#StatueofLiberty Reflecting Upon the Heartbeat of Our Breath and Pride of Our Divine Values


Every moment is truly its miracle; Every miracle is its moments truthfulness; cherish the divine essence of life ever sow graciously; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi





Coffee, A Bigger Part of Life? How about Calm Free Life Path Please?


How about life, the biggest path of calm free; the freedom of calmness is truly far greater than any other pursuance or delicacy for with=in the pure calmness our minds, our hearts, our souls and our consciousness; all function with amazing magnificence; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

How much do you continually think about somethings please?


Remain alert, for whether you think through concerned approach; a worrisome state of being/mind or joyfulness; you are determining your own evolution/manifestation; so its you who is sowing it all after all; don’t say you didn’t know, the ever gracious wisdom has already noted this time and again, now it is for you true earnestly acknowledge and protectively safeguard yourselves from indulgence in any ill will and engage explicitly with goodwill and pure will and pure willingness; your pure consciousness ever sow graciously/wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi