Changing the Way we Feel; Feeling the Way we Change

Untitled-800x800People time and again have been inspired to focus on their thoughts; its like this is almost reaching them from wherever they look and how really effective is this?

Because they might be in the midst of some challenging situations; so to them, to be able to effectively instill any remarkable changes is like a tall order and demanding a huge commitment due to the conflict or hyper tension oriented mind frames, might be something far too demanding.

It appears that millions of people have completely lost touch with the core essence of their feelings; its like they have become immune? detached? disinterested in self improvement? not paying focus to self development at all?

As if they don’t know how it feels to feel at all? This may have been due to some extremely long moments of remaining in continual anticipation and seeing nothing coming forth may have made them retract into a shell model type of elusiveness? ow, if somehow they were educated and encouraged to change the way they feel particularly, perhaps due to the instrumental importance of feelings, this approach might be able to step by step, gradually inculcate some potential transformations in their lives; thereby intensifying the number of people actually believing and devotionally practicing the positive outook of their lives.

Its not only thoughts, but feelings also that play an equally critical role in shaping one another’s lives; and particularly feelings since due to the emotional balancing, the after effects and interactive assessment’s could considerably change the complete outlook of millions of lives along with their lifestyle, aspirations, hopes and expectations accordingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Fairy Tales, Healing Conflicts, Bringing Souls Back to Life, Bringing Life Back to Soulful Visions

3-quotes-about-children-day Fairy tales can re connect and rekindle the innocence, joy and childhood memories in grown ups.

Could this possibly be a part of the resolution to help heal conflicting areas? Where people realize what they are fighting for is futile and rather they all get together to creatively build and strengthen the bridges of life; apart from the other initiatives being already undertaken, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Everyone is drawing a Picture? Life is drawing a Pitcher! Realizing and Quenching Life’s Thirst!

Quote_wallpaper_AmbitionLife’s ambition is seeking to ensure that we are truly fulfilling each and every moment of our lives meaningfully by living a purposeful life with due diligence, conscientiousness, prudence, responsibility, sincerity, tenacity and our gracious wisdom.

Once we realize and align our vision with our life’s vision, the gracious evolution of our lives will amazingly unfold, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi