ShivAmbe, AmbeShiva, Pure Consciousness


















Shiva is the divine ambition of purity while Ambe is the pure ambition of divinity.

The divine ambition of evolution exemplifies purity as the sacred power of creation.

The purity of our hearts enables us to see God as well as to be God seen within the goodwill of the Universe, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Hari Om Namo Narayana, Meeting God Halfway

4eb8415bbe065277c7fe3ef53de6bdce    In God We Trust; Trust, The Divine Essence of Humanity

Hari refers to the divine essence of creation. Om refers to the pure symbol and sanctified syllable that represents the eternal spirit of life. Namo refers to naman which is the respectful reverence to one’s higher self. Narayana refers to the crowning grace of humanity’s brilliant and creatively sacred wisdom.

Every aspect of our lives is sustained by the remarkable trust of the divine grace. The divine legacy of a human being’s trust. The divine trust of a humanity’s legacy.In one moment, we see God and in the very same moment we are God’s sight. Our calm union with our higher self enables us to realize our communion with God. All that God seeks from us is that we each fulfill the divine purpose of our lives.

e2ffb0d9378f2c34140ffb92d803fa6cIts a remarkable set of discoveries where as we expand our consciousness and elevate+raise our conscience conscientiously to the level of the divine light, we experience the amazing radiance of the divine principles, the divine values, the divine will and the divine wisdom elucidating and singing God’s glory.

Then onwards, we humbly realize that it is is not about religion or society or caste or status or privilege or preferentiality or money or riches or knowledge or priority or contributions; but merely the greatest wealth of wealth’s, which is the purity of our intent; our shuddh bhav; it is from the pure intent as it is that we enshrine and create what creation ordains.

In one paragraph, this is summed up as follows. Unless we learn to like God’s beings. then we learn true like God being with us. God’s beings are all of creation, the complete universe and that ever was, is and will ever be; where compassion, humility, dharma (duties) and karma (deeds) rule as the determinant factors.

As we keep performing our deeds truly, guided by the virtue of righteousness and our graceful wisdom ensuring observance of conscious awareness, conscientiousness, compassion, due diligence, prudence. sincerity, tenacity and truth as the pillar stones of each and every action+initiative, we will keep covering the distance and drawing more and more closer to God without actually realizing how far we have come at each and every step after all.

f288f70591d699ebd8f26ac573653006The journey will appear as joy in thee, full of the gloriousness of God’s wonderfulness for as each and every one of us yearns to have a glimpse of God, it is not God that is distantly far, far and very far away; rather, it is God and God’s glorious image that was, is and will continually remain enshrined in each and every one of God’s creations amazingly.

Many of us recognize and realize this and experience a sense of greatness that we are indeed more than half way in our meeting with God, for we are coming across the divinity that is ensconced within billions and billions of souls, where we with the pure intent of our devotion help ourselves to awaken to our true nature, to our true self and to our divine essence gloriously celebrating the journey of this wonderful life and earnestly attending to our respective agendas, assignments, duties and tasks, realizing that we are actually serving God through truly serving one another; we are upholding and faithfully safeguarding the mantle of the divine trust that we have been bestowed+endowed with, knowing that God is there within our higher selves as well as the higher selves of each and every form of God’s creation; so it is God here, there and everywhere where we truly are one with God. in communion with God’s gloriousness infinitely, Hari Om Namo Narayana, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi


Hunting, Tearing the Tears of Life

580892_406076716117887_1116497628_nRealize that hunting hurts the heart of humanity. Due to hunting, millions of animals die a slow and agonizingly painful death.

Their heart rending cries appeal to the hunters to awaken to their moral conscience, but to no avail.

Hunting is the greatest form of cruelty. When we human beings cannot bear even the slightest pain, then how can some of us inflict so much terrifying pain upon animals please?

Why do the animals have to keep enduring the terrifying cruelty of the hunters please?
When will some human beings awaken to their true nature and practice compassion please?

When will legislation’s be enacted and promulgated globally that recognize the moral rights of the animals and permit them with the sacred privilege to live peacefully please? God bless

©2014 Vashi Chandi