Emissary Veins; As/When-Vain Possible? How About (Not a=bout) Vein Reasonably Possible Please




When we intensively get over anxious? and get hyper stressed? emotionally agitated/disturbed? or keep on engaging in enormous processes of resenting? hating? feeling jealous? envying? berating? suppressing our emotional tendencies to naturally/purely flow? and so on and sow forth with mysterious self induced ignorant behaviors, we impose an extremely high pressurized restraint upon our veins, but why please?

((Vein reasonably possible in the captioned contexts humbly seeks to=true refer to practicing meditation when possible, true experience our divine oneness with God on a daily basis whenever with each and every breath forever in divine union=in divine communion with our pure consciousness and of course stringently/strictly maintaining a strict observance-disciplined attentiveness to=true whatever it is that we’re doing, there is no excuse that because we were thinking of God, so we were focused elsewhere; never blame God for anything please; when doing your work, whatever it is, put your one thousand+percent focus in that and when meditating even if only for a few minutes in the early morning hours as soon as you wake up and also before going to sleep; it means one thousand+ percent focus upon the divine grace/radiance of God enshrined within your true nature, within your trueself and within your divine essence/your highest self; your higher=pure consciousness ever sow ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely.))

Coming back to the above where we started; by all means; think intelligently, ascertain wisely and ponder but don’t let your words wander so much that you are forever brooding/contemplating on the next converse sets of outcomes? Meaning, that you are deliberating that it will turn out? how will it turn out? how will life move ahead? and similar sorts/types of statements?

Does that challenging attitude actually help please? Does it provide any relief/resolution please? You get over stressed, fatigued and overwhelmed with the deluge of rapidly shifting states of being and what is all happening is that your complete being, particularly your “veins” are experiencing a prolific pressurization; well, if only we could read the love of God’s light flowing through our veins, we would be able to actually realize and then onwards instead of vacillating, do-true something meaningful; purposeful, authentic, genuine, legitimate and wise instead of squandering and mysteriously mutating the negative emotional tendencies to keep augmenting incessantly please.

Our veins and the cells of our consciousness do not merit to be subjugated or emotionally manipulated in any way we deem; we have to observe a sanctified code of conduct/behavior; a disciplined regimen and whether it is relating to the emissary veins, our posterior auricular veins, our facial veins, our jugular veins and the various veins as well as the cells of our consciousness enshrined ever graciously/gratuitously within our being truly deserving utmost respectfulness; utmost reverence; utmost sanctity; utmost dignity; utmost commendation and so on and sow forth; always being full of the pure love of life for our veins, for the cells of our consciousness and doing-truing what we are supposed true do instead of opposed to do please; being true to our nature as well as the nature of our truthfulness.

This is not about a fancy grammatical rhyming of words/verbs or just shifting away from the main point; the point always was, is and will ever be that if we keep on depreciating ourselves from within, then when will we ever be able true replenish and experience the fulfillment of our lives being? of our being life please? Realize, its your precious life and your have been entrusted with this sacredness of your being true live purposefully with pure awareness, with pure conscientiousness, with pure mindfulness and with pure intentionality=shuddh bhavana in all thoughts, expressions and deeds ever sow ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely please; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

© 2016 Vashi Chandi

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