God’s Word


From then till now and even far beyond the infinitude of its eternity; it was, it is and will always be/remain as thy worth=for every word that emanates from the sacred essence of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s virtues/wisdom’s character exemplifies its pure divine meritorious worthiness in being conformed true the source of its resourcefulness as its worthiest testament.

Don’t just brush this away thinking that its just another statement or something that’s to glorify the pure divine graciousness of God when we feel like or need something but rather make it the integral chant/enchanting consonance/resonance of thy divya prana shakti’s shuddh bhavana=pure divine intentionality’s sacred character’s soulful consciousness’s cherished aspiration to always make and keep making thyself worthy of God’s word.

For it begins not/knot by any fancy erudition/emanation of any mystical/fabled folklore fair tales or just trying to impress others or have a greater fan following or the prestigious awards/rewards and other materialistic conferment’s/incentives alone but rather focus on its/their meritoriousness, for with God its not/know just what you did/spoke/pledged or committed to, its always integrally about its divine worthiness of the pure sacred meritoriousness of God’s pure divine worthiness embodied, encapsulated, ensconced and enshrined within thy soulful consciousness that yearns for us true awaken true its purest divine worthiness of identifying/realizing the pure divine purposefulness/worthiness of whatever it is that’s being exalted and extolled gloriously on par with merit orientation – meaning not the matter of convenience or changing values but about impeccably being resolute in our determined focus of devotionally disciplining and instilling the pure divine sense of purposefulness/of God’s pure divine worthiness in all the words that our souls speak to us true us as its roots/routes the pure divine incarnate truth that was, is and always is being worthy of the pure divine incarnate truth that was, is and always is being worthy of God’s divine trust in thought, in deed, in speech, in principles=tattvas; in value, in values, in its purest divine essence of its worthiest meritoriousness that in two words speaks its integral essence true worth=be you true your being, being yours true its/self ever sow pure divine “worthily” as God’s breath and God’s light of being/life ever sow conscientiously/devotionally and pure divine efficaciously/virtuously/worthiestly; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.the pure divine incarnate truth that was, is and always is being worthy of God’s divine trust in thought, in deed, in speech, in principles=tattvas; in value, in values, in its purest divine essence of its worthiest meritoriousness that in two words speaks its integral essence true worth = be you true your being; being yours true its/self ever sow pure divine “worthily” as God’s breath and God’s light of being/life ever sow conscientiously/devotionally and pure divine efficaciously/virtuously/worthiestly; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chand

#Software #Hardware #Upgrading #Humanity #Words #PassWords ? No, We’re Not Mechanical or Technological Please! We are Virtu(e)al=Virtuous=Creative Evolutionary Pure Divine Meritorious Graciousness

We are the Pure Divine “Essence” of Nature’s Graciousness/Virtuousness Worthiest Wisdom oft Creative Infinite Intelligent Faculties
Its=Rejuvenating thy Soul, Realize the Pure Divine Gracious Virtues/Wisdom of thy Immaculate “True Nature”



It never was software; it was, is and always will remain= sow+oft+we+are; its the cherished devotion of what we create with the sacred essence of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness ever sow pure divine worthily;

Where it concerns hardware, its = its integral virtues of our sacred hearts that has been bestowed/endowed/encapsulated/embodied/ensconced and enshrined with its priceless pure divine vision that’s able true envisage the remarkable evolutionary renaissance of being with God and at the very precise instance experiencing the pure divine goodness/goodwill of God’s being experienced within each and every divya prana shakti’s shuddh bhavana=our pure divine breath’s sacred intentionality that diligently/prudently/tenaciously/vigilantly/virtuously/trustworthily and wisely strives for upholding and meticulously/precariously sustaining the unanimous visions that belong true the goodwill, harmony, peace, progress, prosperity and unanimous welfare of all of God’s creative evolutionary nature that dwell amidst the sacred realms of our true nature/as well as nature’s truth all around us/thus.

Where it concerns words, it always was, is and will remain the pure divine worthiness that belongs true its priceless up+grading=meaning the pure devoted disciplined focus of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s ever virtuous vigilant wisdom which bespeaks of its pure divine nature of humanity that does/thus not/knot need/knead any passwords, for its a matter of pause/worth=our introspective contemplation=ensuring to devote a few minutes every day and gradually making God’s chant the enchanted breath and very integral essence of our being as it always was, is and will ever be.

It does not mean leave all our duties/due ties and keep waywardly immersing ourselves in just idly singing and extolling God’s gloriousness, but rather vein/when its time to work/perform thy duty whole heartedly and with utmost pure devotion; likewise when its time true pray or even otherwise when its family time or performing any other chore/task or whatever it is=its a matter of faithfully almostakin to the virtue of worshiping, converging our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s ever vigilant wisdom true its forefront; never being absentminded, but always ensuring observance and prevalence of our ever alert pure mindfulness true help guide us vigilantly; we might get fascinated by so many distractions and by the time we realize the day is over and then our duties/due ties=due to sheer ignorance/neglect remained incomplete?

Sow that means we took away the actual fulfillment from one task to just overfill it with doing some unproductive task? Nah, i will not say unproductive, rather lets refer to it as irrelevant objective, meaning that when/vein we were supposed to be working/studying and so on and sow forth; we were busy playing games? chatting? browsing mysterious websites and incessantly engaging in prolific deviations from attendance to our extremely emergent sets of duties/due ties which truly merited their share of attendance, but then due to the irrelevant approach, the resultant became that there was and continued to be extreme inefficiency? That then lead to more frustration and an reactive approach of rapidly trying to squeeze in and complete some tasks impossibly? With a fearful mind that kept dashing glances at the clock, wondering where did the time go? elude? elapse? drift away?

No=Know the time never ever went away; it ventured a way with methodical precision and right now when you are reading this also, its not just saying oh so what, we know and tell me something new and then getting back to that same habitual tendencies of letting time go by………? Without seriously acknowledging/reckoning that we have been born/incarnated with priceless divine virtues that embody some of the most amazing intelligent faculties but then they will not emerge by themselves just like that; we will have true diligently strive with the sacred devoted essence of our pure divine nature’s  awareness consciousness’s virtues/wisdom to/true lead a fulfilling life that is always precisely aware of its purposeful orderliness that always abides/is in pristine accordance and pure devotional conformance with the wonderfully cherished graciousness of God’s breath and God’s light of being/life in our lives ever sow pure divine worthily; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chand

#DarkEnergy #DarkMatter #Space #Mystery ? Its #Aether Might be Attributive True its #Cosmic #Quintessence

#DarkEnergy #DarkMatter #Space #Mystery ? Its #Aether Might be Attributive True its #Cosmic #Quintessence

Its Not/Knot Just about What’s Out There, but Integrally about What Ought True Be t=Here! A Matter of thy Pure Divine Nature’s Awareness Consciousness’s Ever Prudent Vigilance!
Many of Us Take Greater Interest in all Else that’s Happening Elsew=Here? The Pure Divine Essence of/oft our Ever Gracious Virtues/Wisdom Seeks For Us True Take Authentic, Genuine, Legitimate and Pure Divine Worthiest Interest/in/Inner-trust/thrust that’s Gently Equipoised, the trust=entrust=thrust is not about reactively responding to each and every aspect/facet/circumstance/instance/happening/manifestation/occurrence/scenario/unfolding in our lives, but rather faithfully living each and every M’om’ent in am Purely Devoted/Disciplined/Divinely Ordained Manner that’s in pristine Accordance/Conforming true its Pure Divine Tattvas=Principles/Values and Virtues as C’om’ing Closer True Divine Nature’s Conscientious Self/Our Trueselves
The Galaxies/Universes that are Drifting Apart might actually/cosmically be inscribing a Path – the Path of our Pure Divine Orderliness, Meaning For us True Awaken True the Pure Divine Essence of Our Closeness/our Oneness/Our Integral Synchronization with our Pure Divine Essence’s Virtues/Wisdom
God Wants Us True Grow in the Pure Divine Nature’s Awareness of our Creative Evolutionary Nature’s Consciousness’s Virtues Wisdom Worthiest Renaissance’s Infinitude as Being and not Just Doing Please! Being an earnest/sincere Participant in Our Lives/as well as diligently/wisely Being a Spectator/Observing the Panorama of our Pure Divine Consciousness’s Virtues/Wisdom that Convocates/Consociates/Elucidates its  Divine Renditions/Stanzas Vein/When We Devotionally Expand/Elevate/Raise our Pure Divine Consciousness True its Sacred Pedestal of its Pure Divine Light and thereby C’om’e H’om’e =Meaning Yet Again Realizing Our Closeness Not from a Distance, But from its this Stance of Cherishing and Fulfilling Our Greater Purposefulness in our Being/in our Living/in our Creative Evolutionary Renaissance yet again as a Cordial Reminder to Earnestly take Greater Authentic/Genuine/Complete/Totally Fulfilling Interest in our Being/in our Life – Whereby We are Not/Knot Investing/Divesting or Spending all our Time/Energy and Efforts/Initiatives in Chasing Illusive Notions/Gossips or other Information and Truly from the Core Divine Essence of Our Being Embracing the Pure Divine Essence of Our Inner Formation which Seeks for Us True Realize the Pure Divine Character/the Pure Divine Essence/the Pure Divine Virtues and the Pure Divine Worthiness of Our Being/of our Life/of all of God’s Creative Evolutionary Nature that was, is and will ever be


According to ongoing research, it has been determined that the distance between galaxies is doubling every 10 billion years respectively.

Some opinions point to the contending factors that most of the galaxies/universes is/are comprising of dark energy/dark matter that permeates/suffuses the ever mysterious spaces in between while others brush it off as an illusive attribution?

This brief endeavor of seeking to explore its significance is not seeking to exemplify or precipitate another debate or set of thinking altogether; rather its humbly about realizing principally the core divine essence of its fulfillment of the pure divine graciousness of our true nature; for from that deep rooted wisdom, our intellectual faculties of knowledgeable capabilities will be far more adept at determining and thereby defining/envisaging various aspects truewards their primordial intentionality’s attainment ever sow pure divine worthily.

Lets put it in one simple sentence? Its in “one sentience”; remember/realize that we were, we are and we will always be the cosmic divine beings from wh’om’ emanates its pure divine virtues/pure divine worthiness’s consciousness that evolutionary fulfills the divine essence of our beings with=in itself as God’s breath and God’s light of life that seeks our pure divine oneness true radiate itself in all that we seek/speak and bespoken true/through the auspices of our noble deeds/initiatives ever sow devotionally/efficaciously that proudly makes us worthiest of being called God’s children and embracing the divine character of our sacred heritage that embodies/encapsulates/ensconces and enshrines yet again time and again, the pure divine essence of our true divine nature’s awareness consciousness ever sow resplendently.

Alright, lets come back to the essence of the captioned/this as well as all that could ever be – namely= the following aspect = it is about the mysterious dark energy/dark matter that is assumed to be causing the phenomenal expansion of the “distance” between the galaxies/universes; whereby the super clusters and super voids are accelerating and causing greater expansions; now, could that be attributive to quintessence?

Since there are so many aspects of our and all of creative evolution that quintessentially emerge true align with its/their intended primordial objectives; the point is that with the ever amazing expansion, each and every galaxy/universe is becoming extremely distant-isolated from each other; some concur that the repulsive forces of the dark energy/dark matter is actually causing the galaxies/universe to fly apart-its not fly apart in the imaginary or literal sense, but the orbiting that’s always following its precise essence – yes essence – the pure divine essence for its where we could be able to expand/raise our consciousness true its sacred pedestal of the divine light of creative evolution and explore the greater goodwill, harmoniousness and welfare of our universe as well as all galaxies and universes by sending across good willed energies true/through the auspices of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness. Its not that we should ever tend/intend to expand/raise our consciousness just for scientific purposes from exploration or other such objective or even for that matter any other intention at all – for in the expanded state of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness, what conversations/dialogues that sacredly take place, partake their own space of their divine essence true fulfill us with its divine realization of our oneness with God and all of the creative evolutionary nature of God’s pure divine graciousness.

Its not that we are channelizing or mysteriously trying to boast/flaunt or elucidate mysterious statements that we went here, there or anywhere, for its always about being here/being there and being anywhere c’om’pletely; for the rest will evolve in precise accordance at it was meant true be and not as we intended it to be; for there are somethings that are far beyond any description/transcendence and it all begins by being right here as we’re light there during our expansion and raising/ascension/self realization of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness ever sow pure divine worthily.

There is one particular factor which is that the galaxies/universes are rotating at a constant rate regardless of the distance from their epi center; evolution is exemplifying its principles of precise constancy/consistency; this is also an imperative point to focus upon, the constancy of purpose, Lord Krishna in the Srimad Bhagvad Gits has divinely elucidated that the purpose of life is to live a life of purpose; it seeks to exemplify for us true realize the constancy/the precise consistency right from its core roots of our pure divine principles/tattvas; pure divine values and our pure divine virtues that the galaxies/the universes are accelerating their phenomenal crescendos and drifting apart? Actually they are in/inner way seeking for us true c’om’e closer true our very ownselves in order to/true be able to fulfill the purposefulness of our pure divine immaculate incarnation whereby when/vein we c’om’e closer true gather/meaning living in conformance with the pure divine essence of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s virtues/wisdom; we will thereby be able to decipher and realize the pure divine graciousness of all that was, is and will ever be and instrumentally play a more unique role that fulfills the pure divine essence of our pure divine destinies ever sow pure divine purposefully; pure divine efficaciously/fulfillingly and pure divine worthily; don’t just keep going so far apart, but fair a path, intend true c’om’e closer true the pure divine graciousness of God’s divine light enshrined within the sacred realms of your true nature, of your true self and or your pure divine consciousness true fulfill what you have been pure divinely conceptualized/evolutioned as the pure divine gloriousness of its pure divine oneness of God’s wisdom that vein/when you are you, then sow is all of it as its/itself; do remember and carefully realize that the essence of the captioned kept referring to the remarkably distancing of the galaxies and universes that might be caused due to the dark energies/dark matter which mean true bring forth the stark realization that we pay a lot of attention to matters that are evolving elsewhere and keep ignoring/neglecting our integral self development challengingly, but why please? That distancing that’s occurring between the galaxies/universes actually might be a sign/an ensign/an assignment for us “true c’om’e” closer true our very ownself; yes, for us true experience our self realization, for from them point onwards we will not be interested in acquiring information, but will be pivotally focused upon the pure divine essence of our inner formation, which is about enhancing the core realization of the pure divine essence of our being’s pure divine character/virtues as God’s breath and God’s light of life; for we were meant true be us; true be our pure divine oneness and not to be distancing us from our very ownselves please; when/vein will be realize and awaken to/true the pure divine essence of our pure divine graciousness’s immaculate wisdom/virtues please>? Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi