Jewels, The Wish


Sona, Chandi, Heere, Moti (Translation = Jewels)

Wish you were a jewel? The jewel is that you are the wish. Remember you are a precious gem and an magnificent jewel of God; your jewellery is the wealth of your priceless virtues.

Strive to creatively fulfill your respective dharma (duties) in order to fulfill your corespective karma (deeds) conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Left us


We experience with what we are left and then wonder. However, do we also realize how we leave others likewise with experiences and wonderment?

All left us in time? Neither time nor others ever left us, we chose or choose to either hold on or gracefully realize and release; for some cherished moments remain forever conscientiously with us and ours.

It is establishing a careful and respectful balance between all that was, is and will ever be; for we are conscientiously reminded that all that we ever have is the now, the present moment in our lives that actually connects everything and everythink else infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

One Our


The hour that changes our life. The life that changes is ours and not hours. Although, one hour can almost change everything forever; One our can think through and through as well as true and through most of the anticipated, envisaged, expected, foreseen and visualized changes that might lay ahead of us.



There is one disclaimer that for sure, we would not be able to pre determine almost everything after all, but then when comparing the attitude of being hour focused versus our focus, the our focus would be more sharper, since in that space of our focus, it would be directing all our focus completely upon what we seek with our pure intent, with our sense of self awareness and living very much in the now, the present moment of our lives, instead of being caught between one hour here and then extending and trying to reach across to the multitude of the one hour’s there, elsewhere and everywhere?


Critical thinking can vastly help improve our lives remarkably since it is enabling us to change our habits of thinking and reacting+responding more efficiently and informatively.


By observing this creative approach, we are also regulating the flow of our thoughts, that instead of just over thinking or ever thinking; we are more rationally, we are more consciously; we are more reasonably; we are more diligently; we are more prudently; we are more logically; we are more maturely and wisely focusing our precious energies, attentiveness and creative brilliant magnificence upon constructive ways of living each and every moment of our lives.



So as time goes by, we are no longer living that life that we once knew, where we are each time looking at the hour and then back yet again quickly sneaking a peek, a rapid view again at the clock, at the time and fervently waiting for the hour, by hour, by hour….; if we count this way, a complete lifetime of ours was devoted to hours and not being ours as it is meant to be.


There is no magic or miracle going to happen that by disciplining our mind, our thinking process and our habitual behavior, our attitude and observance of righteousness, etc. It will take much more than that alone for our lives are real and we truly take what is required to be honestly implemented, then we will be living our lives as one our at at time and in that each one our, we are would jubilantly celebrating for encapsulated in that one our would be the potential empowering focal strength of determination, vision, knowledge and wisdom that always remained dormant within the realm of our higher consciousness.


So although it may take quite a lot of hardship, disciplining, devotion and tremendous efforts and committed initiatives, for sure we will be glad right across our lives to have adopted towards consciously engaging with one our far much more than the fleeting one hour to another one hour and so on and so forth, take care and all the best, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Life tells, Reality beckons, Realization dawns; Sabka Mangal Ho, Universal Goodwill, Harmony and Welfare








Live with reality to realize with living. While there are somethings that we cannot change, there are some thinks that can change us completely after all. Somethings make us realize but then it is the reality of life that remarkably makes us summon the courage and wisdom to yield the things we are actually after.



It is our perception of reality as it is; the now, the present moment of our lives demanding ever conscious and vigilant attentiveness, diligence and prudence along with our gracious courage, respect and divine wisdom; not solely the realization of our perception by itself alone that seeks to arrange and rearrange various factors in our lives for live in reality for every aspect of our lives works in unison, in conjunction and in harmonious alignment with nature, with the cosmos, with the environment, with the world that is within us as well as all around us, for the whole world, the complete/entire universe is one family that is interconnected with one another and it is this one cosmic breath that unites and unties us as well upon completion of our earthly sojourn; which is why many a time, we are constantly reminded to live with reality, live for reality for that is what life is all along, life is the reality of realization most of the times and conversely the realization of our reality as well.

cosmicembrace~ creative-inspirational-quotes-thoughts-part11-81








Most of us have become consciously aware and are living in alignment with the reality of our lives which is absolutely wonderful and for those who are living in illusion, we can only send across our healing thoughts filled with a vision of graceful wisdom that they will awaken to the authenticity of their true nature.


Life is unfolding what we have folded within it and then life obeying the commands of either our conscious or our sub conscious mind unfolds those identical set of factors in our lives almost as if out of nothing at all. Regarding the folding process, life does not know whether we folded it then, now or will fold it later on; it is neutrally and command oriented, focused upon bringing forth what our cherished aspirations seek from the realm of our primordial objectives.



It is also life obeying the commandments of nature, of evolution, of the universe and we experience the reality and realization intelligently aligned and merged as the oneness of creation. Then, when if we reflect upon and retrospectively seek; and/or introspectively yearn for, we will notice that life precisely did, does and continues to do what is reasonable appropriate in the respective circumstances, situations and pathways related to the fields of the magnanimous possibilities of our lives.


That is why, we cannot alter/change reality or our realization; for while realization seeks to remind us regarding the truth as we know it, reality is about the roots of the routes which gain their wisdom from the seat of realization after all. And there prevails at each and every given instance the virtue of righteousness that considerably prevails, for when we are attending to and doing whatever it is with the pure intent of the virtue of righteousness empowering our sanctified objectives; then apprehend/grasp the true essence of the priceless learning and teachings; all the guidance, intelligence, principles and values; the ambition, aspiration, the knowledge and the intuitive paradigms; absolutely everything converges and we tend as well as intend to have a better and more mature understanding of various aspects and incidents of our lives and live more pro actively instead of re-actively after all. Imagine how living our lives methodically and systematically in an well organized manner that is in sync with reality and realization as well as the elements of consciousness; the divine virtues embodied within our true nature as well as ensuring time and again the ever diligently and prudent alert and vigilant attitude of leading ourselves well ahead instead of just exploring here, there or anywhere astray for when we came to this world, we came well equipped and are constantly well endowed and are consistently bestowed with our priceless intellectual faculties that can help us achieve phenomenal results, but then our egoistic tendencies have many a time weave a net upon net upon net and nets of delusions and ignorance impacting our behavior and beliefs; making some of us think that we are creating life? that we are replicating life? that we are experimenting life at our terms and conditions and then dictating  to life instead of abiding by its graceful wisdom; how come? How can we re draft the ethical tenets of our life’s sacredness, we have come to this world to play a role that principally encompasses playing our primordial duties and objectives and some of us have deviated by acclaiming and proclaiming that we know better and inform others menacingly that they better change now towards deviation otherwise to face the consequences? How come…….?


The calm sequences of our lives time and again importantly precaution us to realize that we are the children of God and not that we can do whatever and however and whenever and wherever we deem appropriate; there is a disciplined code of conduct; there are sacred principles and divine values that need to be strictly conformed to, we cannot re write the sacred hymns and scripts to suit our own convenience, that would be a gross error and the consequences would ultimately hurt us who engage in any such malicious intent whether at the thought or action level in any capacity, reflecting upon the divine remains divine, it cannot be mine alone; it is universal and it is one God, there is no, there are no divisions; or prejudices or discrimination or indiscriminate retaliation towards human or animal lives for everything that is occurring is not just happening and disappearing, there is a far greater intelligence and avenue of evidence and legality; the law of the universe that knows how to do what and when and where; the law of karma; the law of sow and reap; the law of what goes round, comes around and whatever way we may call it; the law remains the same, that we have to pay a price for our actions, initiatives and deeds regardless of the time and space that may come in between for nothing gets erased from the cosmic memory, all remains lucidly clear and the hands of time will teach those deviating the barest of truths that they knew all along but sought to defy and contravene and then ultimately paid the price manifold for sheer disregard and utter ignorance and negligence, embarking on each instance of life;s gracious chapters with one;s negative set of tendencies, greed, hatred, jealousy, suppressed emotions and then actually hurting one’s own self more than anyone else after all; but why? why? why? all of the complexities and deviations? For reality is reality, realization is realization, facts are facts, principles are principles and values are values and elements are elements, so why try to recreate another set of universes right within this one universe of ours? Why keep disregarding the divine essence and forcing others to adopt such pathways that are against one another’s well being and goodness? When we know what is the reality and realize what life is conveying to us, why should we seek to listen and force others to listen and live along the errant pathways and doctrines of living? For every element of pain or suffering that anyone of us may mete out to others, the manifold and enormously multiplied set of pain and suffering would unfold in the lives of those committing any such grevious actions for nature, the environment, the universe and the cosmos are not just silent spectators or witnessing and nothing will happen; everything, absolutely everything is liable for accountability and facing consequences; so good begets good, but bad begets bad and far much more worse set of consequences incessantly for those deviating from and hurting or distorting the ethical pathways of life’s goodwill, harmony, peace and universal welfare. Actually they cannot distort or hurt or shift, they may temporarily experience some satisfaction, but ultimately it is the universe that will always win and triumph and one another’s moral conscience will thankfully look upto and thank God for time and again providing salvation to humankind and all of God’s creation through the process of self realization, let us all endeavor to experience the divinity within our higher selves as well as in all of God’s creations by first of all actually recognizing and honoring, respecting and saluting the divine essence of God that remains ensconced within our and every one of God’s creations true nature, true selves and higher consciousness infinitely.


If realization ever tells you that you remain stuck, reality commands you to take charge and use the very same realization to liberate and become unstuck instead of remaining ever caught in the myriad fields of illusive delusions.


What actually happened is not attributed or contributed by either reality or realization to get stuck, but rather the fear, the fear by itself may have intervened and paralyzed one’s thinking and performance so rigidly that one’s reality and realization faculties may have been appearing to remain submerged? Its as if, we deliberately stifled and restricted ourselves? But it was the fear in one guise or another that may have surreptitiously crept in and entangled us, so when being realistically aware and self realizing, do not let fear dominate and perform actions or interactions out of fear based consciousness for from that field it might be inducing to substitute the fields of reality and realization and neither nature, nor the universe and nor the environment ever accepts any pretentious or speculative game playing or mocking around, life demands reality and realization, inspiring us time and again to living in alignment with our divine grace, with our divine foresight, with our divine truth, with our divine vision, with our divine will and with our divine wisdom consistently.

uqwkucn Reality and realization remain interconnected, interdependent and inextricably interlinked to such a great extent that one cannot live without the other being prevalent. Then there comes the responsibility of making the choices, taking the decisions and being accountable as well as responsible for the consequences; all along ensuring to live our respective dharma (duties) in order to fulfill our corespective karma (deeds). If we consider life proposing its reality, then it is simultaneously evoking our conscious awareness to realize our propulsion and mind you this not about the actual and the virtual, it is about the now, the present moment in our lives where we are face to phased with the ever present moment in our lives and knowing that change being constant, its as if we are space bound and yet bond spaciously; what separates us is space and yet what brings us back to interconnect with one another is the very same space at either this moment in time or far beyond time, but meet we will, we shall as we conscientiously live with our reality and realization of life’s gracious wisdom in an ever renewed sense of self awareness of the infinite eternity joyously, yet fulfillingly; objectively oriented and ever focused upon sustaining the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe conscientiously and as it is resonated in Hindi language; Sabka Mangal Ho (May one and all be ever blessed graciously), God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Mother Teresa, The Divine Light and Grace of God

imaMother Teresa was, is and will always remain enshrined in our minds and hearts as the apostle of divinity.

She has brought forth the vision that encompasses the purity of hope, the true essence of love and the fulfillment of joyfulness to millions of lives abundantly and the World is proud to respectfully acclaim and sacredly proclaim that this will continue to shine forth forever and ever gloriously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Heaven, Having the Respect, Respect the Having


118507-Faith+quotes+soul+quotes+heave    It is to be carefully understood, recognized and realized that heaven cannot be equated as something that could be had or experienced randomly.


It is a state of being that is infinitely attained and then eternally sustained through an conscientious, diligent, disciplined, equanimous, meritorious, respectful, truthful and virtuous allegiance and unstinting conformance towards our respective dharma (duties) in order to fulfill our corespective karma (deeds) with a sense of self awareness consistently.


Heaven, the journey? Heaven, the joy in thee. The pure joy that does not attribute its evolution to any physical achievements, psychological expeditions, social engagements or spiritual explorations; but rather the serene and tranquil state of being at peace with one’s own self from the core essence of our being; the state when we expand and raise our higher consciousness to the level of the divine light that remains ensconced with the sacred realms of our true nature, our true self and our divine essence amazingly.hqdefault

Heaven is not a sensation, but it is the sense; the essence in shine. The inner effulgent radiance of our conscientious being that has, is and will continue to enshrine our sacredness graciously. This is why when we are ambitious, aspirant and truly devoted towards attaining certain goals in our lives, how the knowledge, the roots of the routes evolve as well as the graceful wisdom magnificently aligns with all that we keep striving towards sincerely is something fabulously beyond compare.


It is the set of the most humblest and simplest of choices and decisions that bring forth some of the most scintillating moments of our lives that remain forever the lifetime of our moments and the moments of our lifetime; almost as if we are establishing a monument; a reverential platform and allocating that space to the divine that we cannot see with our human vision but can experience with our divine insight and respectfully expressing our gratitude, elucidating and extolling the greatness, the gracefulness and the glory of God’s wisdom in guiding us to practice righteousness in all that we think, do and express conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

One with God, The Divine Union

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One with God, got with Oneness. The divinity of being is the essence of creation.


Shambu Shambavi, Narayan Narayani, Parmeshwar Parmeshwari; this is respectfully seeking to refer to pure sacred auspiciousness of being that is radiantly emerging and merging with the divine cosmic energy of evolution graciously; whereby the cosmos unfolds its divine constellation of infinite creation with the magnificence of eternity before; beyond and thereafter.


God asks us to just be; true be just; but we keep on insistently seeking validation and exclaiming that improve, i’m proof; to solely improve us only and nothing else? This is the egoistical intonation that is audibly echoing itself regarding me and me rather than we and us? i time and again seeks to humbly refer to the symposium of our collective consciousness.


Who are we trying to prove to? What are we exclusively claiming as if it is our birthright and that God legitimately owes to confer us with supremacy? Everything is perishable except our soul and its enchanting devotion towards the divine within us; this is when we expand and raise our consciousness to the level of the divine light which enables us to transcend beyond where with the divine sight of our graceful insightful wisdom we intuitively perceive the divine glimpse of who we truly are; and yet further with profound awe lo we behold our radiant self and true identity that is egoless; that is formless; that is nameless; that is emotionless; that is desire-less; that is the embodiment of the brilliant magnificent divine light of creation infused with the pure divine energy of the cosmos in harmonious alignment and consonance with peace.
rumi we are oneThis is just only the pure radiance that seeks to be in divine union with God for which we must ensure that we faithfully serve by ethically attending to our respective dharma (duties) to fulfill ourcorespective karma (deeds) with a sense ofself awareness conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Guyana, One People, One Nation, One Destiny

destiny 1

Congratulations Guyana on your Mashramani/Mash; Republic Day, God bless. When we reflect upon the greatness of Guyana we are inspired by its motto;  One People, One Nation, One Destiny.

Indeed with our divine conduct, divine courage, divine goodwill, divine grace, divine foresight, divine principles, divine vision, divine wisdom and divine will we are able to conscientiously embark upon fulfilling our destinies by the righteous observance of our dharma(duties) in order to fulfill our karma (deeds) whereby the meticulous alignment of the synonymous pathways of our destinations appear very most magnificently.

This is the disciplined character, the purity of devotion and the respectfulness of acknowledging the creative brilliant potential of goodness that remains ensconced within our higher selves; within our higher consciousness; within our true nature; within our true self and within our divine essence consistently to earnestly support the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe consistently, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Mexico, Siempre Unidos, Siempre Aztecas, Always United, Always Aztecas


Congratulations Mexico on your Día de la Bandera; Flag Day, God bless.

When we reflect upon the greatness of Mexico, we are inspired by its motto;  Libertad, Trabajo, Cultura Freedom, Work, Culture.

Indeed with the virtue of freedom, we expand our higher consciousness to the level of the divine light that remains ensconced within our true nature to intuitively engage in the introspective conversation with our divine essence. With work we meritoriously strive to remarkably compliment the dignity of our personal as well as professional lives brilliantly and with culture we embrace the characteristical heritage and heartbeat of the tremendous wealth of our civilization that is encompassed with rich values, divine principles and graceful wisdom as it flourishes through the consonance of our oneness joyously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Estonia, Positively Transforming

743931Congratulations Estonia on your 97th National Day, God bless.

When we reflect upon the greatness of Estonia, we are inspired by its slogan; Positively Transforming; Indeed he very core essence of life is the amazing evolution of positive transformations.

Positiveness reflects the dignity of our character, the virtue of our moral courage and the sanctity of our divine values infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

i, What We Take



i humbly seeks to refer to the collective consciousness of evolution.


We are all living in a World that is living within us. As we breathe, we connect with the Universe that breathes through us as well.This is the divine principle of infinity that is attributing to the amazing rhythmic flow and passage of energy.


When we reflect upon the definition of the Universe, there comes forth its precise corollary which is Universus. This signifies the essence of creation is resourcefully emerging from within itself.


We need to be inspired by the Universe in its graceful evolution by being infinite. It is the within of our higher selves that we will be able to realize the divine potential of our indomitable will power and magnificent wisdom of being one with the oneness of all that was, is and will ever be.


The Universe as well as the Universus remains incomplete without the “i”. This is not just a symbolic representation by removing the alphabet ‘i” from within the Universe and Universus such as Un_verse and Un_versus.


Rather it is far more remarkably empowering for the “i” with the elements of consciousness are designated with the initialization of creation and then the Un meaning not and Verse means to specify and versus which means the converse; the opposition of itself here actually seeks to align within itself.


Putting the above together, we have the following. Not+To Specify+Against leading to Alignment. This means that the symposium of almost everything is nothing and then the convergence of nothing actually connects everything else to create the Universe that we all experience.

Infinite Wayne Dyer

It is something to be considered with dignity and utmost respect for we are a part and path of creation that is flowing through us and thereby we are participating in the evolution of the Universe in its own unique ways.


Which also means that wherever we are, whatever we do, whatever we imagine, think and perform; we are somehow or the other affecting a part and path of creation by that very set of motion for energy is in motion with our emotions.


To ascertain and nobly verify this, we may have experienced how we felt and those pure set of feelings and intents reached right across the Universe almost instantaneously and if we notice some people seeking healing, how they experience a miraculous feeling and recuperate amazingly almost as if the divine benediction has been conferred upon them graciously; and well that divine element and particle of grace emanates from the gracious wisdom of the human heart where we feel for one another of creation as one in the oneness of the Universal constitution.


Some of us speak of infinity to eternity and knowing that eternity is the cosmic stillness of one moment forever and infinity being the sequence of the very identical one moment flowing in consonance with its oneness of evolution leaves us with profound admiration and the highest sense of appreciation for the creation of the Universe within itself.     6

What we take, we take from here and have to consequently return back to the Universe upon the completion of our earthly sojourn.


So regardless of any form of creation is inextricably connected in the greatness of the Universal evolution through the auspices of the elements of collective consciousness that seeks to remind us that we did not create the Universe; we are the co creators along with Nature and the Environment in shaping the Universe.

Stress T.-Harv-Eker-What-you-focus-on-expands.-Focus-on-the-positive


maat mons  we-and-universe-quote-by-michael-laitman-2


However in the process the remarkable transformation of the evolution that is occurring around us is influencing the Universe within us and vice versa whereby what is occurring within the Universe that is within us; within our higher selves and higher consciousness; our true nature, our true self and our divine essence is actually unifying us one in the oneness of creation’s infinite evolution eternally, where the moment that was as well as the moment that is and that the moment that will ever be derives its cosmological empowerment and sustenance from the now, the current, the present moment of our lives infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Having Us


Are we just having our thoughts?


Are our thoughts having us?


We have become so familiar to the thinking process that it has becomes almost reflexive to keep engaging in almost the same or similar routine day in, day out.

Across our lifetime, if we seek to introspectively glimpse upon our journey and actually reflect upon the eureka moments; they may have been perhaps very few.

It is almost a typical routine that is unfolding and gradually evolving which could be further enhanced by tapping into our creative potential, our imagination and our intelligence quotient.

Do we remember and are in sync with our childhood ambitions and aspirations; do we cherish the promise we made to our Parents and ourselves as well?

Where has the passion gone? For those who have not been able to keep pace with the swiftly evolving cascade of prolific changes and remarkable transformations in one’s lives; there is no need to experience regret or despair for our memories are the treasured nourishing catalyst that can seek to instill dynamic changes in our lives.

Have we made a specific note in our vision books regarding what we intend to achieve in our lives/? Or do we just go by letting it go almost as if on an auto pilot mode?

This is neither a quiz or an aimless exploration upon some corridors of our thoughts or any attempt to reach across the passage of time and kindle the spark of the genius within us.

All that is being humbly focused upon is the vital ingredient and process of what’s driving and consistently feeding our thought patterns?

Since if we were having the same habits long ago and then continue to idly just let time go by, we are in some ways ourselves allowing life to set in but not life’s truth instead, but why?

Speaking about our life’s truth, for sure, it is far more disciplined, devoted and focused upon ensuring that we are fulfilling our goals and living a purposeful life that is truly ever promising and with enormous potential.


Its as if we are holding the key and then we are wondering what the password was? The worth passes away with letting things as they are after a certain span of time since everything in our lives is related to the time quotient.

Unless we realize and effectively, prudently, tenaciously and wisely take charge, by the time we actually realize; a lot more time would have already elapsed.

We may notice our agility, our habits and behavior changing that as we age, we are not as robust and flexible enough as we were once upon a time in our adolescence of life.

Well it is quite understandable that as we age and the maturity sets in, we realize and perceive various aspects of our lives with a sense of profound appreciation, gratitude and thoughtfulness.

Now far beyond the adolescence of our life, the childhood memories linger; we faintly remember and cherish those treasured memories and through the process of our thoughts have the opportunity to stimulate and re-infuse the thinking process even if by the barest minimal regarding the element of the pure joyfulness that was there then and continues to remain now, but due to the layers of our egoistical tendencies may have submerged deep within the reservoirs of our characteristical attitudes and incidental patterns.

The paths from then to now hold one fine aspect for each and everyone of us which is the creative desire and potential to emerge as a champion, Then, we spontaneously ventured towards each and every moment of our lives with a sense of remarkable enthusiasm and fabulous interest.

So well, where these few words were intending to reach is this juncture where once we experience the cross roads of our life’s landscapes; the thought processes although approaching to what we seek maybe adopting a different strategy, but with a renewed sense of confidence, conscientiousness and determination.

The having us is not just about the thoughts having us or we having the thoughts but it is also about that creative wonderful potential within us which remains latent; ever desirous that we realize and consciously awaken from the monotonous pattern of just letting our lives unfold without actually embracing the discipline of celebrating our lives joyous expeditions with a sense of renewed diligence, determination, optimism, objectivity, passion, purposefulness, prudence, responsibility, sincerity and our brilliant creative wisdom.


Its a matter of almost as if we have within us the amazing potential to be taught with our very own thoughts, but by being more observant and engaged as well as honing and sharpening our creative potential at each and every step of the process.

It is not about going somewhere, spending more money and time or enrolling in various courses or just embarking onto more greater social engagements or any such behavior. It is simply and very most humbly about being true to ourselves, for within us within the realms of our higher self; our higher consciousness is the seat of our creative intelligence; our hearts graceful wisdom where with the help of our true nature, our true self and our divine essence, there is a lot in our lives that we can still achieve, realize and keep accomplishing.

But we need a genuine and pure intent; we need discipline and devotion for each and everyone of us know ourselves through our thoughts, however beyond the mind with its subtle thoughts, there is the dimension of our sixth sense where our creative potential sacredly dwells.quote-Darren-Criss-i-always-make-time-for-the-things-225741

Eavesdropping on the intuitive conversations during our meditative consciousness would help strengthen the pillars of our constructive thinking process and integrate within our lives a promising fulfillment of enriching our creative potential to strive and actually understand and define our thinking and objectives more clearly.


May the divine light within us guide us along the gracious pathways of our lives evolution infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Knowing Our DNA, Our Genetic Profile, Our Attitude, Perception and Pure Intent Focused Upon Improving Our Lives

energy-quote-300x300Like it has been resonated over the centuries that prevention is better than cure; this continually applies and will remarkably apply whether we seek to accept or deny the facts of life’s constitution.


The evolution of life has significantly improved with amazing cures, discoveries, treatments and scientific and technological procedures along with the ever brilliant attitudes of millions of people who strive to confidently,courageously, pro actively, vigilantly and wisely heal, recover and lead more fulfilling lives.


When we know what matters, then what met us was now. When we now meet us, then what matters is the knowing. This actually seeks to refer to the disciplined and diligent practice of attentively, consciously, diligently, perceptively, prudently and wisely living in the now; the present moment of our lives. On one hand it is also respecting our genetic code, our genes, our precious heritage and thankful to our ancestors and God for being here, for being knowledgeable and well equipped and educated; of being able to meaningfully and purposefully lead our respective lives healthily with the wellness of feeling good and experiencing the greatness of being ever fortunate and graciously talented and ever gratuitous in contributing towards attendance of our respective dharma (duties) in order to fulfill our karma (deeds) conscientiously with a perspective of self awareness consistently.

Compassion is not a relationship between the healer

Since if we were to keep reminiscing and retrospectively reflecting only upon any set of negative tendencies, suppressed emotions or gossiping about the ill will of others and being angry, expressing bitterness, experiencing jealousy and hatred along with rage; what would be thus ensuing would be that we; we meaning those individuals engaging in any form/sort or type of negligent actions would eventually be liable and for surely accountable for the wrong doing; since even by the very precipitation of thinking bad regarding anyone could actually hurt our cells and neurons far much more since those negative vibrations and impulses would be transcending right across our complete being.

lao tzu

Now this is not to focus upon any negativity, but rather an precautionary outlook upon the distancing ourselves from any such malicious tendencies for like begets like; and what goes around, comes around too; as we sow, so shall we reap.

The aspect of what met us then meets us now also; then it was those moments that met us but if we haughtily deviated from life’s respectful regimen and ventured towards excessive and indiscriminate indulgence in consuming what is harmful for us, then it would be as follows. What met us then metes (metes as we all know refers to dispensing of justice) us now; or even as the following; What met us then meters (in these contexts, the measurement and recording; of keeping count; of accountability) us now.


I am not a Doctor and neither am I qualified to make any statements about the certainty; about the beneficial advantages or any such matter including any speculative comments whatsoever; whether for or against if any? Absolutely no recommendations or suggestions are being expressed, suggested or provided other than the pure intent of expressing my thoughts in good faith and pure intent; the choices, decisions and interpretations of those whether seeking to believe or not; realize or not; basically whatever is actioned  or sanctioned is completely at each individual’s complete discretion; sole risk and responsibility regarding consequences/results if any whatsoever time and again are the concerned individuals complete and total responsibility; since these above details are being expressed from a preventive standpoint of view; more from an awareness perspective since sometimes with the various commitments and responsibilities entrusted upon our respective shoulders, we might be so very engrossed in leading and trying to catch up with our daily living, that we may not realize how swiftly the years have passed by and rapidly elapsed?




Dale Carnegie






So every genuine and qualified care and effort, initiative that is taken well in time should hopefully be helpful since all of us wish well for one another without seeking anything in return for what is more than life? Why this is being written also is because when we see some of our own near and dear one’s suffering from certain health predicaments and diseases, we cannot help but wonder and reflect upon the preventive factor, that how we wish we had known; how we wish we had taken preventive care and paid more greater attention to the importance and sustenance of good health and wellness, well ahead of our time, but then why should others re create the wheel or made to go through similar scenarios, since if others know and live with a diligent sense of self awareness, they could hopefully lead more fulfilling and joyful lives without having to go through enormous treatments and the phenomenal anxieties and complexities that may unknowingly unfold due to one’s oversight or ignorance; keep well, take care and all the best of good health, true wealth of life and joyfulness, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Who are we?

8398464156_36dd8ec6f0 The Virtue of Liking, The GPS of the Soul

We are all alike; like all we are.

Read again and yet again re read and carefully understand the core essence;  the key factor and the pivotal strategic driving impetus is like . Next time someone poses the question to you, including you yourself; the primary answer is the following. You are precisely like who You are. Whether it is your beliefs, your character, your courage, your devotion, your discipline, your divinity, your good conduct, your moral values, your principles, your prudence, your righteousness, your sincerity, your truth as well as your brilliant creative magnificent wisdom; it all yet comes back to the underlying crucial factor that associates itself with everything else in your life., namely being like; like being.

So instead of wandering and wondering and trying to find a better answer or greater justification, invest your precious energies, space and time in being like  who you truly are; from there onwards, its not about the world, it is not about others and it is not about God; it is about you like you; you like you does not mean oh so what; there is far much more meaningfulness encompassed in the liking;

It is about the authenticity, the genuineness, the reality that you first of  like who you are; that first of all you like what you have got;  that first of all you  like your life; that first of all you truly like yourself and others and earnestly attend to your respective agendas, assignments, chores, duties, , obligations, objectives, responsibilities, studies, tasks, vocations and works with a gratitude, with an attentiveness and with an attitude of liking.


Remember that whatever ambition, whatever aspiration, whatever good luck, whatever desire, whatever hope, whatever practice, whatever prayer, whatever precious pearls, semi precious stones, diamonds, gold, silver, precious metals, talismans and all other sanctified objects; whatever missions and visions as well as religious pilgrimages; basically whatever it is in your life, you had; you have and you continue to have and attract and draw into your life due to what you like with all your being.

It is like a compass; it is like a magnet; it is like a transmitter and it is like the GPS of your soul for everything including everything including the arrangements, the complexities, the circumstances, the situations and just about everything else in your life has evolved based upon what you have either consciously or sub consciously sought to like.

Now a word of precaution, this does not mean that you rush about trying to change anything and everything. That is not the way, for pretension or a sudden awareness of some of the facts of life actually inspire us to carefully; to diligently; to thoughtfully; to vigilantly and to truly as well as to wisely incorporate the respective improvements and positive changes and transformations in our lives almost as it it is our actual nature that is expressing itself. Yes it is  like what life is like and exactly  like who you are.

IF there maybe habits and practices you want to change; if you want to have a better relationship with  others and achieve greater progress in your lives, there is a lot of observance of discipline needed but above all else it is the most simplest and yet one of the most important driving forces that affects and effects everything potentially which is what you were like is who you were you first of  like what you have got; and then what you like is who you are and yet further then what you like is who you will be.


If you notice, there is a greater emphasis and focus and repetition of the what you like is who you are and yet further then what you like is who you will be. This statement actually very clearly seeks to convey one point and reality of life very specifically and that is that the current moment; the present moment whether you are in whatever capacity; whatever designation; whatever work; entrusted with whatever responsibility; for example, you are operating a machine, you are driving a public transportation vehicle; you are serving in the public utilities department; you are the chairman of a large corporation; you are the president of your country; you are the leader of your community; you are the architect and engineer who is helping with the construction of roads, bridges and dams; whether you are the farmer or whether you are the scientist; whether you are the doctor or the teacher or professor or lecturer; whether you are the labourer/laboorer; whether you are an editor; whether you are a chef; whether you are a barber or beautician; whether you are a nurse or healer; whether you are a priest or the captain or player of your sports team or your respective team in the corporate or social sectors of society; or for that matter whatever your profession including a student; a housewife, a policeman or a policewoman or a defense personnel; a tax auditor or a lawyer or an advocate or a judge or a bureaucrat or a statesman or a stateswoman or a governor or a prime minister; a customs officer or a vigilance and crime prevention bureau officer; we can keep referring to various professions, there are really so many and not all can be referenced herewith, however with all due respect to each and every capacity, designation, profession, title and respective conferments and appointed responsibilities; it all is linked to and associated with and strongly influenced and driven by the reality of the two extremely crucial factors which are: “being consciously and completely+fully+totally aware and engaged with the present moment of our lives” and then the factor of  like;




Remember, life is very much like you thought it to be? Think again, life is very much like  you taught it true be. Wherever, whatever, howsoever and whenever, time and again, the present moment is your present; your greatest gift; extremely far more precious than all the wealth that you could ever gain or earn and also that when you start being like you, then life will start like your being as well and then everything else and everyone else will appear to like you, like you like yourself and this also applies to whatever it is you are attending, doing, performing and committing and communicating with for our cells and neurons are predisposed with enormous positiveness and the goodness of life; to nourish and sustain our well being and progress through our mind, heart, intellectual faculties and soul; our being is like who we are, so who we are is like who we  like and this is not about just the liking associated with personalities, thinks or thinks; it is about the genuine liking that is the very core essence and fabric of our being. By all means, life will keep marching with us in unison and unfolding part ways and pathways that reflect what we  like and whether that like is for or against will keep contributing to who we like ; keep strengthening who we will be like and ever sustaining like who we will become; so why not take charge and command of being like who you truly are, which is your true nature, which is your true self; which is your higher self and your higher consciousness; and this is not just about repetition of the key factor like over and over again; rather it is about the realization and the reinitialization; the revitalization as well as the recapitalization of your pure divine essence which is like you and like who you truly are and will gracefully continue true be like, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Right Where Are You

Universe-God-PartnershipLooking for a new partner? The knew path near is looking for you; this humbly seeks to refer to the sacred path of your gracious wisdom.

Life is the most priceless treasure on this earth

You are precisely right where you are; right where are you; right where you need to be; right where you are supposed to be and right where you truly belong.


Your life belongs to you, belong to your life as well for the past, the present and the future belongs to those who belong true themselves.


This is the realization of our life’s divine partnership with God where with every breath we take, we experience God’s grace and remain ever connected with God even whilst attending to our respective dharma (duties) in order to fulfill our corespective karma (deeds); with a sense of self awareness consistently, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

True to Us


We cannot change the truth but the truth can change us by leading us towards acknowledging the reality of our lives.


Our understanding of the truth is constantly evolving; between what we first knew and then realized left us further exploring as well as wondering as to why it took us so long to accept the testimonials of our life’s integrity?


The truth is the voice of our soul while grace is the wisdom of our being. When we are true to ourselves and others, life defines us, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Kundalini, Prana Shakti, Life Force Energy, Shiva Shakti Mandala, The Cosmic Glow of Our Consciousness


Let us be an expression of the divine grace in all that we think, do and express consistently.



Endeavor to express from the core essence of our being; for it is from there that the Kundalini, the Prana Shakti (Life Force Energy) expresses itself.


We are all conferred with an amazing potential to compassionately, conscientiously, considerately, creatively, diligently, disciplinarily, devotionally, faithfully, graciously, gratefully, fulfillingly, focally, intuitively, intelligently, joyfully, legitimately, morally, nobly, obediently, prudently, promisingly, provisionally, purposefully, radiantly, responsibly, sincerely, tenaciously, truthfully and wisely live our lives by ensuring that we are resourcefully aligning with and not just casually or randomly utilizing our Prana Shakti (Life Force Energy).


Many individuals spend an enormous amount of their precious energies in contemplating and engaging; in reflecting and speculating about unfounded theories and thinking how to capture or gain attention and glamor?They want publicity, likes featured on their social interactive pages as well as a grand array of followers? Then comes time with its account-abilities demanding the reason for our deviation from the actual purposefulness of our living and in that one glimpse of the actual facts and reality, they want to concede everything else and desire only the self awareness but by deviation from their life’s sanctified objectives, they have been depleting their life force energies upon trivial aspects? Whereas the Prana Shakti (Life Force Energy) is far much more than we could ever understanding, it is prevalent in each and every form of matter and its elements nourish the purity of evolution where there are none of the tendencies such as anger, contempt, greed, hatred, jealousy, lies or malice whatsoever; rather what is there is always there, which is an abundance of goodwill, good will and will good, for good will is God’s will and from there onwards as we ensure to live in conformance with our respective dharma (duties), we will be able to do and achieve remarkably far much more with the very same amount of Prana Shakti (Life Force Energy) to fulfill our karma (deeds) meritoriously.

Shiva Shakti

Let us simplify this to be able to understand more clearly; there is a vital energy link between our being and the cosmos; the universe; nature and the environment. As we attune to the cosmic energy, the cosmic force, the prana shakti (life force energy), we are receiving and transmitting at certain frequencies a certain power, a certain energy whose essence we better understand when we expand our consciousness to the level of the divine light ensconced within the realm of our higher self and our cosmic consciousness. When we want to reach a particular web site address or listen to a commentary of a match or a tournament, we have to tune to the particular frequency to be able to listen or watch as appropriate; so that means, there is a specific definite objective and set of initiatives, not just any random vacillation or the attitude of wanting to have everything without actually understanding even one single think? Remember that every aspect of our lives is a sacred principle and value of the divine manifestation of creation and that by realizing our divinity, we experience our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom and keep ascending and elevating across the amazing platforms of our transcendence towards sananda samidhi; supreme bliss infinitely.WakeUpLogoHigh

The corollary being that when we align, we are thereby empowering; and when we egoistically or grudgingly utilize, we are depleting and then experiencing a sense of fatigue and tiredness as well as loss of interest and aimlessness in our objectives; but why? Why not align with our creative intelligence in realizing instead of harnessing for the divine cosmic  powers that remain latent and in a dormant state within each and everyone of God’s creations require an extremely pure, respectful and sacred awakening to and then conformance truly by ensuring that we are ever gloriously living in the now; with+in the present moment of our lives to unfold our lives gracious presents in order to further contribute towards the Universal presentation and representation of our being one with the oneness of all creation in its infinite expedition of making us realize our true nature, our true self, our divine essence and our supreme consciousness consonantly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Amen, Amin, Ameen, Aum, Om, Om Namo Narayana, Om Namaha Shivaya, Om Shanti, Satnam Waheguru, Shalom

10676119_10152967043847264_11666243515388738_n The soul has no religion. Life’s legacy evolves in accordance with the sacred acceptance of God’s will along with the disciplined devotional observance of one’s duties as well as ensuring the practice of the virtue of righteousness humbly prevails in all that we think, do and express with a sense of self awareness consistently, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Adhar, Aadhaar; Niradhar; To be or Not to be; The Choices, The Voices, The Vices and The Virtues

welldone Adhar and Aadhaar’s Sanskrit definition refers to the base and the foundation. Niradhar’s Sanskrit definition refers to baseless and Hebrew definition of Nira refers to the plough while Dhar’s Sanskrit definition refers to the flow.

The essence of delving into the depth of the words translational definitions is not a symbolic effort but rather a sincere intent to decipher the remarkable commandment associated with the phrases and words; their creative magnificent power whether dormant in the mind scape or active across the landscapes.

Sometimes, perhaps we may think, so what it is just another word after all? Its not like that with life, it is another world altogether. Like for example, the captioned refers to the essence of being, in this regard let us examine the following. Not to, Note to, Not true; in these three set of words, one is seeking to refrain, the other seeks engagement and the third refers to the authenticity factor, so just by even the simplest of words, whether thought of or spoken is likewise sending forth a signal, an impulse across our nerves as well as the neurons of the universe.

This is the cosmic mind seeking to understand itself in the ingenious creation of yet another newer aspiration of infinity as it gracefully aligns and weaves the strands of its pathways for creation to unfold in its enclave prior to manifesting into the world that we live in and the universe that we experience within as well as all around us.


As human beings, we have been gifted with the supernatural ability to intelligently discern and rationally make certain choices and then establish our determination by granting our explicit consent for our preferred objectives. In this regard, the forces of creation do not contract or expand, retard or revolt, intensify or extinguish, resort or distort; basically creation follows the commands and then ensues the karmic representation of the epiphany observing and archiving the complete process for judgement; that is why we are reminded to be consciously aware of what we are creating, whether in thought or deed, to be diligently and prudently aware and disciplined, for the patterns that our intellect is developing and generating might be something else than we are “completely” aware; the “totality” and facts of things and thinks as they are and actually represent embody circumstantial evidence which is command structured and does maintain the repository of all that is ever thought, felt and expressed, whether across the passage of our thoughts or the corridors of enactments respectively.

To summarize the above as well as the captioned in a few words might not be possible since it encompasses multitude statements of tremendous responsibilities for creativeness and creation are engineered through intelligent effort and devoted discipline. Our intellectual faculties are pre ordained and pre programmed to integrate and create along with the cosmos evolutionarily as we may never have imagined or realized as yet. Sometimes, we are beholding a thought and voila there we are right away experiencing its fruition, how did that happen, we wonder almost aloud and keep rubbing our eyes in remarkable wonder at the process of creation, whether there is some sort or type of a link, that as we chose the words and the universe delivered almost instantaneously. What was it that created and brought about such wonderful results, almost as if out of nothing at all, the simplest of thoughts are indeed the purest of taughts and teach us far much more about the vital factor and virtue of righteousness that remains ensconced within each and every pure intent conscientiously. So do think wise and well, perform will and goodwill in all that you think, do, express and create for yourselves and others with a sense of self awareness infinitely; May the joy of creative wisdom be yours, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Happy Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese New Year, Our Hearts Graceful Wisdom


February 19 2015 heralds the celebrations of the Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese New Year harmoniously. It is a wonderful opportunity to cordially reach across and felicitate the Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese communities as they usher in the new year with joyful enthusiasm.

This is represented by the harvesting season that empowers the commencement of a newer seasonal cycle filled with the abundance of goodwill, hope, progress, sustainability and welfare gratuitously.

This also marks the beginning of the year of the Goat. The Goat represents the characteristics of ambition, aspiration, courage, determination, diligence, prudence and wisdom focused upon the infinite goal of fulfilling our life’s duties with  a sense of commitment, devotion, discipline, conscientiousness, integrity, respectfulness and self awareness remarkably, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Only For me? Form me only? Name or Aim? Live and Let Live

quotes-about-life_5432-0What else do we have to take from here? For me, for me, for me, for me, for me, for me, for me? Form me! Truth takes from hear to heart, then what else do we do?

The point is that some individuals take far much more from the Universe, from Nature, from the Environment, from one another and basically from wherever their minds and hands can reach across, how come?

They go around expanding to ensure they have the monopoly and squash anything that comes in their way? They only want to settle for far much more than their fair share, then their merit, than what they actually deserve? Yet again, how come?

The Universe operates and functions on the basis of certain laws and regulations that ensure justice prevails and then whether one may realize it or not, right from their very own hearts emerges the voice of their conscience reminding them that this is real life and not a game play; that the for me, for me and for me…..; has lead to become their very own form?

They were never like this at all, they started with the aspirations and ambitions to create greater good for one and all but then due to certain negative tendencies, they started hoarding anything and everything they could ever think or imagine thereby depreciating the natural resources of the earth as well as all of life.remain human

But then as always, time comes with its contending consequences to demand retribution and accountability where when they want to give away all the wealth of their lifetime in order to be able to release them from their guilt and wrongdoing, no amount of pleading or supplications could ever exonerate them for right here in this very Universe, one must pay for one’s deeds firmly.

That is why, if there may still be some individuals engaging in any such devious actions, they mus realize and reform; invest in their communities, let the wealth they have amassed go back to help those who are barely able to make ends meet; contribute by establishing more schools, colleges, universities and subsidized hospitals that provide essential and emergency medical care and aid to the needy spontaneously; as well as shelter, pure drinking and sanitation water as well as to plant more trees and avoid any indiscriminate slaughter of animals whether for sport or pleasure; as well as engage in philanthropic causes that are not name or fame oriented, but truly aim oriented for in this life, we are going to be recognized and remembered by our aims and not our names. Basically, it could also be establishing more sports centers so that the younger generation could be able to expand their intellectual aspirations far beyond the physical gymnastics/sports/recreation alone, since a sound body could help a sounder mind and likewise. There maybe various other needy causes that each and every community knows very well that will need to be given greater importance, prioritization and implementation but this is all talk about needing more and more, whereas it is actually seeking on one hand and contributing back on the other hand by provision of more means and resources to the contributors so that they maybe further empowered to keep sustaining the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe constructively and nobly.

The Universe will recognize what good we did and not who we were for our name is a title that will be there on a plaque or a memorial or even on a street intersection or yet further even be named after a town, a city, a suburb and so much more? But the aims would help sustain the very fabric of millions of needy Families who maybe yearning for their next slice of bread, living on barely two slices of bread or even less a day along with a glass of milk, where do they go from here?

Their Children needing education, medication along with other basic amenities; as well as those suffering from diseases may not have enough to obtain the needful, so of what “actual”‘ “real:, “moral” and meaningful purpose or use are those names going to be to these needy individuals? There are many roads, bridges and millions of dollars being spent upon art while the only road and bridge of the heart is reachable through our heart filled with compassion; the calm passion to practice righteousness in all that we think, do and express consistently.


The point also is that to do something, it is better to true sum think; meaning that instead of having large conferences, confer the largeness towards needy causes and facilitate the conferences through networking. Millions of peoples lives would be saved since there would be no announcements or prestige or media publicity and recognition and also the vote banks and likes maybe silent but the true aims of our lives would be abundantly fulfilled for we would be doing what the graceful wisdom of our heart guides us to do, which is to engage in each and every action and initiative with a sense of conscious awareness, with a sense of purpose, diligence, prudence, tenacity, righteousness, sincerity, truthfulness and wisdom.

It is about live and let live, not having to fight wars for more and more land and sacrificing precious lives so that one’s names and proclamations maybe shining brightly? The aims that shine outshine any brightness of any names for it is our purposeful living that creates the greatness of our lives infinitely, it is about live and let live.

Do remember there is abundance in this Universe when we create truly recognize in the greatness of our life’s divine purpose, divine principles and divine values for we are merely custodians, having been conferred the intellect and gracious wisdom to defend our integrity and integral territories as well as to sustain our lives and enrich them but not that we richen them to the point of taking away others happiness and what rightfully belongs to others for there will come a time we will realize that all of this that we chased was actually right here and in fact much more greater wealth resides within the realm of our true nature, of our true self and of our higher self, of our divine essence than we could ever imagine for the understanding and realizing of our joy belongs to being true to our nature as well as nature to our truth; aiming but not claiming for the focus on the aim could strengthen and spread greater joyfulness for millions of needy individuals and what to do with the name plaque or a monument which could be one yearning for someone like you to fulfill your life’s purpose by bringing greater fulfillment in millions of lives and thereby replenishing the very essence of your own life magnificently as well, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

ICC Cricket World Cup, Best Wishes


Cricket is synonymous with the gloriousness of each creative choice objectively based upon its alignment with the ever precisioned present moment.

Cricket,  Cre Cate; Cre refers to create while Cate refers to the pure intent of the choicest wisdom. It is the remarkable awakening to the collective consciousness of the symphonic brilliance of  our intelligent faculties passionately.

The  true love of global sportsmanship is encompassed within the belief of the team spirit’s ingenious insights relating to an disciplined expression of their tremendous potentialities oneness amazingly, God bless.

 ©2015 Vashi Chandi

The Science of the Mind


Infinite-Possibilities     The mind wanders a lot? The minder wonders allot true! Between the wandering and wondering remains the meridian pathway of focus.



Depending upon what we accentuate our attentive focus upon with our pure intent; life almost reflexively keeps unfolding likewise set of circumstance, events, eventualities, incidents, manifestations and results.



Then it is life that wonders upon our pre determined sets of choices and options that we keep aligning ourselves with, thinking that while we have got what we seek and yet keep seeking what we have forgotten?


The strategic intuitive approach is to ensure that we are living our dharma (duties) in order to fulfill our karma (deeds) with observance of righteousness for the consciousness of each and ever cell of our being creates that which is fair and we are deserving as well as worthy of.



So while wandering might be leading here, there, anywhere or nowhere and wondering might be all leading to fine tune and tread with greater precision; the pathway in between, that is the silent attentive and unstinting focused mind that is not perturbed or distracted by mindless thoughts or taughts, strengthens our nerves and trains our brain to engage in constructive, purposeful and sincere self talk+activities as well as intellectual expansion of the channelizing of our mind, brain and hearts graceful wisdom to derive greater acquaintance with the divine set of principles and values that remain ensconced within the realms of our true nature and true self consistently.


This is not aimlessly or speculatively seeking to go round about exploring any new frontiers or newer ways of thinking, rather it is what it was, has and will always be; which is being true to our nature as well as nature to our truth, for the science of the mind and the mind of the assignments operate with the core factors which are enshrined within our nerve impulses.


Carefully remember and understand that our nerve cells (neurons) communicate with one another rapidly and then the signals that are transcending right across to our brains and the resultant is almost as if pre programmed, whereas all that is actually unfolding is the command structure heeding and paying careful attentiveness and focus to the seed of our focal attentiveness.



This also reveals one aspect which is that we are in many ways bestowed and endowed with the graceful wisdom of training our minds, our brains, our hearts as well as our intellects and our nerve cells (neurons) to maturely respond whereby we are setting forth a likewise set of processes to further evolve. Remember yet again, it is not the remainder but the reminder that will help us more fol we have been taught to live our lives pro actively since re actively we may respond from a sense of urgency or panic at times; but with pro actively, we are inputting certain commands within the structure of our being, within our DNA to creatively and competently manage and respond to various situations of our lives conscientiously.

superconscious mind and theta brainwaves

We may have noticed that how we at times keep forcing, enforcing and denying and then actually conclude with experiencing tremendous pressure of helplessness and fatigue; of weariness and stress and hyper tension? But why? Why keep challenging our being in engaging with what’s not right for us please? Why not realize and do what is actually right by the virtue of acceptance; indeed acceptance of the true essence of various aspects and factors and then doing what is righteous and wise with due diligence, integrity, prudence and a sense of alert vigilance.


The mind’s devotion and discipline leads us to achieving remarkable results in our lives but the pathways that remain in between maybe fraught with tremendous consternation, doubts and hesitance’s; however the strength of our character, our good conduct, our divine principles, our divine values, our divine vision, our divine will and our divine wisdom each play a vital role in nourishing the consciousness of the cells of our complete being characteristically.


Be glad that you are able to lead a meaningful life and whether having your mind wander or your mindfulness wonder, realize the potential of the intuitive focal attentiveness that is there as well, for that span of a few moments could possibly enrich you right across your lifetime amazingly.


Whether praying for divine benediction and supplicating, earnestly yearning for God’s grace to prevail; for miracles to unfold; for healing to occur, for life to improve, for relationships to blossom or to creatively launch greater discoveries and inventions for the goodwill and welfare of humankind; whatever it maybe, it all needs authentic initiatives, efforts and the shuddh bhav (pure intent) for the mind is not just an instrument that is supposed to be utilized to get things done, rather the mind is gateway and pathway to the consciousnesses, the sub consciousness and then further sacredly to the super consciousness which is also referred to as the cosmic consciousness.


Reaching the pinnacle of the mind’s apex and pivotal stance, we can further keep expanding our consciousness to realize our beings conscientiousness for within each and every one of God’s creations, everything and everythink is right in its place and seeks its placement in its righteousness by being consciously aware; by being conscientious; by being committed, compassionate and considerate; by being diligent,; by being prudent; by being righteous; by being sincere; by being tenacious, truthful and wise; for the minds discipline is its pure devotion and the minds devotion is the synonymous purity of discipline in thought, action and expression infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi