In God We Trust – Entrusted, We are God’s Perceptible Infinite Pro=Vision


God has put us in a position, and not just a procession/profession by itself; the precision/preciosity/precisionality of that position is absolutely concise/immaculate/meticulous and specifically strategic.

Realize the pure divine potential of that ingenious positions pour+see+shine – attuning/aligning with the divine graciousness of your sacred wisdom of pure divine worthiness’s virtuousness ever sow c’om’passionately/devotionally and efficaciously; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi

God’s Channel, Broadcasting Divine Grace

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You? No, Not Theater, It is “Theta” – Remember Alpha, Beta, Theta…..=True a Theta So Calm in Soothe Near/Sow Nihal You/Your True Self



When/Vein we stop our indiscriminate egoistical analyzation, then God starts the statement of our unique discernible channelization ever sow pure divine worthily; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi

God’s Divine Vision ≡ e≡Merging Infinite C’om’munion ≡ So/Sow th@t’s Got To/True Be Us/Thus

God  ≡ e=Merging Glimpse/Divine Envisioning form/from the Sacred Sanctity of our Evolutionary C’om’munion’s Pulse≡Impulse≡Propulsion Towards/Truewards Realizing the DNA≡Pure Divine Nature’s Awareness Consciousness’s Conscientious Virtuous Wisdom’s Pure Divine Worthiness’s True Nature/TrueSelf≡


God knew us/knows us and will always continue true recognize us true/through the auspices of the sacred embryo consciousness that is forever evolutionizing and seeks true attain its self realization and pure divine c’om’munion with the divine essence of of the divine consonance enshrined within the beatitude of our true nature as it was far much/match more/most even before we were ever conceptualized.

For us, we think, feel and imagine whereas with the divine essence it is a mere glimpse and the convocation of the infinite centuries that we have been through appears to/true flash across instantaneously.

Its not about fiction or fractions or mantras or sacred recitations or divine hymns/psalms/stanzas or ardas/ibaddat/ehsaas/namman/prarthana/prayers/sajjda or even our pure devotional worship – rather its earnestly about the sanctified morality of our pure divine character which needs/kneads no introduction or any lofty eminent elucidation;with God its that speech/that verse/that version/that vision of its pure divine light that fulfilling us from within the innermost sanctified sanctorum of our being; to simplify this and say that its silence convocation is not/knot another twist of illusion, but more about integrally our pure divine consciousness’s sacred worthiness which know’s its divine agenda; we refer to it as our soulful consciousness’s wisdom and the priceless divine virtues and God knows/now’s it true/through ourselves as God’s precious children and when/vein we hurt/harm ourselves or others, whether in thought or deed, we are indeed inflicting the enormity of that echoing soulful imprint onto our divine consciousness’s sacred realm as well; meaning that we inflict/incur some integral part/path that was never embodying our integral primordial heritage at all – and then some of us very most ignorantly/negligently and illusively keep on accumulating the heap of such karmas/deeds that the repository becomes more and far much more engulfed with the contagion of likewise sets of outcomes/results/scenarios right/light across our lifetimes and we wonder why>?

That why remains an re-quest/an in-quest/an con-quest/ and s on and sow forth until we keep on intricately entangling various hypothesis and fallacious conclusions/assumptions and conceptualizations ultimately that keep either leading or mis leading us and by the time we realize, we become famished and exhausted with poring through various realms right here, there and anywhere and in the process/bargain we yet again concede our divine privilege or actually expanding and raising our consciousness true the level of the divine light enshrined within our higher consciousness – so its like we are all the while racing, let me have more….. and more…..and even take that which belongs to someone else rightfully and then more…… and more/???/????/? its like there are no symbols or words to describe – meaning that we get caught in trying to describe whereas all that the pure divine sanctity/sanctorum divine ordinance/divine convocation and divine will seeks for us is true “define/realize”; for the definition of the divine vision and its divine realization speaks true/through the auspices of its divine light=meaning that it writes inlight/insight; it speaks inlight/insight and it thereby ordains/relegates and further evolutionarily conceptualizes true/through the sacred auspices of its divine light which is also very much/match embodied/encapsulated within each and every one of God’s creation; absolutely each and every living being including all of creation is the pure divine manifestation of God’s divine gracious will; so when/vein we realize the sacredness of ourselves and all of God’s creation, we tend/intend true align/attune and bec’om’e one with the pure divine graciousness as the child of God that we always were, are and will continue true be; for with it, there is no past, present or future, all thats ever is ever now=the present m’om’ent of the eternal infinitude’s pure divine essence of our sacred c’om’munion with God’s divine light/vision of our true nature/through nurturance of our pure divine consciousness’s immersion within the d’ro’p true evolve/re emerge as the c’ro’p that’s the symbol of bountiful harvests that keep on blossoming as the proud testament’s of God’s pure divine light/will of evolution’s creative infinitude; so be it; its being sow true your pure divine nature/awareness/virtuousness worthiness; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi