Living/Leaving? The Soul Asks “When Please”?………………


Indeed, when the soul is leaving the body, there is lots of curiosity to capture a glimpse of its ascension/transcendence.

However, all along, when the soul was living within the embodiment, why wasn’t there that ever gracious/keen/enthusiastic and ever c’om’passionate attitude of aligning with it please?

Indeed, our Soul yearns for many of us true start living from our Souls after all and not just after call/or call ofter!

The above shall be rephrased to emphasize the essence and pivotal important significance of the soul’s embodiment when it is prevalent during a person’s lifetime please.

Le me start again:- When the Soul is ascending/transcending/leaving the body, everyone wants to see/witness the ever sacred sojourn-however- When the Soul is sow very much good willingly/harmoniously and privilegedly/very most fortunately enshrined within each and every living being’s embodiment, why is it that only s’om’e human beings strive to/true live fr’om’ their Soulful consciousness’s pure divine potential; while all others keep only awakening when its at the ever unique c’om’pletion of their life’s journey please?

Why do they not essentially realize that the Soul/their Soul has incarnated ever sow immaculately and provided them with an ever dignified opportunity true realize their pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness/conscientiousness/graciousness/meritoriousness/virtuousness/wisd’om’/worthiness and likewise sets of moral principles/values orientated disciplines please?

They would be amazingly carried away with the techniques of advanced technological processes that could help capture the brief m’om’ents as the Soul prepares to leave the body upon c’om’pletion of its respective lifetime and when the Soul living in their embodiment; whereby they could convocate and ever graciously unify with its immaculate oneness keep letting go of the priceless m’om’ents……?

When will most of us strive true live fr’om’ our soulful consciousness’s pure divine c’om’munion please? Durge Devi Namostute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

((The above visual is not that of a Soul’s journey-since showing that only-would be in a way/inner way-shifting away the core principles/values attentiveness from what is actually being sought-namely, the ever posthumous and well deserved realization of our Soul, when very much within our ever gracious embodiment please.

The illustration featured humbly yearns to/true exemplify the essence of awakening true our Soulful Consciousness’s purposeful calling while it dwells sow very much within our ever sacred higher consciousness’s realms – right/light=divine light during this very lifetime instead of gong on deferring or overlooking the ever immaculate graciousness of our pure divine embodiment please; and of course time and again,regarding the Soul’s question of when? Indeed, when will we awaken-emerge and merge/immerse ourselves in the pure divine soulful c’om’munion of our pure divine embodiment’s exalted virtue’s wisd’om’s vision’s infinitude envisioning potential? When Please?))

© 2018 Vashi Chandi

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