ShivAmbe, AmbeShiva, Pure Consciousness


















Shiva is the divine ambition of purity while Ambe is the pure ambition of divinity.

The divine ambition of evolution exemplifies purity as the sacred power of creation.

The purity of our hearts enables us to see God as well as to be God seen within the goodwill of the Universe, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Hari Om Namo Narayana, Meeting God Halfway

4eb8415bbe065277c7fe3ef53de6bdce    In God We Trust; Trust, The Divine Essence of Humanity

Hari refers to the divine essence of creation. Om refers to the pure symbol and sanctified syllable that represents the eternal spirit of life. Namo refers to naman which is the respectful reverence to one’s higher self. Narayana refers to the crowning grace of humanity’s brilliant and creatively sacred wisdom.

Every aspect of our lives is sustained by the remarkable trust of the divine grace. The divine legacy of a human being’s trust. The divine trust of a humanity’s legacy.In one moment, we see God and in the very same moment we are God’s sight. Our calm union with our higher self enables us to realize our communion with God. All that God seeks from us is that we each fulfill the divine purpose of our lives.

e2ffb0d9378f2c34140ffb92d803fa6cIts a remarkable set of discoveries where as we expand our consciousness and elevate+raise our conscience conscientiously to the level of the divine light, we experience the amazing radiance of the divine principles, the divine values, the divine will and the divine wisdom elucidating and singing God’s glory.

Then onwards, we humbly realize that it is is not about religion or society or caste or status or privilege or preferentiality or money or riches or knowledge or priority or contributions; but merely the greatest wealth of wealth’s, which is the purity of our intent; our shuddh bhav; it is from the pure intent as it is that we enshrine and create what creation ordains.

In one paragraph, this is summed up as follows. Unless we learn to like God’s beings. then we learn true like God being with us. God’s beings are all of creation, the complete universe and that ever was, is and will ever be; where compassion, humility, dharma (duties) and karma (deeds) rule as the determinant factors.

As we keep performing our deeds truly, guided by the virtue of righteousness and our graceful wisdom ensuring observance of conscious awareness, conscientiousness, compassion, due diligence, prudence. sincerity, tenacity and truth as the pillar stones of each and every action+initiative, we will keep covering the distance and drawing more and more closer to God without actually realizing how far we have come at each and every step after all.

f288f70591d699ebd8f26ac573653006The journey will appear as joy in thee, full of the gloriousness of God’s wonderfulness for as each and every one of us yearns to have a glimpse of God, it is not God that is distantly far, far and very far away; rather, it is God and God’s glorious image that was, is and will continually remain enshrined in each and every one of God’s creations amazingly.

Many of us recognize and realize this and experience a sense of greatness that we are indeed more than half way in our meeting with God, for we are coming across the divinity that is ensconced within billions and billions of souls, where we with the pure intent of our devotion help ourselves to awaken to our true nature, to our true self and to our divine essence gloriously celebrating the journey of this wonderful life and earnestly attending to our respective agendas, assignments, duties and tasks, realizing that we are actually serving God through truly serving one another; we are upholding and faithfully safeguarding the mantle of the divine trust that we have been bestowed+endowed with, knowing that God is there within our higher selves as well as the higher selves of each and every form of God’s creation; so it is God here, there and everywhere where we truly are one with God. in communion with God’s gloriousness infinitely, Hari Om Namo Narayana, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi


Hunting, Tearing the Tears of Life

580892_406076716117887_1116497628_nRealize that hunting hurts the heart of humanity. Due to hunting, millions of animals die a slow and agonizingly painful death.

Their heart rending cries appeal to the hunters to awaken to their moral conscience, but to no avail.

Hunting is the greatest form of cruelty. When we human beings cannot bear even the slightest pain, then how can some of us inflict so much terrifying pain upon animals please?

Why do the animals have to keep enduring the terrifying cruelty of the hunters please?
When will some human beings awaken to their true nature and practice compassion please?

When will legislation’s be enacted and promulgated globally that recognize the moral rights of the animals and permit them with the sacred privilege to live peacefully please? God bless

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Your Life, Live Yours; Mind Your Thoughts, Taught Your Mind

cea596614eab21a2dc21a9da69fcbd34Predicting? Pre dictating, Creating Your Future

Our sub conscious mind dictates the course of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes, behaviors and habits consistently. Advertisements and entertainment are the biggest proof where we are sub consciously influenced into granting our acceptance, consent and liking towards certain aspects of what is being communicated.

Its not just about entertainment, its in attainment; yes, we attain what we desire provided that is in the fair and good interests of all concerned. The principles of goodwill, the values of life’s true will as well as the character of our disciplined initiatives teach us at each and every stage of our lives, how we can keep maintaining the due diligence and keen observance meticulously, so that in so doing, we are adopting a firm regimen and process of uniformly and not just reactively responding to various aspects of our lives. Remember, how good it feels to be pro active, to be pre organized, to have our things well in order, well think order in wellness; yes the thought is the seed that keeps on sprouting and germinating; harvesting a host of seedlings and as each thought that we nourish and permit to abound, that could become either an avalanche of theologies or  an avail land of truth’s trustology. This is not about fancy rhyming of words but the actuality that cannot be put forth into words or expressed succinctly enough to imply the essence of what is being expressed for there are certain things that cannot be put into words and there are certain words that cannot be put into thinks; they are innate, they are inherent, our mind, our thought process is pure and then what we add onto it sacredly and consciously can further compliment the purity provided that we are truly devoting our life towards living our divine purpose, our divine principles, our divine values, our divine wisdom, our divine will and our divine grace infinitely.



Realizing the incredible power of our sub conscious mind will help us achieve greater milestones all across our lives when we are constantly in alignment with our moral conscience, our true nature, our true self and our divine essence infinitely.

Yes that is absolutely correct, pre dictating rather than being constantly pre dictated! Its not about miracles but about realizing the graceful wisdom that each and every one of us have been bestowed with ever so fortunately.


Then onwards, when we begin living a purposeful life with conscious awareness, due diligence, prudence and tenacity; practicing righteousness in all that we think, do, express and implement; we are experiencing greater pathways of our lives because we ourselves chose and sought; creating wonderfulness in ours and others lives, celebrating each and every moment of predicatively ((remember to live your dharma (duties) to fulfill your karma (deeds))and not predictiously or pretentiously for we need to diligently strive for what we seek, we need to observe discipline and respect what we have been granted; to resourcefully utilize each and every moment of our lives in sustaining the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe earnestly, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Thanksgiving; Acceptance, The Gratitude of Life’s True Essence

ābhārī āhe, Dank U, Dhanyavad, Dōmo, Dzięki, Gracias, Kamsahamnida, Mange tak, Merci, Mersi, Obrigado,  Ogromnoe spasibo, Shukran, Shukriya, Thanks, Velen Dank,  Xxia2 Xxia5, Toda Rabah …………..and in so many more languages its meaning refers to the ever grateful virtue of “Gratitude” and “Thankfulness” for the opportunity to live our dharma (duties) to fulfill our karma (deeds) on the basis of goodwill, righteousness and truthfulness infinitely. Before we give our thanks, thank our giving, God bless.


With realization, we accept.

With acceptation, our real life’s vision unfolds.

Acceptance earnestly refers to living our true essence, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Two Minutes, Two mine its, To mean its, One moment in Time

cbe7ee76604dbb15a6418d1dc4020a2eTaking two minutes to call and speak to someone could make a huge difference in others and our lives.

Sometimes we get so busy or entangled with the why me first that we keep postponing some of our life’s finest moments endlessly?

All it takes is humility, the true genuine care and concern, the pure intent of love, neither seeking anything or contributing anything at all other than expressing one’s gracefulness, one moment in time.

It is a selfless act and one that may have taken years and a lot of courage to overcome the egoistical tendencies and putting aside the innumerable psychological differences and yet the one who forgives is actually the one who is given forth more greater moments of life to cherish rather than the one who grudgingly holds onto the resentment.

This two minutes of course does not mean instantly or instantaneously, since if one is riding a motor vehicle or crossing the road or operating some machinery or other device, their and others safety is extremely vital and importantly paramount.

It means, that when one completes one’s respective agendas, assignments, duties and tasks on hand; then when there is ample time on hand, one could allocate at least the two precious minutes to express the minutes truth that dwells in one’s heart for then it is not the mind that speaks; it is the heart that speaks forth and does not seek anything other than expressing its contentious harmony, goodwill and abundant wishes of welfare for one and all consistently, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Remembering 26/11 Mumbai, Embracing The Remembrance

Remembering Thoughts AND Prayers

In memory of the victims who have left us with their poignant memories on this extremely tragic day. Our embrace and speechless words humbly seek to gently reach across the landscape of thought in time, time in thought;  standing still in complete respectful silence. Courage, Peace, Love and Light, God Bless,

 ©2014 Vashi Chandi

Chemistry of Human Life and the Scientific Evolution of Human Development

6d09b816675acddc2f4699194423bd4d 19354-learn-character-from-trees-values-from-roots-and-change-from-1    The-trees-the-flowers-the-plants trees-are-the-earths-endless-effort-to-speak-to-the-listening-heaven-quote-1  ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Trees-Text-Quotes-Proverb-Creativity-Phrase-Sentence-Sayings-Word-Wallpaper-Wide we-are-the-same-plants-buddha   



























The Chemistry of the Human Body and Mind; The Calmistry, Calmest Tree of the Human Soul

The facts and testimonials of nature proudly speak for themselves. The incredible importance of trees is beyond compare, let us endeavor to carefully understand and nurture our nature that has been nurturing and prolifically sustaining us ever since life came into being miraculously, God bless.

The following are some excerpts, their credentials are humbly seeking to resonate the glorious greatness of trees for the essence and purity of trees are truly the symbols of one of the greatest inspirations and motivations.

In this context, let us briefly examine a tree. It stands calm and still, serene and tranquil and does not change its preferentiality or indisposition or attitude or behavior or transform itself; in any weather, it stays true to its nature and not the whether where human beings keep sometimes caught in the procrastination mode of opting to let go of what they have to embrace what they don;t need to have!

The following is a brief prelude of the excepts, truly amazing:- (Quote)

According to the Arbor Day Foundation, “a mature leafy tree produces as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year.” Here are some other quoted figures regarding the amount of oxygen produced by a tree:

“A single mature tree can absorb carbon dioxide at a rate of 48 lbs./year and release enough oxygen back into the atmosphere to support 2 human beings.” – McAliney, Mike. Arguments for Land Conservation: Documentation and Information Sources for Land Resources Protection, Trust for Public Land, Sacramento, CA, December, 1993


“One acre of trees annually consumes the amount of carbon dioxide equivalent to that produced by driving an average car for 26,000 miles. That same acre of trees also produces enough oxygen for 18 people to breathe for a year.”– New York Times


” A 100-ft tree, 18″ diameter at its base, produces 6,000 pounds of oxygen.” Northwest Territories Forest Management


“On average, one tree produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen each year. Two mature trees can provide enough oxygen for a family of four.” – Environment Canada, Canada’s national environmental agency


“Mean net annual oxygen production (after accounting for decomposition) per hectare of trees (100% tree canopy) offsets oxygen consumption of 19 people per year (eight people per acre of tree cover), but ranges from nine people per hectare of canopy cover (four people/ac cover) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to 28 people/ha cover (12 people/ac cover) in Calgary, Alberta.” – U.S. Forest Service and International Society of Arboriculture joint publication

©2014 Vashi Chandi


Information Source Attribution : –


There is truly far much more that we can learn from trees but once we study and learn the salient vital factors, its what contributions we earnestly make towards the conservation and ecological factors of Nature and the Universe that will play a determinant role in our lives.

Remember, apart from trees, our civilization has been gifted with innumerable resources which also intends to refer to the sanctity as well as the purity of our bodies and minds. To help navigate, we have been equipped with the creative brilliance of our soulful insights, our intuitive and reasoning intellectual faculties that empower us at each and every stage of our lives when we live a purposeful life with conscious awareness in ensuring the practice of righteousness in all that we think, do, express and implement and most importantly living our dharma (duties) to fulfill our karma (deeds), for we reap what we sow; the law of cause and effect predominantly prevails, whether a few centuries ago, in this century or further ahead across the glorious advent of the passage of time that silently reflects upon what we are contemplating and then with that priceless contemplation whether we are fulfilling the commitments, the promises and the pledges that we made towards ourselves, towards others around us and most importantly towards Mother Nature and the Universe, God bless.

For those who may seek objective answers regarding the evolutionary factors relating to trees or how we human beings are inextricably associated with the well being of trees, well, they may keep exploring whats all across the Universe but the divine element within each and every form of God’s creations exemplifies the significant importance of calmness in our lives. We may achieve how much ever, but if we do not realize or experience calmness in our lives, then we are intensifying our aging process alarmingly since being calm is not just an art, it is an innate and inherent characteristic of humanity and respectfully admiring the endurance of the trees, we will be humbled that the wisdom Nature and the Universe shares with all of creation is also available to us when we intently listen to the sacred conversation of the mind of our heart as well as the heart of our mind which time and again inspire us to consciously awaken to our true nature, our true self and our divine essence and do something meaningful and purposeful in each and every moment of our lives so that we could give back a humble token of thanks to Mother Nature and the Universe by each resourcefully treading across the pathways of our lives with a perspective of compassion, due diligence, prudence, righteousness, sincerity, tenacity, truthfulness and our brilliant creative wisdom infinitely, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Nothing Matters? Master Now Think!

20131225-152342When nothing maters, now think matters! Remember that you are the master of your own destiny and fate; realize that matter is energy and the pureness of energy cannot be created or destroyed for energy is infinite.

Henceforth, being courageous, diligent, prudent, responsible, sincere, tenacious, true and wise with the precious wealth of energy you have, resourcefully utilize what you have been equipped with and have confidence and faith in your true nature and true self.

Heed to your life’s purposeful living with conscious awareness and do what is right and practice righteousness in all that you think, do, express and implement consistently, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Being Life, Being Alive, The Conference Call With God

c5acb0b25d1ebbde2d71be11f5848b3dBeing Life = The conference call we have been waiting for.

Being Alive = The weigh+think we have been conferring forth.

Whether conference or conferring, the essence of our life’s truth represents care, compassion, contentment, courage, courtesy, consideration, conscientiousness, competence, confidence and commitment where the conversations with God continue commendably, nobly and meritoriously, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Habits create us? Trust recreates? Habitual syndrome? Comfort zone? Discipline!

TAOLife-Discipline-is-the-difference-between-goals-and-accomplishment--1024x682Human Beings, Creatures of Habit? Who said so? That was said, is said, is repeated and believed?

Why not start believing the greatness of humanity as well and then make that statement change all the way right around, it is:-

It is, human beings are the heartbeat of creation, believe it, create it and experience it.

self-confidence-leadership-styles-self-discipline-300x300Regarding the captioned titles with question marks, no matter how much is discussed; there will be a lifelong analysis, debate and earnest quest to seek resolutions but until or unless each of us individually take and shoulder the respective responsibilities with a perspective of conscious moral realization, we will be right there at the very same point where we started, having gone round in a complete circle, but not having achieved anything at all.

Why so, because we choose, because we preferred, because we elected and then we selected. It cannot be fully blamed on any single factor such as genes or pre disposition being carried from generations or any compulsive disorders only. There are various aspects that converge together to form a conclusive set of results and eventualities, which means lots of things, little by little got together, and their assimilation thus lead to what we call and refer to as a habit or habits.

gordon-b-hinkley-quote-the-discipline-that-is-needed-in-our-lives-isThrough meditation, we can strive to consciously awaken to our true nature and our true self which is pure and is devoid of any of the conditional patterns that we have self imposed upon ourselves, however apart from meditating, it is the main set of times, when we are performing our worldly duties, that we need to maintain rather than restrain, yes since maintain refers to main+staying while restrain refers to re-straining.

This is not some fancy set of grammatical harmoniousness or sound good, its about believing, good, feeling good and practicing good and righteousness. Let us see and reflect upon some aspects that we come across in our daily lives.

henry-moore-sculptor-discipline-in-art-is-a-fundamental-struggle-toWhen we input a password wrongly, the device we seek to access remains locked. So similarly with life, if we keep using a wrong approach, then we will likewise keep experiencing wrongness no matter how the procedure might be because wrong begets wrong and right+what is correct begets likewise.

First we have a bit and then we bit our having whereby our very own habits become our most challenging having, that is we feel we cannot do without our habits? and yet we can do for that is true, we can do without certain habits for sure, this is regarding habits that are contradicting and affecting our well being, but then its not just about talk, more talk, writing and more writing, convincing and more convincing or trying to brainwash or make someone believe or change their beliefs, no, no and no, it is all about the master password which is “discipline”.

jim-rohn-jim-rohn-discipline-is-the-bridge-between-goals-andUntil or unless we are living a disciplined life, whereby we practice discipline in and at all times; whether anyone is looking/watching or not, we ensure that we are disciplined and safeguarding ourselves from any practices that are not good for our well being. Remember at school, those first days of our studying and “learning”, what we first of all learned particularly was the obedience and the respect, we faithfully stood by disciplining ourselves and likewise for the school of life, we can, if we really commit to living a disciplined life.


Moral-discipline-provides-the-stability-for-us-to-develop-meditative-concentration-which-enables-our-innate-wisdom-to-arise.Regardless of whatever the habit maybe; if it is a comfort zone, let us look into it, what is the comfort? Is it the calm forth sown? Is it the calmness and the peacefulness, the serenity and tranquility that is making us remain ensconced in a particular state of being? But then, do we realize that on one hand, we are weighing and on the other hand, we are being weighed and sought to be accountable for our peculiar behavior, even if we are not doing anything at all.

WellLife is dharma (duties) where we fulfill our karma (deeds) and this is all governed by goodwill that belongs to the harmonious welfare of ourselves and others. Since the cells within our being are all interconnected, how we feel about one think, about one thing can go ahead and either make us feel likewise about many more thinks and things consistently or leave us caught in a dilemma all because we held onto one particular belief? one particular practice? one particular insistence relating to some wayward indulgence? one particular stubbornness; one particular contradiction of all that is fair and right? But why, why hold onto what’s wrong? why go against your own best interests please?

insp0040I am not speaking the above based on any research or experience and neither am I qualified or recognized to make statements or express opinions relating to the captioned, rather I am earnestly seeking to express what is reflecting itself forth from within me. I am speaking from one pointedness of discipline, that is all, since even if one single person, including my ownself tends and intends to purely practice discipline in different areas of life, there could be remarkable changes that could unfold for discipline is one factor that interconnects many other factors and fact us. Discipline is that which is a priceless jewel, one of the greatest treasures ever known to humankind, where the greatest happiness, the greatest joys and the very greatest fulfillment have all come together to be experienced gloriously. Just imagine, how much different a disciplined life is from just living without discipline, it is far beyond any comparison for discipline is order and no discipline is disorder; so what would you prefer, order or disorder? Would you prefer to have everything arranged and pro active or disarrayed? confused? entangled in a web of complexities? complicated? and disorderly please?

For sure, all of us like to have our things in place, so then why don’t we diligently work upon the thinks, the discipline level + levels please. Imagine, having so many aspects of our lives so well arranged, so well programmed, so well unfolding, so well and systematically coordinated, so well and seamlessly and meticulously streamlined and perfectly aligned in a methodically precision structure, so very much as prepared as ever; so very much organized and orderly; there is truly so much more that happens in our lives when we follow a disciplined way of living that we start wondering why were we just leading our lives just like that? without a purpose? without a order? without a systematic and methodical approach? Actually speaking of discipline, it is not about when and where we are or in the presence of others only that this applies, discipline and being disciplined is for always, whereever we maybe; whatever the time maybe, whatsoever it is, discipline is paramount; there are no exceptions, of course if one is afflicted by certain health impediments/ailments or other certain peculiar conditions, it can be understandable, but when being perfectly all right and just avoiding to take charge and responsibility to escape from discipline? being pretentious? being lazy? being ignorant and negligent and deliberately postponing and procrastinating? No, those excuses that tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, that the next, week, the next month, the next year or for other conditions to fall into place? No excuses, No excuses and No excuses please; discipline is discipline and the earlier we live a disciplined life, the greater our life will tend to be, for each and every moment of life is so precious and truly wonderful that it wants us to celebrate each and every one of its moments gloriously but then there is a price apart from fulfilling our respective commitments, the price is the discipline, the orderliness of the disciplined approach and ensuring that as we grow in our disciplines, we keep ensuring that each and every stage and step of our lives is lived with conscious awareness and not in a state of day dreaming or aloofness or just vacillating or waiting for things to happen by themselves. It is also that not just speaking so much and then doing nothing or just depending upon discipline alone to put everything else into place; no, no and no; discipline is a part of many other aspects falling onto place, the many other aspects having the practice of righteousness in the very highest order and the very first and foremost place in our lives.


5f0ba7f0024372440bd44c0379cd0e68Understanding discipline and practicing it can bring about phenomenal changes in our lives and yes that could be called the very trust of our lives. Yes, disciplining our lives could then become the trusting factor of our lives since with each disciplining, we awaken to our moral conscience and practice what is righteous, what is wisdom and what is truth; however it is about ensuring that the disciplines are not personal delusional disciplines or self conditioning where we are lead astray or embarking on any indulgence in wrong behavior or doing anything that is ethically incorrect and against the conventional etiquette, practices, principles, standards and values governing the respective societies and cultures that we are fortunate to be part of. We need to respect to be respected, we need to be disciplined to experience the discipline of our being and for sure once we achieve, it provides us with more courage to move ahead in each and every pathway of our lives more jubilantly and joyfully since all of wish to be appreciated, however first we need to truly appreciate to be appreciated by the truth, for life’s truth is about an equation and that equation is that we are all equally endowed with the shining factor, the luminescence, the creative magnificent radiance that emanates from within the sacred realms of our souls, it is the divine vision, the divine wisdom and the divine will of our lives that will unfold and reveal itself to us when we faithfully strive to uphold and practice what is righteousness in all that we think, do, express and implement consciously.

nowhereRemember that when believing that habits create us? It is the seed, yes the roots that encapsulate the truth. The core beliefs will determine how and what we do, so if we seek to institute and implement any profound changes, it is disciplining ourselves right we started practicing certain tendencies, where we started allowing and permitting, so instead of trying to find the cause and effect constantly, let us reach across to the affect; what is affecting us right at the very seed; the seedling and origin/the core structure of our thinking process, of our knowledge, of our beliefs and of our wisdom and then at that very same level that we conditioned? that we habituated? that we accustomed ourselves to? that we made us comfortable with? that we patterned our way of thinking and living? to discipline at that juncture what we wish to realize, that is harvesting and sowing the seeds of what is correct, of what is righteous, of what is pure and what is the truth for it is not about some lofty words; it is not about some complicated set of statements; it is about the purity of our beliefs, we wish to enjoy our lives and be content, be happy like we see others around us, but then we need to strive to discipline ourselves at the root level for the root level which can be gradually understood during meditation as we expand our consciousness and raise our consciousness to the level of the divine light, it is what we do beyond our meditation as well, the discipline factor, ensuring that beyond all the observations, we are opting, we are serving and we are fulfilling our respective commitments, feeling good and ensuring that we are being consciously aware of what we are thinking and doing rather than just thinking anything and doing anything without any aim or purpose please, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Desperation? Fear? Panic? What have we got to lose?

quote-truth-is-first-felt-in-the-heart-before-the-mind-those-that-look-for-truth-through-the-mind-before-suzy-kassem-388254The reality of life states, What have we got, truth looks. (and it is not a personal or favorite truth, but it is truth as it is!)

Yes, the truth is relating to all that is authentic, pure and sacred; whereas illusion and fantasy or scandals – sensationality; aimless wandering may make a person feel week and thrown around by their own delusion and mis interpreted and negative thinking, emotions and feelings.

This is why, the captioned point repeats itself time again, which is:- what have we got, truth looks! and not what have we got to lose.

The paranoia or intense feelings of losing and repeatedly losing maybe something from past experiences or tragedies but that does not mean one has to keep dwelling in that state of being for our consciousness is pure and with the grace of our true nature and our true self, the glory of the divine essence, the divine wisdom and the divine vision will help us in its own way provided we are sincerely true to our nature and practice righteousness.

Consciousness is witness to the panorama of our lives, we cannot pretend and deviate from what we are actually doing, intending and meaning. So, when we are practicing all that is correct, all that is fair, all that is just (as in justice), all that is compliant to the respective laws, regulations and rules governing the national and international jurisdictions including those of the Universe, we experience a greater satisfaction for we know that we are truly doing our very best for the very best for ourselves and others promisingly.

Just reading the captioned title and then rushing to find a quick fix solution or anything that is magical or a shortcut here or a shortcut there is not the intention. It is what have we got = Truth looks, yes the vision of the truth is one that is eternal and infinite; it is pure and full of divine grace and divine wisdom.

So what have we got, truth looks and this goes on and on and on and on ……….. gloriously, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi


Moments and Us

WonderThe moment in us, thus in the moment.This moment contains all moments, its momentum is full of contentment as well as commitment to the truth of life’s promise.

Let us rejoice in each and every moment by resourcefully fulfilling our respective commitments diligently, earnestly, faithfully, prudently, responsibly, sincerely, truthfully, tenaciously and wisely, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

idea, idiya, idivya; I am divine, You are divine, We are all divine

Quotation-Swami-Vivekananda-duty-god-devotion-Meetville-Quotes-52842dea’s; dios’s translational definition refers to God. diya refers to lamp. divya refers to divinity.

We are the divine essence of infinity. We are the infinite essence of divinity.

God is within as well as all around us. The image of God is sacredly enshrined within the realms of the true nature, of the true self as well as the divine essence of all forms of God’s creations magnificently, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

The Universe, Our Sight and Decisions; Intuition and Universal Insight








































Let the Universe decide? This sight enlightens our Universe.

Remember, it is the sight of our insight; our intuitive wisdom that encompasses the priceless wealth of creative magnificent knowledge and amazingly empowers us to make, take and standby some of our life’s most remarkable decisions consistently, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Where are we now?

Be-A-leader 4565 9e33bd327181fd557589c0cbd3263355Today and right now, perhaps some of us are waiting for time to change?

Then some others are changing for times true wait?

And yet, some of us are neither waiting, nor changing but only contemplating?

Wherever we are, we must be consciously and truly where we are for by the time time changes and further evolves, we will know where and how to adapt; otherwise, it would be putting a gap of time in between us and ourselves.

It means that by isolating ourselves or living in a state of pretentiousness or incessant procrastination, we might be able to allay some aspects of our lives, but eventually the hands of time will consequentially demand firm accountability, so where are we now?

Let us be right where we truly are, always practicing righteousness in all that we think, do, express and implement as well as ensuring to live our dharma (duties) to fulfill our karma (deeds) earnestly, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

E.T. Extraterrestrial Life, UFO, Alien Life, Close Encounters, The Mysterious Evolution

nasa3 There are certainly extraterrestrial civilizations that remain to be discovered and thus respectfully recognized as well for they deserve a dignified amount and degree of respect as we earnestly respect one another cordially. Some may wonder, what to respect, the imagination? the illusive notions? or the images of what we have been watching beaming across the cinema screens, our electronic devices or traversing through other fictional renditions? It is actually far much more than we may realize, but with all due respect, we need to behold a respectful opinion of what lies across the other sides and amongst the cosmic constellations for everything that exists is pure in its essence and evolution, and so are all of us as well. Over the decades as we have been exploring and progressing with phenomenal discoveries, this particular aspect of alien life has always been shrouded in secrecy.


34 eachjourEveryone has their opinion, but when referring to life beyond our cosmos, this is not a matter of random speculation or poring through different news reports, analysis and investigations, it is a matter of realization that as we dwell on our planet, so could the other forms of alien beings dwell+inhabit right across their respective domains and spheres of cohabitation’s accordingly.

neil-armstrong-quote-on-alien-lifeThe approach of humanity is one of curiosity, fascination and then comes the pro active defensive shield that what if they are more superior? What if they are more powerfully equipped? What if there unfolds a certain scenario that could result into a bitter confrontation? Why not the other way around of expressing and intonating our pure intent which is that we seek universality in individuality as well as individuality in universality, where we shine as one and strive shoulder to shoulder to glorify and celebrate the greatness of the Universe as our proud heritage of remarkable principles, values and sacredness respectfully.

bruno2So it is either, whether we may seek to reflect upon the purity or the speculative outlook of so on and so forth of contradictory ideologies along with the speculative assumptions and far fetched notions and illusions  transcending across the mind scape of our imaginary tracts precipitating at each juncture more and more of a sense of weariness rather than awareness?




In fact, if the respective exploratory organizations share the related information with people all over the World, there would be a completely different outlook and approach to this, perhaps we might come across a more realized and balanced response towards welcoming this in our lives since given the scope of time, at one time or another, there might be close encounters but they would be possibly more from a well informed, a more cordial and pro active, welcoming attitude rather than one of an instantaneous and reactive response.

mygoalissimple-quotecard.sizedThe captioned title refers to mysterious evolution because once people do not know, they will keep assuming different aspects and reaching far fetched conclusions, whereby our current and future generations would thereby compliment the process with their perspectives and as this augments, it would remain an illusive mystery waiting to unfold and if we may have noticed that when we are well informed, we are more glad about the process and are willing to come forth to contribute and share our wisdom that could help in sustaining the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe.



carl_sagan___01_by_aguelmann-d375m3cRemember, the Universe rather than saying our Universe, for the Universe belongs to all, those who we know as well as those who we don’t know as yet and may hopefully know or our future generations may come to know but until we know, let us respectfully vibrate and send across the message that our planet is an harmonious society that cherishes the scope of unanimous and sustainable progress and welfare of other spatial constellations as well.











We are not sure if our impulses, if our vibrational tendencies may reach across but the very feeling of goodness is something remarkable for it is pure in it essence and so is all of the spatial realms and the Universe. The purpose of this post is not to sensationally refer to any aspect speculatively or just stir any controversy.




76That is all futile and completely a waste of precious time, rather it is an intuitive approach where as we know the discipline of various sciences refer to rationality and the awareness of the wisdom we have been endowed with respectfully, so keeping that in mind, rather than just leaving this aspect to mysteriously keep unfolding with speculative theories, let us shed more light upon it as reasonably as possible to help transform the understanding and interpretation from one of wonder to wonderfulness; let us celebrate the essence of the wisdom that we have been provided with and resourcefully by greeting what’s out there cordially and ingeniously.

400f3824dbfda9a1fed572ff3012e7edLet us put it this way, we are always wondering what’s looking upon us? Whereas, with the way in which we look forth, we are actually reflecting back to ourselves in the very identical manner intensively. We are wondering what’s looking upon us whereas what’s looking upon us is likewise wondering what+the way in which we are looking upon and why? There are curious stares and states of being that we are experiencing curiosity and fascination but at the very same time, we are exuding and sending forth certain elements and vibrational tendencies of apprehension, anxiety and fear? Is it out of lack of awareness that what we are facing will phase us out?

bacdf5f698b39ef042500f7d1b5be30eNo, never so, that is our take, we are reaching our own conclusions for what’s on the other side we do not know, but what’s on the other sight is already perceived and interpreted instantaneously, that is the pulse of the impulse where in a fraction of a few seconds, we send and transmit across more than we could ever realize and with spatial beings and unknown celestial bodies, we are either adding another chapter amongst the realm of our awareness that close encounters are not actually about the face to face contact and experiences, but sometimes maybe in the form of other imaginative experiences where we tread upon and actually think of it as a dream state of being?

quote-all-things-are-in-the-universe-and-the-universe-is-in-all-things-we-in-it-and-it-in-us-in-this-giordano-bruno-214120If we think of UFO’s unidentified flying objects as hostile and keep holding onto that notion that they are against us, then that is what is gravitating and beaming right across the space within as well as all around us all along, let us rather wish well for what they are, that it will compliment the Universe with its own spectacular creative intelligence for as we have discovered and kept exploring, likewise there abounds life across the different respective galaxies which we need to respectfully observe and carefully regard as sentient beings rather than just as martians or strange creatures, for the very premonition that we harbor leads thus to its consequent realization, for as we all know very well, the human physique and intelligent quotient has been endowed with some phenomenal powers that are still being constantly discovered, experienced and realized amongst which the experience of one’s true nature, one’s true self, of one’s divine essence and the process of self realization being phenomenally amazing, God bless.

quote-i-believe-in-aliens-i-think-it-would-be-way-too-selfish-of-us-as-mankind-to-believe-we-are-the-demi-lovato-114916To welcome someone into our lives, we need to summon the life in true our well and will calm in. This is not about a poetic rendition of paraphrasing of synchronous set of phrases, but rather it is about being realistic, about being practical, about being rational, about being sensible, about being tenacious, about being diligent as well as prudent, about being truthful, sincere, wise and committed towards fostering our ties and pacts with all forms of lives that about within as yFHg4well as all across the Universe respectfully, honoring the discipline of disciplines for nothing can be casually remarked or scoffed upon for we never know or realize that the element of what’s looking upon us is looking upon us from millions of miles away, far away amongst the galaxies and able to construe and interpret in its own subjective or objective manner of interpretation; but here is where the catch is, we cannot judge or know and have all the answers, what we know is that we need to practice righteousness in all that we think, do and express consistently with methodical consistency for it is time and again a matter of discipline, time and again it is discipline that teaches us so much more than we could ever realize or may have ever imagined, for when we consider life, life by itself can see here, there and right across every where sacredly; and then whether it is amongst us or extra terrestrials, its a matter of the truth that will eventually prevail and sanctify the realms of our being and existence with glorious magnificence creatively and magnificently, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi