exemplifies true let our soul shine and living our true nature ever sow gratuitously, ingeniously, prudently, purposefully, vigilantly and wisely; Hari Om Namo Narayana; Hare Radhe Krishna, Hare Radhe Krishna; Radhe Krishna Hare Hare; Om Shree Lakshmi Narayana; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


Atma, Jiva=Atma, Param=Atma; Pure Divine Consciousness’s Sacred Light and its Ever Gracious Wisdom’s Pure Divine Potential


Our soul’s sacred consciousness enshrines the divine grace of our creative evolution ever sow gratuitously, meritoriously, ingeniously,vigilantly and wisely;Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


Our Breath’s Distance? This Stance? In Stance?

0ee031befddbf7a2ba96baeff3ab28c3Our breath is the very closest true us; however how close and in divine alignment are we with our divine prana shakti=pure divine breath of life force energy please?

Its a matter of practicing our disciplined pure awareness; for when we learn the true discipline of observing our breath, then every other discipline’s wisdom will appear more well clarified ever sow ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


God’s Soul, The Heartbeat; Thy Heart=Be=its Pathway of Your Soulful Consciousness’s Creative Evolution

Shiva Shakti bhava

We are devotedly focused upon ambitiously attaining our prioritized goals which is truly great; however what’s truly grace is likewise reflecting upon God’s goals for our lives as well please.

Understand the commitments and expectations as well as phenomenal challenges might be far too demanding where there might barely be any time left to actually introspectively reflect deep within the sacred realms of our soul’s consciousness true be able to align with the divine light of our souls consciousness and read the light of God’s word speak true us its divine message of purposefulness of our lives.

However, the most amazing aspect of this is that when we intend true venture; meaning, taking a few priceless moments everyday during our meditation during the early morning hours when we are immersed in devotional union with our higher consciousness; expanding and elevating/raising it true the level/pedestal of the divine light enshrined within our soul’s consciousness; then the veins; the way in’s; the pathways and the panorama of how we are/will be able to integrally connect with that ever gracious wisdom and decipher; be conferred with the pure divine awareness of being able to=true read, realize, understand and speak with the divine light through the auspices of our divine vision is the divine grace of God; it all begins/starts with our integral shuddh bhavana=pure intentionality which when accompanied along with our pure awareness; with our pure conscientiousness; with our pure mindfulness and with observance/prevalence of our pure divine principles and divine values along with our divine wisdom; the ever greater; the ever gracious picture/pitcher of the divine visions flow through the divine essence of our veins true portray the divine graciousness of our life’s primordial agenda’s that our soul’s consciousness always knew and became elated/ever rejoiceful at being able to humbly play a meaningful/purposeful role in the ever gracious greatness of God’s goals ever sow gratuitously, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


Happy Mothers Day, The Divine Gracious Birth of our Creative Evolution

Divine Birth

Our birth is the divine grace of creation that seeks “true” experience itself through the auspices of our divine union with our pure consciousness ever sow gratuitously; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

 © 2016 Vashi Chandi

#Software #Hardware #Upgrading #Humanity #Words #PassWords ? No, We’re Not Mechanical or Technological Please! We are Virtu(e)al=Virtuous=Creative Evolutionary Pure Divine Meritorious Graciousness

We are the Pure Divine “Essence” of Nature’s Graciousness/Virtuousness Worthiest Wisdom oft Creative Infinite Intelligent Faculties
Its=Rejuvenating thy Soul, Realize the Pure Divine Gracious Virtues/Wisdom of thy Immaculate “True Nature”



It never was software; it was, is and always will remain= sow+oft+we+are; its the cherished devotion of what we create with the sacred essence of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness ever sow pure divine worthily;

Where it concerns hardware, its = its integral virtues of our sacred hearts that has been bestowed/endowed/encapsulated/embodied/ensconced and enshrined with its priceless pure divine vision that’s able true envisage the remarkable evolutionary renaissance of being with God and at the very precise instance experiencing the pure divine goodness/goodwill of God’s being experienced within each and every divya prana shakti’s shuddh bhavana=our pure divine breath’s sacred intentionality that diligently/prudently/tenaciously/vigilantly/virtuously/trustworthily and wisely strives for upholding and meticulously/precariously sustaining the unanimous visions that belong true the goodwill, harmony, peace, progress, prosperity and unanimous welfare of all of God’s creative evolutionary nature that dwell amidst the sacred realms of our true nature/as well as nature’s truth all around us/thus.

Where it concerns words, it always was, is and will remain the pure divine worthiness that belongs true its priceless up+grading=meaning the pure devoted disciplined focus of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s ever virtuous vigilant wisdom which bespeaks of its pure divine nature of humanity that does/thus not/knot need/knead any passwords, for its a matter of pause/worth=our introspective contemplation=ensuring to devote a few minutes every day and gradually making God’s chant the enchanted breath and very integral essence of our being as it always was, is and will ever be.

It does not mean leave all our duties/due ties and keep waywardly immersing ourselves in just idly singing and extolling God’s gloriousness, but rather vein/when its time to work/perform thy duty whole heartedly and with utmost pure devotion; likewise when its time true pray or even otherwise when its family time or performing any other chore/task or whatever it is=its a matter of faithfully almostakin to the virtue of worshiping, converging our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s ever vigilant wisdom true its forefront; never being absentminded, but always ensuring observance and prevalence of our ever alert pure mindfulness true help guide us vigilantly; we might get fascinated by so many distractions and by the time we realize the day is over and then our duties/due ties=due to sheer ignorance/neglect remained incomplete?

Sow that means we took away the actual fulfillment from one task to just overfill it with doing some unproductive task? Nah, i will not say unproductive, rather lets refer to it as irrelevant objective, meaning that when/vein we were supposed to be working/studying and so on and sow forth; we were busy playing games? chatting? browsing mysterious websites and incessantly engaging in prolific deviations from attendance to our extremely emergent sets of duties/due ties which truly merited their share of attendance, but then due to the irrelevant approach, the resultant became that there was and continued to be extreme inefficiency? That then lead to more frustration and an reactive approach of rapidly trying to squeeze in and complete some tasks impossibly? With a fearful mind that kept dashing glances at the clock, wondering where did the time go? elude? elapse? drift away?

No=Know the time never ever went away; it ventured a way with methodical precision and right now when you are reading this also, its not just saying oh so what, we know and tell me something new and then getting back to that same habitual tendencies of letting time go by………? Without seriously acknowledging/reckoning that we have been born/incarnated with priceless divine virtues that embody some of the most amazing intelligent faculties but then they will not emerge by themselves just like that; we will have true diligently strive with the sacred devoted essence of our pure divine nature’s  awareness consciousness’s virtues/wisdom to/true lead a fulfilling life that is always precisely aware of its purposeful orderliness that always abides/is in pristine accordance and pure devotional conformance with the wonderfully cherished graciousness of God’s breath and God’s light of being/life in our lives ever sow pure divine worthily; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chand

#AyurVeda Are You With You True Yourself; Realize the Sanctified Bio Rhythm of thy Pure Divine Elements



Cherish the devoted, disciplined, good willed, harmonious, virtuous, wise and worthy constitution of thy pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness in all that was, is and will ever be; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi

Concept? Expect? Except? Excerpt? Inept? Inception? Precept? Perception ……& So on/Sow Forth?

 Its Exemplifying its Sacred Essence of thy Pure Divine “Acceptance”! That’s All, All’s Thatoutput_8Nrba9

Cherish thy pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness, ever sow pure divine worthily; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi

#DarkEnergy #DarkMatter #Space #Mystery ? Its #Aether Might be Attributive True its #Cosmic #Quintessence

#DarkEnergy #DarkMatter #Space #Mystery ? Its #Aether Might be Attributive True its #Cosmic #Quintessence

Its Not/Knot Just about What’s Out There, but Integrally about What Ought True Be t=Here! A Matter of thy Pure Divine Nature’s Awareness Consciousness’s Ever Prudent Vigilance!
Many of Us Take Greater Interest in all Else that’s Happening Elsew=Here? The Pure Divine Essence of/oft our Ever Gracious Virtues/Wisdom Seeks For Us True Take Authentic, Genuine, Legitimate and Pure Divine Worthiest Interest/in/Inner-trust/thrust that’s Gently Equipoised, the trust=entrust=thrust is not about reactively responding to each and every aspect/facet/circumstance/instance/happening/manifestation/occurrence/scenario/unfolding in our lives, but rather faithfully living each and every M’om’ent in am Purely Devoted/Disciplined/Divinely Ordained Manner that’s in pristine Accordance/Conforming true its Pure Divine Tattvas=Principles/Values and Virtues as C’om’ing Closer True Divine Nature’s Conscientious Self/Our Trueselves
The Galaxies/Universes that are Drifting Apart might actually/cosmically be inscribing a Path – the Path of our Pure Divine Orderliness, Meaning For us True Awaken True the Pure Divine Essence of Our Closeness/our Oneness/Our Integral Synchronization with our Pure Divine Essence’s Virtues/Wisdom
God Wants Us True Grow in the Pure Divine Nature’s Awareness of our Creative Evolutionary Nature’s Consciousness’s Virtues Wisdom Worthiest Renaissance’s Infinitude as Being and not Just Doing Please! Being an earnest/sincere Participant in Our Lives/as well as diligently/wisely Being a Spectator/Observing the Panorama of our Pure Divine Consciousness’s Virtues/Wisdom that Convocates/Consociates/Elucidates its  Divine Renditions/Stanzas Vein/When We Devotionally Expand/Elevate/Raise our Pure Divine Consciousness True its Sacred Pedestal of its Pure Divine Light and thereby C’om’e H’om’e =Meaning Yet Again Realizing Our Closeness Not from a Distance, But from its this Stance of Cherishing and Fulfilling Our Greater Purposefulness in our Being/in our Living/in our Creative Evolutionary Renaissance yet again as a Cordial Reminder to Earnestly take Greater Authentic/Genuine/Complete/Totally Fulfilling Interest in our Being/in our Life – Whereby We are Not/Knot Investing/Divesting or Spending all our Time/Energy and Efforts/Initiatives in Chasing Illusive Notions/Gossips or other Information and Truly from the Core Divine Essence of Our Being Embracing the Pure Divine Essence of Our Inner Formation which Seeks for Us True Realize the Pure Divine Character/the Pure Divine Essence/the Pure Divine Virtues and the Pure Divine Worthiness of Our Being/of our Life/of all of God’s Creative Evolutionary Nature that was, is and will ever be


According to ongoing research, it has been determined that the distance between galaxies is doubling every 10 billion years respectively.

Some opinions point to the contending factors that most of the galaxies/universes is/are comprising of dark energy/dark matter that permeates/suffuses the ever mysterious spaces in between while others brush it off as an illusive attribution?

This brief endeavor of seeking to explore its significance is not seeking to exemplify or precipitate another debate or set of thinking altogether; rather its humbly about realizing principally the core divine essence of its fulfillment of the pure divine graciousness of our true nature; for from that deep rooted wisdom, our intellectual faculties of knowledgeable capabilities will be far more adept at determining and thereby defining/envisaging various aspects truewards their primordial intentionality’s attainment ever sow pure divine worthily.

Lets put it in one simple sentence? Its in “one sentience”; remember/realize that we were, we are and we will always be the cosmic divine beings from wh’om’ emanates its pure divine virtues/pure divine worthiness’s consciousness that evolutionary fulfills the divine essence of our beings with=in itself as God’s breath and God’s light of life that seeks our pure divine oneness true radiate itself in all that we seek/speak and bespoken true/through the auspices of our noble deeds/initiatives ever sow devotionally/efficaciously that proudly makes us worthiest of being called God’s children and embracing the divine character of our sacred heritage that embodies/encapsulates/ensconces and enshrines yet again time and again, the pure divine essence of our true divine nature’s awareness consciousness ever sow resplendently.

Alright, lets come back to the essence of the captioned/this as well as all that could ever be – namely= the following aspect = it is about the mysterious dark energy/dark matter that is assumed to be causing the phenomenal expansion of the “distance” between the galaxies/universes; whereby the super clusters and super voids are accelerating and causing greater expansions; now, could that be attributive to quintessence?

Since there are so many aspects of our and all of creative evolution that quintessentially emerge true align with its/their intended primordial objectives; the point is that with the ever amazing expansion, each and every galaxy/universe is becoming extremely distant-isolated from each other; some concur that the repulsive forces of the dark energy/dark matter is actually causing the galaxies/universe to fly apart-its not fly apart in the imaginary or literal sense, but the orbiting that’s always following its precise essence – yes essence – the pure divine essence for its where we could be able to expand/raise our consciousness true its sacred pedestal of the divine light of creative evolution and explore the greater goodwill, harmoniousness and welfare of our universe as well as all galaxies and universes by sending across good willed energies true/through the auspices of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness. Its not that we should ever tend/intend to expand/raise our consciousness just for scientific purposes from exploration or other such objective or even for that matter any other intention at all – for in the expanded state of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness, what conversations/dialogues that sacredly take place, partake their own space of their divine essence true fulfill us with its divine realization of our oneness with God and all of the creative evolutionary nature of God’s pure divine graciousness.

Its not that we are channelizing or mysteriously trying to boast/flaunt or elucidate mysterious statements that we went here, there or anywhere, for its always about being here/being there and being anywhere c’om’pletely; for the rest will evolve in precise accordance at it was meant true be and not as we intended it to be; for there are somethings that are far beyond any description/transcendence and it all begins by being right here as we’re light there during our expansion and raising/ascension/self realization of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness ever sow pure divine worthily.

There is one particular factor which is that the galaxies/universes are rotating at a constant rate regardless of the distance from their epi center; evolution is exemplifying its principles of precise constancy/consistency; this is also an imperative point to focus upon, the constancy of purpose, Lord Krishna in the Srimad Bhagvad Gits has divinely elucidated that the purpose of life is to live a life of purpose; it seeks to exemplify for us true realize the constancy/the precise consistency right from its core roots of our pure divine principles/tattvas; pure divine values and our pure divine virtues that the galaxies/the universes are accelerating their phenomenal crescendos and drifting apart? Actually they are in/inner way seeking for us true c’om’e closer true our very ownselves in order to/true be able to fulfill the purposefulness of our pure divine immaculate incarnation whereby when/vein we c’om’e closer true gather/meaning living in conformance with the pure divine essence of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s virtues/wisdom; we will thereby be able to decipher and realize the pure divine graciousness of all that was, is and will ever be and instrumentally play a more unique role that fulfills the pure divine essence of our pure divine destinies ever sow pure divine purposefully; pure divine efficaciously/fulfillingly and pure divine worthily; don’t just keep going so far apart, but fair a path, intend true c’om’e closer true the pure divine graciousness of God’s divine light enshrined within the sacred realms of your true nature, of your true self and or your pure divine consciousness true fulfill what you have been pure divinely conceptualized/evolutioned as the pure divine gloriousness of its pure divine oneness of God’s wisdom that vein/when you are you, then sow is all of it as its/itself; do remember and carefully realize that the essence of the captioned kept referring to the remarkably distancing of the galaxies and universes that might be caused due to the dark energies/dark matter which mean true bring forth the stark realization that we pay a lot of attention to matters that are evolving elsewhere and keep ignoring/neglecting our integral self development challengingly, but why please? That distancing that’s occurring between the galaxies/universes actually might be a sign/an ensign/an assignment for us “true c’om’e” closer true our very ownself; yes, for us true experience our self realization, for from them point onwards we will not be interested in acquiring information, but will be pivotally focused upon the pure divine essence of our inner formation, which is about enhancing the core realization of the pure divine essence of our being’s pure divine character/virtues as God’s breath and God’s light of life; for we were meant true be us; true be our pure divine oneness and not to be distancing us from our very ownselves please; when/vein will be realize and awaken to/true the pure divine essence of our pure divine graciousness’s immaculate wisdom/virtues please>? Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi