Rushing? Getting things done? Tonne get inn thinking? Slow down? So-lace thou in? Be Virtuously Sagacious!


How many of us are rushing constantly throughout life? Its integrally living out? ought of the moment; the m’om’entum?

Vein/When will some of us ever realize that by living in a state of perpetual anxiety and refusing to acknowledge the authentic legitimacy of each and every present/pre=sent m’om’ment deprives us of sow much more than we may have ever realized? or could ever realize after all!

Whatever the condition/state of affairs/scenarios/situations/instances and so on and sow forth, indiscriminately leaping/bleeping out/ought of any and every moment will not necessarily make the grass more greener on the other side/sight, rather its the pure divine insight of our conscientious awareness with its pristine consciousness which will remarkably provide greater foresight and re=cognition of our empowered capabilities embodying the sacred graciousness of our ever precious wisdom’s divine vision ever sow pure divine worthily; thereby not/knot cutting time into half/halve, but rather releasing the inner rush along with its outer rush and seeking true embrace the inner raise and the outer raise, this is/are the raising/the pure divine ascension/elevation and expansion of our consciousness which will bring us closer to the divine graciousness of God’s divine light of life that’s enshrined within the pure divine realms of each and every living being ever sow divinantly; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi

Cherishing the Infinitude of our Breath’s Sacredness/Emerging with=in its Divya Prana Shakti’s C’om’munion


With respectful reverential intuity listen to the consonant virtuous essence of your breath; God speaks true/through its sacredness ever sow eloquently elucidating the divine harmoniousness of the creative evolutionary grace of nature’s pure divine worthiness, ever sow infinitely/meritoriously; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi

Where? Wear? We @re!


Some keep on elusively exclaiming, where is my gift?

I am Mine; You are Yours; We are Ours; The core realization of belonging authentically, benevolently, conscientiously, devotionally, intentionally/integrally, faithfully, good willingly, purposefully, radiantly, sincerely, trust-worthily, virtuously, wisely and pure divine worthily true our very own-selves is by itself the one of the greatest privileged gifts we could ever endow ourselves with after all.

For the exemplified belonging to our pure divine oneness that’s preciously enshrined within our higher consciousness yearns for us true realize its sacred perception of our divine vision true/through which we become one with the cosmic consciousness in its ever gracious blossoming, ever sow graciously; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi

Har Swas, Ek Divya Pavitra Ehsaas – Every Breath’s Virtuousness Enshrines its Ever Gracious Evolution of our Cosmic Renaissance


Its integrally about the core divine essence, principles and values of our ever sacred breath that knoweth its ardas; its ehsaas; its devotional elucidation, japa and recitation; its divine hymns; its ibaddat; its mantras; its namman; its prarthana; its prayers; its reverential sanctified psalms; its sajjda and so on and sow forth, for the language of the breath’s linear gauges transcends right/light across the cosmic universes in the fractal of its consonance – that amazingly evokes the sanctified morality of our pure divine character which embodies, encapsulates, ensconces and enshrines true/through its pristine silence convocation the shuddh bhavana=pure divine intentionality of our souls devotional worship of God’s graciousness with/in each and every breath ever sow pure divine worthily; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi

≡ Shiva Shakti Mandalam Para Tattva ≡ Cosmic Infinitude’s Eternal Dimensionality’s C’om’munion ≡ C’al’munion ≡


Humanity orders on demand wheres Divinity authorizes precisely on dimension; cherish/realize the pure divine nature’s consciousness of your sacred tattva’s=divine elements/divine elements/divine principles cosmic essence ever sow pure divine worthily; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi

In Birth True/With Divine Grace #InternationalWomensDay #IndianWomen #WomensDay @WomensDay @WFP


Women’s Day, Empowering the Light of God’s Pure Divine Virtues, Words, Wisdom and Sacred Pristine Worthiness


Thy navel=svadhishthana/sacral chakra’s divine essence knoweth the divine goodwill of its creative evolutionary growth’s pure divine infinitude, ever sow pure divine worthily; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi

Sh@r”i”ng Information Socially?

Realize True Ensure that the Integral Essence of Your Conversations are Graciously Evolutionarily Constructive Interactions Instead of Just Chit Chatting or Gossiping for its Far Much More Better True Interact Authentically/Genuinely Instead of Just Getting Indiscriminately Involved in Myriad Sets of Dialogues, Whereby You Forget that You have a Life True Live and Fulfill Your Respective Duties/Due ties in an Divinely Ordained Manner that’s Conforming to God’s Sacred Ordinance

Realize the Wisdom of Your Creative Intelligence Leads Your True the Cosmic Awakening of Your Pure Divine Vision’s Perceptibility that’s never Chasing any Illusive or Elusive Shadows and Living Very Much/Match in Precise Consonance with the Heart/Architecture of the Divine Nature’s Consciousness of Your True Nature/Your True Self ever sow Pure Divine Harmoniously/Worthilyoutput_mmoylx(1).gif

The pure divine essence of life is not just about sharing more and more and more and more….information, but also realizing the core impetus/principles and values of your inner formation/the realization of the pure divine essence of your soulful consciousness that evokes/seeks for you true realize the purposefulness of your incarnation and cherishing the pure divine gracefulness of each and every divya prana tattva shakti=pure divine life force energies pure divine virtuousness ever sow pure divine worthily; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi

Humanity, the Evolution of Divine Horizons

Privileged True Avail the Divine Elementary Sojourns in true/across the Sacred Wisdom’s Visions of Cosmic Consciousness’s Conscientiousness


The passage of energy? Energize the passage! Remember, thou art/heart the child of God, cherish thy divine heritage ever sow devotionally, conscientiously and pure divine worthily; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi

The Birth of Our Soul, The Sow Will oft Our Birth

≡Om Aeem Divya Shiva Shakti ≡ Narayana Param/Pranaam SatChitAnanda ≡Sansaar/Sanskara Swarupam≡output_zuy7s3

Most of us might have forgotten that within the sacred essence of every living being remains enshrined the pure divine heritage the sanctified virtues of God’s cosmic nature.

From thousands of years/centuries; the learned eminent divine masters, farishteys, gurus, mahaa atma’s, maulvis, philosophers, priests, pundits, rabbis, rishis, sages, saints, exalted reverential angels/guidants/scholars/teachers and likewise/so on and sow forth have been profoundly advocating and convocating; evoking our conscientious awareness true awaken true the divine graciousness of God enshrined within the sacredness of ours/all of God’s creations universally.

Some of us from time to/true time do awaken/realize and thereby experience and phenomenal transformation right/light from the very core of one’s being ever sow efficaciously.

Well, whether it was thousands of years ago; thou sense/essence of here’s/hears a glow as well as the glorious centuries well ahead of us; the integral factor will evidently prevail exemplifying the pure divine worthiness of God’s divine nature.

To summarize the essence of the above few words and the privileged prerogative of accentuating the consonant divine vision that is able to cosmically perceive every element of nature within itself as well as all around the cosmos as the divine gloriousness of God’s graciousness realizes that every breath that is taken is thereby by/true/through the auspices of its soul’s consciousness – integrally resonating the soul’s divine orientation with all right/light from its core divine principles/values ever sow pure divine worthily.

Thence onwards, its breathing true/through the transcendence of the soul’s fulfilling infinite breath; its awakening/slumbering/vacillating/idling/engaging-basically every state of being – being the proud consonance of the soul’s austere pristine nature’s virtuous conscientious consciousness elucidating its pure divine worthiness with the supreme grace of God’s divine being encapsulated/ensconced/enshrined and embedded/permeating and suffusing each and every cell/element of its being good willingly for God’s will is goodwill of all that was, all that is and all that will ever be; sow be it, its being sow true the soul’s pure divine goodwill; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi