Changing the Way we Feel; Feeling the Way we Change

Untitled-800x800People time and again have been inspired to focus on their thoughts; its like this is almost reaching them from wherever they look and how really effective is this?

Because they might be in the midst of some challenging situations; so to them, to be able to effectively instill any remarkable changes is like a tall order and demanding a huge commitment due to the conflict or hyper tension oriented mind frames, might be something far too demanding.

It appears that millions of people have completely lost touch with the core essence of their feelings; its like they have become immune? detached? disinterested in self improvement? not paying focus to self development at all?

As if they don’t know how it feels to feel at all? This may have been due to some extremely long moments of remaining in continual anticipation and seeing nothing coming forth may have made them retract into a shell model type of elusiveness? ow, if somehow they were educated and encouraged to change the way they feel particularly, perhaps due to the instrumental importance of feelings, this approach might be able to step by step, gradually inculcate some potential transformations in their lives; thereby intensifying the number of people actually believing and devotionally practicing the positive outook of their lives.

Its not only thoughts, but feelings also that play an equally critical role in shaping one another’s lives; and particularly feelings since due to the emotional balancing, the after effects and interactive assessment’s could considerably change the complete outlook of millions of lives along with their lifestyle, aspirations, hopes and expectations accordingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Fairy Tales, Healing Conflicts, Bringing Souls Back to Life, Bringing Life Back to Soulful Visions

3-quotes-about-children-day Fairy tales can re connect and rekindle the innocence, joy and childhood memories in grown ups.

Could this possibly be a part of the resolution to help heal conflicting areas? Where people realize what they are fighting for is futile and rather they all get together to creatively build and strengthen the bridges of life; apart from the other initiatives being already undertaken, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Everyone is drawing a Picture? Life is drawing a Pitcher! Realizing and Quenching Life’s Thirst!

Quote_wallpaper_AmbitionLife’s ambition is seeking to ensure that we are truly fulfilling each and every moment of our lives meaningfully by living a purposeful life with due diligence, conscientiousness, prudence, responsibility, sincerity, tenacity and our gracious wisdom.

Once we realize and align our vision with our life’s vision, the gracious evolution of our lives will amazingly unfold, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

My Mind does Not Work for all for these Things? Self Declaration? Belief? Excuse? Realize What Can be Done and Focus upon the Doing!

42451eab8552b0234c35a36dde6a44c3Some individuals have a ready answer that their mind cannot work for certain things at all? Times have changed, the evolution of each and every aspect of life is demanding that we keep pace with it as much as possible; or if in certain extents, at least somewhat and as reasonably as possible.

Just folding one’s hands and then stating that a person wants to live in the 1980’s? or 1970’s or 1960’s does not help at all please? Did we then at that time, very long ago, ever come forward to declare that I want to live in the 20th and 21st century? We remained in that time with what was and now when this time is seeking our courteous and active participation very most politely, what are we fretting about please?

Sometimes, the things that we keep on repeatedly telling ourselves get firmly and deeply entrenched as our conviction and absolute beliefs; almost as if they were always there within us?

Its never that we tell our heart or our organs or our being that it cannot do; meaning the typical functionalities of our being, they all function amazingly well; but where our mind is concerned, since it is intently listening to what we believe and share, so the more we keep on accentuating, we cannot do it, this is not for me? that is not for me? nothing is for me, all these things are so complicated? Basically, we are letting our mind idle and letting go to just idly spend time in certain other activities that might not be contributing to our well being and our positive thinking and confidence at all, but why? Why not take a little authentic and genuine effort please?

Its upto us, whether we truly seek to or not and then when there is something for our betterment, why keep stubbornly defying or arguing about it please? Try if possible, little by little, the littlest of littlest might hopefully help, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

How long does it take for Time and Life to Change? The Acceptance Factor!

if-you-want-to-change-something-in-your-life-focus-on-the-inner-and-god-will-take-care-of-the-outer-quote-1The answer is obvious, in a far much more quicker time than it actually took to create life! The reality stares at us all the time, that as we breathe, as we think, as we feel and as we realize that this life can change almost at any given moment.

The point here is not about question and answer; or trying to elude the most contentious issue which is acceptance.

Every part and path of our lives is associated, connected and linked to the acceptance factor. As soon as we accept the truth, we liberate ourselves and create opportunity for profound transformations to take place within as well as all around our lives.

Now for each of us, the acceptance being referred to may be entirely different; so when we observe during our meditative consciousness schedules in the early morning hours, we will be amazed that we have been completely overlooking what has been looking over us?

Inner refers to the focus upon our higher consciousness, upon realizing the divine essence, our true nature, our true self and our divine essence; for from within, we have an amazing wealth of brilliant knowledge and resourcefulness as well as so many fabulous virtues, characteristics and creatively magnificent capabilities.

Do not take anything for granted and neither grant its doing for any think, just like that – until or unless we are well aware of what we are committing ourselves to since in the heat of the moment, we may just enjoy, feel elated and jubilant; but when the reality dawns, we are brought back to the authentic and legitimate facts and the complete picture after all.

Acceptance also enables us to always live in a pro active manner where we are not trying to instill any contravening practices against what was, what is and what will ever be. At each and every moment, we are alertly attuned to the now moment in our lives and with that heightened and ever tenaciously prepared attitude, we are then able to more efficiently handle and manage each and every aspect of our lives more commandingly, efficiently and resourcefully.

However, if conversely, we live in a state of denial, then it would be refusing to realize, refusing to align with the state of facts facing us and revolting against what is actually there in our lives; do you think that is fair? It is like going against so many aspects that may have taken an entire lifetime, for you to reach a particular avenue and pathway of your lives, but due to the stubborn or defiant behavior, refusing to let go of the contradictory practices? But why? Does it help?

Its important to realize that we are not here to analyze necessarily how soon events may change or whether we can magically transform anything; rather it is earnestly about humbly doing the best, the reasonable and the responsible sets of efforts and initiatives across each and every moment of our lives; for somehow, somewhere at any given point of time, when life and time changes, then we are better prepared to face and flow along with the time with graceful precision and methodical alignment and thereby evolve and keep evolving as life’s masterpiece of creative magnificence conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

The Power; Conform, Inform and Reform

swamivevekThe power that forms, preserves and sustains us is the empowering force that conforms us and informs us as a guidance star of our lives.

Where conformance is concerned, it is about ensuring that we preserve the dignity and honor; the practices and processes being duly observed for what they have always stood; ensuring that we respect others and of course ourselves as well.

Now that power also provides us with the incredible opportunity to reform ourselves as well but where reformation is concerned, it will not interfere with that process, for that rectification is a sacred process that we; we means, those erring or treading on the wrong path will need to adopt and diligently fulfill. The interference refers to the intermediary or the salvation part, where if an individual deliberately keeps erring, then they will definitely have to pay the price, since they knowingly ventured into territories that were prohibited and engaged in actions and initiatives that were restricted, thus the penalties have to be paid, but pleading or appealing for forgivance just like that does not help! Better to realize before engaging or getting involved in any shady deals or illusive engagements, agreements and other such negligent activities please. If one may say sorry, I was not aware does not help because to live in our world, we must be completely and fully aware of what we are doing and bear complete and total responsibility, there is no such word as sorry or being sorry that will solicit pardon, the penalty will need to be paid for as determined by the judicial and law enforcement authorities and beyond all those penalties come forth the cardinal commandment with its retribution demanding firm accountability as well; so one is not just paying the price here, but even there, where the cosmic forces are constantly witnessing and maintaining an immaculate and specific record of absolutely every aspect of each and every one’s lives please.

Whether it is making amends, atoning or pleading, nothing will go away from our lives, until or unless we realize and ensure that we are legitimately practicing what is fair and just; this is just as in justice of course, now the justice is not only about the rules, laws and regulations governing national and international jurisdictions; it also refers to the cosmic, natural and spatial laws of creation for nature, the environment and the spaces between us all maintain a meticulous track record of all that was, is and will ever be.

The key and most significant factor is “inform”; indeed, if we were able to always pay careful attentiveness and pay heed to the various aspects of our lives, then those moments in between when some key elements indicated; indicate or will indicate will remain the key factors that could truly help in a very instrumental way.

Its upto each and every one of us, whether to go through the process of reformation as a preventive step or undergo it as a rigorous exercise, for why reform is there is to ensure that the balance is equanimousluy maintained within as well as all around us.

Where it concerns all the powers in the universe being ours, this does not mean do anything and everything; anyhow but rather about resourcefully utilizing what we have been endowed with to the best of our abilities while ensuring that we are always abiding with the respective covenants, tenets, doctrines, rules, laws and regulations governing national and international jurisdictions as well as of course the cosmic, natural and spatial laws of creation for nature, the environment and the spaces between us all maintain a far much more precise detailed records of absolutely all that was, is and will ever be.

There is also another important factor, that the more devotionally, the more conscientiously and the most appropriately we utilize the power we have, then the process within as well as all around us will magnificently ordain us with a greater sense and faculties of empowering values because we are practicing righteousness and doing what is needing to+true be done in the right way, right on time and righteously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Complaining, Negative, Pessimistic, Sarcastic Attitude? The Fault Returns to its Default!

the-pessimist-complains-about-the-wind-the-optimist-expects-it-to-change-the-realist-adjusts-the-sails-quote-1There are some individuals who take every possible effort to find fault with anything and everything else. Default should not be confused with default settings since default settings is an entirely different aspect altogether; the default being referred here intends to refer to the apparent sequence of some mysterious practices of negative indulgences and impulses that keep attracting and manifesting likewise set of identical scenarios to unfold in certain people’s lives consistently and the most baffling part of this is those individuals despite years and years of going through self created despair and illusions still tread the same negligent pathways consequently? Even they know they are going to be affected by engaging in a certain way of thinking, reacting, responding, managing and living, they disregard all wise counsel and just do what they befit as appropriate?

They never realize or understand that they need to adopt a shift in their approach, instead of complaining, they should calm plan to put the respective factors well in order; but to no avail, they incessantly blame everything possible?

So what ensues is the typical occurrence of an unabated set of circumstances, events, occurrences and scenarios in their lives? The wonder, that they did not do anything wrong, that in fact they were raising awareness?

They consider it awareness, to focus intensively on faults and never find any solutions or resolutions? and neither contribute to the well being of matters? Thereby, they manifest what perhaps may never have ever occurred to also happen in their lives, and then yet again they are caught in their vortex of negative impulses and tendencies?

Who could ever help them? They themselves, for they are the one’s who are radiating the typical frequencies and are attuned to all that is on the wrong part and path of nature’s evolution; thereby the default setting becomes further empowered to keep unfolding likewise set of scenarios in and across their lives? May they consciously awaken well in time to the better outlook and sensible approach of diligently resolving their self erected mysterious expeditions of utterly discouraging practices, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

The Mind is Not Bad, Its the Bait that’s Embattling our Minds


Remember do not try to reach everywhere and try to have everything without realizing for once your in it, then its in you and keeps engulfing you with its oppressiveness that was never you at all.

So why fall for the bait, the trap of getting attracted to some dressed up outlook only; go to the core of the heart of things; be vigilant, be diligent, be prudent, be righteous and tenaciously scrutinize each and every detail very most attentively, for what appears might not be what it appears after all; for beneath the surface, there might be some challenging octopus type tentacles grabbing one’s self from all sides and then the mind cannot be blamed for we deliberately got ensnared and walked into the trap and entrapping our own mysterious indulgences; so please beware for sometimes in life there is never a second chance, be alert and do not over trust or just blindly repose your signatures or other power of attorney or even some other aspects just like that; once you will, then life wills and then there is/are consequences that will ensue and prices to pay for any negligent and ignorant actions/initiatives please, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

What is Taking Place is Pace Synch-Take; Let’s Raise it to Our Consciousness Level; Will it!

mind-is-the-obstacle  140637210191017 take-refuge-in-silence-ramana-maharshi


We are creating so much on the thought level, that at times we never realize, where we started, where we are intending to go and where we will reach after all? Why this haphazard process when actually we are far, absolutely far more creatively and magnificently intelligent please.

Let us raise our standard and start creating from our consciousness level; will it, it will as we will in goodwill, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Penny Wise, Pound Foolish?


Are we pinning or pounding ourselves?

We are what we believe ourselves to be; so exercise absolutely the greatest conscious awareness of what belief behold you or what you are latching onto/clinging onto fervently please.

So please take care; be diligent, prudent, tenacious and wise in all that you think, do and express conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Challenging The Us?

207d828e55cd43661abe16a47c2460e2When thoughts challenge us, be wise; challenge “the thoughts”; not the us.

When we challenge our being, we deplete our energy, whereas when we challenge our thoughts, we are taught to creatively find our better, constructive, congruent, meaningful, rationale, tenacious and wise way through the thinks as well as things in life.

Everyone and everywhere keeps indoctrinating that we are the thoughts, we are the thoughts, we are the thoughts as if our thoughts are supreme? As if our thoughts are the very essence of our lives? For sure the divine grace in us has embodied and encapsulated us with the remarkable faculty of raising far above the mundane thinking, to be able to teach our thoughts to think better; thus true better, we are taught better.

Time and again, please very most carefully realize that we are truly more than our thoughts alone; our thoughts are part of our being and not our being, we have got a more gracious reasoning faculty, which is the core intuitive essence of our hearts wisdom, our soul, our consciousness, they are all witnessing how we are at times helplessly pledging vociferously throughout each day with a barrage of intensified deluge of thoughts streaming within as well as all around us through the enormous information flowing around. Learn to discern and time and again importantly realize that once you reach across and expand your consciousness, then your thoughts become aligned with that level and degree of reasoning and not gripping or holding onto disparate sets of mindsets that are fleeting from one thought to another taught?

We are not in the circus, we are not walking on a tightrope, we are not on a trapezium, we are not on a roller coaster; the immediate victim hood thinking psychology of the mind is to beat one’s thinking into beating itself without realizing that we are far more powerful when we truly do good, have the shuddh bhav (pure intentions) and ensure that in whatever we think, do and express, it is in alignment and conformance with the divine grace, with the divine commandment, divine values, with the divine vision, with the divine will and with the divine wisdom consonantly.

Now don’t say who is going to come and teach us, because within you is the greatest teacher, your higher consciousness, your higher self, your true nature, your divine essence and your true self that is always cherishing you, when will you truly embrace yourself, when will you truly embrace your principles, when will you embrace your values and when will you embrace the core divine essence of your being please?

Let us realize that along with our thoughts, there are our feelings, there is the most vital part and path of our being, our gracious wisdom; so do not get so thought focused with such fervent intensity that the thoughts are being worshiped as if they were everything after all.

Let us be greater than our thoughts by first of all practicing during our meditative consciousness schedules during the early morning hours to quieten our minds and reach across to our higher consciousness; to experience the pure calm serenity of our divine essence; of our true nature and of our true self, for from there onward s, each of us is taught the lessons; awakened to the core essence of the vital awareness that is essential for living our lives in graceful divine union with ourselves as well as with all around us.

There is so much more to this, but I would prefer that each of us take the integral initiative of practicing meditation and discovering as well as experiencing; sharpening and strengthening our human potential to do good to our being through better understanding ourselves; realizing who we truly are; our empowering principles and values; ascending not to heaven, but true having for no one can reach heaven until or unless they first of all fulfill their earthly duties moralistically and our moral values time and again teach us to come together to sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare of the Universe conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi