Happiness – Happiness is Who We Truly Are

Happiness – Happiness is Who We Truly Are


The Happiness that we are and we always have is priceless;


The Happiness that we share and provide others is amongst the greatest of treasures


The more the Happiness we give others, The more the happiness that returns to ourselves


It is a matter of awareness; of making conscious choices; meaningful, purposeful and responsible decisions


Being Happy is a natural part of us; We are inherently Happy; Happiness is a heartbeat away

Life always truly encourages us to pursue our objectives with a True and Meaningful Vision of Wisdom - meaningful consideration- meaningful intention- meaningful priority- meaningful responsibility- meaningful diligence- meaningful fortitude; meaningful forbearance; meaningful temperance; meaningful prudence, meaningful wisdom and meaningful confidence at each and every instance, whether in thought or deed


Think of the Happy Moments; Think of how much Joy You could bring in the lives of others around You


It is at times the very simplest of actions that create the greatest moments of happiness


Happiness is Yours; Happiness is theirs; Happiness is Ours; Happiness is everybody’s; Happiness is Who We Truly Are


When each and everyone of us attend to our respective agendas; assignments; duties; obligations; tasks; projects and other related activities with due diligence; we experience a greater joy upon accomplishment of the concerned matters respectively

Prioritize – Pro Active – Live and Work with a Vision

When we prioritize; When we ensure to make note of and follow upon our commitments; commitments to ourselves and others; we experience a greater happiness that cannot be found elsewhere


At times obviously; there needs to be a rationalization to discern and identify what is what and for what it stands; face the facts since there is no avoiding the facts and then take the meaningful; purposeful and responsible decisions; But be Pro active; Organized and Systematic please

Happiness; Fortune

When we so very fortunately come into this Universe; we have been Blessed with Happiness; Indeed life is the very most precious gift that we have been gifted with; What we do meaningfully; purposefully and responsibly with this gift of Life is our greatest gift to our Respected and Loving Parents and to God; God Bless

More Happiness; Disciplined Approach

When we live our lives meaningfully; purposefully and responsibly; taking every aspect of life into meticulous and accountable consideration; calibrated precision and strategic implementation, without seeking to blame others, we discover more Happiness; God Bless


It might be possible there might be certain aspects that might suddenly emerge as road blocks and cause detours but if we are resilient and disciplined in our approach and are true to ourselves and others; there is a discernible factor that obviously prevails and motivates us to pursue our objectives passionately; since we are not seeking to pretend or make believe; but we are living the very finest moments of life, one moment by one moment, very most happily


It is to be remembered and carefully understood that we can never be happy by taking away or snatching others happiness; never; never and never; since if we were to ever to do so; then we would be faced with similar set of circumstances and conditions that would seek to be augment; increment so many manifold-multiple times that we would regret why the decision to ever venture into such a direction ever evolved? The price to be paid is stupendous; more expensive than any price that could ever be imagined (Be Happy with Others; Celebrate in their Happiness as well)

Vision – Abundance of Happiness & Wisdom

We are always Blessed with a Vision of Happiness and Wisdom, always; Let us seek to discover our trueselves and be true to ourselves and others; Respect others and Rejoice in their Happiness for in one another’s Happiness is our True and very Greatest Happiness and Treasure


Like the Stars that shine for others selflessly; let us similarly create and bring about greater Happiness and Inspiration in others lives around us; as well as all across the Universe always


As we all know that each and every one us have a greater purpose in this life; so while attending to our personal and professional obligations respectively; it would be greatly appreciated to permit the Inspiration and Greater Happiness and Inspiration to spread  here as well as all across the Universe


Let us be recognized as an meaningful source of Inspiration and Happiness that is fostering Love and Respect; Admiration and Appreciation; Consideration and Reverence as the hallmarks – pillars of every action meaningfully; purposefully and responsibly


It is considered that one remains immersed within one’s cognitive state; contemplating upon various probabilities and suppositions whilst dis regarding the influence that one could be having by emitting a particularly frequency;


The analogy is to a radio transmitter – that when particular waves are transmitted, the signals reach across and like a beacon that helps guide the navigation process – when the mind remains calm and still; lot of aspects can be perceived from a more clearer and balanced perspective that relates to the concerned aspect being referred to)

Similarly when we radiate the waves of Happiness, we are encompassed with greater Happiness in one way or the other; at one time or another; Happiness is what we truly are


In this context it is the two methods of thinking which are the contemplative thinking and the reflective thinking; The contemplative thinking seeking to pursue a pro active approach – an approach of wisdom; The reflective thinking seeking to pursue a self proclaimed approach


Every aspect of life encourages us to learn from the experiences and wisdom of others rather than embroiling ourselves into venturing and experiencing the overwhelming challenges that might have been faced by others


It is not imperative or essentially ordained that we have to put ourselves through what others have gone through intensively and when we speak regarding others, it is having an immensely significant range of sentimental values which cannot be dis regarded or mis interpreted or connoted on the basis of what one feels; Speak Wisely Please; Think and Speak Please; One single word can make a world of a difference; every word whether spoken or written; communicated very most certainly matters and counts please


Life is not a game or a puzzle board where feelings of others are objected to or reprimanded; As we care about our own feelings, we should likewise care about the feelings of others as well; Be Respectful Please; Be Mindful Please


Every aspect of Life is seeking to teach us more meaningfulness and purposefulness; it depends upon each one of us, whether we are seeking to discover responsibly or go along as the course takes its own path and in the process establishing our own point of views to prevail and reign over others


It is considered that the sincere desire of humanity is encompassed with peace and love; dignity and respect; admiration and appreciation; hope and happiness; and a host of the very finest virtues of life that we have with us always


Happiness is the Mirror of Life; Life is the Mirror of Happiness; There is a reflection of Happiness always, in each and every aspect of Life predominantly; When the World is Happy, We are all Happy; In one another’s Happiness is our true Prosperity, Development and Greatest Happiness; God Bless


May One and All be Appreciative; Grateful and Thankful


May Happiness be showered on One and All; May One and All be Healthy;


May One and All be Loved & Respected; May One and All have Well-being


May One and All realize that their Happiness is linked to others Happiness;


May One and All recognize that when the World is Happy, they are Happier;


May One and All discover the true meaning of Life is that Life is Precious


May One and All be Resourceful & Talented; May One and All Achieve and Excel;


May One and All be Considerate; Creative; Meaningful; Purposeful and Responsible;


May One and All Love Nature; The Environment & Humanity;


May One and All Respect One Another; May One and All Inspire One Another;


May One and All realize that they each have a very meaningful and special purpose in Life;


May One and All believe that they are the precious Gems of this Universe;


May One and All realize that Life is Beautiful; Precious, Meaningful and Purposeful;


May One and All be a Symbol of Gods Loving Love and Light; Radiating Joy for others;


May One and All be Blessed with a Vision of Happiness, Prosperity, Progress and Wisdom always

God Bless

May God Bless You and Your Families with a Vision of Good Health; Wellness; Happiness; Prosperity; Progress & Wisdom always; God Bless

World’s Happiness

When the World is Happy, We are all Happy; In one another’s Happiness is our true Prosperity, Development and Greatest Happiness; God Bless

Universal Appreciation; Happiness; Gratitude & Wisdom

May Universal Appreciation; Good Health & Wellness; Happiness; Consideration; Compassion; Respect; Peace; Love; Cooperation; Inspiration; Gratitude; Economic Development, Stability; Prosperity, Progress & Wisdom prevail always

Love & Light;

God Bless,


©2009 Vashi Ram Chandi


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