Thousands of Hong Kong police prepare for first mass rally since Occupy

The participants should carefully reflect upon their moral conscience and realize the true essence of their lives genuinely and engage in a greater participation in Hong Kong and China’s goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare characteristically.

They are busy listening, but to what actually? While the voice of their true nature keeps inspiring them to awaken to their true self which always is ever grateful to Hong Kong, to China and to the World for providing us innumerable opportunities to make us all proud of Asia’s World City and the World’s City of Asia, Hong Kong.

Let us all seek to avoid any participation in any such rallies and movements that are deviating from the core essence of our life’s graceful wisdom and instead seek to come together earnestly to support the visions that truly work towards the betterment and sustenance of the incredible wealth of priceless moments we have to foster and develop a better understanding of ourselves and others around us since engagement in any such rallies and movements are only contradicting the very essence and fabric of our true identities, God bless.

The Science of the Conscience

indexConscience refers to our moral awareness, however recognition of our moral values remains the integral sacred thread of civilization.

We live in a World that is primarily ranked by the audaciousness, flamboyance and ostentatiousness? But why? Who are we actually trying to impress?

Yes, we are aware that the power of money and have we actually understood and most importantly realize the essence of our true wealth; the priceless virtues and graceful wisdom that is ever ensconced within the realms of our true nature?

inxWe are privileged to be born and provided with amazing opportunities to lead a worthy life however how well do we measure up to the worthiness of our live actually?

This is not a quiz or a questionnaire or even an thought provoking exercise to stimulate reflection upon certain categories of thoughts; glimpse and glance upon them once in a while and go about life stating so what, whats news and blah blah blah…..

It is objectively about one contending factor of our lives that is closer to us than our very breath and has been an observant witness with us ever since we were ever created and will keep evolving.

moral-values-48-638Being cognizant of the fact that our conscience is the moral compass which discerns between right and wrong. In a remarkable way in as well as across always; our conscience is the voice of reality and the divine sacredness that radiates from within the gracefulness of our being.

8aaff4ed54b078b8d9462a7409be02f4The essential significance of understanding our conscience and exploring how we could better lives will only dawn when we genuinely take the respective initiatives with a perspective of courage, diligence, dignity, discipline, prudence, respect, sincerity, truthfulness and wisdom.

Its not about something sensational or trying to open a newer chapter of our lives and see how we can excel better than others; rather it is about noticing the divine essence of the presence as well as the divine presence of the essence with each and everyone of us, for it is that embryo that will connect us with the branches of our lives magnificently.


Whatever we may seek to attain in our lives, our conscience will predominantly witness the cascade of unfolding changes within our lives with keen interest and extend its vision that is filled with provision of ingenuity. Sometimes, it we need the evidence of various aspects to be presented to us as if we were judges and then yet again we may seek to flaunt our egoistical tendencies to reflect our greater sense of knowledge and exclusionary options against conventional wisdom? Why so? Do we think we know much more better than creation and evolution and that we could discover and establish a newer pathway of living graciously? There have been doctrines, principles, tenets and values that seeks to serve as compasses, guiding pillars and lighthouses which have served as faithful companions and evoked our conscious awareness to engage in constructive, meaningful and purposeful aspirations.

life-picture-quotes_5638-6Whether it is the science of the mind, the science of the heart and the science of the brain; they all converge and transcend through the ever watchful and vigilant introspective vision of the conscience. Indeed our conscience has been superbly gifted with an remarkable vision and reasoning power that is beyond description for in various circumstances, we may have noted how the conscience with our gut feelings come to the forefront almost out of nothing at all.

Through prayer and meditation, we can seek to strengthen the passage of our conversation with God within us and this is all determined by the clarity of our conscience for when we have a good conscience, we will experience the wonderfulness of being and keep radiating and attracting the positivity of being.The quintessence of our conscience has been granted to us to further nurture the purity and richness of our life’s heritage.

dreamsWhat are we each doing in each and every day, in each and every moment that is further creating a better us within as well as all around us?  Our conscience is the moral awareness of the way life wants us true be, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Artificial Intelligence? Heartificial Intelligence! Feeling-less World or Words Feeling-less?? Transcending Evolution


Where do we intend to take our lives please? Or where do we intend for life to take us please?

These questions may linger across the horizons and landscapes of millions of minds and hearts yearning for authentic answers that could help to make the appropriate choices.


However due to the aspect of stringently keeping pace with the evolving trends and technologies, it may come to making things easier or busier.quote-not-all-intelligence-can-be-artificial-now-so-if-we-make-a-mistake-the-consequences-are-no-longer-william-irwin-thompson-184671

Easier to be able to resolve various tasks efficiently and busier when faced with the deluge of anxieties of what if and what if not; since the shadows of worries loom far more larger than perceivable or comprehensible. image

It is apparent that what we read leads us and what we lead reads thus. This refers to the sequential patterns of pathways that succinctly unfold for in the technology world, its not about feelings and emotions where various functionalities are device oriented; they are totally dependent upon what has been programmed.


Now coming to the crucial factor of programming, what is the extent and level of programming seeks to accord greater range of powers and flexibilities to the devices? Then inevitably, this is expecting far much more from the automation to virtually command a legion of functions and processes. This also means that certain fraction of intelligence is being transmuted in the form of typical programs and storaged within the repositories of the devices to help ensure a seamless functionality across extensive periods of time frames.


So then as time advances, the level of confidence and trust strengthens and considerably expands incorporating  prolific set of functions and responsibilities upon the respective devices. With the way the World is progressing and the need for greater strategic innovation, integrating the devices with more super intelligent set of functions of channeling independent thinking, crucial decision making and determining what if and what if not scenarios and thereby ensuing subsequent actions could inevitably lead to enormous sets of powers and authorizations being entrusted upon the devices.


The devices we need to carefully remember and understand are emotionless and have no feelings or any tendencies, they mechanically operate and implement the desired actions in accordance with their pre set programming. Now, if the programs were to seek to imbue the human core competencies and intelligence quotient, then a lot and far much more is being envisaged and anticipated from the devices, but how far and how ell this/these could serve remains questionable to considerable extents.

Let us seek to yet again reflect upon this since this is something that will further assume greater set of potentialities and merits careful observations and analytical thinking and stringent decision making and responsibilities taking. While coming across concerns being expressed regarding the scope of artificial intelligence and the frontiers of science and technology that the aspirations of human curiosity and passion is advancing, there are indeed legitimate grounds for the genuine outcome that the development and management of artificial intelligence could eventually lead us to.


Perhaps we may not be quite extensively appraised regarding the phenomenal research and progress of this but in a nutshell, it does reflect that we have come a long way, far much more than anticipated and looking at the trends of how it is being sustained, this may very well transcend the threshold of the remotest imaginary paradigms ever

This is not about some speculative opinion or intending to randomly interpret and casually pass some remarks about the evolution of developments being worked upon. Rather it is in all good faith and with a pure intent, skeptically seeking to review the manner in which the artificial intelligence could apparently unfold with astounding results.wisdom

Why this is being looked upon in such a way is because once engaged with a project of such phenomenal dimensions and experiencing amazing discoveries and revelations, the human tendency may aspire to keep progressing ahead to create greater progress within the scope of reasonability obviously. But then, when assigning and deputizing the set of commands and controls to devices, the extent to which the range of commandments passed over, whether might be appropriate or not, remains to some extent of great concern.purity

With all due respect, this is not being skeptical regarding technological advancement but rather casting an intuitive introspective look upon what is actually being envisaged?  Can what is created stay within certain parameters and protocols of governance and absolute control or would this inevitably become a mechanized sort and type of living? wisdom3

Artificial intelligence may take us far ahead however heartificial intelligence; the wisdom of the heart is what has actually brought us so far and thus far ahead it will keep sustaining us as well. So it is something that has already proven its credentials versus some concept that is yet emerging and gaining greater level of importance and becoming entrenched as a way of life where without artificial intelligence, it appears a lot of functions cannot be achieved?


Well, it it is in areas which are dangerous and need safeguarding, then in those areas where there is for example hot iron or other sensitive environments or otherwise, the legitimacy of having robotic and automated devices to help assist, but if giving excessive liberty to certain devices to take unprecedented charge of our lives where we become extremely dependent upon artificial intelligence as a way of life is what becomes the most crucial contending factor of our lives for what we give way could weight our giving as a consent and gradually become the consequent pivotal fraction where we keep granting automated access and permissions, and then what?We become habituated to conceding greater set of powers and intelligent quotients and programming;s to the devices to keep functioning independently and greater powers, but why? Is giving unprecedented power and authority, fostering phenomenal artificial intelligence in the best interests of all of us all along the way right now and further ahead please?Quotation-Rig-Veda-heart-wisdom-Meetville-Quotes-26349

By the time we realize, it might be quite late since when various concepts set in and get firmly entrenched and ingrained, it might be virtually impossible to shift our priorities and consider another newer way of looking at the very same set of things.


Let us carefully tread and venture ahead taking each set of decisions with utmost consideration for the current and future generations for life is not just about artificial or artifice; life is about authentic and legitimate set of choices and decisions as well as we have noted time and again that the way someone makes us feel stays with us for a lifetime and we want our current and future generations also to be blessed with the great privilege of feeling for one another for feelings with the heart of wisdom is absolutely unique and superbly outstanding.


We realize that life is created with some of the finest set of intellectual competencies and sets of virtues including the amazing creative and brilliant wisdom quotient characteristically whereas artificial intelligence is and will remain what is categorically command oriented, cold and detached, no feelings whatsoever and absolutely no consideration or conscientiousness which are important elements of life. The choice remains ours, whether to live our life fulfillingly or be made to be dependent on external artificial factors to experience the fulfillment of our living? The choices and decisions, the wisdom our hearts knows very well and consciously with its amazing wealth of wisdom infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Remembering Mahatma Gandhi, Will God, God’s Wheel, Chakras, God’s Meeting Point

willIn life, we keep querying a lot of will’s; will this, will that and will whatever else? When will we will God? When we will God, it is God we seek and that’s all. Now that all does not mean forsaking or renunciation, rather while promisingly living in this World and earnestly performing our respective duties, we are declaring our pure intent, to be aligned with God’s will.

God’s wheel respectfully refers to the chakras which are the pure energy zones of our consciousness that connect us with ourselves, one another, the Nature, the Environment and the Universe. Pure consciousness is complete, the totality and the sum of all energy that was, is and will ever be. So recognizing this, we aspire to achieve self realization and experience our oneness with God, however God sacredly dictates that we need to first of all complete our respective karma (deeds) and this is facilitated through a disciplined observance of our dharma (duties).

Referring to the chakras, God’s wheel of pure consciousness and divine energy that flows throughout our cells inspire us to adopt the virtue of righteousness in all that we think, do and express consistently with authentic, compassionate, conscientious, legitimate, meaningful, modest, moral, noble, prudent, purposeful, sincere, truthful and wise consistency. Gandhi spun forth the chakra (spinning wheel) that through the divine will of his consciousness sought to change and remarkably transform the World all together.

truthsYour intuitive divine will and wheel of consciousness is synonymously existent and prevalent in each and every form of God’s creations amazingly; remember though that this is not just about some wishful thinking or just like that at all! It needs a disciplined and devotional approach where first when we fulfill our respective duties and then at the appointed time, for a few minutes daily when we practice meditation, as we expand and raise our consciousness to the level of the divine light will we be able to actually dispel and remove the layers of egoistical ignorance that may have established their habitual pathways of indoctrinating the essence of our lives.

So then and there onwards, as you realize the divine essence of your chakras, the passage between the divine, you and all of God’s creation gets encompassed with graceful wisdom magnificently; and that becomes the meeting point with God. Indeed, it is through our sacred chakras that we can miraculously heal, obtain the divine courage as well as the graceful wisdom to devotionally fulfill the completeness of our life’s evolution and experience self realization brilliantly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Life Happens? Happening Life? Life’s Mysteries? Life Management? Life Leadership!


Right 1Why are certain things happening in our lives?  It it because we are allowing them? Is it because we are loving them? Is it because we are all+owing them?

Perhaps we may not be able to find answers or resolve some of life’s mysteries but as far as we truly do the very best with what we have; then we can expect our lives to respond likewise.

The above quote (author unknown) may not be as easy to follow and implement in one’s daily life but then for centuries the virtue of righteousness has been advocated as an extremely powerful and influential factor; hence it truly merits due observance, practice and respectfulness with reference to related implementation considerately and relevantly.

Frankly speaking, somethings in our lives happen almost all of a sudden, almost as if out of nothing at all and then we maybe caught off guard? unprepared? shocked?

Why not make it a strict discipline of our lives to be constantly practicing discipline, vigilance and tenaciousness where it may relate to thinks or things for being alert may to some extent keep us in the observant state where our presence of mind and extra alert watchfulness maybe able to review certain details at certain times which may have otherwise been overlooked after all.

Yet again, it comes back to the above mentioned; to truly do the very best with what we have; then we can expect our lives to respond likewise. Beyond this, if somethings happen, we should seek to carefully remain alert, diligent, prudent, vigilant and watchful in ensuring that we are observing the necessary safeguards and practicing what needs to be done fulfillingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Investing in the Soil and Soul of the Universe; Rehearsing Evolution in Each Breath Conscientiously




Let us clarify our minds, the vision unfolds. Let us glorify our hearts, the provision unfurls. Let us sanctify our soul, the envisioning of life’s evolution proliferates.


The investment is about sanctity which can be achieved and remarkably sustained through practice of righteousness in all that we think, do and express consistently.


This is about audit of the Universe where each and everyone of us must conscientiously contribute towards its unanimous goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare.

nature leaves design quotes typography simple background environment butterflies_wallpaperswa.com_69

It is not about redistribution of wealth but rather about engineering and spreading the priceless riches of knowledge and resourcefulness; making people awaken to their true divine essence characteristically.


When people recognize; actually more than recognition, when they realize their respective intellectual proficiencies and magnificent potentialities at being able to be extremely resourceful; the ideals, the principles and values ensconced within their true nature, within their true selves and their divine essence will lead all of us to the pinnacle of our civilization.


People will perform more better and thereby live more fulfilling lives by characteristically creating and inventing more goodness within as well as all around them.



This is not a philosophical or mythological rehearsal, but rather about the genuineness where reality strictly demands that we are each rather than making demands, creating diamonds. The diamonds refer to the priceless virtues that each and every one of us are equipped with, which is our true light that shines through and dispels the layers of ignorance and darkness that may have crept in and virtually overshadowed everything else with certain form, sort and type of tendencies mysteriously.


Like we have The United Nations, The UNICEF, The UNESCO and so many more pioneering institutions and organizations all across the World sustaining global welfare remarkably, we should have The United Visions where each and every Country has its representatives contributing  towards this organizations aims, objectives and strategies from their moral consciences ever conscientiously towards and truewards global goodwill, harmony, progress, sustenance and welfare with a noble perspective committedly.

It should be a platform that does not involve any religious discrimination or recognition based on financial worth. Here it is about the vision, the provision and the envisioning the richness and fabulous wealth of the global cultures and societies and carefully understanding how we could create a better World for all of us.


Whether it maybe education where it is relating to a higher intellectual quotient nurturance or health care or industrial or technological or whatever field of sciences and disciplines of Universal life, it is envisioning the visions of our ancestors, embracing the provisions of our facilitators and strengthening the envisions of our creators at any given time to create us as we are; this is the real you, this is the real me, this is the real us. Yes, it is all of us being true to our respective dharma (duties) in order to fulfill our karma (deeds) conscientiously for we are here for a legitimate reason; for an authentic purpose and for making the World a better place to be; true be forever and ever gloriously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Alright to Allright, The True Completeness of Evolution





Al refers to The and Right refers to the Truth. All refers to Complete and Right consistently refers to the Truth.

So merging the captioned, it resonates as follows; The Truth = Complete Truth.  Truth is complete by itself within its completeness; which is  ever aspiring to attain realization of the absolute truth in its entirety.

When everything’s all right. everythink we are within. The true essence of our lives will reveal itself to us when we devote our life’s truth to the truth of our life’s devotion that yearns for divine union with the oneness, the completeness and the wonderfulness  of life’s sacred gloriousness infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz


The Holocaust; Prayers and Thoughts; Poignant Reflection and Remembrance

The chapters of history reflect upon the moments of Auschwitz with profound sadness. Thinking of the Holocaust brings forth moments of eternal poignant reflections.

May the respectful memories and spirit of the victims and survivors be a source of courage and indomitable strength to sustainably empower the visions that keep building the precious bridges of Universal goodwill, harmony and welfare infinitely, Om Shanti, Shalom, Peace, Love and Light, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Life’s Encryption, Life’s Secrets, Life’s Sacredness, The Database of Evolution






moment forever

remember-quotes-7 The Best















Gods love

Life Responding

Patience Attitude

Everything is right in our lives as we have written. Remember, “writ” in!

So in order to re write our life’s script, we will need to deploy the instrumental virtue of righteousness for it is the most effective secret of secrets.

It is the sacred code that can decipher and translate; transform and recreate the most magnificent destinies ever known to humankind.

Deciphering the database of evolution is through goodwill; for goodwill is God’s will and when we align in divine union with the creator of the Universe; our holy unification becomes the legacy of the Universe’s evolution.

We are all explorers treading on the pathways of our life’s greatness’s and experience our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom as we conscientiously live our dharma (duties) in order to fulfill our karma (deeds) consequently, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Be us

Be-YouJust be us, thus be just.

Life teaches us lessons like we have never lived, living each our liaisons like we have ever life.

One moment brings us an opportunity while another brings its transcending monuments.

The essence of remaining just (as in justice) and ever faithful seeks to inspire us to embrace the embryo of our true nature.


Embryo as it may appear to us whereas it has actually matured with the graceful wisdom of the divine benediction that sustains each and every one us so very amazingly.

The seeds are within us seeking our conscious awakening to our divine essence, to ensure that we live this life fulfillingly in attending to our respective dharma (duties) to compliment our karma (deeds).


The path of righteousness is deeply ingrained within the fabric of our being; let us seek to be us for the true us is ever in quest of our us acknowledging and embodying; exemplifying the true principles and values of our living with our gracious presence of mind; essence of heart and consonance of our soul infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Understanding God, Getting Understood, Shiva Shakti Antaryami

UnderstandingGodsWord_image1Shiva refers to the pure sacred auspiciousness while Shakti refers to the divine cosmic energy.

The translational definition of antaryami refers to the controller within. Here it refers to our pure intentions being the controller which means that God provides us with the graceful wisdom to make the respective choices and decisions in our lives, however we are likewise liable for those as well.

First of all and all of first, this is not about trying to understand what is being said or set all around us, rather it is genuinely about realizing all that has been preset, instilled, installed and embedded+embodied within each and every one of us, ensconced within the core realms of our true nature and our true selves respectively.445830942be5df0b1d178a488261b984

The captioned title understanding God and thereby getting understood in the process is not about the perception of God from a different angle, a different faith, a different religion or a different perspective at all. Rather it is about carefully realizing the sacredness of our true self which is our soul.

We may call God with different names and nominate God as the supreme creator and elucidate and gloriously sing praises in honoring God but then with all of this do we actually understand what God wants from us?

God does not want us to show the World what we think and feel, but God does want us to show the word what we think. For it is the dialogue that encompasses the words and thoughts, emerging from the presence of our minds to the essence of our hearts and then navigating across to the consonance of our souls that we are able to experience the magnificent gracefulness of God.

images  So it is here, right within this each and every breath; right within this each and word; right within this each and every thought that we are actually communicating with God and depending upon the purity of our intentions, we will thereby further notice an amazing wealth of knowledge and wisdom revealing itself to us, like as if, we will notice ourselves, our aura being attired in a pristinely lucid and sparking light.

This is not the halo of ascended masters rather it is the beginning of the formation of the divine grace’s appearance that is emanating and radiating itself from within us. So in a very important and incredible way, it is permitting that which is suffused within us to radiantly emerge and reflect itself first from within us to form the firstness+firmness within thus.


What does this mean? It means that as we envelop and surround ourselves within the process of performing our respective duties, some specific observances of engaging in cultivating the seeds of goodness whether in thought or deed, that few fractions of moments spent in rendering service to the welfare of humanity and all of God’s creation comes back to us, contributing to ours and others mutual evolution in grace and wisdom as well.

Remember that God is impartial and witnessing and will not interfere or curtail any process, but however if we seek the graceful wisdom and prove that we are worth and are earnest in our respective thoughts and deeds, then the respective revelations will unfold by themselves either from within us or from others and we will be awed by the immense wealth of wisdom that remarkably prevails, like as if, it were intended for us, like we were the intention as well.


There is truly so much that can be spoken about this but that is not the essence of speaking or seeking to reflect one’s cognizance, rather it is humbly the following. Understanding God is more actually about understanding and realizing our true nature and our divine essence for the image of God remains instilled within each and every one of God’s creations.


It may take us a lifetime to understand and still leave us mystified? or the true understanding to live our time of each and every moment of our lives joyfully with the realization that we are in divine union with God in each and every thought and word. I shall repeat the above yet again with an added emphasis.

God does not want us to show the World what we think and feel, but God does want us to show the word what we think for it is within the word, the thought, the pure intentions and deeds that we are indeed with God as God’s beloved children infinitely, God bless.

Understanding God is essentially about understanding ourselves well enough to be understood by our self likewise whereby we are realizing our interconnectedness with one another, our pure oneness that always radiates the greatness of God’s will which is goodwill, harmony and progressive welfare of the Universe consistently.134967320052366326_mwo2L2Ye_f

With reference to the above picture – and of course apart from praying, have you also performed your respective duties as well please, for work is worship, God bless.

We speak of God and do we realize what God speaks of us? God’s speech is seeking for us to be still; to take time each and every day for a few minutes to meditate and reflect upon the messages that God has for us. And it is extremely important to remember that what God seeks for others is what we seek, so if we seek well for others, God seeks wellness for us as well.

Realize that God’s speech is in verses whereas our speech is in versus at many a time, seeking to compare what others have, why they have what they have? So in that engagement, we are replenishing the creative power from within us because we impose upon the Universe the sentiment of vie instead of why? Remember that what we seek with our intense filled feelings and heart full of emotionalism, we are already aligned with the Universe in either creating or re creating that which we seek to re seek us actually all over again.

awake ur blessed

We may think we know all, we may read the sacred scriptures and haughtily proclaim? But God seeks humility and devotional service of God’s creation; this is in the purposeful sense that we have each been bestowed+endowed with faithfully fulfilling what we have been entrusted with, it may be some duties, but those duties could by themselves bring us more and more closer to God.

Regarding the closeness of God, God is as we all know the breath within our breath, so when we truly want to reach across to God in moments of the oneness, we can indeed experience the gracefulness of God’s presence right from within our true self amazingly.

Why understand God some may say, well; that is what our life is all about for when we understand ourselves truly, we understand the greatness of God and the Universe. You see, it is actually coming back time and again towards actually realizing and understanding our true nature for from that is where everything including our destiny and fate unfolds.

So in many ways our true nature, our true self, our divine essence and our soul is the repository where all the goodness that is accumulated is also encompassing the fabulous wealth of priceless knowledge and magnificent wisdom that can enhance the scope of this wonderful life remarkably to understand understanding all together.

Understand understanding is the corollary; similar in respect to the faculty; the passage from which we establish the ground for better clarifying and establishing a lucidly clear comprehension and fundamental basis accordingly. Let us bifurcate this; un refers to one; der refers to the; and standing refers to standardize which is actually referring to conformance to a particular standard.

Let us now put this together; understanding = one+the+standardize. So when we seek to understand God, it is not about a scientific equation or a philosophical intonation, rather is beyond all of this, it is about sheer, it is about pureness of our hearts gracefulness, for from within our heart’s wisdom, we can be able to reach across and connect, better understand the greatness of God and God’s greatness.


We may use our presence of mind to precipitate the process by living with conscious awareness, due diligence, prudence, righteousness, sincerity, truthfulness and then realize the greatness of the consonance of our soul facilitating the passage of understanding God which brings us back right where we started which is to firstly truly understand our true nature and our true self, for if we do not understand this and experience our true oneness, then we will forever be yearning for a glimpse and understanding of God and God’s graciousness infinitely, so let us consciously awaken and live our light and experience the glory of God’s grace in our lives by being true to our nature as well as nature to our truth infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Path to Heaven, Ports to Having, The Portal of Realization, Presence of Mind, Essence of Heart, Consonance of the Soul

presence-quotes-1The Signals Between Devices; The Seek Know Will Between The Vices

There is one path to heaven; the practice of righteousness which encompasses the purity of realization in all that was, is and will ever be.

There are many ports to having; computer ports, airports, sea ports and most importantly reports; each of these facilitate  our interconnectedness and improvements right across our lives.

Millions of people are earnestly striving to contribute to the harmonious goodwill, progress and welfare of our World consistently.

In this context, there is one strategic factor which predominantly relates to the connectedness and interconnectedness; let us simplify this to better understand more clearly.

presence-quotes-2Like in any device, the signals must be lucidly clear for the related ports to establish their respective connections. Now, with the cells of our body, intellect, mind and soul they follow paths along our nerves and notions.

Henceforth coming to the most pivotal essence of our being, whatever we attain in our lives, there is nothing more fulfilling than the self realization element.

However to reach this also, we need to persevere diligently with prudence, tenacity, sincerity, truthfulness and our brilliant creatively graceful magnificent wisdom.

Our vices become our voices and whether we may speak and express or remain silent, the core essence of our vices operate and radiate at frequencies that leave us amazed.

LoveSometimes, even without a single word expressed, a lot is communicated right across our complete system and the Universe all around us. So, we need to carefully ensure that whether it is ports or paths, the incredible portal of realization will conscientiously prevail.

Knowing this, knowing that and far much more; being efficiently resourceful and all that it takes to let our divine light shine through in living a purposeful life, whenever, wherever, whatever and however, everything and everythink demands our realization.

Which relates to the presence of mind and essence of heart since without the presence of mind and without the essence of our heart, we maybe missing some of our life’s fabulous priceless moments ignorantly.the-past-eckharttollequote-shellebelledesigns

Why not live this life to the very fullest by recognizing our divine potential by being fully aware and in alignment with each and every moment, aspect, factor, incident, coincidence as well as evolution of our remarkable growth in grace and wisdom.

Realize it, its yours as it is for you are its realization infinitely for your will power will show and reveal to you some of the most amazing experiences and moments of your lives where you did not know you have it and then you had it due to the pristine element of awareness.


Remember the soul functions with its sacred covenants, ordinances and consonance. Its image, name and character is defined by the pure divine light that cannot be seen and yet encompasses the scenes of our lifetimes.

The imprints etched across the landscapes of our souls inspire us to dwell, to contemplate and introspect upon the divine possibilities and potentialities of empowering our pureness whether in thought, deed or expression and as we cultivate the roots of the truth from within us, we realize that our minds, our hearts, our intellects and our souls had, have and will continue to enshrine the devotion and discipline of worshiping the magnificent greatness of God in each and every breath and sphere of our being conscientiously.104282_20131022_115931_1383553_529931630419023_97647683_n

Coming to the point and importance of heaven in our lives is living with conscious awareness, a sense of disciplined dutifulness and affinity with the truth incarnate since we are born, breathe and sustain our lives with the roots of the truth and can blossom forth all across our lives when we essentially understand that our lives exemplifies the purposefulness of creation; that we were born, that we are born and that we will be born and re incarnate until we fulfill our respective karma (deeds) which is why dharma(duties) always comes forth in the forefront seeking explicit observance and abidance of the discipline of disciplines which is the practice of righteousness all across our lives.

Heaven is  right here where we are with the complete and devoted presence of our mind. With the presence of minds, we create; With the essence of our hearts, we are created; However with the consonance of our souls, we co create along with nature and the universe purposefully.

This means that when we do and practice righteousness, it is laying the sacred ground for experiencing paradise on earth for every dictate of our conscience and consciousness has the compass of compassion focused upon sincere abidance towards, attendance towards our respective dharma (duties) in order to fulfill our karma (deeds).mindfulness

So if now one may look upon a person working in a certain profession or entrusted with a certain designation with inferiority. they are actually inviting and precipitating that similar range of tendencies and expectations to likewise emerge and surface in their lives as well. This is why, in every holy scripture it is clearly stated to perform our duties with a sense of devotion for at some time or another across our lifetimes, we are serving from the divine within us to the divine across us.


People would travel millions of miles to have a glimpse of God and to stand in God’s presence but when requested to ensure, to observe presence of their mind, essence of their heart and consonance of their soul, they think that this is deviating? moving away from their goal of attainment? of envisioning God? Of gong away from heaven? It is actually very much within the simplest of moments and experiences and the humblest of attitudes that the divine moments of our lives will continue to magnificently unfold.


There is truly so much that is being elucidated from within one’s higher self that the vital ingredients of living a fulfilling life will all reveal themselves to us when we genuinely be true to our nature as well as nature our truth without an conditionality, demands of expectations upon ourselves or others.

There is a diligent and prudent need for observance of discipline and practice of righteousness because those elements have been with us all along and are the very fabric of our lives where our soulfulness seeks divine union with God who is always ensconced within the realms of our true nature, our true self and our divine essence amazingly.c26de04b278f54a36c47d19975b7d11a

Our presence of minds will take us where we have never been; while our essence of hearts will be with us where we have never taken and the consonance of our souls will continue to be+remain with us ever faithfully, awaiting our pure intentions of living the discipline of our disciplines for this life that we have been bestowed+endowed with has been equipped with the wealth of priceless attributes, treasures and virtues of graceful wisdom; so how each and every one of us live our lives, particularly with the presence of mind will take us a long way towards the essence of our hearts and be with us all along the way with the consonance of our souls infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

India Republic Day



26th January 2015 proudly marks the celebrations associated with India’s 66th Republic Day.

India’s rich cultural heritage is brilliantly empowered and inspired by the admirable attitude of its amazing people.

India’s contribution to to regional and global development, innovation, peace, progress and sustainability is immensely appreciated. The national motto of India is Satyamev Jayate whose translational definition states, Truth alone Triumphs.

Truth is the true nature of our life; to live by the truth can provide us with the remarkable courage, inspiration, divine foresight, divine grace, divine purpose, divine principles, divine values, divine vision, divine will and divine wisdom to orchestrate and awaken to the divine essence of our primordial evolution infinitely.

This further refers to each and every soul expanding its consciousness and raising it to the level of the divine light; where the oneness of the potential divinity ensconced within one another’s higher self, one another’s true nature and one another’s true self seeks to align itself with the cosmic consciousness; striving to  sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe conscientiously,  God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Australia Day


25th January 2015 proudly marks the celebrations associated with Australia Day.

Australia’s rich cultural heritage is brilliantly empowered and inspired by the admirable attitude of its amazing people.

Australia’s contribution to regional and global development, innovation, peace, progress and sustainability is tremendously appreciated.

The greatness of Australia is represented by its authenticity, creativeness, integrity and innovation, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

President Obama, Namaste, India Welcomes You

namaste 10

Welcoming the American President, Mr Barack Obama to the  precedence of our miracles.

In India, we live each and every moment of our lives as if it is a miracle and every miracle of our lives as its moment. Dear Mr President, you will find in India the roots of amazing goodwill, vibrant cultures, rich traditions and the priceless friendship encompassing divine grace, divine principles, divine purpose, divine values, divine vision, divine wisdom and divine will  that are driven by the amazing foresight and vision of millions of people welcoming the privilege of contributing towards the harmonious consonance, progress and welfare of the World consistently.

We consider it a great privilege to welcome the American dream into our homes as we seek to humbly ensure that you will take back along with you the dream of India’s memorable true visions to America; to share with the American people the greatness of the Indian land that is ever poised upon creating a pure space for the Universe within as well as all around us devotionally.

The frontiers of science and technology maybe able to provide us a glimpse of the future however as our parents and ancestors all across the World have always taught us that it is the graceful wisdom of our hearts that sacredly enshrines the fabulous monuments of our life’s civilization evolutionarily.

The traditional welcoming in India is represented by Namaste; the graceful joining of the hands and palms together respectfully in extending a gratuitous welcome to the land of our heart and the mind of our soul ever graciously.

With all good wishes and thankfulness, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

God thinks, Got thus

b00eeeaaf541fdc46906dfe8d6e6a8bfDo we do what God thinks? Do we do what God does? What God thinks and what God does is ensuring the divine union of verses.

God’s speech encompasses the amazing integration of each and every verse within itself. Human’s speech is constantly invariably seeking the assurance of having the versus instead of the verses?

Why not reach within our higher self, our true nature and our true self to establish our thoughts in verse with what we have got instead of what we have got versus our thoughts.

Its simply about being authentically and genuinely grateful for all that we have been bestowed+endowed with and then utilizing each and every intellectual faculty and priceless virtue to nobly converge together to sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe consistently, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Drive the Derive, The Traffic of Thoughts, Putting Order in Thinks, Inputting Things Orderliness

learnWhen we consciously drive that which drives us, then we derive precisely that which is driven.

Henceforth, due diligence, prudence and vigilance is particularly essential when our mind coasts across the landscape of our thoughts as well for that is where we drive and live most of our life’s moments from to form our life’s momentum.

Would you like to thrive? Yet again every element of our lives seeks the maximum attentiveness and focus for at times we let our mind decide what our heart should and then yet further interchange by permitting our heart to this sight what our mind should.

imagesIts all emanating and emerging from within; this priceless wisdom which we need to awaken from within us to help provide us the strategic vantage and foresight in determining the pathways of our visions.

Some may think, why not put it in one word, in one line or in one paragraph; but well putting things or inputting thinks seek a precise definition and inclusion of various aspects to converge and represent as potentially as possible where there is no space for if, but or maybe; and it comes to either yes or no.

detoxifyRemember that at some point of our lives, we learn from our experiences and at some other points, we experience from others learning; those who are committed to enhancing the scope of their lives will take every reasonable initiative and step in the right direction, following the process of their lives in its sequential manner not for others to see or applaud, but solely because they consider every moment of their lives as a duty, they consider a great privilege to serve their true calling and make each and every moment of their lives a celebration by itself by always resourcefully utilizing what they have in any given moment.

A-thought-memory-perception-or-emotionHere again, where did we begin? where did we start and where did we lead ourselves? Right there, all along seeking to remember that one way of speaking to ourselves and others is ensuring discipline and respect for just because no one is watching or just because this conversation with ourselves has been ongoing from time immemorial? and will continue eternally? Do not take it as a chore, rather take it as a dutiful responsibility by constructively engaging in the thinking process in such a creative manner that it stimulates your nerves and pulse where the impulse of each thought wave reveals to you, true you the better you that is always striving to reveal itself; this better you is your true nature and your true self.

faithEven when these few words are being written, it is not referring to anything, anywhere or anyhow or just randomly ruminating and expressing or even referencing any search engines whatsoever. The thoughts are flowing unabatedly+abundantly; and being expressed in good faith and with the pure intent that going round about these thoughts, it is teaching the essence of thinking that derives the character of our living.

1It simply means that as we educate our thoughts, so our lifestyle will unfold and not otherwise since as we may have noticed when we get into challenging situations, all our intellectual faculties are enormously pressurized and we feel some sort of sudden weakness or drainage? Some sort of pressure that is seeping out as if in fury and seeking to release that which is gripping us and fervently hoping for some relief, for some release, for some legitimate resolution instead of hovering round and around our thoughts.

Well here, there or anywhere; at any given time, we are most closest to our thoughts; so when having a few minutes or in between the spacious moments when we have a few spare moments of leisure and are not engaging in any activity at all; like taking a temporary pause and resting, it is in those precarious moments, when our mind is still, not thinking about anything, “just being” that we could seek to follow a diligent yet enjoyable practice of instilling orderliness in the way we think.

focusedThis may seem out of the way for some individuals since they may think this is taunting them to rectify what is already well in order. Well, it is not ridiculing or skeptically reflecting upon one’s lifestyle or pattern of thinking, rather it is predominantly focusing upon improving one’s life all together and this can be done gradually and not all at once. So it is in between the thoughts that we can educate our thoughts to grasp and carefully understand the true essence of so many aspects of our lives including the habitual behavior and certain tendencies that we frequently emit.


lettingTime and again the phrase “remember” is being repeated because at first everything appears quite interesting, saying lets try this out, so what, lets see; no it must not be like that only; for to actually experience some potential difference in the way we think and the weigh we think as well, carefully measuring and evaluation, taking firm decisions after strict contemplation is a matter of defining our life’s moments and this seeks devotion and discipline to the extent that we are needing to be in tune; attuned to our life’s purposeful living and not just thinking what’s trending or what’s exciting; rather it is about discovering from amongst the priceless moments of our lives, the wealthiest treasures which is the process of our understanding.

b418db3f61409236774127bbbf92491fLet us put it this way that our life is a scope of commitments, each scope can become a periscope that encompasses the strategic vision that could further define our lives quite remarkably but yet again, here, there or anywhere again; unless we genuinely take the sincere efforts and practice righteousness in all that we think, do and express, we would be expanding in all directions without actually reaching anywhere, where we experience the harmonious balance at all. So why not seek to realize that the traffic and pattern of thoughts are somethings like as if we have been enjoying them and when particular thoughts are traversed, its as if a sense of familiarity dawns, but yet again, have we ever introspectively reflected and thought, why are we languishing in those thought patterns that are illusive and not contributing to our goodness and welfare at all? Why are we doing this? We are not victims or victimizing, rather we are helplessly integrating within the structure of our thoughts, a certain form of energy to emanate and affect everything else in our lives, so why not regulate our thoughts, learn and teach ourselves to think better, to think wiser and thereby drive the derive not just for another gain again, but rather doing what needs to be done since very long ago in our lives, which is putting order in our thinks to ensure orderliness in our lives and things consistently, be focused, be aware, be true you, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Dr Martin Luther King Jr, With Admiration, Gratitude, Love and Respect

4aa6bd8e01fffa50ce7ae3be7c5059e2History is testament to Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s amazing vision of faith,incredible belief in the virtues of goodwill, harmony, non violence, justice and the truth along with practice of righteousness consistently.

Reflecting upon his greatness inspires us to live our light and to permit the radiance of the divinity shine forth from within us in every thought and deed graciously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Life Alterations, Shiva Shakti; Narayan Narayani




Shiva refers to pure. Shakti refers to the divine cosmic energy.

Narayan refers to humanity. Narayani refers to the divine Mother who is the auspiciousness of all creation.



excellence No one can alter your life? Know one can, knowing (awareness) of one’s true self; of one’s authentic and legitimate self; of one’s higher self; of one’s divine self; of one’s true nature and of one’s divine essence can.


Remember the sacred altar of life is filled with the abundance of pure divine energy. So when we resolve to declare our pure intent to the cosmic energy within us, if what we seek is appropriate, fair and just (as in justice), then the respective desired alterations will seamlessly ensue.


Yes, it is you, the one who can remarkably transform, improve, change, enhance the scope of your life; indeed, you can do this, but then there is a price to pay; the price is pure devotion and disciplined commitment.


There is the focus factor where we are directing all our energies; our mind energy, our heart energy, our intellectual energy, our soul energy; all of this is complimented with the amazing alignment with the astral; the cosmic energy which strengthens the empowering determination of our cherished aspirations.the-starting-point-of-success

So time and again, whether thousands of years ago, now or thousands of years ahead; the precise principles of life will keep applying, which are that if we are sincere in our efforts, then so will our life be sincere in its bestowing accordingly.


There really is nothing new or sensational or out of the way technique that is being referred. It is only seeking to refer to the core divine essence of our being which was, is and will always remain pure and very much within the realms of our higher self; of our true nature; of our true self and of our divine essence consistently.Thank you God

Our relationship with our divinity is sacred and needs to be honored and truly respected. We may call God with all our heart filled with profound admiration, appreciation, devotion, gratitude, faith, love, respect and sincerity however our pure intents have to match this intense passion that we always reserve for God in our

God does not want all the riches or the wealth and treasures that are materialistic in nature; rather through our devoted service  and disciplined commitment towards what we have been entrusted would by itself be the greatest gift to our divinity for we have come to the World not to make the alterations or alter the making or creating revolutionary changes, but rather its about each and everyone of us to experience evolutionary changes; evolutionary transformations, which is our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom consistently.


When we raise and expand our consciousness to the level of the divine light, we will experience the fabulous stream of the pure crystal knowledge and wealth of priceless virtues further complimenting us with enormous insights of revelations that constantly refer and reflect upon the oneness of all creation; of the oneness of the Universe as the symposium of goodwill, harmony, progress and sustainable welfare of one and all truly.


If we want God to speak what we seek? Then we will have to seek what God speaks and what God speaks can be heard; can be intuitively listened to; can be grasped and well understood; can be introspectively realized as we truly meditate and experience our divine union with God.


Remember time and again, it is not about faith, it is not about religion, it is not about names but it is explicitly about the pure divine essence of our being which encompasses the sacredness of creation and its graceful wisdom infinitely.

Patience Attitude

So when each and everyone of us seeks to genuinely experience our true nature, we will then express our divinity and celebrate the joyfulness, the purposefulness and the wonderfulness of our life supreme graciously, God bless.


©2015 Vashi Chandi

Educating and Training the Brain



  Our brains follow directions and instructions. Through our sub conscious mind, we can considerably influence our behavior and habitual patterns respectively. Adopting a healthy lifestyle as well as engaging in stimulating mental activities could help each in their own ways and extents quite remarkably.


There maybe various methods also such as practicing mediation, being compassionate, living our divine essence; faithfully attending to our respective dharma (duties) as well as ensuring abidance of a conscious disciplined regimen; however the following could also compliment the process in its own unique ways.


It is about simplifying our lives, ensuring that we have adequate+sufficient sleep (not over sleeping or depriving oneself of sleep) as well as strictly consuming nutritional food, avoiding any indiscriminate consumption of alcoholic beverages or illicit substances or chemicals;  and disciplined engagement in regular physical exercise along with the mental calisthenics (mind gymnastics, such as creative puzzles and other interesting range of activities, for examples such as cross word puzzles and other such thought provoking activities which ensure that we make our minds think creatively instead of just thinking that our mind will make everything by itself on auto pilot mode – we need to be observant, vigilant and an keen interesting participant in what our mind is involved in by evolving and not just involving, since evolving refers to the evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom and this all starts with the purity of discipline and sincere devotion) – also through engagement in creative games; DIY (do it yourself puzzles, etc) and very most importantly releasing any wasteful thoughts + as well as avoiding any emotional suppression of one’s feelings.


Basically it comes to being mindful of our time so that we are constructively and resourcefully living a productively efficient life, having time when we need it; being alert and attentive when required; being focused since not carrying unnecessary set of thoughts or drifting elsewhere when one is supposed to be where one actually is like being precisely at the right place and time with the right attitude consistently.



Educating and training the brain is more of a disciplined process since life is a discipline of sacred disciplines, where each element functions and operates with+in precise methodical sequentiality. Honoring and respecting the governance of our lives by being true to our nature and our true self, we then further experience the revelations of additional set of useful information that could help creatively improve+shape our lives magnificently.



It is indeed a matter of keen and genuine interest and not some factor where the brain is manipulated to follow any process that is unethical for everything in our lives is supposed to be appreciated and following the code of conduct that is aligned with practice of righteousness in all that we think, do and express consistently; for what our life truly represents is in harmonious consonance with all that was, all that is as well as all that will ever be, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

PM Lee: New challenges, better home as S’pore enters next 50 years

With all due respect to Prime Minister Lee’s vision, we should first of all seek to carefully understand what is being envisaged.

Once we carefully understand the scope of commitments, we will be able to foresee that each and every aspect and strategy has and is being meticulously drafted with the considerable best interests of the Singaporean people.

As we stand perched at the cross roads of time, we are greatly inspired by the remarkable ideals, principles and values that have always stood as the formidable pillars of the Singaporean society and look ahead with a perspective of confidence, enthusiasm and goodwill, God bless.


The Attraction Factor, Cosmic Energy, Tat Tvam Asi, That Thou art

seeds 1  Sometimes, we are attracted? Sum other times, we attract it?

We are constantly attracting so much into our lives without even realizing that it is we, yes we who are the primary cause and effect of our imaginary explorations of succinct vision unfolding right across our lives.


At first, it is featured across our thoughts where we are still having the opportunity to either grant or deny consent to any particular aspect to further energize and manifest. Perhaps, somethings may not emerge as quickly as thought, but then the process begins and gets set into motion and once unleashed, it becomes virtually impossible to retract or recall back, for what is set for in motion is then operating at frequencies and an unknown gravitation pathway of its own.

That is why we are taught and reminded time and again to consistently nurture good and constructive thoughts and feelings, engaging in righteous actions whether in the thought or deed format respectively. Let us look at it like this, the Universe is a reservoir of amazing energies amongst which the cosmic energy is the purest and most aspired to be attained faithfully.


Actually, we are all having the creative magnificence of the cosmic energy ensconced within the realm of our true self; however due to the ignorance of our egoistical tendencies, we have apparently allowed certain vices to predominate and prevent any of the sacredness to blossom.

It is not that we are sages or saints or spiritual mystics or elusively moving across life and embracing different beliefs and opinions, rather we are noble souls who are the children of God leading our lives righteously while living our dharma (duties) in order to fulfill our karma (deeds) conscientiously.

As we expand our consciousness and raise our focus upon our higher self and true nature, we are able to experience the speech of the divine light communicating with us. The language spoken is one of  wisdom, where every word seeks to express the glory of the Universe in God’s divine grace.

Reflecting upon the attraction factor, we attract what we think; we attract what we feel; we attract what we radiate and it is extremely important to carefully understand that we attract who we truly be and not that we attract what we want.


If we keep resonating that want factor, going on repeatedly trying to attract the want to manifest, then we may spend an entire lifetime wandering from pillar to post without any constructive results whatsoever. Now, it must also be carefully understood that this is not a mater of learning to attract so that one may seek to superimpose one’s aura upon another; no and never; the Universe operates and functions on frequencies of pure intent and whenever there is any aspect or factor that may contradict the purity of relationships, whatever it is that is being envisaged becomes liable for penalties to itself since we have to remember that the sacredness of life is to be cherished and upheld in accordance with the highest consideration, regard, principles and values consistently.


To simplify and reflect upon the core essence of all that was, all that there is and all that there will ever be; we attract the world in our words. Now if we carefully understand the truthfulness of this statement and what it literally means, we will realize that we have been making dual choices and then being faced with likewise multiple sets of dualities and that further augmenting to yet another prolific net of sub choices all woven together as strands of a bead? But then, were those particular set of choices conscious intents that we attracted and energized in our lives please?


Now, if we need to re work upon those precise parallel platforms to heal and strengthen the core competencies, we would have to take far much more effort, almost tantamount to recreating the wheel. Whereas, when we had the distinctive privilege of devoting our disciplined and pure intent towards empowering the sets of divine principles and divine values, if we may have forsaken the preciousness due to sheer pride or blatant arrogance; then to earn the merit of being re endowed and re bestowed with the sacred privileges would perhaps take almost an entire lifetime and far much more longer? One can never know since the divinity within us and all of God’s creation deserves utmost honor and respect, where we are humbly ensuring that we are constantly thinking and practicing what is righteousness in each and every structure and cell of our being observantly.


From an observers perspective we are able to witness and then consciously tread vigilantly rather than just rushing all along here, there and everywhere almost instantaneously without introspectively reflecting upon what we are actually doing is what is actually doing us. What this means is that we are creating the ground; akin to how a farmer sprouts the seeds and irrigates with the quest of a bountiful harvest; well likewise, we are each tilling the land and ploughing where the land is our conscience and the till is our graceful wisdom.


Those who realize take every step forward with due diligence, prudence, sincerity, tenacity, truthfulness and wisdom knowing that this is not a play act or just a script by itself but rather it is the very actual personification of their life that is unfolding right before their eyes and all due to the intent of their pure divine essence. They always did what was correct, what was fair, what was righteous and not what was trendy or what was just another whimsical feeling or sudden urge since as human beings, we have been equipped with the divine potential to discern and make wise choices in each and every moment of our lives.Do carefully remember that we are the Universe experiencing itself and when realizing the custodianship, the trust and the expectations of the Universe that all it seeks from us is that we live our pure divine essence, fulfilling our respective commitments earnestly and faithfully as well as ensuring that whenever we think, feel, act and express, it is all resonating from and operating on the frequencies of purity and righteousness; of goodness and disciplines; of devotion and compassion for ourselves and others unconditionally.

"SwansCygnus olor". Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -
“SwansCygnus olor”. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –


There is truly so much more that could be spoken about in this regard but to sum it up, the following will keep repeating itself that – that we attract who we truly be+are as well as that we attract the world in our words; so not only the next time, but this very time, this very moment and in each and every moment of this wonderful life, carefully understand the incredible potentiality and value of the words that you think and express and not just go about imitating someone else for each and of us is truly a miracle, living our light and needing to diligently strive in ensuring that we live our lives purposefully and then based upon that integral defining purpose, we will each come across certain pathways of our lives that leave us in awe and wonder; for it is we who once upon a time just imagined and then we were beholding what we actually attracted into our lives with disciplined set of conscious devoted efforts and intelligent choices of prudential graceful wisdom; and then onwards, having understood the essence of the attraction factor, each and every intent would only seek the goodness and wellness of one and all for then we would understand that what we do for others, manifests in our lives as well; that what goes around, comes around as well; that as we sow, so shall we reap; the karmic factor and law of cause and effect that only seeks to make us realize to live an orderly life full of discipline and abidance+compliance with the laws governing local, national, international jurisdictions including those laws, rules and regulations governing nature and the universe as well consistently and always believe the following that Tat Tvam Asi, That Thou art; That being thy higher self, That being thy true nature; That being thy true self and That being thy divine essence, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi