God’s Soul, The Heartbeat; Thy Heart=Be=its Pathway of Your Soulful Consciousness’s Creative Evolution

Shiva Shakti bhava

We are devotedly focused upon ambitiously attaining our prioritized goals which is truly great; however what’s truly grace is likewise reflecting upon God’s goals for our lives as well please.

Understand the commitments and expectations as well as phenomenal challenges might be far too demanding where there might barely be any time left to actually introspectively reflect deep within the sacred realms of our soul’s consciousness true be able to align with the divine light of our souls consciousness and read the light of God’s word speak true us its divine message of purposefulness of our lives.

However, the most amazing aspect of this is that when we intend true venture; meaning, taking a few priceless moments everyday during our meditation during the early morning hours when we are immersed in devotional union with our higher consciousness; expanding and elevating/raising it true the level/pedestal of the divine light enshrined within our soul’s consciousness; then the veins; the way in’s; the pathways and the panorama of how we are/will be able to integrally connect with that ever gracious wisdom and decipher; be conferred with the pure divine awareness of being able to=true read, realize, understand and speak with the divine light through the auspices of our divine vision is the divine grace of God; it all begins/starts with our integral shuddh bhavana=pure intentionality which when accompanied along with our pure awareness; with our pure conscientiousness; with our pure mindfulness and with observance/prevalence of our pure divine principles and divine values along with our divine wisdom; the ever greater; the ever gracious picture/pitcher of the divine visions flow through the divine essence of our veins true portray the divine graciousness of our life’s primordial agenda’s that our soul’s consciousness always knew and became elated/ever rejoiceful at being able to humbly play a meaningful/purposeful role in the ever gracious greatness of God’s goals ever sow gratuitously, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


Happy Mothers Day, The Divine Gracious Birth of our Creative Evolution

Divine Birth

Our birth is the divine grace of creation that seeks “true” experience itself through the auspices of our divine union with our pure consciousness ever sow gratuitously; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

 © 2016 Vashi Chandi

Belong to God as Our Trueselves; When/Vein God Never Differentiates Between Us, Then Why Do We Egoistically Discriminate Please?

Belong to God as Our Trueselves; When/Vein God Never Differentiates Between Us, Then Why Don’t We Realize the Divine Essence of Our Lives and Reciprocate the Divine Graciousness of “Our” God as the Integral Breath=The Prana Shakti=Pure Life Force Energy of Our Being Please?


Belong true ourselves as God’s; we were always God’s children and are/as well as will continue true remain the ever gracious children of “our” God please; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


Shiva’s Shakti, ShivASwaroopAnanda (Pure Infinite Joyfulness) of the Universes; In Pure Devotion with God’s Love

tumblr_nwc3q4KdZE1siv4kao1_1280Jai Shiva Shankara

Shiva=The Pure Divine Nectar of the Cosmic Tattvas Principle/Essence/Element. The divine ambition of purity and pure sacred auspiciousness of being

Shakti = The pure ambition of divinity and the pure divine cosmic energy that orchestrates evolution, the solar/lunar consciousness, the divine universal consciousness and the cosmic consciousness with methodical precision and most exponentially

The Vedas = Ancient sacred scriptures; The Vedas, The way thus.

In bhakti with Shiva’s Shakti. In Shakti with utmost reverential respectfulness with Shiva’s bhakti(devotion).

O Lord Shiva, elucidating and reflecting upon your divine grace is far beyond the  mere paraphrasing for  who can be able to write light, read light, speak light; your divine eminence is the ever gracious splendid magnificence that amazingly nourishes us with its ever graciously divine wisdom to keep venturing towards sustaining the visions that belong true the goodwill, harmony, sustainable progress and equanimous welfare of the Universe.

With space=the akasha tattva/principle/element along with the crescent moon proudly worn as the divine crown on your forehead and the solar/lunar consciousness’s of the Universes enshrined within your ever magnanimous foresight; with the sacred Vedas divinely emanating/flowing through each and every verse/stanza of every sacred syllable; we humbly bow with utmost reverence, profound gratitude and breath in sanctified divine union along with the pure devotion=bhakti of Shiva’s Shakti for humbly attaining the eternal bliss of ShivASwaroopAnanda (Pure Infinite Joyfulness) of the Universes Shakti that forever emerges, merges, aligns, convokes, evolves and reunifies with utmost reverential respectfulness of the divine grace as Shakti’s Shiva, Jai Shiva Shankara, Har Har Mahadeva; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi



Worship the Divine Grace of God Enshrined Within Your Soul


Respect the pure divine sacredness of your exalted being=highest self/pure divine consciousness which yearns for a glimpse of your infinite divine expression of pure love for the divine magnificence of God in all of your being as all of God’s creations; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


Allurenaires, Billonaires, Millionaires; The Pure Divine Energy Exchange of Our Reverential Sacred Values


Human beings instinctively react; The divinity of grace distinctively responds; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


The Cosmic Cradle/Sacred Geometry, The Divine State of Being Pure Light Before Birth

C(OM)alm=tinue True Experience this Luminosity By Aligning with Your True Nature, Your True Self and Your Divine Essence =Through Expanding/Elevating Your Higher Consciousness to/true the Level of the Divine Light of Your Creative Evolution





Before birth, we were light. During life, vein we’re experiencing our light, the divinance of our birth fulfills its sacred geometric patterns cosmically true align with the divine breath and sacred consciousness of our creative evolution and we thereby seek through this light true attain the greater gracious understanding, meaning and purposefulness of our lives ever sow graciously, gratuitously, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi



Divine Insight

DivineRemember/Realize, God is the precious sacred breath within our breath; the very divine essence of our being is ever graciously insightful with the divine vision’s wisdom ever sow gratuitously, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; let us seek to make God proud of us by being true to our nature, by experiencing our trueselves and being purposeful to our meritorious/noteworthy/purposeful living.

Embracing the completeness, the totality and wholeness/wonderfulness of our life’s divine ambitiousness which seeks for us to expand our consciousness; elevate it to the level of the divine light within our highest self and true experience our divine oneness with the divine grace of God enshrined within our souls ever sow conscientiously; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


Renaissance of Humanity’s Divine Gracious Wisdom; Om Shiva Shakti Narayana Narayani; The Vedic Grace of Life’s Divinity, The Divine Grace of Life’s Vedanta

Pre Instilled in Heaven, Re Enshrined (S)O(W)N Earth’s Lotus; The Computer of Humanity? Always Pre Instilled and Never Pre Installed; Realize in Heaven, there is Pre Instillation and Never Pre Installation; Its the Pre Instillation of Your Divine Values, Your Divine Vision and Your Divine Wisdom Which Yearns for You True Awaken to the Divine Graciousness of Your True Nature, Your True Self and Your Divine Essence

Its Never Computerization; Its Ever Calm Pure Etherization; Its Calm Pure Ether, Etheric Energized= Your Pure Divine Etheric Energy = Your Akasha/Space Tattva=Principle=Element is Far Greater/Gracious than Any Computer and Is the Reservoir of Infinite Divine Grace and Your Pure Sacred Potential Energy

Realize that You Haven’t Just Been Born, You Have Been Borne With Pure Infinite Divine Energy and Pure Sacred Potential to Sustain the Visions that Belong True the Goodwill, Harmony, Progress and Meritorious Noble Sustainable Welfare of Our Universe





Renaissance being referenced here is not about any religion, faith or any particular doctrine, ideology, tenet, teaching or affiliation. Its purely “Soul” true “Its Divine Awakening of its Sacred Soulfulness; all at the Pure Divine Consciousness Level, Without any Human Entity Intervening; But Humbly the Expressing of Your Own Divinity Awakening True its Pure Divine Essence”.

There’s absolutely nothing about any activation, deactivation, any discrimination or any contradiction; neither is it about who is more wiser or blessed; for all of us are truly blessed when we realize that we are the children of God. Its not about your God or my God or our God, it is God as God that is purely in our sacred hearts, enshrined with the divine sacred realms of our souls. God does not want us to proclaim aloud or keep announcing or keep reverberating or screaming or going around clashing with anyone; God wants us true to be true to our path, the path of our divine oneness with God which we have ever known since we have been bestowed/endowed with our souls; its solely and purely between You and God and no one in between, not even these humbly words, for these words are humbly seeking to elucidate the greatness, the graciousness and the gloriousness of God as you already know very well within your pure sacred hearts and souls. When we speaks through the auspices of our  “divine light”; realize and remember, its not our spoken words, but in the calm serenity and ekagrata=pure divine oneness with our pure mindfulness, our pure heartfullness and our pure soulfulness; its our divine light that speaks to God and its God’s divine/sacred light that speaks to=true=through us; so its the divinance of the pure sacred energies where our individual consciousness along with the collective, the cosmic and the universal consciousness humbly bow in reverential adoration and salutations to the supreme consciousness; true the divine light of God enshrined within our souls, where with every breath, our life is the worship, meaning that how we live our lives, the devotional manner in which we live our lives becomes the worship of God for God’s divine grace is enshrined within the sacred echelons/realms of our true nature, of our true self and our divine essence.

Its not about any fancy words, complex statements or illusive rumination of any and everything; its purely all about the divine light of God’s word that fulfills its sacred light of God’s world with its divine graciousness that’s enshrined within the souls of each and every living being. So its all about clarifying our perception, about proudly embracing the divine heritage of our souls; about embracing and experiencing our true nature, our true self and our divine essence for God being the breath within our breath, as well as the soul within our soulfulness; the divine union within our union’s divinity, is all about awakening true the divine potential within us/”within our souls”, within this very lifetime.

Looking to God for solutions? That’s good, your faith in God is wonderful, but then God states that when you look true your soul, your shine ever far more greatly/graciously, for within you, there is tremendous divine potential of the divine energies true which you must sacredly awaken by fulfilling your respective commitments in a divinely ordained manner which is establishing an equanimous balance in all areas/spheres of your lives.

Because if you keep on calling God while your gut; your gut feelings, your instincts, your intuition and your pure divine consciousness is responding, then this means that you are calling and recalling, but not heeding true to the calling of your soul which always advocates true ensure pure awareness, true ensure pure conscientiousness, true ensure pure focus, true ensure pure intentionality=shuddh bhavana and true ensure pure mindfulness in all thoughts/deeds. When you practice the discipline of your life’s disciplines as a devotional student of your life, then everything else will manifest in an divinely ordained manner, since you are living a purposeful life that is equitably honoring the divine potential enshrined within your highest self; your higher consciousness/your soul.

Its when you are earnestly and resourcefully fulfilling your respective commitments in the divinely ordained manner that your “soul knows”, where every breath and intention is the devotional worship of your very own being and all of God’s creations; then God steps in, for then you have sanctified yourself, you have elevated and expanded your consciousness and are humbly seeking true experience your evolutionary growth in divine grace and divine wisdom ever sow immaculately.

But if you just sit back? doing nothing at all? just folding your hands and praying and keep on calling upon God, how can it be fair at all? (for there’s a price true pay; you have true earn your credentials in a pure divinely noble manner as well as equitably fulfilling your worldly duties as well=well). Then its you who are seating yourself back, for the first glow of life’s divine radiance is true live in sacred accordance with our life’s divine orderliness which means, true fulfill our path for God through our lives to help provide us with the divine wisdom true fulfillingly impart and integrate/implement the completeness, the totality, the wholeness and the wonderfulness of our lives with its  pure divine lotus ever graciously blossoming ever sow gratuitously, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


The Universe is Pure Divine Intentionality; Realize that Your Higher Consciousness, True Nature/True Self, Divine Essence has Pure Divine Potential

Bhavana Intention

Jaisa Bhav=Bhavana; Waisa Bhavishya=Bhava Vishwaroopam/Vishwa Divya Swarupam Hain Hamare Shuddh Bhavanaon Ka

Realize as your intentions accompanied along with meaningful actions fulfilled with pure awareness, pure conscientiousness, pure mindfulness and your pure intentionality=shuddh bhavana; has its/their attention=attain shine.

Consciousness is the impulsive seed of our Shuddh Bhavana=Pure Intentionality. Shuddh Bhavana=Pure Intentionality is the propulsive antecedent of our Divya Aatma=Pure Divine Soul Consciousness ever sow graciously/gratuitously; ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi




Promise Life, Fulfill Your Promise


Make your life the proud living testament of God’s divine will of creative evolution ever sow affectionately, appreciatively, benevolently, characteristically, compassionately, committedly, competently, conscientiously, contentiously, courageously, creatively, devotedly, deservingly, diligently, determnably, faithfully, focusedly, gratuitously, humbly, ingeniously, joyously, legitimately, meaningfully, morally, nobly, precisely, purely, purposefully, radiantly, respectfully, righteously, sensibly, sincerely, tenaciously, trust worthily, vigilantly, virtuously and wisely, Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi



Shivaduti, Sri LalitaTripurasundari; The Vision Board of The Soul, The Sacred Embodiment of the Divine Mother’s Pure Consciousness




Maa Amba Lalita Devi Tripurasundari , Parashakti Sundari Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namah

The Universe is the pure divine completeness of the sacred consciousness of your creative evolution; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

© 2016 Vashi Chandi

In Bhakti with Shiva’s Shakti





With Shakti in Shiva’s Bhakti=Worship. With the shuddh bhavana=pure intention of your pavitra bhakti=pure devotion, the shuddh manokamana=pure aspirations/wishes yields wonders.

The mathematics of creative evolution orchestrates and synonymously aligns wit its ever gracious empowering impetus of cherishing “the divine values of our devotion” towards the divine ordinance of our life’s pure essence ever sow graciously, vigilantly and wisely;Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


Maha Shivaratri; The Shiva Shakti Tattva=Principle of the Creative Evolution of the Divine Grace of its Cosmic Realization


Shiv refers to the pure divine nectar which is the essence of creation while Shakti refers to the creative evolution of the divine consciousness; Varat here exemplifies the Vrata=The Sacred Vow while Ri=The Cosmic Rhythm of Life.

Like Lord Shiva ever graciously sought Goddess Parvati as his spouse and her Divine Eminence, Goddess Parvati ever sacredly consented to the covetous virtue of accepting Lord Shiva as her consort; this celestial divine matrimony signifies the remarkable alignment of the Shiva tattva along with the Shakti tattva as the ever gracious harmonious rhythm and symphony of the Cosmos.

There’s truly a lot we can learn true observe and be immaculately inspired when reflecting upon this ever piously sacred divine union’s moral values within our daily lives by integrally thinking, doing, feeling, expressing as well as seeking with our shuddh bhavana=pure intentionality by doing/true in what we love as well as loving what we do/true

(this is the pureness of the sacred love that emanates from our divine consciousness which is endowed with its divine potential of that unique divine spark and breath of life that’s prevalent in all of creation as its cosmological ansh=part and path/component and principle element of Universal goodwilled harmonious evolutionary sustenance ingeniously)

Let every taught with its pulse/impulse calm pure you with its Shiva tattva and thereby let every thought, feeling, emotion, action and expression flow through you with its Shakti tattva whilst ensuring respectful/reverential/sacred observance/prevalence of your pure awareness, your pure conscientiousness and pure mindfulness ever sow vigilantly/wisely.

Realizing that every aspect of the cosmic evolution is fulfilled with its shuddh bhavana=pure intention and purity of purposefulness that’s emanating from within/width in the divine light/right from its core essence; we thereby realize that when we are truly devoted to our life; then likewise sow is our life as well to/true us. Dil se milna; milan se likhna/khilna; har ek lamha zindagi ka, umangon se bhar dena.

Speak to God/True in whatever you are doing/truing, as God is speaking through you; as God is breathing through you; as God is fulfilling through you; as God is imagining through you; as God is expressing through you; as God is attaining through you; as God is envisioning through you; as God is shining through you and sow on and so forth with utmost reverence; respectfulness and wisely as God is celebrating you through your divine oneness with God’s graciousness when you ensure observance/prevalence of your shuddh bhavana=pure intentionality in all that you think, do, feel and express ever sow vigilantly/wisely.

It is the ahat=sound of anahat=light; where the word of God’s light as well as the light of God’s world fulfills our lives with its divine graciousness ever sow conscientiously.

When we sacredly align with the pure sacredness of our being’s divine evolution; the hierarchy of our multidimensional consciousness’s pure energies emerge/merge in their infinite continuum quest of our primordial consonance ever sow luminously; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

Be the bliss of God’s blessings; Om Namaha Shivaya, Har Har Gange Mahadeva Sada Shiva Shankara Shambu; Durge Devyai Namostute; Shiva Shakti bhava

©2016 Vashi Chandi

Shivaratri Shiva Parvati Shubh Vivah; The Celestial Divine Gracious Matrimony of Lord Shiva with Goddess Shakti; Shiva Shakti bhava


In Rhythm With the Rhyth I’m, I Aim; The Divine Mother, The Mother’s Divinity, Ambe ShivaRani

 Cherishing the Divine Potential of Our Being’s Cosmic Grace and  Pure Consciousness

Divine Mother

In divine union with the union’s divinity/divine grace ever sow reverentially/sacredly; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


MataRani Shiva Bhavani, Divine Mother; Thank you for the Precious Breath and Sacred Gracious Wisdom of the Cosmic Energies


Forever graciously/gratuitously in divine union with the union’s divinity; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


The Soul of Our Wealth, The Wealth of Our Soul


It is the divine lamp of our sacred hearts that is auspiciously sustained by our divine awareness, our divine benevolence, our divine calm passion, our divine compassion, our divine character, our divine contentment, our divine conscientiousness, our divine courage,  our divine dignity, our divine discipline, our divine divinity, our divine faith, our divine forbearance, our divine foresight, our divine humility, our divine ideals, our divine joyfulness, our divine mindfulness, our divine morality, our divine nobility, our divine observancy, our divine patience, our divine piousness, our divine prudence, our divine purpose, our divine principles, our divine respectfulness, our divine sincerity, our divine temperance, our divine trust, our divine values, our divine virtues, our divine vision, our divine will, our divine union and our divine wisdom ever sow graciously; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


Shiva Parvati Shubh Vivah; The Celestial Divine Gracious Matrimony of Lord Shiva with Goddess Shakti; Shiva Shakti bhava





Shiva Shakti bhava

Every relationship of creation is ever sacredly sustained through the pure awareness of being the divine essence of our true nature ever sow graciously; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless

© 2016 Vashi Chandi

Sri Lalita Tripurasundari; Five Elements; The Infinity of God’s Space; The Quintessence of Evolutionary Grace and Divine Wisdom







Akasha,; Panch Tattva=The Space Principle-Elements/Mahabutas; Five Elements; Mahabhuta; Panch Tattva; Ascension of Creation; Naarayan Naarayani; Shiva Deva Shiva Devi, Shiva Shakti Bhava

The law of relativity exemplifies the essence of creation that without ether there would be no space

Let there be light, the divine light lets us be a part and path of its creative magnificence.
Let there be air, the spacious air permits us to be an integral part and path of its expanding universe.
Let there be water, the oceans let us be an instrumental part and path of their gracious ebb and flow rhythmically.
Let there be fire, the heat element lets us create, experience and realize the sensitivity of nature’s energy within as well as all around us.
Let there be metal, the metal element permits the harmonious passage of conductivities to interpolate and convert greater energies amazingly.
Let there be wood, the wood element lets us realize that each element of nature has been aligned with methodical precision and functional consistency to operate with the dynamism of purity at its core essence.
Realize our sacred integrity; that we too=true like all other elements of nature are the pure divine essence of creation and have been conferred and ordained with their divinely gracious and sanctified privilege of earnestly, diligently, faithfully, obediently, objectively, prudently, responsibly, radiantly, sincerely,subjectively,  tenaciously, willingly and wisely endowed with the pure intent of evolution within each and every breath and consonance of our being infinitely.

The point is that the cosmos, nature and the universe lets us graciously to be an integral part and path of its custodianship and regulatory affairs and processes; so then why don’t we likewise respect the covenants of creation and abide by and honor the divine essence of our creation in coming together to sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of creation conscientiously please, Shiva Shakti Bhava, God bless.

Sri Lalita Sahasranama, The Divine Mother’s 1000 names


1   Srimatha – Mother who gives immeasurable wealth who removes all sorrows and gives only happiness.-indicates also her role of creation
2   Sri maharajni – She who is the empress who takes care of the universe- indicates her role of protection
3   Sri math simasaneshwari – She who sits on the throne of lions-indicates her role of destruction
4   Chidagni Kunda Sambootha – She who rose from the fire of knowledge and is the ultimate truth
5   Deva karya samudhyatha – She who is interested in helping devas
6   Udyath bhanu sahasrabha – She who glitters like thousand rising suns
7   Chadur bahu samanvidha – She who has four arms
8   Ragha Swaroopa pasadya – She who has love for all in the form of rope(pasa)-She has this in one of her left hands
9   Krodhakarankusojwala – She who glitters and has anger in the form of Anghusa –in one of her right hands.
10   Mano Rupeshu Kodanda – She who has the bow of sweet cane which is her mind-in one of her left hands
11   Pancha than mathra sayaka – “She who has five bows of touch , smell, hearing, taste and sight”
12   Nijaruna prabha poora majjath brahmanda mandala – She who makes all the universe immerse in her red colour which is like the sun in the dawn
13   Champakasoka – punnaga-sowgandhika- lasath kacha – “She who wears in her hair flowers like Champaka, Punnaga and Sowgandhika”
14   Kuru vinda mani – sreni-kanath kotira manditha – She whose crown glitters with rows of inlaid precious stones (Padmaraga stones)
15   Ashtami chandra vibhraja – dhalika sthala shobhitha – She who has a beautiful forehead like the half moon (visible on eighth day from new moon)
16   Muka chandra kalankabha mriganabhi viseshaka – She who has the thilaka(dot) of Musk in her forehead which is like the black shadow in the moon
17   Vadana smara mangalya griha thorana chillaka – She who has beautiful eyelids which look like the ornaments to her face which is like cupids home
18   Vakthra lakshmi –parivaha-chalan meenabha lochana – She who has beautiful eyes which look like fish in the pond of her face
19   Nava champaka –pushpabha-nasa dhanda virajitha – She who has nose like freshly opened flowers of Champaka
20   Thara kanthi thiraskari nasabharana bhasura – She who has a nose ring which shines more than the star
21   Kadambha manjari kluptha karna poora manohara – She who has beautiful ears like the kadamba flowers
22   Thadanga yugali bhootha thapanodupa mandala – She who wears the sun and the moon as her ear studs
23   Padma raga sila darsha paribhavika polabhu – She who has cheeks which shine more than the mirror made of Padmaraga
24   Nava vidhruma bimbha sri nyakkari rathna chhadha – She whose lips are like beautiful new corals
25   Shuddha vidyangurakara dwija pangthi dwayojjala – She who has teeth which look like germinated true knowledge(Shodasakshari vidya)
26   Karpoora Veedi Kamodha Samakarsha digandara – She who chews betel leaf with the spices which give perfume in all directions
27   Nija Sallabha Madhurya Vinirbhardista Kacchabhi – She who has voice sweeter than the notes produced by Sarawathi Devis Veena(This is called Kachabhi)
28   Mandasmitha prabha poora majjat Kamesha manasa – She who has lovely smile which is like the river in which the mind of cupid plays
29   Anakalidha Sadrushya Chibuka sri virajitha – She who has a beautiful chin which has nothing else to compare
30   Kamesha baddha mangalya sutra shobitha kandhara – She who shines with the sacred thread in her neck tied by Lord Kameshwara
31   Kankangadha Keyura Kamaniya Bujanvidha – She who wears golden Armlets
32   Rathna graiveya chinthaka lola muktha phalanvitha – She who wears necklace with moving pearls and dollar inlaid with gems
33   Kameswara prema rathna mani prathi pana sthani – She who gave her breasts which are like the pot made of Rathna(precious stones) and has obtained the love of Kameshwara
34   Nabhyala vala Romali latha phala kucha dwayi – She who has two breasts that are like fruits borne on the creeper of tiny hairs raising from her belly.
35   Lakshya roma latha dharatha samunneya madhyama – She who is suspected to have a waist because of the creeper like hairs raising from there
36   Sthana bhara dalan Madhya patta bhandha valithraya – She who has three stripes in her belly which looks like having been created to protect her tiny waist from her heavy breasts
37   Arunaruna kausumba vasthra bhaswat kati thati – She who shines in her light reddish silk cloth worn over her tiny waist
38   Rathna kinkinika ramya rasana dhama bhooshitha – She who wears a golden thread below her waist decorated with bells made of precious stones
39   Kamesha gnatha sowbhagya mardworu dwayanvitha – “She who has pretty and tender thighs known only to her consort, Kameshwara”
40   Manikhya mukuta kara janu dwaya virajitha – She who has knee joints like the crown made of manikya below her thighs
41   Indra kopa parikshiptha smarathunabha jangika – She who has forelegs like the cupids case of arrows followed by the bee called Indra kopa
42   Kooda Gulpha – She who has round ankles
43   Koorma prashta jayishnu prapadanvidha – She who has upper feet like the back of the tortoise
44   Nakadhi dhithi samchanna namajjana thamoguna – She who removes the darkness in the mind of her devotees by the sparkle of nails
45   Pada dwaya Prabha jala parakrutha saroruha – She who has two feet which are much more beautiful than lotus flowers
46   Sinchana mani manjira manditha sri pamambuja – She who has feet wearing musical anklets filled with gem stones
47   Marali Mandha Gamana – She who has the slow gait like the swan
48   Maha Lavanya Sewadhi – She who has the store house of supreme beauty
49   Sarvaruna – She who has light reddish colour of the dawn in all her aspects
50   Anavadhyangi – She who has most beautiful limbs which do not lack any aspect of beauty
51   Srvabharana Bhooshita – She who wears all the ornaments
52   Shivakameswarangastha – She who sits on the lap of Kameswara(shiva)
53   Shiva – She who is the personification of Shiva
54   Swadheena Vallabha – She whose husband obeys her
55   Summeru Madhya sringastha – She who lives in the central peak of Mount Meru
56   Sriman nagara nayika – She who is the chief of Srinagara(a town)
57   Chinthamani grihanthastha – She who lives in the all wish full filling house
58   Pancha brahmasana sthitha – “She who sits on the five brahmas viz., Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Esana and Sadashiva”
59   Maha padma davi samstha – She who lives in the forest of lotus flowers
60   Kadambha vana vasini – She who lives in the forest of Kadmbha (Madurai city is also called Kadambha vana)
61   Sudha sagara madhyastha – She who lives in the middle of the sea of nectar
62   Kamakshi – She who fulfills desires by her sight
63   Kamadhayini – She who gives what is desired
64   Devarshi Gana-sangatha-stuyamanathma-vaibhava – She who has all the qualities fit to be worshipped by sages and devas
65   Bhandasura vadodyuktha shakthi sena samavitha – She who is surrounded by army set ready to kill Bandasura
66   Sampathkari samarooda sindhoora vrija sevitha – She who is surrounded by Sampathkari (that which gives wealth) elephant brigade
67   Aswaroodadishidaswa kodi kodi biravrutha – She who is surrounded by crores of cavalry of horses
68   Chakra raja ratha rooda sarvayudha parishkridha – She who is fully armed and rides in the Srichakra chariot with nine stories
69   Geya chakra ratha rooda manthrini pari sevitha – She who rides in the chariot with seven stories and is served by manthrini who is the goddess of music
70   Giri chakra ratharooda dhanda natha puraskrutha – She who rides in the chariot with five stories and is served by goddess Varahi otherwise called Dhanda natha
71   Jwalimalika ksiptha vanhi prakara madhyaka – She who is in the middle of the fort of fire built by the Goddess Jwalamalini
72   Bhanda sainya vadodyuktha shakthi vikrama harshitha – She who was pleased by the various Shakthis(literally strength but a goddess) who helped in killing the army of Bhandasura
73   Nithya parakamatopa nireekshana samutsuka – She who is interested and happy in observing the valour of Nithya devathas (literally goddess of every day)
74   Banda puthra vadodyuktha bala vikrama nandhita – She who was pleased by the valour of Bala devi(her daughter) in destroying the sons of Banda
75   Manthrinyamba virachitha vishangavatha Doshitha – She who became happy at seeing Goddess Manthrini kill Vishanga(this ogre (brother of Banda) represents our desires for physical things)
76   Vishuka prana harana varahi veeerya nandhitha – She who appreciates the valour of Varahi in killing Vishuka (another brother of Banda-he is personification of ignorance)
77   Kameshwara mukaloka kalpitha sri Ganeshwara – “She who created God Ganesh by the mere look of the face of her Lord , Kameshwara”
78   Mahaganesha nirbhinna vignayanthra praharshitha – She who became happy at seeing Lord Ganesha destroy the Vigna Yanthra (contraption meant to delay ) created by Vishuka
79   Banda surendra nirmuktha sashtra prathyasthra varshani – She who rained arrows and replied with arrows against Bandasura
80   Karanguli nakhothpanna narayana dasakrithi – “She who created the ten avatharas of Narayana from the tip of her nails (when Bandasura send the Sarvasura asthra (arrow), she destroyed it by creating the ten avatharas of Vishnu)”
81   Maha pasupathasthragni nirdagdhasura sainika – She who destroyed the army of asuras by the Maha pasupatha arrow.
82   Kameshwarasthra nirdhagdha sabandasura sunyaka – She who destroyed Bandasura and his city called sunyaka by the Kameshwara arrow.
83   Brhmopendra mahendradhi deva samsthutha vaibhava – “She who is prayed by Lord Brahma , Vishnu, indra and other devas”
84   Hara nethragni sandhagdha kama sanjeevanoushadhi – She who brought back to life the God of love Manmatha who was burnt to ashes by the fire from the eyes of Shiva
85   Sri vagbhave koodaiga swaroopa mukha pankaja – She whose lotus face is Vagnhava Koota
86   Kantatha kadi paryantha Madhya koodaiga swaroopini – She whose portion from neck to hips is Madya koota
87   Sakthi koodaiga thapanna Kadyatho bhaga dharini – She whose portion below hips is the Shakthi koota
88   Moola manthrathmikha – She who is the meaning of Moola manthra (root manthra) or She who is the cause
89   Moola kooda thraya kalebhara – She whose body is the three parts of the basic manthra i.e. pancha dasakshari manthra
90   Kulamruthaika rasika – “She who enjoys the ecstatic state of oneness of one who sees, sight and what is seen or She who gets pleasure in drinking the nectar flowing from the thousand petalled lotus below the brain.”
91   Kula sanketha palini – She who protects the powerful truths from falling into unsuitable people
92   Kulangana – She who is a lady belonging to cultured family or She who is like Srividya known only to one whom it belongs
93   Kulanthastha – She who is fit to be worshipped any where
94   Kaulini – She who is the unification of the principles of Shiva and Shakthi
95   Kula yogini – She who is related to the family or She who is related to the ultimate knowledge
96   Akula – She who is beyond kula or She who is beyond any knowledge
97   Samayanthastha – She who is within the mental worship of Shiva and Shakthi
98   Samayachara that para – She who likes Samayachara i.e. worship stepwise from mooladhara Chakra
99   Moladharaika nilaya – She who exists in Mooladhara In Mooladhara which is in the form of four petalled lotus the kundalini sleeps.
100   Brhama Grandhi Vibhedini – She who breaks the tie in Brahma grandhi i.e she who helps us to cross the ties due to our birth.
101   Mani poorantharudhitha – She who exists in Mani pooraka chakra full dressed in her fineries
102   Vishnu grandhi vibedhini – She who breaks the ties of Vishnu grandhi i.e she who helps us cross the ties due to our position.
103   Agna chakarantharalastha – She who lives in between two eye lids in the form of she who orders
104   Rudra grandhi vibhedini – She who breaks the ties of Rudra grandhi i.e she who helps us cross the ties due to our violent thoughts and nature
105   Sahararambhujarooda – She who has climbed sahasrara the thousand petalled lotus which is the point of ultimate awakening
106   Sudha sarabhi varshini – She who makes nectar flow in all our nerves from sahasrara i.e. she who gives the very pleasant experience of the ultimate
107   Thadillatha samaruchya – She who shines like the streak of lightning
108   Shad chakropari samshitha – She who is on the top of six wheels starting from mooladhara
109   Maha ssakthya – She who likes worship by her devotees
110   Kundalini – She who is in the form of Kundalini ( a form which is a snake hissing and exists in mooladhara)
111   Bisa thanthu thaniyasi – She who is as thin as the thread from lotus
112   Bhavani – She who gives life to the routine life of human beings or She who is the consort of Lord Shiva
113   Bhavana gamya – She who can be attained by thinking
114   Bhavarany kudariga – She who is like the axe used to cut the miserable life of the world
115   Bhadra priya – She who is interested in doing good to her devotees
116   Bhadra moorthy – She who is personification of all that is good
117   Bhaktha sowbhagya dhayini – She who gives all good and luck to her devotees
118   Bhakthi priya – She who likes devotion to her
119   Bhakthi gamya – She who can be reached by devotion
120   Bhakthi vasya – She who can be controlled by devotion
121   Bhayapaha – She who removes fear
122   Sambhavya – She who is married to Shambhu
123   Saradharadya – She who is to be worshipped during Navarathri celebrated during autumn
124   Sarvani – She who is the consort of Lord Shiva in the form of Sarvar
125   Sarmadhayini – She who gives pleasures
126   Sankari – She who is the consort of Sankara
127   Sreekari – She who gives all forms of wealth and happiness
128   Sadhwi – She who is eternally devoted to her husband
129   Sarat chandra nibhanana – She who has the face like moon in the autumn
130   Satho dhari – She who has a thin belly
131   Santhimathi – She who is peace personified
132   Niradhara – She who does not need any support to herself
133   Niranjana – She who is devoid of any blemishes or scars
134   Nirlepa – She who does not have any attachment
135   Nirmala – She who is personification of clarity or She who is devoid of any dirt
136   Nithya – She who is permanently stable
137   Nirakara – She who does not have any shape
138   Nirakula – She who cannot be attained by confused people
139   Nirguna – She who is beyond any characteristics
140   Nishkala – She who is not divided
141   Santha – She who is peace
142   Nishkama – She who does not have any desires
143   Niruppallava – She who is never destroyed
144   Nithya muktha – She who is forever free of the ties of the world
145   Nirvikara – She never undergoes alteration
146   Nishprapancha – She who is beyond this world
147   Nirasraya – She who does not need support
148   Nithya shuddha – She who is forever clean
149   Nithya bhuddha – She who is for ever knowledge
150   Niravadhya – She who can never be accused
151   Niranthara – She who is forever continuous
152   Nishkarana – She who does not have cause
153   Nishkalanka – She who does not have blemishes
154   Nirupadhi – She who does not have basis
155   Nireeswara – She who does not have any one controlling her
156   Neeraga – She who does not have any desires
157   Ragha madhani – She who removes desires from us
158   Nirmadha – She who does not have any firm beliefs
159   Madhanasini – She who destroys beliefs
160   Nischintha – She who is not worried
161   Nirahankara – She who does not have an ego
162   Nirmoha – She who does not have any passion
163   Mohanasini – She who destroys passion
164   Nirmama – She who does not have selfish feelings
165   Mamatha hanthri – She who destroys selfishness
166   Nishpapa – She who does not have any sin
167   Papa nashini – She who destroys sin
168   Nishkrodha – She who is devoid of anger
169   Krodha –samani – She who destroys anger
170   Nir Lobha – She who is not miserly
171   Lobha nasini – She who removes miserliness
172   Nissamsaya – She who does not have any doubts
173   Samsayagni – She who clears doubts
174   Nirbhava – She who does not have another birth
175   Bhava nasini – She who helps us not have another birth
176   Nirvikalpa – She who does not do anything she does not desire
177   Nirabhadha – She who is not affected by anything
178   Nirbhedha – She who does not have any difference
179   Bhedha nasini – She who promotes oneness
180   Nirnasa – She who does not die
181   Mrityu madhani – She who removes fear of death
182   Nishkriya – She who does not have any work
183   Nishparigraha – She who does not accept help from others
184   Nisthula – She who does not have anything to be compared to
185   Neela chikura – She who has dark black hair
186   Nirapaya – She who is never destroyed
187   Nirathyaya – She who does not cross limits of rules she herself created
188   Dhurlabha – She who is difficult to obtain
189   Dhurgama – She who can not be neared easily
190   Dhurga – She who is Dhurga who is a nine year old girl
191   Dhuka hanthri – She who removes sorrows
192   Sukha prada – She who gives pleasures and happiness
193   Dushta doora – She who keeps far away from evil men
194   Durachara samani – She who destroys evil practices
195   Dosha varjitha – She who does not have anything bad
196   Sarvangna – She who knows everything
197   Saandra karuna – She who is full of mercy
198   Samanadhika varjitha – She who is incomparable
199   Sarva shakthi mayi – She who has personification of all strengths
200   Sarva mangala – She who is personification of all that is good
201   Sad gathi prada – She who gives us good path
202   Sarveshwari – She who is goddess of all
203   Sarva mayi – She who is everywhere
204   Sarva manthra swaroopini – She who is personification of all manthras
205   Sarva yanthrathmika – She who is represented by all yantras(Talisman)
206   Sarva thanthra roopa – She who is also goddess of all Thanthras which is a method of worship
207   Manonmani – She who is the result of mental thoughts of thoughts and actions
208   Maaheswari – She who is the consort of Maheswara (Lord of everything)
209   Mahaa devi – She who is the consort of Mahe Deva(God of all gods)
210   Maha lakshmi – “She who takes the form of Mahalaksmi, the goddess of wealth”
211   Mrida priya – She who is dear to Mrida (a name of Lord Shiva)
212   Maha roopa – She who is very big
213   Maha poojya – She who is fit to be worshipped by great people
214   Maha pathaka nasini – She who destroys the major misdemeanors
215   Maha maya – She who is the great illusion
216   Maha sathva – She who is greatly knowledgeable
217   Maha sakthi – She who is very strong
218   Maha rathi – She who gives great happiness
219   Maha bhoga – She who enjoys great pleasures
220   Mahaiswarya – She who has great wealth
221   Maha veerya – She who has great valour
222   Maha bala – She who is very strong
223   Maha bhudhi – She who is very intelligent
224   Maha sidhi – She who has great super natural powers
225   Maha yogeswareswari – She who is goddess of great yogis
226   Mahathanthra – She who has the greatest Thantra sasthras
227   Mahamanthra – She who has the greatest manthras
228   Mahayanthra – She who has the greatest yanthras
229   Mahasana – She who has the greatest seat
230   Maha yaga kramaradhya – She who should be worshipped by performing great sacrifices( Bhavana yaga and Chidagni Kunda yaga)
231   Maha bhairava poojitha – She who is being worshipped by the great Bhairava
232   Maheswara Mahakalpa Maha thandava sakshini – She who will be the witness to the great dance to be performed by the great lord at the end of the worlds
233   Maha kamesha mahishi – She who is the prime consort of the great Kameshwara
234   Maha tripura sundari – She who is the beauty of the three great cities
235   Chatustatyupacharadya – She who should be worshipped with sixty four offerings
236   Chathu sashti kala mayi – She who has sixty four sections
237   Maha Chathusashti kodi yogini gana sevitha – She who is being worshipped by the sixty four crore yoginis in the nine different charkas
238   Manu Vidya – She who is personification of Sri Vidya as expounded by Manu
239   Chandra Vidya – She who is personification of Sri Vidya as expounded by Moon
240   Chandra mandala Madhyaga – She who is in the center of the universe around the moon
241   Charu Roopa – She who is very beautiful
242   Charu Hasa – She who has a beautiful smile
243   Charu Chandra Kaladhara – She who wears the beautiful crescent
244   Charachara Jagannatha – She who is the Lord of all moving and immobile things
245   Chakra Raja Nikethana – She who lives in the middle of Sree Chakra
246   Parvathi – She who is the daughter of the mountain
247   Padma nayana – She who has eyes like the lotus
248   Padma raga samaprabha – She who shines as much as the Padma Raga jewel
249   Pancha prethasana seena – “She who sits on the seat of five dead bodies ( these are Brahma , Vishnu, Rudra, Eesa and Sadasiva without their Shakthi(consort))”
250   Pancha brahma swaroopini – She who is personification of five brahmas ( they are the gods mentioned in the last name with their Shakthi)
251   Chinmayi – She who is the personification action in every thing
252   Paramananda – She who is supremely happy
253   Vignana Gana Roopini – She who is the personification of knowledge based on science
254   Dhyana Dhyathru dhyeya roopa – “She who is personification of meditation, the being who meditates and what is being meditated upon”
255   Dharmadhrama vivarjitha – She who is beyond Dharma (justice) and Adharma(injustice)
256   Viswa roopa – She who has the form of the universe
257   Jagarini – She who is always awake
258   Swapanthi – She who is always in the state of dream
259   Thaijasathmika – She who is the form of Thaijasa which is microbial concept
260   Suptha – She who is in deep sleep
261   Prangnathmika – She who is awake
262   Thurya – She who is in trance
263   Sarvavastha vivarjitha – She who is above all states
264   Srishti karthri – She who creates
265   Brahma roopa – She who is the personification of ultimate
266   Gopthri – She who saves
267   Govinda roopini – She who is of the form of Govinda
268   Samharini – She who destroys
269   Rudhra roopa – She who is of the form of Rudhra
270   Thirodhana kari – She who hides herself from us
271   Eeswari – She who is of the form of easwara
272   Sadashivaa – She who is of the form of Sadashiva
273   Anugrahada – She who blesses
274   Pancha krithya parayana – “She who is engaged in the five duties of creation, existence, dissolving, disappearing, and blessing”
275   Bhanu mandala madhyastha – She who is in the middle of the sun’s universe
276   Bhairavi – She who is the consort of Bhairava
277   Bhaga malini – She who is the goddess bhaga malini
278   Padmasana – She who sits on a lotus
279   Bhagavathi – She who is with all wealth and knowledge
280   Padmanabha sahodari – She who is the sister of Vishnu
281   Unmesha nimishotpanna vipanna bhuvanavali – She who creates and destroys the universe by opening and closing of her eye lids
282   Sahasra seersha vadana – She who has thousands of faces and heads
283   Saharakshi – She who has thousands of eyes
284   Sahasra path – She who has thousands of feet
285   Aabrahma keeda janani – She has created all beings from worm to Lord Brahma
286   Varnashrama vidhayini – She who created the four fold division of society
287   Nijangna roopa nigama – She who gave orders which are based on Vedas
288   Punyapunya phala pradha – She who gives compensation for sins and good deeds
289   Sruthi seemantha kula sindhoori kritha padabjha dhooliga – She whose dust from her lotus feet is the sindhoora fills up in the parting of the hair of the Vedic mother
290   Sakalagama sandoha shukthi samputa maukthika – She who is like the pearl in the pearl holding shell of Vedas
291   Purashartha pradha – “She who gives us the purusharthas of Charity, assets, joy and moksha”
292   Poorna – She who is complete
293   Bhogini – She who enjoys pleasures
294   Bhuvaneshwari – She who is the Goddess presiding over the universe
295   Ambika – She who is the mother of the world
296   Anadhi nidhana – She who does not have either end or beginning
297   Hari brahmendra sevitha – “She who is served by Gods like Vishnu,Indra and Brahma”
298   Naarayani – She who is like Narayana
299   Naada roopa – She who is the shape of music (sound)
300   Nama roopa vivarjitha – She who does not have either name or shape
301   Hrim kari – She who makes the holy sound Hrim
302   Harimathi – She who is shy
303   Hrudya – She who is in the heart (devotees)
304   Heyopadeya varjitha – She who does not have aspects which can be accepted or rejected
305   Raja rajarchitha – She who is being worshipped by king of kings
306   Rakhini – She who is the queen of Kameshwara
307   Ramya – She who makes others happy
308   Rajeeva lochana – She who is lotus eyed
309   Ranjani – She who by her red colour makes Shiva also red
310   Ramani – She who plays with her devotees
311   Rasya – She who feeds the juice of everything
312   Ranath kinkini mekhala – She who wears the golden waist band with tinkling bells
313   Ramaa – She who is like Lakshmi
314   Raakendu vadana – She who has a face like the full moon
315   Rathi roopa – She who attracts others with her features like Rathi (wife of God of love-Manmatha)
316   Rathi priya – She who likes Rathi
317   Rakshaa kari – She who protects
318   Rakshasagni – She who kills Rakshasas-ogres opposed to the heaven
319   Raamaa – She who is feminine
320   Ramana lampata – She who is interested in making love to her lord
321   Kaamya – She who is of the form of love
322   Kamakala roopa – She who is the personification of the art of love
323   Kadambha kusuma priya – She who likes the flowers of Kadamba
324   Kalyani – She who does good
325   Jagathi kandha – She who is like a root to the world
326   Karuna rasa sagara – She who is the sea of the juice of mercy
327   Kalavathi – She who is an artist or she who has crescents
328   Kalaalapa – She whose talk is artful
329   Kaantha – She who glitters
330   Kadambari priya – She who likes the wine called Kadambari or She who likes long stories
331   Varadha – She who gives boons
332   Vama nayana – She who has beautiful eyes
333   Vaaruni madha vihwala – She who gets drunk with the wine called varuni(The wine of happiness)
334   Viswadhika – She who is above all universe
335   Veda vedya – She who can be understood by Vedas
336   Vindhyachala nivasini – She who lives on Vindhya mountains
337   Vidhatri – She who carries the world
338   Veda janani – She who created the Vedas
339   Vishnu maya – She who lives as the Vishnu maya
340   Vilasini – She who enjoys love making
341   Kshetra swaroopa – She who is personification of the Kshetra or body
342   Kshetresi – She who is goddess of bodies
343   Kshethra kshethragna palini – She who looks after bodies and their lord
344   Kshaya vridhi nirmuktha – She who neither decreases or increases
345   Kshetra pala samarchitha – She who is worshipped by those who look after bodies
346   Vijaya – She who is always victorious
347   Vimala – She who is clean of ignorance and illusion
348   Vandhya – She who is being worshipped by every body
349   Vandharu jana vatsala – She who has affection towards all those who worship her
350   Vaag vadhini – She who uses words with great effect in arguments
351   Vama kesi – She who has beautiful hair
352   Vahni mandala vaasini – She who lives in the universe of fire which is Mooladhara
353   Bhakthi mat kalpa lathika – She who is the wish giving creeper Kalpaga
354   Pasu pasa vimochani – She who removes shackles from the living
355   Samhrutha sesha pashanda – She who destroys those people who have left their faith
356   Sadachara pravarthika – She who makes things happen through good conduct
357   Thapatryagni santhaptha samahladahna chandrika – She who is like the pleasure giving moon to those who suffer from the three types of pain
358   Tharuni – She who is ever young
359   Thapasa aradhya – She who is being worshipped by sages
360   Thanu Madhya – She who has a narrow middle (hip)
361   Thamopaha – She who destroys darkness
362   Chithi – She who is personification of wisdom
363   Thatpada lakshyartha – She who is the indicative meaning of the word “thath” which is the first word of vedic saying “that thou art”
364   Chidekara swaroopini – She who is wisdom through out
365   Swathmananda lavi bhootha brahmadyanantha santhathi – She who in her ocean of wisdom makes Wisdom about Brahmam look like a wave
366   Paraa – She who is the outside meaning of every thing
367   Prathyak chidi roopa – She who makes us look for wisdom inside
368   Pasyanthi – She who sees everything within herself
369   Para devatha – She who gives power to all gods
370   Madhyama – She who is in the middle of everything
371   Vaikhari roopa – She who is of the form with words
372   Bhaktha manasa hamsikha – She who is like a swan in the lake called mind
373   Kameshwara prana nadi – She who is the life source of Kameswara
374   Kruthagna – She who watches all actions of every one or She who knows all
375   Kama poojitha – She who is being worshipped by the god of love in the kama giri peeta of Mooladhara chakra-Kama
376   Srungara rasa sampoorna – She who is lovely
377   Jayaa – She who is personification of victory
378   Jalandhara sthitha – She who is on Jalandhara peetha or She who is purest of the pure
379   Odyana peeda nilaya – She who is on Odyana peetha or She who lives in orders
380   Bindu mandala vaasini – She who lives in the dot in the center of Srichakra
381   Raho yoga kramaradhya – She who can be worshipped by secret sacrificial rites
382   Rahas tarpana tarpitha – She who is pleased of chants knowing its meaning
383   Sadya prasadini – She who is pleased immediately
384   Viswa sakshini – She who is the witness for the universe
385   Sakshi varjitha – She who does not have witness for herself
386   Shadanga devatha yuktha – “She who has her six parts as gods viz., heart, head, hair. Battle dress, eyes and arrows”
387   Shadgunya paripooritha – “She who is full of six characteristics viz., wealth, duty, fame, knowledge, assets and renunciation”
388   Nithya klinna – She in whose heart there is always mercy
389   Nirupama – She who does not have anything to be compared to
390   Nirvanasukha dayini – She who gives redemption
391   Nithya shodasika roopa – She who is of the form sixteen goddesses
392   Sri kandartha sareerini – She who occupies half the body of Lord Shiva
393   Prabhavathi – She who is lustrous of supernatural powers
394   Prabha roopa – She who is personification of the light provided by super natural powers
395   Prasiddha – She who is famous
396   Parameshwari – She who is the ultimate goddess
397   Moola prakrithi – She who is the root cause
398   Avyaktha – She who is not clearly seen
399   Vyktha Avyaktha swaroopini – She who is visible and not visible
400   Vyapini – She who is spread everywhere
401   Vividhakara – She who has several different forms
402   Vidhya avidhya swaroopini – She who is the form of knowledge as well as ignorance
403   Maha kamesha nayana kumudahladha kaumudhi – She who is like the full moon which opens the lotus like eyes of Lord Kameshwara
404   Bhaktha hardha thamo bedha bhanu mat bhanu santhathi – She who is like the sun’s rays which remove the darkness from the heart of devotees
405   Shivadhoothi – She who sent Shiva as her representative
406   Shivaradhya – She who is worshipped by Lord Shiva
407   Shiva moorthi – She who is of the form of Lord Shiva
408   Shivangari – She who makes good to happen
409   Shiva priya – She who is dear to Lord Shiva
410   Shivapara – She who does not have any other interest except Lord Shiva
411   Shishteshta – She who likes people with good habits
412   Shishta poojitha – She who is being worshipped by good people
413   Aprameya – She who cannot be measured
414   Swaprakasha – She who has her own luster
415   Mano vachama gochara – She who is beyond the mind and the word
416   Chitsakthi – She who is the strength of holy knowledge
417   Chethana roopa – She who is the personification of the power behind action
418   Jada shakthi – She who is the strength of the immobile
419   Jadathmikha – She who is the world of immobile
420   Gayathri – She who is Gayathri
421   Vyahruthi – She who is the grammar originating from letters
422   Sandhya – She who is the union of souls and the God
423   Dwija brinda nishewitha – She who is being worshipped by all beings
424   Tatwasana – She who sits on principles
425   Tat – She who is that
426   Twam – She who is you
427   Ayee – She who is the mother
428   Pancha kosandara sthitha – She who is in between the five holy parts
429   Nissema mahima – She who has limitless fame
430   Nithya youawana – She who is ever young
431   Madha shalini – She who shines by her exuberance
432   Madha goornitha rakthakshi – She who has rotating red eyes due to her exuberance
433   Madha patala khandaboo – She who has red cheeks due to excessive action
434   Chandana drava dhigdhangi – She who applies sandal paste all over her body
435   Champeya kusuma priya – She who likes the flowers of Champaka tree
436   Kusala – She who is intelligent
437   Komalakara – She who has soft beautiful form
438   Kuru kulla – She who is of the form of Kuru kulla devi who lives in Vimarsa
439   Kuleshwari – She who is the goddess for the clan
440   Kula kundalaya – She who lives in kula kunda or She who is the power called Kundalani
441   Kaula marga that para sevitha – She who is being worshipped by people who follow Kaula matha
442   Kumara gana nadambha – She who is mother to Ganesha and Subrahmanya
443   Thushti – She who is personification of happiness
444   Pushti – She who is personification of health
445   Mathi – She who is personification of wisdom
446   Dhrithi – She who is personification of courage
447   Santhi – She who is peaceful
448   Swasthimathi – She who always keeps well
449   Kanthi – She who is personification of light
450   Nandhini – She who is personification of Nadhini daughter of Kama denu
451   Vigna nasini – She who removes obstacles
452   Tejowathi – She who shines
453   Trinayana – She who has three eyes
454   Lolakshi-Kamaroopini – She who has wandering passionate eyes
455   Malini – She who wears a garland
456   Hamsini – She who is surrounded by swans
457   Matha – She who is the mother
458   Malayachala vasini – She who lives in the Malaya mountain
459   Sumukhi – She who has a pleasing disposition
460   Nalini – She who is tender
461   Subru – She who has beautiful eyelids
462   Shobhana – She who brings good things
463   Sura Nayika – She who is the leader of devas
464   Kala kanti – She who is the consort of he who killed the god of death
465   Kanthi mathi – She who has ethereal luster
466   Kshobhini – She who creates high emotions or She who gets agitated
467   Sukshma roopini – She who has a micro stature
468   Vajreshwari – She who is Vajreswari (lord of diamonds) who occupies jalandhara peetha
469   Vamadevi – She who is the consort of Vama deva
470   Vayovastha vivarjitha – She who does not change with age
471   Sidheswari – She who is the goddess of Siddhas (saints with super natural powers)
472   Sidha vidya – She who is personification of pancha dasa manthra which is called siddha vidya
473   Sidha matha – She who is the mother of Siddhas
474   Yasawini – She who is famous
475   Vishudhichakra Nilaya – She who is in sixteen petalled lotus
476   Aarakthavarni – She who is slightly red
477   Trilochana – She who has three eyes
478   Khadwangadhi prakarana – She who has arms like the sword
479   Vadanaika samavidha – She who has one face
480   Payasanna priya – She who likes sweet rice (Payasam)
481   Twakstha – She who lives in the sensibility of the skin
482   Pasu loka Bhayamkari – She who creates fear for animal like men
483   Amruthathi maha sakthi samvrutha – “She who is surrounded by Maha shakthis like Amrutha,Karshini, Indrani, Eesani, uma,Urdwa kesi”
484   Dakineeswari – She who is goddess of the south(denoting death)
485   Anahathabja nilaya – She who lives in the twelve petalled lotus
486   Syamabha – She who is greenish black
487   Vadanadwaya – She who has two faces
488   Dhamshtrojwala – She who shines with long protruding teeth
489   Aksha maladhi dhara – She who wears meditation chains
490   Rudhira samsthida – She who is in blood
491   Kala rathryadhi Shakthi youga vrudha – “She who is surrounded by Shakthis like Kalarathri. Kanditha, Gayathri, ….etc”
492   Sniggdowdhana priya – She who likes Ghee mixed rice
493   Maha veerendra varadha – She who gives boons to great heroes or She who gives boons to great sages
494   Rakinyambha swaroopini – She who has names like rakini
495   Mani poorabja nilaya – She who lives in ten petalled lotus
496   Vadana thraya samyudha – She who has three faces
497   Vajradhikayudhopetha – She who has weapons like Vajrayudha
498   Damaryadhibhi ravrutha – She who is surrounded by Goddess like Damari
499   Raktha varna – She who is of the colour of blood
500   Mamsa nishta – She who is in flesh
501   Gudanna preetha manasa – She who likes rice mixed with jaggery
502   Samastha bhaktha sukhadha – She who gives pleasure to all her devotees
503   Lakinyambha swaroopini – She who is famous in the name of “Lakini”
504   Swadhishtanambujagatha – She who lives in the six petalled lotus
505   Chathur vakthra manohara – She who has four beautiful faces
506   Sulayudha sampanna – She who has weapons like Spear
507   Peetha varna – She who is of golden colour
508   Adhi garvitha – She who is very proud
509   Medho nishta – She who is in the fatty layer
510   Madhu preetha – She who likes honey
511   Bhandinyadhi samanvidha – She who is surrounded by Shakthis called Bandhini
512   Dhadyanna saktha hridhaya – She who likes curd rice
513   Kakini roopa dharini – She who resembles “Kakini”
514   Mooladrambujarooda – She who sits on the mooladhara kamala or the lotus which is the basic support
515   Pancha vakthra – She who has five faces
516   Sthithi samsthitha – She who is in the bones
517   Ankusathi praharana – She who holds Ankusha and other weapons
518   Varadadhi nishevitha – She who is surrounded by Vardha and other shakthis
519   Mudgou danasaktha chittha – She who likes rice mixed with green gram dhal
520   Sakinyambha swaroopini – She who has the name “Sakini”
521   Agna chakrabja nilaya – She who sits on the lotus called Agna chakra or the wheel of order
522   Shukla varna – She who is white coloured
523   Shadanana – She who has six faces
524   Majja samstha – She who is in the fat surrounding the body
525   Hamsavathi mukhya shakthi samanvitha – She who is surrounded by shakthis called Hamsavathi
526   Hardrannaika rasika – She who likes rice mixed with turmeric powder
527   Hakini roopa dharini – She who has the name “Hakini”
528   Sahasra dhala padhmastha – She who sits on thousand petalled lotus
529   Sarva varnopi shobitha – She who shines in all colours
530   Sarvayudha dhara – She who is armed with all weapons
531   Shukla samsthitha – She who is in shukla or semen
532   Sarvathomukhi – She who has faces everywhere
533   Sarvou dhana preetha chittha – She who likes all types of rice
534   Yakinyambha swaroopini – She who is named as “yakini”
535   Swaha – She who is personification of Swaha ( the manthra chanted during fire sacrifice )
536   Swadha – She who is of the form of Swadha
537   Amathi – She who is ignorance
538   Medha – She who is knowledge
539   Sruthi – She who is Vedas
540   Smrithi – She who is the guide to Vedas
541   Anuthama – She who is above all
542   Punya keerthi – She who is famous for good deeds
543   Punya labhya – She who can be attained by good deeds
544   Punya sravana keerthana – She who gives good for those who listen and those who sing about her
545   Pulomajarchidha – She who is worshipped by wife of Indra
546   Bandha mochini – She who releases us from bondage
547   Barbharalaka – She who has forelocks which resembles waves
548   Vimarsa roopini – She who is hidden from view
549   Vidhya – She who is “learning”
550   Viyadhadhi jagat prasu – She who created the earth and the sky
551   Sarva vyadhi prasamani – She who cures all diseases
552   Sarva mrutyu nivarini – She who avoids all types of death
553   Agra ganya – She who is at the top
554   Achintya roopa – She who is beyond thought
555   Kali kalmasha nasini – She who removes the ills of the dark age
556   Kathyayini – She who is Kathyayini in Odyana peetha or She who is the daughter of sage Kathyayana
557   Kala hanthri – She who kills god of death
558   Kamalaksha nishevitha – She who is being worshipped by the lotus eyed Vishnu
559   Thamboola pooritha mukhi – “She whose mouth is filled with betel leaves , betel nut and lime”
560   Dhadimi kusuma prabha – She whose colour is like the pomegranate bud
561   Mrgakshi – She who has eyes like deer
562   Mohini – She who bewitches
563   Mukhya – She who is the chief
564   Mridani – She who gives pleasure
565   Mithra roopini – She who is of the form of Sun
566   Nithya Truptha – She who is satisfied always
567   Bhaktha Nidhi – She who is the treasure house of devotees
568   Niyanthri – She who controls
569   Nikhileswari – She who is goddess for every thing
570   Maitryadhi vasana Labhya – She who can be attained by habits like Maithree (friendship)
571   Maha pralaya sakshini – She who is the witness to the great deluge
572   Para Shakthi – She who is the end strength
573   Para Nishta – She who is at the end of concentration
574   Prgnana Gana roopini – She who is personification of all superior knowledge
575   Madhvi pana lasaa – She who is not interested in anything else due to drinking of toddy
576   Matha – She who appears to be fainted
577   Mathruka varna roopini – She who is the model of colour and shape
578   Maha Kailasa nilaya – She who sits on Maha Kailasa
579   Mrinala mrudhu dhorllatha – She who has arms as tender as lotus stalk
580   Mahaneeya – She who is fit to be venerated
581   Dhaya moorthi – She who is personification of mercy
582   Maha samrajya shalini – She who is the chef of all the worlds
583   Atma vidhya – She who is the science of soul
584   Maha Vidhya – She who is the great knowledge
585   Srividhya – She who is the knowledge of Goddess
586   Kama sevitha – “She who is worshipped by Kama, the God of love”
587   Sri Shodasakshari vidhya – She who is the sixteen lettered knowledge
588   Trikoota – She who is divided in to three parts
589   Kama Kotika – She who sits on Kama Koti peetha
590   Kataksha kimkari bhootha kamala koti sevitha – She who is attended by crores of Lakshmis who yearn for her simple glance
591   Shira sthitha – She who is in the head
592   Chandra nibha – She who is like the full moon
593   Bhalastha – She who is in the forehead
594   Indra Dhanu Prabha – She who is like the rain bow
595   Hridayastha – She who is in the heart
596   Ravi pragya – She who has luster like Sun God
597   Tri konanthara deepika – She who is like a light in a triangle
598   Dakshayani – She who is the daughter of Daksha
599   Dhithya hanthri – She who kills asuras
600   Daksha yagna vinasini – She who destroyed the sacrifice of Rudra
601   Dharandholitha deergakshi – She who has long eyes which have slight movement
602   Dharahasojwalanmukhi – She who has face that glitters with her smile
603   Guru moorthi – She who is the teacher
604   Guna nidhi – She who is the treasure house of good qualities
605   Gomatha – She who is the mother cow
606   Guhajanma bhoo – She who is the birth place of Lord Subrahmanya
607   Deveshi – She who is the goddess of Gods
608   Dhanda neethistha – She who judges and punishes
609   Dhaharakasa roopini – She who is of the form of wide sky
610   Prathi panmukhya rakantha thidhi mandala poojitha – She who is being worshipped on all the fifteen days from full moon to new moon
611   Kalathmika – She who is the soul of arts
612   Kala nadha – She who is the chief of arts
613   Kavya labha vimodhini – She who enjoys being described in epics
614   Sachamara rama vani savya dhakshina sevitha – She who is being fanned by Lakshmi the goddess of wealth and Saraswathi the goddess of knowledge
615   Adishakthi – She who is the primeval force
616   Ameya – She who cannot be measured
617   Atma – She who is the soul
618   Parama – She who is better than all others
619   Pavana krithi – She who is personification of purity
620   Aneka koti Bramanda janani – She who is the mother of several billions of universes
621   Divya Vigraha – She who is beautifully made
622   Klim karee – She who is the shape of “Klim”
623   Kevalaa – She who is she herself
624   Guhya – She who is secret
625   Kaivalya Padha dhayini – She who gives redemption as well as position
626   Tripura – She who lives everything in three aspects
627   Trijagat vandhya – She who is worshipped by all in three worlds
628   Trimurthi – She who is the trinity
629   Tri daseswari – She who is the goddess for all gods
630   Tryakshya – She who is of the form of three letters
631   Divya Gandhadya – She who has godly smell
632   Sindhura thila kanchidha – She who wears the sindhoora dot in her forehead
633   Uma – She who is in “om”
634   Sailendra Thanaya – She who is the daughter of the king of mountains
635   Gowri – She who is white coloured
636   Gandharwa Sevitha – She who is worshipped by gandharwas
637   Viswa Grabha – She who carries the universe in her belly
638   Swarna Garbha – She who is personification of gold
639   Avaradha – She who punishes bad people
640   Vagadeeswaree – She who is the goddess of words
641   Dhyanagamya – She who can be attained by meditation
642   Aparichedya – She who cannot be predicted to be in a certain place
643   Gnadha – She who gives out knowledge
644   Gnana Vigraha – She who is personification of knowledge
645   Sarva vedhantha samvedya – She who can be known by all Upanishads
646   Satyananda swaroopini – She who is personification of truth and happiness
647   Lopa mudrarchitha – She who is worshipped by Lopa Mudhra the wife of Agasthya
648   Leela kluptha brahmanda mandala – She who creates the different universes by simple play
649   Adurshya – She who cannot be seen
650   Drusya rahitha – She who does not see things differently
651   Vignathree – She who knows all sciences
652   Vedhya varjitha – She who does not have any need to know anything
653   Yogini – She who is personification of Yoga
654   Yogadha – She who gives knowledge and experience of yoga
655   Yogya – She who can be reached by yoga
656   Yogananda – She who gets pleasure out of yoga
657   Yugandhara – She who wears the yuga (Division of eons of time)
658   Iccha shakthi-Gnana shakthi-Kriya shakthi swaroopini – “She who has desire as her head, Knowledge as her body and work as her feet”
659   Sarvaadhara – She who is the basis of everything
660   Suprathishta – She who is the best place of stay
661   Sada sadroopa dharini – She who always has truth in her
662   Ashta moorthy – She who has eight forms
663   Aja jethree – She who has won over ignorance
664   Loka yathra vidahyini – She who makes the world rotate(travel)
665   Ekakini – She who is only herself and alone
666   Bhooma roopa – “She who is what we see , hear and understand”
667   Nirdwaitha – She who makes everything as one
668   Dwaitha varjitha – She who is away from “more than one”
669   Annadha – She who gives food
670   Vasudha – She who gives wealth
671   Vriddha – She who is old
672   Brhmatmykya swaroopini – She who merges herself in brahma-the ultimate truth
673   Brihathi – She who is big
674   Brahmani – She who is the wife of easwara
675   Brahmi – She who has one aspect of Brhma
676   Brahmananda – She who is the ultimate happiness
677   Bali priya – She who likes the strong
678   Bhasha roopa – She who is personification of language
679   Brihat sena – She who has big army
680   Bhavabhava vivarjitha – She who does not have birth or death
681   Sukharadhya – She who can be worshipped with pleasure
682   Shubhakaree – She who does good
683   Shobhana sulabha gathi – She who is easy to attain and does only good
684   Raja rajeswari – “She who is goddess to king of kings like Devaraja, Yaksha raja, , Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra”
685   Rajya Dhayini – “She who gives kingdoms like Vaikunta, kailasa etc”
686   Rajya vallabha – She who likes such kingdoms
687   Rajat krupa – She whose mercy shines everywhere
688   Raja peetha nivesitha nijasritha – She who makes people approaching her as kings
689   Rajya lakshmi – She who is the wealth of kingdoms
690   Kosa natha – She who protects the treasury
691   Chathuranga baleswai – “She who is the leader of the four fold army (Mind, brain, thought and ego)”
692   Samrajya Dhayini – She who makes you emperor
693   Sathya Sandha – She who is truthful
694   Sagara Mekhala – She who is the earth surrounded by the sea
695   Deekshitha – She who gives the right to do fire sacrifice
696   Dhaitya Shamani – She who controls anti gods
697   Sarva loka vasam kari – She who keeps all the world within her control
698   Sarvartha Dhatri – She who gives all wealth
699   Savithri – She who is shines like the sun
700   Sachidananda roopini – She who is personification of the ultimate truth
701   Desa kala parischinna – She who is not divided by region or time
702   Sarvaga – She who is full of everywhere
703   Sarva mohini – She who attracts every thing
704   Saraswathi – She who is the goddess of knowledge
705   Sasthra mayi – She who is the meaning of sciences
706   Guhamba – She who is mother of Lord Subrahmanya (Guha)
707   Guhya roopini – She whose form is hidden from all
708   Sarvo padhi vinirmuktha – She who does not have any doctrines
709   Sada shiva pathi vritha – She who is devoted wife for all times to Lord Shiva
710   Sampradhayeshwari – She who is goddess to rituals or She who is goddess to teacher-student hierarchy
711   Sadhu – She who is innocent
712   Ee – She who is the letter “e”
713   Guru mandala roopini – She who is the universe round teachers
714   Kulotheerna – She who is beyond the group of senses
715   Bhagaradhya – She who is to be worshipped in the universe round the sun
716   Maya – She who is illusion
717   Madhumathi – She who is the trance stage (seventh ) in yoga
718   Mahee – She who is personification of earth
719   Ganamba – She who is mother to Ganesha and bhootha ganas
720   Guhyakaradhya – She who should be worshipped in secret places
721   Komalangi – She who has beautiful limbs
722   Guru Priya – She who likes teachers
723   Swathanthra – She who is independent
724   Sarwa thanthresi – She who is goddess to all thanthras (tricks to attain God)
725   Dakshina moorthi roopini – She who is the personification of God facing South (The teacher form of Shiva)
726   Sanakadhi samaradhya – She who is being worshipped by Sanaka sages
727   Siva gnana pradhayini – She who gives the knowledge of God
728   Chid kala – She who is the micro power deep within
729   Ananda Kalika – She who is the happiness in beings
730   Prema roopa – She who is the form of love
731   Priyamkaree – She who does what is liked
732   Nama parayana preetha – She who likes repetition of her various names
733   Nandhi vidhya – She who is the knowledge taught by Nandi deva (The bull god on whom shiva rides)
734   Nateshwaree – She who is the goddess of dance
735   Mithya Jagat athishtana – She who is luck to this world of illusion
736   Mukthida – She who gives redemption
737   Mukthi roopini – She who is redemption
738   Lasya priya – She who likes feminine dance
739   Laya karee – She who is the bridge between dance and music
740   Lajja – She who is shy
741   Rambha adhi vandhitha – She who is worshipped by the celestial dancers
742   Bhava dhava sudha vrishti – She who douses the forest fire of the sad life of mortals with a rain of nectar.
743   Paparanya dhavanala – She who is the forest fire that destroys the forest of sin
744   Daurbhagya thoolavathoola – She who is the cyclone that blows away the cotton of bad luck.
745   Jaradwanthara viprabha – She who is the suns rays that swallows the darkness of old age
746   Bhagyabdhi chandrika – She who is the full moon to the sea of luck
747   Bhaktha Chitta Keki Ganagana – She who is the black cloud to the peacock which is he devotees mind
748   Roga parvatha Dhambola – She who is the Vajra weapon which breaks the sickness which is like the mountain
749   Mrutyu Dharu Kudarika – She who is like the axe which fells the tree of death
750   Maheswaree – She who is the greatest goddess
751   Maha kali – She who is the great Kalee
752   Maha grasa – She who is like a great drinking bowl
753   Mahasana – She who is the great eater
754   Aparna – She who did meditation without even eating a leaf
755   Chandika – She who is supremely angry
756   Chanda mundasura nishoodhini – She who killed the asuras called Chanda and Munda
757   Ksharaksharathmika – She who can never be destroyed and also destroyed
758   Sarva lokesi – She who is goddess to all the worlds
759   Viswa Dharini – She who carries all the universe
760   Thrivarga Dhathri – “She who gives dharma, Assets and pleasure”
761   Subhaga – She who is pleasing to look at
762   Thryambhaga – She who has three eyes
763   Trigunathmika – “She who is personification of three gunas viz .,Thamo (Kali), Rajo (Dhurga) and Sathva (Parvathy)”
764   Swargapavargadha – She who gives heaven and the way to it
765   Shuddha – She who is clean
766   Japapushpa nibhakrithi – She who has the colour of hibiscus
767   Ojovathi – She who is full of vigour
768   Dhyuthidhara – She who has light
769   Yagna roopa – She who is of the form of sacrifice
770   Priyavrudha – She who likes penances
771   Dhuraradhya – She who is rarely available for worship
772   Dhuradharsha – She who cannot be won
773   Patali kusuma priya – She who likes the buds of Patali tree
774   Mahathi – She who is big
775   Meru nilaya – She who lives in Meru mountain
776   Mandhara kusuma priya – She who likes the buds of Mandhara tree
777   Veeraradhya – She who is worshipped by heroes
778   Virad Roopa – She who a universal look
779   Viraja – She who does not have any blemish
780   Viswathomukhi – She who sees through every ones eyes
781   Prathyg roopa – She who can be seen by looking inside
782   Parakasa – She who is the great sky
783   Pranadha – She who gives the soul
784   Prana roopini – She who is the soul
785   Marthanda Bhairavaradhya – She who is being worshipped by Marthanda Bhairava
786   Manthrini nyashtha rajyadhoo – She who gave the power to rule to her form of Manthrini
787   Tripuresi – She who is the head of three cities
788   Jayatsena – She who has an army which wins
789   Nistrai gunya – She who is above the three qualities
790   Parapara – She who is outside and inside
791   Satya gnananda roopa – “She who is personification of truth, knowledge and happiness”
792   Samarasya parayana – She who stands in peace
793   Kapardhini – She who is the wife of Kapardhi (Siva with hair)
794   Kalamala – She who wears arts as garlands
795   Kamadhukh – She who fulfills desires
796   Kama roopini – She who can take any form
797   Kala nidhi – She who is the treasure of arts
798   Kavya kala – She who is the art of writing
799   Rasagna – She who appreciates arts
800   Rasa sevadhi – She who is the treasure of arts
801   Pushta – She who is healthy
802   Purathana – She who is ancient
803   Poojya – She who is fit to be worshipped
804   Pushkara – She who gives exuberance
805   Pushkarekshana – She who has lotus like eyes
806   Paramjyothi – She who is the ultimate light
807   Param dhama – She who is the ultimate resting place
808   Paramanu – She who is the ultimate atom
809   Parath para – She who is better than the best
810   Pasa Hastha – She who has rope in her hand
811   Pasa Hanthri – She who cuts off attachment
812   Para manthra Vibhedini – She who destroys the effect of spells cast
813   Moortha – She who has a form
814   Amoortha – She who does not have a form
815   Anithya thriptha – She who gets happy with prayers using temporary things
816   Muni manasa hamsika – She who is the swan in the mind ( lake like) of sages
817   Satya vritha – She who has resolved to speak only truth
818   Sathya roopa – She who is the real form
819   Sarvantharyamini – She who is within everything
820   Sathee – She who is Sathee the daughter of Daksha
821   Brahmani – She who is the strength behind creator
822   Brahmaa – She who is the creator
823   Janani – She who is the mother
824   Bahu roopa – She who has several forms
825   Budharchitha – She who is being worshipped by the enlightened
826   Prasavithri – She who has given birth to everything
827   Prachanda – She who is very angry
828   Aagna – She who is the order
829   Prathishta – She who has been installed
830   Prakata Krithi – She who is clearly visible
831   Praneshwari – She who is goddess to the soul
832   Prana Dhatri – She who gives the soul
833   Panchast peeta roopini – “She who is in fifty Shakthi peethas like Kama ropa, Varanasi. Ujjain etc”
834   Vishungala – She who is not chained
835   Vivikthastha – She who is in lonely places
836   Veera matha – She who is the mother of heroes
837   Viyat prasoo – She who has created the sky
838   Mukundaa – She who gives redemption
839   Mukthi nilaya – She who is the seat of redemption
840   Moola vigraha roopini – She who is the basic statue
841   Bavagna – She who understands wishes and thoughts
842   Bhava rokagni – She who cures the sin of birth
843   Bhava Chakra Pravarthani – She makes the wheel of birth rotate
844   Chanda sara – She who is the meaning of Vedas
845   Sasthra sara – She who is the meaning of Puranas(epics)
846   Manthra sara – She who is the meaning of Manthras ( chants)
847   Thalodharee – She who has a small belly
848   Udara keerthi – She who has wide and tall fame
849   Uddhhama vaibhava – She who has immeasurable fame
850   Varna roopini – She who is personification of alphabets
851   Janma mrutyu jara thaptha jana vishranthi dhayini – “She who is the panacea of ills of birth, death and aging”
852   Sarvopanisha dhudh gushta – She who is being loudly announced as the greatest by Upanishads
853   Shantyathheetha kalathmika – She who is a greater art than peace
854   Gambheera – She whose depth cannot be measured
855   Gagananthastha – She who is situated in the sky
856   Garvitha – She who is proud
857   Gana lolupa – She who likes songs
858   Kalpana rahitha – She who does not imagine
859   Kashta – She who is in the ultimate boundary
860   Akantha – She who removes sins
861   Kanthatha vigraha – She who is half of her husband (kantha)
862   Karya karana nirmuktha – She who is beyond the action and the cause
863   Kama keli tharangitha – She who is the waves of the sea of the play of the God
864   Kanath kanaka thadanga – She who wears the glittering golden ear studs
865   Leela vigraha dharini – She who assumes several forms as play
866   Ajha – She who does not have birth
867   Kshaya nirmuktha – She who does not have death
868   Gubdha – She who is beautiful
869   Ksipra prasadhini – She who is pleased quickly
870   Anthar mukha samaradhya – She who is worshipped by internal thoughts
871   Bahir mukha sudurlabha – She who can be attained by external prayers
872   Thrayee – “She who is of the form of three Vedas viz Rik, yajur and sama”
873   Trivarga nilaya – “She who is in three aspects of self, assets and pleasure”
874   Thristha – She who is in three
875   Tripura malini – She who is in tripura the sixth section of Srichakra
876   Niramaya – She who is without diseases
877   Niralamba – She who does not need another birth
878   Swatma rama – She who enjoys within herself
879   Sudha sruthi – She who is the rain of nectar
880   Samsara panga nirmagna samuddharana panditha – She who is capable of saving people who drown in the mud of day today life
881   Yagna priya – She who likes fire sacrifice
882   Yagna karthree – She who carries out fire sacrifice
883   Yajamana swaroopini – She who is the doer of fire sacrifice
884   Dharma dhara – She who is the basis of Dharma-the rightful action
885   Dhanadyaksha – She who presides over wealth
886   Dhanadhanya vivardhani – She who makes wealth and grain to grow
887   Vipra priya – She who likes those who learn Vedas
888   Vipra roopa – She who is the learner of Vedas
889   Viswa brhamana karini – She who makes the universe to rotate
890   Viswa grasa – She who eats the universe in one handful
891   Vidhrumabha – She who has the luster of coral
892   Vaishnavi – She who is the power of Vishnu
893   Vishnu roopini – She who is Vishnu
894   Ayoni – She who does not have a cause or She who is not born
895   Yoni nilaya – She who is the cause and source of everything
896   Kootastha – She who is stable
897   Kula roopini – She who is personification of culture
898   Veera goshti priya – She who likes company of heroes
899   Veera – She who has valour
900   Naish karmya – She who does not have attachment to action
901   Nadha roopini – She who is the form of sound
902   Vignana kalana – She who makes science
903   Kalya – She who is expert in arts
904   Vidhagdha – She who is an expert
905   Baindavasana – She who sits in the dot of the thousand petalled lotus
906   Tathwadhika – She who is above all metaphysics
907   Tatwa mayee – She who is Metaphysics
908   Tatwa Martha swaroopini – She who is personification of this and that
909   Sama gana priya – She who likes singing of sama
910   Soumya – She who is peaceful or She who is as pretty as the moon
911   Sada shiva kutumbini – She who is consort of Sada shiva
912   Savyapa savya margastha – “She who is birth, death and living or She who likes the priestly and tantric methods”
913   Sarva apadvi nivarini – She who removes all dangers
914   Swastha – She who has everything within her or She who is peaceful
915   Swabhava madura – She who is by nature sweet
916   Dheera – She who is courageous
917   Dheera samarchida – She who is being worshipped by the courageous
918   Chaithnyarkya samaradhya – She who is worshipped by the ablation of water
919   Chaitanya kusuma priya – She who likes the never fading flowers
920   Saddothitha – She who never sets
921   Sadha thushta – She who is always happy
922   Tharunadithya patala – She who like the young son is red mixed with white
923   Dakshina Daksinaradhya – She who is worshipped by the learned and ignorant
924   Dharasmera mukhambuja – She who has a smiling face like the lotus in full bloom
925   Kaulini kevala – She who is mixture of the koula and kevala methods
926   Anargya kaivalya pada dhayini – She who gives the immeasurable heavenly stature
927   Stotra priya – She who likes chants
928   Sthuthi mathi – She who gives boons for those who sing her chants
929   Sthuthi samsthutha vaibhava – She who is worshipped by the Vedas
930   Manaswaini – She who has a stable mind
931   Manavathi – She who has big heart
932   Mahesi – She who is the greatest goddess
933   Mangala kruthi – She who does only good
934   Viswa Matha – The mother of the universe
935   Jagat Dhathri – She who supports the world
936   Visalakshi – She who is broad eyed
937   Viragini – She who has renounced

938   Pragalbha – She who is courageous

939   Paramodhara – She who is great giver
940   Paramodha – She who has great happiness
941   Manomayi – She who is one with mind
942   Vyoma kesi – She who is the wife of Shiva who has sky as his hair
943   Vimanastha – She who is at the top
944   Vajrini – She who has indra’s wife as a part
945   Vamakeshwaree – She who is goddess of the people who follow the left path
946   Pancha yagna priya – She who likes the five sacrifices
947   Pancha pretha manchadhi sayini – She who sleeps on the cot made of five corpses
948   Panchami – She who is the consort of Sadshiva –the fifth of the pancha brahmas
949   Pancha bhoothesi – “She who is the chief of Pancha bhoothas viz earth, sky, fire, air. And water”
950   Pancha sankhyopacharini – “She who is to be worshipped by five methods of Gandha(sandal wood), Pushpa(flower), Dhoopa(incense), dheepa(light), Naivedya(offering)”
951   Saswathi – She who is permanent
952   Saswathaiswarya – She who gives perennial wealth
953   Sarmadha – She who gives pleasure
954   Sambhu mohini – She who bewitches Lord Shiva
955   Dhara – She who carries (beings like earth)
956   Dharasutha – She who is the daughter of the mountain
957   Dhanya – She who has all sort of wealth
958   Dharmini – She who likes dharma
959   Dharma vardhini – She who makes dharma grow
960   Loka theetha – She who is beyond the world
961   Guna theetha – She who is beyond properties
962   Sarvatheetha – She who is beyond everything
963   Samathmika – She who is peace
964   Bhandhooka kusuma prakhya – She who has the glitter of bhandhooka flowers
965   Bala – She who is a young maiden
966   Leela Vinodhini – She who loves to play
967   Sumangali – She who gives all good things
968   Sukha kari – She who gives pleasure
969   Suveshadya – She who is well made up
970   Suvasini – She who is sweet scented(married woman)
971   Suvasinyarchana preetha – She who likes the worship of married woman
972   AAshobhana – She who has full glitter
973   Shuddha manasa – She who has a clean mind
974   Bindhu tharpana santhushta – She who is happy with the offering in the dot of Ananda maya chakra
975   Poorvaja – She who preceded every one
976   Tripurambika – She who is the goddess of three cities
977   Dasa mudhra samaradhya – She who is worshipped by ten mudras(postures of the hand)
978   Thrpura sree vasankari – She who keeps the goddess Tripura sree
979   Gnana mudhra – She who shows the symbol of knowledge
980   Gnana gamya – She who can be attained by knowledge
981   Gnana gneya swaroopini – She who is what is thought and the thought
982   Yoni mudhra – She who shows the symbol of pleasure
983   Trikhandesi – “She who is the lord of three zones of fire, moon and sun”
984   Triguna – She who is three characters
985   Amba – She who is the mother
986   Trikonaga – She who has attained at all vertices of a triangle
987   Anaga – She who is not neared by sin
988   Adbutha charithra – She who has a wonderful history
989   Vanchithartha pradayini – She who gives what is desired
990   Abhyasathisaya gnatha – She who can be realized by constant practice
991   Shaddwatheetha roopini – She who supersedes the six methods of prayers
992   Avyaja karuna moorhy – She who shows mercy without reason
993   Agnana dwantha deepika – She who is the lamp that drives away ignorance
994   Abala gopa vidhitha – She who is worshipped by all right from children and cowherds
995   Sarvan ullangya sasana – She whose orders can never be disobeyed
996   Sri chakra raja nilaya – She who lives in Srichakra
997   Sri math thripura sundari – The beautiful goddess of wealth who is consort of the Lord of Tripura
998   Sri shivaa – She who is the eternal peace
999   Shiva shakthaikya roopini – She who is unification of Shiva and Shakthi
1000   Lalitambika – The easily approachable mother. Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless

© 2016 Vashi Chandi

Shiva Bhavani; The Dhwani of the Vedic Shlokas Resonate the Purity of Evolution’s Utterance


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dove made out of water splashes

dove made out of water splashes


The translational definition of Shiva refers to the sacred purity while Shakti to the cosmic divine energy of creation of a harmoniously sustainable evolution and Bhava to the attitude/integral essence of all of creation within itself as the oneness of the pinnacle of subliminal grace; dhwani refers to the echo/impulse; while the Vedas(the way thus) seek to refer to the reverentially exalted sacred hymns and shlokas of the cosmic syllables of the graciousness of evolution.

The heart of life’s intuitive conversation and the leadership of the creative evolution of the cosmos remains enshrined within the sacred realms of the higher consciousness, the true self, the true nature and the divine essence of every living being.

Lead every thought truewards its innate taught of creative competence. Give every heart its core encore embodying the sanctified art of aligning with its ever gracious wisdom encapsulated within the pure divine essence of being one with the cosmos consonantly and ever sow conscientiously; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi


As the Cosmos, Has the Cause Most; Cherish Your Divine Universality


Yaa Devi Sarva Bhooteshu Shakti Roopena Samsthita; Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namaha; Revered Salutations, again and again to the Devi (Goddess) who resides in all beings in the form of Shiva Shakti (Pure Creative Power).

From the cosmic intelligence, emanates the infinity of creation. From the pure elements of creation, the graciousness of the cosmology evolves, Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi



God’s e mail addresses, The Infinite Golden miles

quotes-7-728God’s e mail address are; God@Goldenmile.(dot)devotion; God@Goldenmile.(dot)duty;God@Goldenmile.(dot)grace; God@Goldenmile.(dot)righteousness. God@Goldenmile.(dot)trust; God@Goldenmile.(dot)truth; God@Goldemile.(dot)worship; God@Goldenmile.(dot)wisdom;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine compassion; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine character;God@Goldenmile.(dot) divine contentment; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine conscientiousness; God@Goldenmile.(dot) divine courage; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine dignity; God@Goldenmile.(dot) divine discipline;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine divinity;  God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine faith; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine forbearance; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine foresight; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine humility; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine ideals; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine joyfulness;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine mindfulness;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine morality;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine nobility;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine observancy;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine patience;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine piousness;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine prudence; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine purpose; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine principles;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine respectfulness;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine sincerity;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine temperance;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine trust;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine values;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine virtues;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine vision;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine will and God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine union; and so on and sow forth with utmost respectfulness and conformance with the divine values of our creative evolution.

Disclaimer: Remember that none of the above featured e mail addresses are actually functional. They are featured only to make us realize regarding the brilliant creative magnificent virtues and intellectual proficiency that we have been so very fortunately bestowed+endowed with; and that in order to be closer or to speak to God, we must experience the divine union ensconced within the realms of our true nature and our true self sacredly.

God’s grace is not reached, preserved or sought, it is attained through due diligence, prudence and tenacity; striving meticulously in earnest performance of our respective duties. The captioned title seeks to remind us that no matter how far we may ever be, God’s graceful presence and divine essence is ever closer to us.

When our hearts smile, God’s golden miles gracefully blossom forth the divine essence of connecting us in such a way that we intelligently make our choices throughout life there onwards and love what we do as well as do what we love infinitely across the passage of this meaningful, purposeful, dutiful and wonderful life graciously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Change Your Mindset, Settle Your Minds Statement of Charges Please; Respect the Process/Your Divine Principles and Divine Values


Indeed please; since some of us keep changing so many mindsets indiscriminately that it becomes almost enormously taxing for the divine essence of our being true align with the frivolous attitude please.

In actuality/reality is not exhausted, overwhelmed or perturbed; rather its our own capacity/capability to adeptly manage and integrate the various processes seamlessly that becomes an phenomenal issue on multiple mysterious instances, since without any clue/inkling whatsoever; just coming across some inspirational statement or attending a seminar or just hearing/seeing something, then frantically rushing to abandon one’s firm mindset that has been serving so loyally and trust-worthily for so many decades; just flipping everything altogether overnight just because of being enamored suddenly with some concept? idea? notion? without ever analyzing? rationalizing? quantifying? reasoning? verifying?

How come please? Just imagine, if your mind were to do the same, then how would you feel please? If it is a meaningful/essential and purposeful change that is focused upon integrating and instilling some authentic, genuine, legitimate and responsible sets of transformations in your lives; then well yes; surely; but if you just keep hop/skip and jump/jumping here, there and everywhere without knowing what you are actually aligning with? without even knowing anything, just blindly venturing out of a fierce sense of passion and persisting to charge through rapidly? But why please? Did you ever actually seriously analyze/rationalize vigilantly please?

Regarding the captioned title, just imagine IF your mind had to impose charges for the innumerable sets of intermittent mysterious changes almost instantaneously, would you be able to afford/bear the cost and pay the legitimate prices please?  Regarding the price, its a matter of realizing that when we pay the price, when we know the integral value and are more alert, purely aware, conscientious and realize what is precisely what, then we will not just keep on incessantly, ignorantly and unknowingly keep changing our mindsets please.

Well yes, its your mind and no one has a right to interfere but here its not about trespassing or venturing into the pure sacredness of your domain and with all due respectfulness; yet again the question is being posed as to what IF you were in the place/position of your mind please? and then have to face enormous sets of mysterious instantaneous changes far too incessantly, then how would you react? respond please?

Well then, please realize that kindly when making the changing of the mindset, kindly ensure that it is elevated/raised and accorded greater respectfulness; dignify it and make it a sacred process and not something that is a plaything or for amusement please.

Your mind is also truly deserving and note worthy of being highly respected please. You respect your heart and your soul as well as your consciousness, so then where your pure mindfulness is concerned, why should this be ignored or relegated any inferior status please?

Carefully realize and seriously understand that the amazing power of your pure mindfulness is truly exponential; far more astounding and tremendously brilliant and magnificently creative please. For it is with your pure mindfulness’s auspiciousness that you have/are able to put so many things in order/instill the divine orderliness that emanates from the sacred realms of your soul’s consciousness.

And when you truly stat earnestly respecting your pure mindfulness as you do/true with your complete divine essence of your being with observance of your pure awareness, your pure focus, your pure intentionality=shuddh bhavana as well as your divine principles, your divine values and your divine vision/divine wisdom; then onwards you will notice a perceptible/remarkable different in the way/vein you think; then no longer will any erratic, illusive, delusional sets of deviating mysterious thoughts be able to mislead or make you illusively languish, be pretentiously obnoxious or keep aligning with any wasteful and unintentional activities, endeavors and pursuits please.

Remember, we cannot keep blaming our mind on and on please; our mind will follow as we discipline, as we train it and our mind is not our master and neither are we the masters of our minds; rather we are the mast hear; how we navigate the ship of our mind, with proper directional firm conviction orientated commands full of our pure intentionality=shuddh bhavana will determine how the vessel sails right across this amazing ever gracious evolutionary voyage of our lives please. There truly is so much more than could be expounded upon but elaborating is not the essence of this topic, for when we realize the values; the divine essence of our being; then we will value the realization and all that was, is and will ever be ever sow ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


With all Due Respect, No Please; The Heart Speaks/Whispers from the Soul in the Art/Heart of its Pure Silence Please


Indeed, yet again with utmost respectfulness; the heart does not need to verbally express itself when its ever gracious wisdom is able to ever graciously convocate with all of the universe’s creative evolution in its pure stillness; when/vein its always in divine union with our pure consciousness please; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi