God’s Love, Meeting God True=Through the Divine Glimpse of the Sacred Light


The divinity of our love for God is primordially infinite. The infinity of God’s love for us is eternally divine. Forever in divine union with our pure consciousness as the divinity’s grace enshrines our sacred hearts ever virtuous sanctity; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

 © 2016 Vashi Chandi

World TB Day, Lets be the Integral Path of Life’s Divine Gracious Wisdom that We’re Meant True Be


While every professionally qualified medical care is being availed of-rendered; along with the earnestly observed guidelines; safeguards and the necessary precautions stringently taken; always – all ways and in each and every moment with your pure focus, focus upon the positiveness of healing the consciousness of your cells and empowering/strengthening your immune deficiency/defense system to=true fortify your determined resolve in leading a healthily fulfilling wellness gracious  life in all respects, with your pure awareness, with your pure conscientiousness, with your pure mindfulness and with your shuddh bhavana=pure mindfulness in all your taughts; thoughts and deeds; particularly being extremely vigilant where your emotional intelligence and feelings are concerned; never permitting the emotionality or the feelings factors to deprive or misguide or mislead or make believe something else or being scared or chasing any futile = illusive = ignorant/negligent shadows please.

Remember the disease-any disease does not have you, its your having it; that belief, that fear, that anxiety, that phenomenal fright? that intensified stress? that enormous worries? and so on and so forth, all accelerating and multiplying and bringing what? More and more of panic or some illusive hypothetical statement that keeps changing/differing from moment to moments; swaying mysteriously when searching here, there and anywhere for more and more and more information to help cure? to help attain ease? relief? an amicable resolution? But why please?

Someone issued a statement somewhere and you made their statement the statement of your life and then yet again kept changing those statements as you kept coming along various unknown individuals sets of definitive statements; so that means you kept filling yourselves with enormous sets of mysteries and ambiguous conclusions? Which yet means that when someone else yet issues some other statements, you then embrace those statements and camouflage the others which you were believing on along; so at any given point in time, you are multiplying and accelerating/intensifying what your life’s statement is? will be? can be?

Meaning to say that you life’s statement is influential completely/totally by other individuals and your own true nature, your own trueself, your own highest self/higher consciousness and your own self divine essence is not being given any credibility at all? What has been with you, your divine soul is not being listened true? You are not meditating at all? But spending enormous amounts of time throughout your day and night, going on vacillating from one statement to another and calling that-considering that as your life’s statement, but why please?

However, if you meaningfully rationalize, clarify your perception and be able to actually heed your ever gracious wisdom and authentically-genuinely-legitimately seek true embrace the completeness of your divinance; your divine oneness with God’s sacred lamp enshrined within your heart and do what all is essential as well as hold onto=on true the gracious hope+faith in the divinity’s grace within your true nature and true self, your life’s statement and state=meant would considerably be able to derive a better and more clearer perspective and outlook altogether whereby when you gradually realize and heal the chords that were/are fervently gripping=beholding onto that/those definitions that you are sick? that you are fighting? that you are struggling? that you are helpless/powerless? that you are sad? that you are miserable? that you are loosing?

That you are not going to be healthy/well? and whatever it is that’s actually contradicting your good health and wellness = tend to dissipate and be replenished by the goodwill and divine grace of God’s light for when God speaks to you;true you; through you, it is a matter of great privilege, it is a miracle when you truly listen, for in that listening, the miracles of your evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom reveal/show you the pathways of your ever gracious life; you are actually fueling and empowering the negativity all the more because in your fearfulness you don’t realize that it is you who is clouding your own divine vision of life altogether, thinking that all is lost?

If at any given time, the doubts, the misleading statements again seep through and try to dissuade and deter/deviate you from your authentic/genuine and legitimate purposeful living- be firm and state resolution – No, No and No;that you are not ignoring the reality, that you are already being administered the relevant professionally qualified medical care, but what is that silent voice within you languishing and feeding you when you are getting distracted? discouraged and mislead by the mysterious statements from time to time in between? Issue a declaration from within your highest self-your true nature-your true self and your divine essence that you are healing and improving, that the cells of your consciousness are indeed able to avail the positivism and the encouraging reality, for how do you let someone else’s statements determine for you and that too hop-skip and jump type of statements; someone says one thing, then another says another thing and you are left clinging onto various others beliefs and imaginations or declarations? and overriding your own set of innate=sacred beliefs and divine convictions? Please never do that, never belittle your own-selves for your complete being is so very much dependent on you not only for the moral courage but also for far much more than that as well please.

And then yet again, from time to time – meaning that integral part and path of yourself, what is that voice telling you? Remember there are two sets of voices, one feeds the fears, the other feels the fear and yet encourages you in a positive manner; so are you believing/ listening more to the = Oh no, how will it be? how will things work out? and so on and so forth?

Or are you believing/listening to=true the light of God’s voice that is enshrined and emanating from within your sacred heart; kkindly reflect on the impressive and not the depressive statements that you are resonating within yourself for you are in conversation with the cells of your consciousness, they seek your commanding statements such as; i’m getting better and better with each and every breath, thank you God; and so on and so forth.

Its not living in denial, but it is gratuitously reflecting upon the truly priceless gift of life and cherishing each and every cell of your being and then the consciousness of your cells in turn have their own cosmological roots-truth’s that are amazingly healing at some point in time, but if you just keep barraging yourself with negative talk and depressive statements, then what energies are you percolating? permeating and suffusing please? You obviously know that=however challenging it maybe, don’t be the challenge to your own-selves, rather seek true be empowering force of the divine grace that’s enshrined within your true nature, your trueselves and your divine essence in leading your lives with each and every breath taken with utmost gratuitous pure awareness, pure conscientiousness, pure mindfulness and your shuddh bhavana=pure intentionally ever sow appealingly(this is the positive appeal), vigilantly and wisely.

Remember true undo and improve and habitual tendencies that may be either at the karmic doshas=the deeds atonement level or at any given level; the divine will will not interfere, but you do have the divine consent true appeal for the divine gracious wisdom through which you could infuse, permeate and suffuse your lungs and each and every cells consciousness with that you may never have ever imagined; which is/are the pure divine energies, the pure divine love, the pure divine healing, the pure divine sacredness of that shuddh bhavana=that intentionality of the pure goodness of feeling good, great, grace and healthy; when was the last time that you felt like that please? Reflect upon and even if in retrospect and reminiscently bring forth those gladdening moments and that/those special sets of feelings and shuddh bhavana’s=pure intentionalities to=true purely=truly fulfill the consciousness of your cells and being with the divine graciousness of being your roots that are always pure, that are always chaste, that are always sanctified and yearning fro your realization of divine oneness with them as the divine grace of creative evolution that you always were, that you always are and that you will always be; take care, be well and remember/realize you need true one true=be the true oneness that your highest self is; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

 © 2016 Vashi Chandi

World Sparrow Day, The Nightingale Sings, The Universe Links, When Will You Sync With the Cosmic Wink?


Its humbly exemplifying to introspectively deep within the sacred echelons of your soul that enshrines the oneness of life’s creative evolution; please truly care for yourself and all of God’s creations ever sow altruistically, compassionately and with the divine vision of your divine values, divine will and ever gracious divine wisdom; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

 © 2016 Vashi Chandi