How does God speak to Billions of Souls, Just like that?

With All Due Respectfulness, Always Call Upon God With Utmost Reverence and You May Refer to Your Faith’s Sacred Scriptures/Holy Books as You Already Know

Its Not About Religion, Since the Soul of All Religions is the True Love of God’s Divine Graciousness Please


remember itIts the divinity’s graciousness; trust like that. God’s faith and trust in each and every one of us is truly commendable and noteworthy.

Some of us faithfully discharge/fulfill our respective duties earnestly; while some others deliberately keep neglecting our duties/due ties.

This thereby affects the meritoriousness quotient; whereby God’s speech is audible/comprehensible by only some while the others due to their sheer deviation and profound neglect keep remaining more and more mysteriously with their self erected illusions.

Now, this is not the reason that these few words are being written; so as to discriminate or to focus on the attitudes/behaviors of some individuals only; rather, its to earnestly/humbly point out that, whether on Earth or in Heaven, our duties are our due ties.

There is no evasion possible of deferring/postponing what we were authentically, genuinely and legitimately ordained true attend to; realize that what needs true be done in time means that defined scope of time; not saying, when time will come; so then it will be seen? Value the essence of time as life does/thus; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

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