Beliefs Prove? Improve Be Live

cb0add52ceb4f2aa114401c9c5826521We believe, we deserve. We did serve, life be lives.

Our beliefs seek that we conscientiously improve our lives since proving is not the point; improving is essential since life is constantly changing and evolving.

So to keep pace with life’s evolutionary landscapes, tracts and creative pathways; we need to be willing to have the mindset of improving rather than just defending or proving that our opinion is what solely matters.

Do also kindly remember that by proving our point, we may be happy for some time in our lives whereas with appointing our improvement and devotionally being focused and diligently attentive towards improving our lives will have us rejoicing with the happiness of our lifetime; then it is not only happiness that is creating us, but we also thereby creating the happiest moments of our lives with each and every breath gloriously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi