Time, Its Our Mind – Mind, Its Our Time – God Bless – Respectfully

Time, Its Our Mind – Mind, Its Our Time – God Bless – Respectfully


Giving time to our mind


Giving mindfulness to our time


The measure of time across the landscape of our minds is incredible


In one moment, we think it was just a few days ago, whereas actually it may have been several years ago regarding any specific occurrence


Do we tend to realize that if our minds can recreate and maintain the scope of aspects in their entirety across almost an entire lifetime, what more magnificent creativeness the mind beholds


We may have heard so many a time that we are utilizing about three percent of our mind’s creative intellectual faculties – where ninety seven percent remains untapped – unexplored


It is believed a more disciplined time+mind consciousness regimen when adopted devotionally could seek to help in its own remarkable way – meaning, being consciously aware of our time – our thoughts, actions and expressions – living a purposeful and disciplined lifestyle help us to better regulate the process of our lives please


Each day arrives gloriously and advances gracefully thereby adding much more to the repository of our thoughts respectively


What are we caring for and what are we carrying forth please? This is particularly emphasizing the carrying – when it is our computers or electronic devices, we are mindful and are otherwise reminded about the disk storage and then take measures to allocate additional memory – hard disk space – but here with+within our minds, we may needs to be more considerate and carefully understand that we need to better manage our conscious awareness to ensure that we are definitely paying attentiveness to the thinks+things we care of while letting go of any negative tendencies that may be carried forth ignorantly since over a span of few moments – months or years – the habitual tendencies of our minds might be clogged with immense loads of negative data that is not helping our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom respectively

Let Go

Letting go of the negativeness – the bad habits or practices could after all tend to help us far much more than anyone else please. We were born without any of the contradictions that may have been acquired please (with all due respect the contradictions seeks to refer to the aspects of negativeness – the negative thinking – the bad habits and indulging in ignorantly wasting and expending an enormous wealth of our time spheres reminiscing and thinking that only our thinking alone will manifest everything we may desire – well along with the good thinking, it is measured, diligent and responsible actions + initiatives that would be required to compliment the process of our life and living please)


This precious moment – these precious moments are gently passing by and will never come back again, no matter how much we may call upon them. Let us seek to constructively utilize our time in attending to our respective agendas – assignments – duties – tasks and responsibilities that have been entrusted upon us faithfully and earnestly please


Everything has been designed for a better life but it incredibly depends a lot on our every think as well please. Since if our thinking and belief contradicts the legitimacy of living a purposeful life with conscious awareness – then we may be seeking to struggle and adopt – create an completely new – separate Universe for ourselves instead of seeking to embrace our completeness, our greatness, our gracefulness, our truthfulness and our wonderfulness which is our actual true nature and the true essence of the Universe that we witness + experience within our true self and all across the Universe when we awaken to our true identity please. The choice is ours, accept the reality and be responsible or realize the acceptation and be rushing towards being responsible. The difference being that in the rush, we may pile up and load – intensify the pace of our attendance towards thinks and things frantically – whereas, when we were aware much before of the stark realities, why did we not take the necessary and responsible actions please? In time, it matters what we mind, In mind its time that matters incredibly please


Let us seek to realize the gift of our time and the time of the gifts that await us when we live a constructive, organized and disciplined and responsible life please. Remember that our minds have been serving us ever since and when we seek to align our lives along with the May the greatness of life accompanied with the gracefulness and wisdom of living be with you always, God Bless


Let us seek to come together to sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill and harmony of the Universe infinitely, God Bless


Let us seek to awaken our inner wisdom – Intuition is our inner guidance, God Bless

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always – God Bless

Love, Light & Wisdom,


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