Fall ill? Wellness, the Miracle of Contentious Souls

kenneth-h-cooper-soldier-there-are-six-components-of-wellness-properthe-ability-to-be-in-the-present-moment-is-major-component-of-mental-wellness When someone falls ill, nothing else matters!

When everything else matters, then illness falls short of reaching anyone at all.

Realize that you are in charge of infusing your cells with a remarkable dosage of disciplined self talk, enthusiasm, positive outlook along with of course disciplined and absolutely strict observance of various essential qualified and globally recognized and legitimate set of conventionalities, safeguards and modalities undisputably, God bless.

©2015 Vashi  Chandi

One Moment, The Lesson of a Lifetime

quotes-present-moment-accept-eckhart-tolle-480x480Sometimes, one minute, one thought, one experience, one incident, one situation, one response, one reflection, one’s awareness, one dollar, one moment in time, and so on and so forth, whatever it is, one by itself can teach us the lesson of a lifetime.

However, the time life our lesson expands to encompass far much more than just the oneness by itself, for intricately linked to the “one” depends upon our attitude, of how and what we learn’t?

What we valued? What we improved/improvised and genuinely instilled in our lives for remember that the one moment we might be waiting for could keep us waiting for an entire lifetime without realizing that that one moment is actually already here, right now, right here with us in this present moment, so what you are you waiting for that is actually waiting for you to realize and responsibly take charge with due diligence, prudence, tenacity and your gracious wisdom, God bless.

©2015 Vashi  Chandi

Sending, Receiving, Taking, Being Taken, The Universal Rhythm of the Cosmic Energies Exchange



We are giving, we are receiving. We are taking, we are being taken. (its not about being taken for a ride, but the very essence of each and every moment of our life is being taken away and invested in doing what? What actually? Is it contributing to our greater and consciously mindful development in our lives please?)

There is a constant flow and exchange of precious energies.What are we contributing to ourselves and one another in this precarious flow of the cosmic rhythm please?

It truly matters for in those precious moments the very vital essence of our life unfolds almost with meticulous precision, so do not just treat the energies just as never mind factor, they mind for ever and ever and truly matter for ever and forever, take care, be well, be responsible and be wise, God bless.

©2015 Vashi  Chandi

Kuch hota hai, Wahi hota hai, Hothon se; Something happens, That itself happens, Every Pulse seeks its Impulse

you-cannot-control-what-happens-to-you-brian-tracy-quotes-sayings-pictures  Kuch refers to some. Hota refers to happen. Hai refers to it. Wahi refers to that. Hothon refers to utterance. Sometimes unspoken words represent a far much more powerful force than we could ever imagine or realize.

What we keep on engaging within our subconscious mind, the belief, the faith, the conviction and the desires; each and every initiative, intent and actions ultimately bears its consequences either in the form of a sudden unfolding process or conversely as a step by step process that each emerge and manifest in our lives to teach us a certain lesson; to carefully consider what it is that we are aiming for in our lives all along even with at times the most simplest of things.

To sum it up, nothing is so small or unimportant or even nothing else is so very large that it takes away everything else; what is there is there, what is here is here, however where we are in the process of our interactions is what life is all about, the equanimity, the focus, the devotion, the courage, the firm commitment, the resolve, the adherence to our principles and priceless values as well as gracious wisdom.

Its not about some fabled adage or poetry of life, it is the start reality that sometimes we are uttering and are almost symmetrically folding right in front of our very own eyes and we are amazed, that what was it that triggered all of this after all?


Never underestimate the power and intensity of the utterance, be mindful of the self talk as well as the mundane talk as well for in all of those moments, so very much more might be accumulating and precipitating another set of events or circumstances to rearrange themselves especially for you and all around you as you might eventually have to go round and all around to comprehend and yet remain mystified, but why? Why the elusive approach?

Why not be responsible and accountable for what is going on in this very moment, so that conscious engagements is the process that is continually observed whether with our feelings, whether with our emotions, whether with our actions, whether with our responses, whether with our attitudes, whether with our beliefs, whether with our faith as well as whether with whatever might or might not be associated or for that matter even for what might or might not be relevant and affecting us after all.

Somehow or the other, nature knows and the universe knows what is whose liability and what is whose asset as well as what is accountable to who and who is accountable to what. Its not about reprimanding or trying to only reflect on the frightful perspective or be scared, rather it is about being responsible,. truly owning up and taking earnest care of what we have come to this world for, which is to live a purposeful life with due diligence, prudence, tenacity and our gracious wisdom infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi  Chandi

Guru Purnima, Shree SatyaNarayan, Question to Albert Einstein. Albeit, I’m still on the Quest, The Heart of our Thinking; Create Creativity, True to be Born, Born to be Truth; Create a World that All of Us Love, Love the World that All of Us Create

Albert EinsteinEveryone of us have absolutely remarkably brilliant creative intelligent capabilities that we need to resourcefully utilize towards consciously awakening to the potential of the amazing greatness exponentially ensconced within the realms of our true nature, our true self and our higher consciousness amazingly..

We have billions of creative souls that are looking ahead towards experiencing life’s greatness while expressing life’s great nice. So what is it that is distancing some of us from those fabulous ambitious goals and prestigious objectives?

It is that our commitment, determination and focus isn’t enough? Isn’t our devotion unstinting? Where are we going ahead in our lives, including within this very moment?

Where is our life taking us? Or actually where are we intending to take our lives? Each and everyone of us needs to introspectively reflect and do some soul searching during our daily early morning meditative consciousness schedules to further improve and enhance the scopes of our lives.

Albert Einstein created what the World admires,cherishes and resourcefully utilizes. For us to experience the presence of millions of Einstein’s among’st us, we need to first of all each awaken to the glorious essence of our being and fulfill the wonderfulness of.our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom conscientiously. This is not at all about religion, rather it is about the reverential sacredness of our relationship with the truth of our lives, of our being and of our gracious completeness that we earnestly seek to find and summon the courageous wisdom to awaken to the infinite potential within us ever so incessantly that we might be looking all around and round all? Whereas the epicenter of our being of creation of the miraculous moments is ever radiantly present within the realms of our higher consciousness and when we expand our consciousness and raise it to the level of the divine light, we experience the infinity of our being expressing its divine oneness that unites all of us as us of all.

Satya hi Narayan hain, Narayan hi Satya hain.The translational definition of this is the following, that Truth is the divine essence of Life and that the divine essence of Truth is Life as well, has divine will. Life refers to all of God’s creations which have each taken birth to fulfill their primordial objectives and when each of us awaken to our incarnate truth and experience the intrinsic essence of our being, our contentious and joyful nature will apparently be able to further radiate the remarkable goodwill that we cherish for millions more to likewise experience unfolding in their lives as well. It is akin to one lamp that is able to contribute to the alighting of millions of lamps, each and every one of us have been duly entrusted with that privileged sacredness that enables us to create an infinite wealth of goodness for one and all for the goodness is that which is equanimous with our mind, our heart and our soul consonantly aligned with the true essence of our being full of utmost devotion, gratitude and purposefulness towards each and every priceless breath and moment of our being.

Guru is the respectful title given to a Teacher and Purnima refers to the completeness. When we completely understand and realize the true essence of our being, then we will each begin to recognize that each and every breath encapsulates the priceless energies of the Cosmos that are reaching within the core essence of our being and infusing, filling and nourishing us with an infinite wealth of the gracious sense of devotion, gladness and well being.

Let us endeavor to each become the shining radiance of our souls for we have been looking all around us whereas our true living begins from right within our higher selves, for within the echelons of our higher consciousness, there remains the priceless wisdom of our infinite wisdom that keeps evoking our conscious awareness to realize and ensure that we are living a purposeful life with due diligence, prudence and our gracious wisdom; where we are ever true to our nature and ever nature to our truth, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Your Life, Our Life, Hour Life; Working Hard With Wisdom, Heart Working Conscientiously


Don’t make someone else’s life yours. Don’t make your life someone else’s.

Your life is truly yours; be proud of it, immensely cherish each and every breath as well as diligently strive to fulfill your respective agendas, assignments, chores, commitments, duties, objectives, obligations, responsibilities, studies and tasks conscientiously, God bless.


©2015 Vashi Chandi

Amir, Amira, America, A Miracle, The Wealth, The Willeth, In God We Trust

GodblessAmir refers to Rich, Wealthy.

Amira refers to Nobility, Royalty, Royal heritage.

The United States Of America refers to one of the richest and wealthiest countries in the World.

So is it the name that is solely determining the remarkable unfolding of tremendous aspirations and prestigious ascents?

It is actually each and every one of us truly knowing our aims; the incredible realization of our creative genius potential that leads us towards attaining our purposefulness and commendable statures in life.

As we perceive certain qualities in others, we should likewise endeavor to introspectively reflect upon the realm of greatness that remains ensconced within our true nature and true selves as well and diligently strive to venture further upon the basis of our gracious wisdom to earnestly contribute towards sustaining the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare of the Universe conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Move ahead in Life; Moving our heads in Life; The Passionate Aim of Shine

ReasonWe all have to move ahead in life. Its not about motion or emotion; it is aim of shine that emanates from within the core essence of our true nature and true self amazingly.

Wisely integrating the elements of each and every priceless moment right across our lives with the gracious wisdom of our creative magnificence conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Life Stages, At What Stage of Life is Life After all? Pointless? Unless We Point? Until We Appoint! Passionately Plan Your Lives, Truly Every Moment of it

Your WorldAll of those who are after the stages keep forgetting that life stays ageless in its essence, for when we regard and respectfully consider our lives as our pure consciousness, then an expanded field and set of possibilities fold and keep ever unfolding amazingly. Our bodies experience the growth, our intellectual faculties expand and evolve with incredible wisdom and phenomenally experience the graceful wisdom of living ingeniously.

When we put up the captioned question, we are faced with an infinitely mysterious sets of questionable answer that keep us on an never ending quest in for every stage of life is truly life.Every moment, every breath, every phase of our lives is full of life expressing itself, inspiring us to likewise embrace the greatness of our lives and graciously experience our true nature and trueselves.

Its not that we are young or old in age, but the youthfulness and maturity is a mindset that e are clinging onto and that prevents us from experiencing most of our life, so then what is the point in putting up a question, at what stage when we are ourselves deterring and dissuading our ascent towards the excellence of being?

Think well, do not just pick up on a question thinking that it will stir and create any controversy, no one is the least bothered or interested in sensational gossip for at the core essence of our being, we all want to improve, to achieve and excel in each and every breath of our being.

We realize that we are what we are being and being we are what are inextricably linked, interconnected and intertwined so rather than investing tremendous precious energies upon unraveling mysterious  vortexes, seek to embrace the divine vision that is ensconced within the higher consciousness of your being and transform your lives for the better of yourselves and others conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Our Glands and Glances, What next? Energizing our Chakras



tumblr_mi0f674FCb1rml8vvo1_500einstein Most people are glancing at what’s next. Life’s glands synch at what’s now through the chakras(energy zones flowing throughout our being that nourish the core essence of our vitality)

The pituitary and pineal gland are considered to be the master regulators of our hormones along with our brain and our central nervous system. Remember when there truly is a lot of time for life, then there is truly lot of life for time as well consonantly. When we truly care for what matters then what matters, truly cares for us as well, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi