Going back to birth to re acquire our cosmic identity?

c39cf93364239057e3d2b03168ff6e9aThat is not the typical, usual or permissible process of nature in trying to retrieve either backwards in time or advance further ahead across the spaciousness of timing; for whatever it is; believes, be lives and sustains the now moment in and across our lives conscientiously.

So without going back anywhere; where we truly are can be the very integral platform that can help us to experience the remarkable divine essence of our being and unleashing the creative impetus of experiencing our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom amazingly. The discerning between our thoughts also seeks to refer to the passage of space between one breath to another, where we are then completely one with the graciousness of creation in all that we think, feel, believe, express and evolve with consonantly.

The shuddh bhav-pure intent is essentially required to acquire the gracious wisdom by truly being one wherever we are; which indicates that whatever we authentically seek is actually already there within each and every one of us but remains dormant due to the enormous heap of egoistic or delusional layers that may have been created and overfilled each and every chamber of thoughts and feelings with an completely different way of looking at things.

We are absolutely and precisely in the right place with the right frame of mind; the righteous feelings as well as the righteousness of our sacred choices. The cosmic identity is the symbolism of our divine heritage that we have always belonged true and when we intend to go back to the source of evolution to nourish ourselves, we experience a tremendous sense of joyfulness and the cherished oneness with all of creation infinitely, Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

We make everything like us, when we be like us


Truly be yourself, seek to gracefully attune, align and evolve as the creation of life as well as the life of creation by being one with yourself in all that you think, do and express equanimously; embracing the advaita-non duality of your being and gracious wisdom infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Dropping thoughts? The water drop principle

mj-everything-quote-and-water-drops-green-leafEvery drop within each thought encompasses the field of pure potentiality. The drop is the thought within itself that can make us reach across and keep transcending back and forth almost instantaneously and thereby in the process transform the very integral essence and meaning of our lives completely.

Just imagine, whether it is one rain drop, the drop of water in the ocean or even the drop of water in the glass that we just sipped or further yet the drop of water in the shower or for that matter the drop and droplets of water that we interact with at divergent junctures of creation; we come across such amazing meaningfulness encapsulated and embodiment within each and every particle of water that makes us elevate our respectfulness for its role that it contributes in the sacredness of creation.

Each water drop can teach us far much more than we could have ever realized; however we will first need to adapt and be precisely like water; the pristine sanctity; the purity; the reverentiality; the chastity of the greatest degree and the principal factor which is remarkably contributability to the sustenance of creation.

As we expand our consciousness and raise it to the level of the divine light within as well as all around us, the process which may have begun as the mere dropping of our thoughts could actually lead us towards embracing a far more greater potentiality of evolution that is conscientiously flowing through each and every one of us and all of creation with graceful precision and the most magnificent purity that engenders the greatest sacredness of nature’s constitution infinitely.

The analytical study and experiences gracefully continue for the adaptable flexibility of water being able to be like; like being; forever weaving the tapestry of enabling us to first clarify and then empower our vision ingeniously. What we learn from water will make us start looking at everything in our lives from an entirely different perspective altogether and enrich us with the fabulous knowledge of how creation aligns even with the smallest as well as the intermediate and larger factors in ensuring its seamless evolution.

This also bring forth to mind the acceptability factor where when we can allow the drop and droplets of water to graciously flow; so then why can’t we likewise liberate the contagion of thoughts that are preventing our full and total mindfulness? It is the great inspiration derived from water that helps strengthen our understanding far more effectively, nourishing our neurons with an amazing capability and foresight to integrate our vision with the principles and values that it always beheld; by removing the delusive layers of ignorance that may have surreptitiously crept in at the behest of our egoistical tendencies and effectively utilizing those very same energies to further empower the kaleidoscope of our  live’s evolution characteristically.

Every moment of our lives becomes the flow of nature within as well as all around us as if we have been through all of this before and making us think, act and express from a mature standpoint of view; enriching and suffusing us with the cherished gladness of being and becoming that which we were meant true be, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

People die to see what life lives to die? Flashback of a complete lifetime prior to death in a few seconds?


some-people-are-so-afraid-do-die-that-they-never-begin-to-live-quote-1many-that-live-deserve-death-and-some-that-die-deserve-life-can-you-give-it-to-them-then-do-not-be-too-eager-to-deal-out-death-in-judgment-for-even-the-very-wise-cannot-see-all-ends No, life always lives to evolve and no one actually dies to see what life lives to die for at all. All of us love life and cherish each and every moment and the preciousness of our being. Now here we are referring to how some people are able to experience an entire cascading sequence of a flashback of their complete lifetime events in a rapid sequence of a few minutes?

It is those precarious moments before life ebbs away and the integrity of life is drawing upon its maximal resources to be able to grasp and hold onto those cherished memorable moments forever?

How tragic it is that in an entire lifetime, some people overlook the live moments and then try to find them in the dying moments of life? It is not anyone’s fault or any ignorance and neither is it negligence.

The tendency of some human beings is extremely rigid, so much so that they self impose upon themselves and others an rigorous enforcement, but why? What do they achieve? They lament having enraged themselves in intensified sets of self conflicts for no legitimate purpose or reason at all.

That is it, the key factor of realization; of not realizing what’s there when it is there and then fervently yearning for it to be there while it has all gone by? Elapsed and taken away the moments of life with it?

When people truly realize what life lives to+true live, then they will transcend life and experience a remarkable ascension in gracefulness for they then live each and every moment of their lives as if it is the greatest treasure and become a shining example and monument of the most versatile qualities, characteristics and virtues that could be ever seen in any living being; that is the amazing miracle of self realization, whereby we are able to achieve and accomplish phenomenal strides in improving and developing the scope of millions of peoples lives selflessly for we realize that we are all interconnected and that what we are contributing to others goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare is also touching our very own lives in some way or another blissfully.

Everyone lives their measure of life, however some tend to deliberately themselves in isolating themselves from actually living in conformance with life’s principles and values whereby all that they eventually attain is stark bitterness and immense resentfulness? While some happen to define it; now it is those who define their lives; give it meaning and purpose, who experience profound joy during their earthly sojourn as well as when they ascend towards the higher realms of consciousness upon completion of their earthly sojourns amazingly.

What they do is treat life with profound dignity, devotion, discipline and remarkable respect. They look at life with a perspective of nobility and awe, always ever graciously eavesdropping upon the conversation of their higher consciousness, their true nature, their true self and their divine essence; intending to know how they could be able to serve to+true deserve.

That is the creative magnificence of such individuals, so much so that even in their last moments, they leave with an affectionate smile and leave others weeping. Its like they always lived their life in joy and were never apprehensive or anxious about what’s on the other side; more like seers or sages and enlightened to be aware of the graciousness of life’s evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom and consonantly in alignment with their soul’s purpose conscientiously.

So it might perhaps be true indeed that in those few moments before death, some people are able to glimpse upon the trajectory of their entire lifetime poignantly, wishing they had done so many things so much more differently? But alas, when they are alive, why don’t they realize the preciousness of doing things differently please? God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

In one moment, if we had two moments, what would we do?

quote-the-moment-of-truth-the-sudden-emergence-of-a-new-insight-is-an-act-of-intuition-such-intuitions-arthur-koestler-346073Its actually a matter to carefully realize and seriously understand that the hands of time are precise.

This means that in one moment, we have the true moments; so from this moment to the next as well, it is the true and although they are sub divided into two separate moments; they are deriving all that they could be based on what we opted to do in the one moment we had all along with us.

So it is squarely on our own shoulders to intelligently take care of our respective objectives and obligations in an mature and responsible manner. Indeed, we have two moments in one moment, but that is the true moment now and the true moment subsequently as well.

Whether we call it or define it as two or more; the one moment that is there now is what is ever expanding and interconnecting with all the other moments, which are the true moments of our lives.

In one moment we are true, in the next moment, we are through; that is all because of the consistency, since the truth gracefully unfolds and its moment thereby reveals and revels in its cosmic synchronization with all that was, is and will ever be, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi