Not Having? The Feeling

brian-tracy-brian-tracy-whatever-you-believe-with-feeling-becomes-yourThe feeling of not having perpetuates the having of not feeling.

So whether one has or does not have, the same state of consciousness of lacking constantly prevails?

Its a matter of truly realizing since to whom it may concern  – all that there is, they do not have; and then, all that they have is not there? This is as they see it and not as it is, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Running, The Chase Within Being Chased

immanuel-kant-philosopher-quote-science-is-organized-knowledge-wisdomAt times, we find some individuals constantly running behind things?

They tend to forget that in the process and sequential order of their pursuance, their thinks are running behind them as well.

It is running behind things, thinks behind the running. Almost as if a habitual pattern and  incessant loop of continuity fervently.

Complete one thing, go aboard onto another; almost as if being chased but actually chasing what’s fleeting away, trying to catch up with time and rhyming with what’s caught up; harmonizing and fine tuning; attuning to the respective frequencies to ensure flexible alignment and transition as well as flow.

At some stage in their lives, they realize that what they started at one point in time became dependent on their contributional tendencies of uniformly performing and then harvesting the fruits and results thereof quite inextricably.

Now, in comparison, some other individuals faced with the similar set of choices sought to run along with thinks(keep pace consciously) and things. Meaning, they truly understood the essence of time, the vital importance of commitments as well as fluidity and calibrated consistency required to be precisely maintained and amazingly managed to keep sustaining all aspects remarkably well. It could also be moving along calmly instead of the running behind or the running along with, depending on the urgency and cruciality+the criticality+the importance and the significance and guidelines+regulations, all from a safety and protective perspective – relating to the respective agendas, assignments, objective, projects and commitments respectively. One knows what one has to do, it is also one knows what one has to true, so truth is the way, by honestly and faithfully attending to what one has to do in its respective sphere and frame of time consistently with meaningful, purposeful and responsible consistency, focus and attentiveness+responsibility and wisdom constantly.

So retrospectively reflecting upon the above two group of individuals, the one who kept running behind may have expended considerable energy and resources, constantly in a state of anxiety, hyper tension and friction; always living almost as if on the edge.

And then coversely, the other group of individuals, streamlining each and every process; carefully understand that what needs to be done, needs true to be done and calmly, preparedly in an organized and systematic manner; consolidating all the energies and resourcefulness; and then unleashing the potential factors to smoothly flow along life’s avenues and pathways diligently, prudently, righteously, sincerely, truly and wisely.

This is just an imaginary scenario actually, reflecting upon two set of supposed processes; but in reality, the actual state of affairs and complexities and commitments and the heat of matters would be far much more intense than envisaged.

So all in all, despite and regardless of what maybe there, it is always a matter of running along with if possible; of pro actively handling matters; of living with due diligence, not leaving matters for the last minute attendance or trying to squander time and then hurriedly rushing to reach from one place to another? or trying to do things haphazardly; some individuals may care, others may shrug their shoulders and say, who cares? No one has the time or the intent to care? Well, they draw into their lives, unfortunately similar set of complexities and then it is running from pillar to post, frantically trying to reach across and complete the agendas and assignments within the specified time frame? Whereas, when they had all the time in the World, they sought to leave all matters for the last minute?

Last minute attendance becomes the chase within being chased, one is stretched far much more, sitting on the edge and anxiously moving along each and every aspect of the particular aspect or project, thereby emitting enormous energy and investing considerable resources for doing one thing or too many things in a very short frame of time? Does it help, to chase, to be chased, to be running? Why not seek to run along with instead of running behind? God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi