Where do we go from here?

MFW-03-30-12Going from here to there is what separates us. Growing from there true here is what reunites us.

Whether going or growing; separation or unity, what actually creates the different states of being that relate to our authenticity, genuineness and oneness is our true essence, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Valentines Day, Listening to our Light

light3Well in this day, its time. Well in time, its this day. What we list (listen), enlists us. Remember every moment and day of our lives enrolls us in its memories.

How we memorize the day to day lists; the day to day details, by making note, by taking notes and by applying notations will determine the joyfulness of our each and every moment and day after all.


listenValentine’s day seeks to inspire us to awaken to the passionate purpose of our lives where when we instill discipline, devotion and righteousness within our lives, we experience a greater sense of fulfillment and a renewed commitment towards the primordial objective of actually understanding that love is a sacred virtue that grows within our heart and enshrines the dignified character of respect, of compassion, of observance of our life’s divine values and wisdom infinitely.


light withinWe give time to our days and then the days likewise allocate days to our timing, which means that even when we celebrate, we seek to liberate ourselves to truly join+enjoy each and every moment of our lives by consciously being engaged with the moments conscientiousness as one legitimately.

GoodHow all this comes about is by envisioning our lives objectives and ensuring that each and every moment, each and every day, each and every week, each and every month, each and every year, each and every decade we are truly aligned with the list, with the listening as well as the glistening (sparkling with light – here it seeks to refer to our creative magnificence and divine light).

We have within us the creative potential to make our lives the very best and greatest and contribute to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe righteously. Let us endeavor to be true us, to be our true being, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Prayers and Thoughts, 3 Students Shot to death, Chapel Hill














Three noble souls are no longer amidst us, their precious lives were a promise to be proud of. They lived their lives with dignity and respect but alas due to the most senseless shocking attack, all that remains is immense sadness and profound tragedy.

They carried millions of hopes that were all brutally taken away from them almost instantaneously due to no fault of theirs at all.

They lived their lives peacefully and were aspiring to fulfill their respective ambitions with a sense of commitment, purpose and righteousness; but alas, all that remains are poignant memories and an endless spate of shocking moments that keep reverberating the impact of speechlessness.

There are endless questions filled with the fragility of those most shocking moments; at this moment and yet ahead nothing else comes to mind other than prayers and thoughts for our brother and sisters who are very sadly away from us; Peace, Love and Light

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Opt Serve, Sow Divine Vision, God’s Particle, The Infinite Universe


You will observe upon expanding your consciousness and raising it to the level of the divine light; your own behavior as a spectator and be able to remarkably improve and endeavor to opt serve through sowing forth your divine vision through the integrative process of the net at first; then the inner net and the fine net which will further weave the finite that leads through the composite through your calm pure sight and then remarkably the infinite divine essence of who you truly are will behold the entire Universe within its own vision.


You will begin to feel the Universe within you as well as all around you as a noble element of God’s particle that compliments each and every aspect and particle of evolution in its majestic creation of spaciousness, timelessness, nothingness and wonderfulness amazingly all deriving their sacred energies from the pure divine oneness of all that was, all that is and all that will ever be.


You will then realize that with each pulse of your impulse, you have, you are and you will always be connected to the Universe conscientiously for through your pure intents you have been able to unfold revelations that may have taken centuries to reach you.


But well then you were, are and continue to remain an ardent student of the Universe who was+is and will be learning all along from the exploration with your devotion, discipline, righteousness and sincerity in embracing the truthfulness of your being divine as divinity is being your incarnate truth and will continue towards the graduation which is the process of self realization; akin to the lotus unfolding its petals gracefully.


Seek to introspectively engage with utmost discipline and respectfulness in the intuitive conversations with your higher self, with your true nature, with your true self and with your divine essence on a daily basis, punctually in the early morning hours for a few minutes during your meditative consciousness moments.


The opt+option to true serve; the sow divine vision as well as the net of the infinite Universe are words that we create in our minds to call forth for the dawning, appearance and manifestation of the desired aspects but the vital ingredient and sustaining element of all forces is the virtue of your shuddh bhav (pure intent); for without that, all else would be perched at the precipice of acquainting you with your divine grace, with your divine purpose, with your divine principles, with your divine values, with your divine vision, with your divine will and with your divine wisdom as the sacred one with the sanctified oneness of the greatness of creation in its amazing evolution infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Vessels of Devotion, Discipline, Grace, Respect and Wisdom; Shivaratri, The Great Celestial Matrimony

















The auspicious festival of Maha Shivaratri (The great celestial divine union of Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati) is being celebrated on 17 February 2015 respectively.


It inspires us to reflect upon the essence of water; that it never changes its essence. Put water anywhere, it flows and always contributes to itself as well as to all that it comes into contact with remarkably well. The character of water is a symbolism of the divine essence in each and every form of God’s creations.


As water gracefully adapts itself to the vessel that it is poured into; likewise some individuals align and graciously adapt to the circumstances of their lives in such a way that they compliment each and every moment of their lives very most amazingly.


If we give them a moment, they make it a monument. If we give them a measure, they create a treasure, the significance is that they do not seek to glorify or self applaud but rather endeavor to co habituate and nourish the elements of creation conscientiously, compassionately, considerately, consonantly, diligently, prudently, righteously, sincerely, tenaciously, truly and wisely.


Respectfully reflecting upon the matrimony of Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati shines forth to mind the sacredness of devotion, the character of discipline along with the purity of the elements of divine vision, the divine will as well as the divine wisdom of creation.


The divine grace of Shiva (Pure divine essence and Sacred auspiciousness) along with Shakti (The Divine cosmic energy) makes us realize that when a marriage takes place; it is representing the dignified ceremony of the life of a lifetime of two souls merging as one to further emerge as the pure divine oneness of the creative magnificence of being. It is the sanctified commitment that is the adoration, the duty, the moral conscience and courage along with the worship of each and every essence of evolution.


As human beings, we are all sharing a commitment to live our light; for it is from this divine light that is ensconced and enshrined within the realms of our higher selves and true natures that we come across the seat and embodiment of the gracious knowledge, fabulous priceless virtues and the covenants+doctrines and tenets of ethical governance of principles and values that could help us lead fulfilling lives infinitely.


We are constantly radiating energy from within our sacred hearts that is amazingly sustained by the shuddh bhav (pure intent). The universe that is out there seeks the path that is within itself so imbuing the greatness of the universe when we likewise embrace the completeness of our graceful wisdom intuitively, we experience the feeling of being water within the vessel and adapt+mold seamlessly and proficiently almost as if we are amphibious and then understand that each and every form of being exists as its core understanding. As each living being expands its consciousness, so thereby it enhances its scope of creative goodness and phenomenal capabilities to energize and strengthen the chakras(energy zones) located within the circumference of being at the epicenter of creation’s infinity.


The wisdom of Shiva Shakti resonates that the sun shines for all alike; this is heralding the truth of life’s gracefulness which elucidates that what has to happen as truth has been.The simplest of words contain the most powerful of statements for within them is the pure intent of righteousness along with the sincerity of devotion and the discipline of sacredness enchantingly. The vessel also refers to the space within us whose capacity to create expands its insight-fulness synonymously with nature, with the universe, with the cosmos and all of creation blossoming the harvest of eternal goodness to flow graciously in its abundant wealth of contributing to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of evolution in accordance with its primordial objectives of the sacred commandments of creation conscientiously.


The symbolic representations of the vessels of life seeks to refer to a more sanctified meaning and definition. With vessels, we can seek to contain, whereas with the vessels of life, we can aspire and strive to attain; this is attaining through what is contained within and not merely serving just as a storage of certain objects, it is the attainment of the objective of self realization principally and beyond this unfolds the rhythmic cascade of the greater definitions of life’s purposeful meaningful and constructive wonderfulness for as human beings, there is an inner depth of meaning to what each aspect of our lives contains and then it is upto each and everyone of us to ensure that we are living with true discipline and pure devotion in serving; in attending+observance of our dharma (duties) in order to fulfill our karma (deeds).eckhart-tolle-i-am-the-now

As life conducts its interviews, the symphony of the cosmos through the auspices of the vessels of gracious virtues that remain ensconced within the sacred realms of our trueselves nourish our cosmic evolution; in helping us to expand our consciousness and raise ourselves to the level of the divine light that shines forth from within as well as all around us magnificently, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Life’s Virtues, Life is a Virtue



As far as this stance, the constance remains. As far as this constance, the distance remains.

Apart from the above featured virtues, there are also the virtues of appreciation, awareness, compassion, conscientiousness, due diligence, discipline, devotion, prudence, righteousness, sincerity, tenacity and our creative wisdom that are essential to be carefully observed and aligned with+in each and every breath of our life’s glorious evolution since as some of the virtues help compliment while the others facilitate its defined implementation constructively and methodically.

The constancy of purpose in our lives helps us to remarkably maintain a respectful balance+distance+consistency between achievement and realization of our life’s goals, desires, objectives and responsibilities towards leading them onwards to their primordial fulfillment amazingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Playing God? God’s Play? The Soul’s Desire, Sankalpa=Pure Intent; Universal Quintessence

natures-beauty-is-full-of-mysteryThe Universe is multidimensional and there are yet more explorations ongoing across the frontiers of space to unearth newer habitations and terrains beyond our known existence on Earth. However, while some of the most remarkable expeditions and researches are ongoing, it has been reported  that some beings are invariably playing God by modifying the genetic code of life?


They are engaging in genetic engineering with exploration of selective possibilities but then how could the cosmic energy ever be recreated to infuse and reprogram and emulate the human brain? And then how about the consciousness, the soul and the remarkable will power of goodwill?

Nature 4

Could mechanical functionalities and systematic methodologies ever grasp the vital essence and ingredients of the devotion, the discipline and the analytical determination of the graceful wisdom of the human heart?


Expanding reality can perhaps be able to simulate and phenomenally transform the landscapes of the world but then seeking to recreate an expanded field of consciousness on a replicated basis, customized in accordance with scientific theories? This has never ever been achieved over the glorious centuries of civilizations and remains pre ordained with certain set of limitations that have a threshold of conscious observance of all elements, particles and energies of evolutionary manifestation respectively.

Nature 3

And there is another procedure such as the cryonics technology that seeks to preserve some human beings at extremely cold temperatures with the hope of extending the life span of the concerned individuals when in the centuries ahead, some scientific discoveries will be able to restore life to the respective organs of the participants in their mysterious expedition? How come, how can anyone ever elude the doctrines, tenets and exemplification of nature? of the universe? and of one’s divine essence?


The eternal life of the soul consciousness merges back with the universal consciousness upon completion of its earthly sojourn which is the cosmic nature of evolution and the law of ethical governance of creation. However, if some individuals want to curiously aspire to create their own universe in which they lay down the rules, regulations and redraw the beliefs and conventionality of existence? Then they are apparently treading on converse pathways of creation. Well, it is their own perception and perspective that they are holding onto while being beheld yet again by the very identical fabric of life that all of creation has to undergo and transform biologically and evolutionarily. It is to be understood that life’s integrity, principles and values are truly sacred and even when deciphering the codes of nature, all that emanates is purity that expresses the greatness of creation in each and every phase of its cycles of renewed sustainability. Renewed sustenance since life eternal dwells on the hope and moral conscience of life’s eternity, of being able to be resourceful and a meaningful contributor towards each and every phase of civilization in its contemporary cascade of remarkable ingenuity and fabled wisdom.

Nature 2“Attention” It is to be extremely important and to be carefully noted, well understood and not confused when any efforts and initiatives are undertaken to further heal, protect, safeguard and strengthen the core interests of human beings for authentic, genuine and legitimate causes such as helping those suffering from rare diseases or even otherwise when facing some unfortunate deformities or yet again pursuing better life sustenance possibilities.

nature beauty

The pivotal salient factor being that there are millions of individuals who are going through enormous life challenging moments and struggle to live each and every day and when some measures and steps are effectively undertaken in their best and fair interests; to ensure that they could live and lead a normal dignified and healthy life fulfilled with wellness like everyone else, then those researches provided that they are not exploiting other forms of life through any animal research or otherwise are understandable. Those, being noble and pure intents are espousing goodness for the welfare of one and all is in conformance with the forces of creation for it is treading well within the limitations of what is the pure divine morality of universal quintessence.naturey 7

The soul desires to attain eternal fulfillment where reality of life is the supreme judge and righteousness the true essence of its amazing evolution. Sankalpa’s translational definition refers to the sacred commitment of our highest truth which is expressed forth from the ensconced realms of our heart and soul enchantingly. It is the pure intent of the spirit of life that encompasses the integrity of adherence to our swadharma; this when further translated refers to integral observance of one’s duties towards one’s nature; it is the practice of righteousness in all that we think, do and express consistently.nature 8

Looking at the sacred creation of life, we are amazed and respectfully bow in utmost reverence to the creator of the Universe whilst ensuring that we are living our light; being true to our nature as well as nature to our truth and realizing that we have each been appointed and designated to play a certain role in our lives which are well within the divine capacity of honoring our true nature and our true self.nature 7a

For worshiping God with all our minds, hearts and soul full of pure devotion and discipline regarding the great privilege of being able to obediently and faithfully serve our divine heritage as children of God and realize that whether God’s play or playing God is completely in God’s hands and power and that as human beings, we must be aware of the respectful boundaries and limitations whether in thought, speech, deeds or expressions; having been well conferred with the graceful wisdom to focus with one pointedness to devotionally create greater good for the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the universe consciously, conscientiously, diligently, prudently, righteously, sincerely, tenaciously, truthfully and wisely, God bless.


©2015 Vashi Chandi

Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram; The Science of Shiva; Living our Trilogy, Nourishing Evolution

belovedOne moment, we had it. One moment, we are be+having it and then One moment we will have it. This is the trilogy of life, Satyam (The Divine Truth); Shivam (The Pure Divine Essence); Sundaram (The Graceful Wisdom).

The science of Lord Shiva inspires us to define our lives to enable us to live its definition conscientiously. It is about being crystal clear in our minds, hearts and soul as the true oneness; and this is facilitated when we are equanimous (calm and composed) in the harmonious orientation of our lives evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom.

If we constantly only hold onto what has elapsed or in fervent anticipation of what is apparently bound to evolve, then the transition in between, which is the present moment gets ignored considerably; whereby we are declaring our pure intent of remaining engrossed in the past or passed while the pass; the unique priceless moment that is with us gets shifted into the pause mode, but why?tumblr_mc7pbrfE9M1rabr71o1_500

Understandably and with all due respect to our memories and sentimental values, we deserve to reflect upon certain moments of our lives with a sense of utmost dignity and reverence where in the stillness we acknowledge that which was and bow with the highest regard to the privilege of being a part and path of those glorious wonderful moments that we cherish and treasure forever and ever forth.

Then comes the ambitions, the aspirations and the hopes of what lays ahead of us for we want to truly be with life as it unfolds majestically. Well, then to be so, we have to be consciously attuned to each and every moment of our lives with profound awareness, attentiveness, diligence, discipline, devotion, righteousness, sincerity, tenacity and our remarkable creative wisdom; so that when the moments unfold, we are marching in tandem and a touch of equipoise of each moments rhythmicality.  tumblr_nflxkijrfr1sb9y83o1_500 Now comes the present moment that actually gains from the past and contributes to the future of our lives while  meritoriously sustaining the ongoing evolution of life’s consonance remarkably. So on both sides there is a sense of positiveness and addition, an approach of creativeness that prevails which means that as much engaged as we remain with the present moments of our lives; being consciously aware of each and every moment’s evolution, we are eavesdropping upon the cascade of the anticipated retinue of changes that will certainly unfold. We are then not anxious or perturbed as to how our lives are going to be, all that we devotionally focus upon is that how we are growing to our living.

This is growth which is the creative component of our lives; so by keeping pace, we are spaciously expanding our consciousness far more ingeniously because we are authentically and genuinely investing our priceless efforts and initiatives in what we have with us right now, right here and righteously. We are not waiting for that one moment in time or for the time in the one moment; rather, we are creating and yielding, manifesting and making the most constructive and legitimate usefulness of what we are having to be+having of what we will be valuing in our lives infinitely.


Remember, all across our lives, we cherish certain moments and this present moment of our lives that is / are unfolding could further contribute to become one of those priceless moments as well, so why just let the moment fade away and then try to recall it with a sense of urgency? Why not be attuned to this moment and ensure to faithfully live your dharma (duties) in order to fulfill your karma (deeds), for this is not about any particular doctrine, decree, dictate, ethic, morality, order, religion, law, philosophy, proclamation, rule, regulation or spirituality; It is only about the purity, about the Satyam (The Divine Truth); the Shivam (The Pure Divine Essence); and the Sundaram (The Graceful Wisdom) of our lives.

Quotation-Vandana-Shiva-world-good-Meetville-Quotes-192043We may call this with another name, in another language, reciting the sacred hymns and verses that we are cognizant with; glorifying the divinity ensconced within ourselves and all of God’s creations; as well as being completely congruent (in total agreement and harmony) and aligned by practicing righteousness in all that we think, do and express consistently, we ultimately reach the goal of our lives which is the virtuous privilege of self realization. All that our higher self and higher consciousness wants; all that our true nature and our true self wants is that we realize the true meaning and purpose of our lives and then to ensure that we live our light and lead ourselves towards our divine essence characteristically.


What happens mostly in life is that as we are born, we are closest to our divine essence and in those moments before completion of our life’s sojourn, we are once again able to envision the graceful vision of the divinity that is within us as well as all around us; however the other priceless moments in between, when we are actually living our lives, when we spend so much of our time and lives investing in researching our life’s enjoyments, we must realize that life in joy means=means joy in life’s that; that which was had to be, that which will be, will have to be; however that which is, is which is that we choose; that which we decide; that which we engage with; that which we seek to truly be one with for our lifetime; the present of presentations, which is the priceless now, for the now what was, we know; and the now that is, we know; as well as the now that will be, we will know as well for we are living timelessness.


Timelessness does not mean living a life of a hermit, monk or mystic; and neither is it about detachment or renunciation for it is completely about our moral consciousness where we are savoring and succinctly comprehending and grasping the evolution of this present moment in our lives as a God given privilege; that we are here in this moment; that we were there in that moment and that we will be further ahead in that moment as well, all along in the oneness f the timelessness, being equanimous, for the moment that was passed and the moment that will be, will eventually reach its accord and surpass as well, however the moment that is there with us right now needs to pass rather than be put on pause simply because the poignance  of those moments that already passed or the moments about to surpass and unfold predominate the actuality of the present moment which seeks its unabated flow of its Satyam (The Divine Truth); of its Shivam (The Pure Divine Essence); and of its Sundaram (The Graceful Wisdom) of life supreme infinitely, Om Namaha Shivaya, Jai Shiva Shakti, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Science of Words and Dictionary of the Universe

withinThe language and conversations of life experienced during the quietness of our meditative consciousness are truly amazing. In stillness, we reach across the passage of time and space effortlessly; communicating with the creative brilliance of our intuitive intelligence.


The science of words refers to the meticulous alignment along with our lives defined set of characteristical values and the dictionary of the Universe to the essence of realizing the gracious heart of our life’s greatness, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Feel like Us; Fulfillment, The Personality of our Soul

Never-make-permanent-decisions-on-temporary-feelings How we make others feel, remains with us. How others make us feel, remains with them.In the process of making one another feel, we must realize that by the above we are actually fulfilling our emotional potentiality to considerable extents.Tear-feelings-quotes

Atickcross a lifetime, people almost have a complete bank deposit of good, inspiring and positive+encouraging feelings filled with ambition, aspiration, passion and a commitment to progress and sustain the greatness of our lives remarkably well.tick



questionA blank deposit of feeling negative? sarcastic? pessimistic? hated and nurturing hatred? suppressing negative emotional tendencies? envying? jealous? bitter? and all that only leads to depleting one’s energy, thoughts and feelings helplessly?question


Remember, it all started with, it all starts with  and it all continues with what we are making ourselves and others feel after all. The route of the truth has its routes that are like the boomerang, returning right back to the origin from where they were sent across from!


So sending across, feeling across, thinking across, imagining across and radiating across is all very much within each and every cell of our being. We are not making others feel particularly by sending across certain set of feelings but rather we are articulating what we are intending to send across to our own selves the very most, first of all and the very longest of all for the feelings that have their seeds remain within us and keep sustaining their likewise set of tendencies to keep multiplying whether we maybe aware or not, until the point that they almost keep making appointments of habits and behaviors that were never us at all? And then, we are gradually empowering what was one feeling or one set of feelings to become a complete attitude and lifestyle altogether?


Sometimes, we feel what we don’t know? and then we are felt, what we don’t owe? All of that unfolding process of feelings because either we held on or we let go, we released upon realization with conscious awareness, due diligence and prudence; but what if we realize far too late in our lives please? That might mean, that we spend and spent or will spend an extremely long period of time and precious energies and time indulging in feeling in a particular way until someone, somewhere, somehow got the wake up call, requested us to awaken to our trueselves please? Remember that everyone in the World is so very busy, having so many commitments to fulfill that they are not going to come and request you to realize how you must and should feel; The feelings portfolio is an extremely delicate and sensitive part of you that you must carefully “realize”; reasonably understand and for sure to ensure that you never react, over react or respond with any anger or rage at any given time, for when the feelings go, then you are the one left with the most regret fulness? question


or gratefulness at having wisely opted for meaningful and responsible aspects in our lives.tick



This means all along the choices and decisions that we are each making whether in acceptance or denial is leading us towards some destination even if we may not have moved ahead virtually. That is, that we are magnetizing the process and influencing by vibrating at certain frequencies that are either attracting or dispelling certain factors in our lives after all, so feelings should not be taken just casually or lightly, thinking that so what? it does not matter? oh we will see later? Later when? When those feelings become so much a part of certain habits that we are struggling with please?


Why not nip in the bud, meaning why not control and manage something when it is clear and well manageable instead of empowering it aimlessly and then running from pillar to post to find resolutions to combat with it? It does not behove us to behave like as if we don;t know for pretending has a limit and limitations do not have any pretensions for we may keep adding on but when the time comes, we will have to be accountable for whatever we added on, for there is a fair and just price, there is a consequence for every thought and feeling and action and emotion and response and reaction and so on and so forth, but all based upon a matter of acknowledging the essence and facts of life that life is life will continue to be life after all; so why not graciously accept the facts and learn to live with a sense of responsibility and conscientiousness please!treating

So, please do think constructively and feel wisely for its a matter of a lifetime within feeling and the feelings that we live with our across our time’s life account-ably.


Please do carefully realize from time to time that our soul wants us to experience the fulfillment of our lives that we seek from within us. Whether the agendas, the assignments, the ambitions, the aspirations, the commitments, the calmness, the compassion, the contentment, the desires, the equanimity, the goals, the happiness, the inspiration, the intuition, the joy, the objectives,the passions, the peace, the promises, the potentialities, the respectfulness, the serenity, the sincerity, the tranquility, the truthfulness and the graceful wisdom; its a lot, a lot much more than just feeling, it is a matter of self realization that will reveal to us some of the most amazing facts  and pathways of our lives, but then it requires an absolutely disciplined, honest and devotional approach where we are true to our nature as well as nature to our truth in living our light and divine essence infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Affecting our Glands, Glancing upon our Affection


Our glands as we may already be aware are our invisible guardians.

thought feel

While we consciously take disciplined care of ourselves, observing a healthy and well balanced lifestyle, our glands and hormones keep functioning with amazing precision.


The pituitary and pineal gland are considered to be the master regulators of our hormones along with our brain and our central nervous system.

well done

Some human beings deprive themselves completely of any good will, of any good tidings and self love completely. What happens is that they keep self pitying and isolating themselves from their own selves as well as everyone else around or beyond them, including the remarkable premonitions and noble messages; divine notions that they maybe receiving through nature and the universe which are also referred to as serendipitous interactions or even the most basic day to day moments of their lives, since sometimes the most basic of moments are the very most priceless of moments after all; depending upon one’s disciplined attitude and pure intent of living one’s life in accordance with the divine grace, divine purpose, divine principles, divine values, divine vision,  divine will and divine wisdom of living with conscious awareness, a sense of commitment in each and every moment of one’s life, due diligence, prudence, righteousness, sincerity, tenacity, truthfulness and the ever gracious innate wisdom consistently.


That is where the affection factor, no matter how small steps in as effortlessly and as gently as possible to help awaken oneself towards redefining one’s feelings. It is like training the brain to think and control the body and mind in a more dignified and respectful manner.


This is not about any fancy statement or rhyming or words but the very essence of our world that is deeply affected and then keeps influencing us far much more than we could ever imagine or actually understand.the-ability-to-be-in-the-present-moment-is-major-component-of-mental-wellness

Disclaimer: -None of this above information is experimented or researched or qualified. since the details featured are being expressed in good faith; with good and pure intentions but devoid of any guarantees or warranties or assurances or responsibilities whatsoever, since it is better to state clearly otherwise what is stated might be mis interpreted as professional advice and guidance erroneously.health-quotes1

When we speak, the tone with which we speak becomes the intonation with which we express back almost reflexively. But why? When we know that what we are doing is right and what is wrong; what is appropriate and correct, why should we let or permit what is evolving to keep unfolding in our lives as if automated?


This means that if something is harmful and improper, we cannot keep denying the fact and keep affecting ourselves with some fallacious set of conclusions. We have been bestowed+endowed this body, this mind, this brain, this intellect, this creative intelligence, this graceful wisdom, this pure soul, this aura, this personality, this gracious being, this divine essence of who we truly are and far so much more than any definition could ever state.


In one word, we need to be aware, beware and be wear what is good for ourselves this wearing is not just about our attire, our dress code that is on the outside, but also the address code and codes that are addressing our genes, our glands, our brain, our central nervous system, our immune deficiency system, our hormones, our mind, heart and consciousness; our good health, hygiene+wellness and so many vital aspects of our being, our chakras (pure energy zones), and truly so very much more, that at each instance we are thinking, the pulse of the impulse is sending forth a particular set of commands right across the streams of our nerves and then that is getting gradually strengthened and shaping and defining the very essence of how we further think,how we further feel, react and respond; it is like we are the architects of our attitudes and destinies, leading ourselves where we belong; but the question, is where we be long.


Yes dwelling amongst certain set of comfort zones and thoughts, languishing and just idly letting everything go however? No, that is not the way our lives have been created, our lives have been evolving with the ardent hope and faith that we will each awaken to the graceful consonance of our being, of realizing that we have within us the magnificent set of virtues and characteristical wealth of priceless moments; so the moments are as they are and how we utilize them becomes the wealthiest moments of our lives.2014+Valentines+Day+Quotes+Pictures.jpg++749%C3%97514

For example, rather than isolate, why not consolidate? Why not realize and take charge knowing that what we are thinking, doing, expressing and reacting+responding is remarkably affecting our lives in a very phenomenal manner please. Where, what amount of affection, self love and self respect will affect we may not be aware, but definitely by looking upon one’s own self with appreciation and respect; with gratitude and a disciplined manner in attending to each and every aspect of our lives, we may possibly be complimenting that which is exemplifying the very essence of our being.


Affection is the core essence of our being; when our complete being works with meticulous precision and remarkable methodology, taking remarkable care and attentiveness in each and every detail, affecting and wonderfully affecting our glands and hormones; our immune deficiency system and so very much more within as well as all around us, then we can definitely cast a glance of affection upon the magnificence of our being and gratefully express our sincere thanks to God for all that was, for all that is and all that will ever be while ensuring that we are conscientiously living our dharma (duties) with utmost discipline and righteousness in order to fulfill our karma (deeds) infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Brahma Om Brahma, Aham Brahmasmi, Tat Tvam Asi

putOm refers to the supreme. Brahma refers to the infinite reality. Aham Brahmasmi refers to the definition that I am the infinite reality. I am humbly seeks to refer to the symposium of our collective consciousness. Tat Tvam Asi refers to That Thou Art.


That Thou Art refers to the gracious oneness of the embodied soul; the pure consciousness of each and every one of God’s creations respectively.



Recognizing our true nature will nurture our graceful recognition. We begin to see and notice things as we truly are.Then onwards, we strive as one with the oneness of creation to exemplify the process of living our divine essence characteristically.

soul speechOur soulfulness makes us realize that all that we sought; all that we are seeking and all that we could ever seek is very much within us.

beautyIts a matter of identifying, discovering, recognizing, realizing and experience the divine light that is encompassed within the sacredness of our true self remarkably.guidanceEverywhere we look intuitively, the reflection of our innate vision casts back its magnified shadow of reality, evoking our conscious awareness to awaken to the magnificence of our being.


Our graceful evolution in grace and wisdom is what unfolds the chapters of our lives where we are able to carefully understand the significance of the virtues of compassion, dharma (duties), joyfulness, righteousness and truthfulness in our lives.

let-us-be-grateful-to-people-who-make-us-happy-they-are-the-charming-gardeners-who-make-our-souls-blossom-76Unless we realize, we keep wandering; then once we come to terms with reality, we still wonder and consequently, when we truly realize, we become still and are won thus by the completeness of our true identity. We are able to see various aspects from a mature perspective and detach ourselves from the various categories of tendencies as well as desires and align ourselves with being one with the divinity within us; so then it is no longer versus, but the grand verses that resonate from the core essence of our being seeking Universal goodwill, harmony and welfare infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

God’s love, Love is God, Love as You Truly Are

Love isntWhen the feeling of love is all that you are being; then the being of love is all that you are feeling.

Love someone, summons love. Understanding someone’s love, loving someone’s understanding.

Its more than being in love or falling in love, it is being love. Being love fulfills us; being thus, fulfills love, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Telephone, Tally Found, Thus We Are, We Are The Us

turn-inwardAt times, we never know who could be on the other side of the telephonic conversation.

And yet at some other times, we are ever tally finding the other sight fulness of our being an ally to someone we have never seen.

All across our lives, we become the best of friends with so many except our own trueselves? Our true nature constantly seeks for us to establish a harmonious equilibrium of first of all better understanding ourselves and then through this passage of understanding to expand our conscious awareness of the better understanding of others as well.

The rhythmic patterns of living our introspective contemplation of conscious awareness is what will train us to experience the joyfulness of life’s conversations with ourselves and others interestingly.

The essence is that when someone to speaks true us will find thus we are and when we likewise speak to someone, we will find that we are thus the us, the collective consciousness in conversation with itself; the passage of the dialogues will then be based on purity and constructive engagement in discussing topics of meaningful and purposeful interest rather than idle gossip for in the grand scheme of our lives, every second is infinitely precious and could bring us the amazing wealth of self recognition and true greatness that we cherish, when we live our light and the divine essence of our lives characteristically, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Sri Lalita Tripurasundari, Conscientiously Realize that Life is the Sacred Feeling We are Fulfilling

Sri Lalita Tripurasundari, The Grace, Divine Light and Trinity of Creative Manifestation

From Sharada (Creative Art) to Shraddha (Devotion), Make Your Life, the Definition of Your Divine Vision


In life, we do not need another vision; all that we truly need is to clarify our vision by defining consciously and clearly what we seek in our lives.

Attitude 1

We aspire and strive towards attaining the ambitious goals which need to be defined, to be specific and to be having the purity of devotion within them, God bless.



©2015 Vashi Chandi